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My selfie video please follow me in youtube
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The Basketball Game Pt2 Ginger sat at the kitchen table Saturday morning staring out the window; she kept revisiting the sex party Friday night with the two black basketball players from south high. He son Bill entered the kitchen, "Hi mom what's for breakfast"? "What would you like"? "French toast, please".

"Ok I'll get to it". While preparing breakfast she wanted more details about the basketball teams. "Bill when you team goes to an away games do you stay over night"? "Yes but as the season progresses they don't bother staying or even showing up if your team is not in the top 5 its just not worth it".

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"I see". She placed the food on the table got her self and Bill coffee and sat down. "Any plans for today"? "I'm going over Becky's to help clean up and then I'll see Ralph, I'm not sure after that but I'll be home by six for dinner". He finished the last of his food gulped his coffee down, kissed her on the cheek and headed for the door.

She went upstairs and got all the cum stained clothes from Friday and started a load of wash. She was cleaning when the phone buzzed, she looked down at the screen, and it was Ernie. We had a great time last night hoped you did too.

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She replied back, I had a wonderful time can't wait for the next time. It took a couple of minutes before the phone buzzed.

When you can talk call me. She went into the kitchen poured another cup of coffee and called Ernie. It rang four times before he answered. "Hi you sexy redhead", how does your pussy feel"? She was a little shocked by the conversation at first but responded. "Well sir my pussy feels wonderful, a little sore, definitely stretched, still oozing cum, but still wonderful".

"Yeah that's what we have to work on, getting that pussy stretched so it can accommodate my big guy". "She did accommodate you big guy and quite well if I must say so myself". "Yes she did but I'd like to get ride of this load of cum I've built up today and she would be just the right place to put it". "Well your right about it would be the right place to put it but I'm not sure about my son, and where he is".

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There was dead air for a few seconds then he spoke, "I'll be around all day, if you can figure a way to get free for a couple of hours call me.

I can be at your house in twenty minutes" "I'd love that, as soon as I find out what Bills plans are I'll call you back". "Before you go, I think you should get rubbers, for the next few days I'm ovulating and I could get pregnant".

"Look red none of us like rubbers, the morning after pill is the way to go now lets be done with it". "Ok babe, I'll call you when I find out". She sat in the kitchen wondering the morning after pill, better call my doctor Monday.

The balance of the morning was uneventful, around 12 noon her phone buzzed, it was from Ernie. Call if you can talk. She thought about it for a moment, I don't want him to think I'm at his call at a moments notice. She waited for six minutes then dialed. He answered on the second ring. "Hi, what's happening".


"Nothing at all I haven't heard from Bill so I'm unable to make any plans". "Yeah I thought so; well I've got an idea". "You do"? "Yes if you can drive to the mall, go around the back by Sears I'll be there in a dark green van". "Park next to it and get in, I'll give that pussy a stretching so it can get sized for my cock".

"You don't drive". "It's my friend Calvin's van so you'll need to give him a blow job". "I've already told him what a great cock sucker you are". "Well thank you sir, but please I don't want to get a label as only a cock sucker". "No way it's just I don't share my pussy with everyone". Now the moment of decision should she go or wait for a better more private setting. "You don't have to get dressed sexy just short and a tee". "I see, what about underwear"? "Whatever you wear is fine with me ".

"Ok I'll be there in 45 minutes". She had showered when she got up so just makeup fix hair and I'll be ready. Finding a pair of snug jeans and a halter top she was ready.

In the kitchen she left a note for Bill, be at the mall for a while see you at dinner. Pulling into the mall she headed for Sears, as she got to the store she looked in the remote parking for a green van, nothing. She decided to drive around and look. Sure enough there it was sitting at the end of a line of cars to the right of the store.

She pulled up next to the van. The vans door opened a bit and she saw Ernie. She got out and got into the van. Once the door closed she put her arms around his neck and there tongues were locked together. She felt a pair of hands on her ass, it had to be Calvin. Ernie's hand went directly to her crotch; he had her clit stone hard in ten seconds. They finally separated, her nipples were pocking through her halter hard and erect. "Let's get this top off" said Ernie. Ginger just pulled it over her head and off came the halter, since she didn't have a bra on her two tits were now on display.

Ernie started sucking on one and Calvin was on the other. She had never had her nipples sucked by two different guys at the same time. Ernie's hand was back in her wet crotch working her clit so all she could do was moan. This want on for at least two minutes, she felt a twitch deep within her.

As she sat there nipples being sucked clit being messaged she knew she was going to explode at any moment. Trying to suppress the feeling was useless, oh my god she thought he's going to make me come in front of stranger. His hand went inside her jeans and wham it hit her like a lightning bolt.

She grabbed his hand and her pussy started flowing as she shuttered and moaned. She gazed into Ernie's eyes and just smiled. Looking directly at her "are you ready for a great fucking"? She just smiled and shook her head yes. Ernie removed her jeans and panties placed her in the back of the van on a blanket, she spread her legs and he pushed his giant cock in. He pushed in slowly but steadily, she moaned as it went in deeper and deeper.

She knew at three quarters of the way in he would touch her cervix and push past to bottom out his cock. All she could think of was god this feels wonderful.

With a final thrust he was balls as deep. He now started a slow in and out movement. "Ernie fuck my cunt deep, baby go slow and keep it deep my pussy feels like its on fire for that big cock".

Small ripples came from deep within her pussy and she had her first orgasm. "Baby fuck me slow, I love that cock, I need that cock oh god" another orgasm. Pussy juice was leaking out as she was moaning and crying with joy.

Ernie's pace increase as her pussy mussels grabbed the giant cock and milked it. "Oh fuck baby it's your pussy pound it". He was now pounding her deep and hard. "Fuck me, fuck me", he stiffened and she knew. The first blast felt like a flood had been released in her pussy, as the second blast hit the inner walls of her womb she had yet another orgasm. This time it exploded deep in her cunt and just rose like a tidal wave, all she could do was cry and moan with utter joy.

It took several minutes for them both too catch there breath, he rolled off her and as his cock plopped out cum and pussy juice flowed from her.

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She realized Calvin had taken several photos of her pussy flowing out cum and pussy juice. It was way too late to do anything about it now. Ernie smiled at her, Calvin's cock needs attention. Looking over she realized this cock was as big as Ernie's, maybe bigger.

"Calvin you are in need of some relief as I see it she said giggling". "Well a blow job would be nice, but that red patched pussy would be even nicer and I don't mind sloppy seconds".

She looked at Ernie who shook his head yes. My god she thought I'm turning into a black cock slut and I don't care. Holding her arms out and spreading her legs she cooed "come here babe".

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"Calvin wasted no time and placed the head of his cock at her sloppy swollen cunt lips. With a gentle push she felt him slid in, he too pushed slow but steadily deep. His cock passed her cervix and that warm wonderful feeling started to well up from deep in her pussy. He kept pushing and she now realized his cock was longer then Ernie's.


God can I take all of this cock was what she thought, a final thrust and he was in all the way. He started to back out and her pussy mussels tighten to keep it in.

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He was half way out when he slammed it all the way back in, she could only scream with delight, no cock had ever been in that deep. He started pounding her immediately and she realized she was about to climax again.

This pounding by a giant cock felt unbelievable all she could do was moan or cry with utter pleasure. He kept this up for what seemed like ten minutes. She lost count of her orgasms but they seemed to be coming every minute or so. His pace had speeded up and he was groaning. "Come on baby fuck that red haired cunt deep, make me scream for you're cum, fuck me Calvinnnn I'm cuming.

That was all it took to push Calvin over the edge, He pushed as deep as he could and with a grunt let go of an ocean of cum. She could feel the volume of liquid, as he pumped it into her; there came another orgasm of such intensity she almost passed out.

He collapsed on her and they both lay there for several minutes. Ernie was sitting there and helped her prop herself up a bit. He put his hand to her cunt lips, cum was flowing out. He smiled at her "you have two fresh loads of hot cum in your pussy open your mouth". She did and for the next five minutes they feed her cum.

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The rubbed it on her nipples, they rubber it in her face and in her hair. She was literally covered in cum. Calvin smiled at her "hey Ginger how about that blow job". "With pleasure" and she was immediately sucking the large cock back to life. Ernie went behind her and rubbed his cock on her slippery swollen cunt lips.

"Want another cock baby" Ginger just grunted yes and without any resistance his cock was buried deep in her cunt again. As Ernie would thrust in and she would swallow the cock as deep as she could get it in her throat.

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Calvin moaned with delight as half his cock was down her throat. She felt a tide rushing up from deep in her cunt and then it was there she exploded one orgasm after the next. Calvin's hands grabbed her red hair and forced his cock deep in her throat and held her there as he started pumping sperm directly down her throat. She gagged and sperm came out her nose and down the sides of her mouth.

He didn't release he head until he started going soft. She sat up eyes watering cum dripping from her moth and nose. All she could do was lay back in Ernie's arms. Ernie looked at her "so red how's that pussy"?

With a cum covered smile she replied "well your definitely getting that pussy stretched out the way you want it". "I'm very glad cum isn't fattening as I've swallowed enough to have gained five pounds if it was" and with that she laughed. Ten minutes later she was dressed and in her car as the van pulled away. She thought I should have brought a tampon or pad to soak up the cum still leaking out of her. As she drove home she would put her hands in her jeans scoop a couple of fingers full of cum and swallow them.

What a nice snack for the ride home. She got home, Bill wasn't there, she went to her room removed her clothes and got in the shower. Only the cum in her nose and mouth remained. She put on a short and tee and headed for the kitchen for a glass of wine. As she sat there drinking her wine she replayed the afternoon's event. I am a black cock slut, and I love it. He wondered when she'd get Ernie's cock in her again. Hopefully it will not be to long.