My sexy mistress pleasures then punishes my asshole

My sexy mistress pleasures then punishes my asshole
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I usually am just a looker when it comes to online hook up site like craigslist or grindr,but one night while I was feeling particularly horny I thought it couldn't hurt to post an ad and see if I got any responses.I went on craigslist and i started to type my ad.Within 20 minutes it was up and all i had to do was wait,and wait I did.Most of the responses i got fell through and i had almost given up hope when I got an email from Jeff.Jeff was a scruffy looking man with a bit of a gut,but not to bad.What really turned me on was his flawless Seven inch cock.Not to big not to small but just right.We chatted for a while and got to know one another.About eight emails in we decided to meet and I gave him my address and he said he'd be at my place in about twenty minutes.

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I jumped into the shower and got myself and my house ready.I lit candles all around the living room and I got the bed ready.My phone buzzed and he said he was here.As i read his message the doorbell rang.This was it.My heart raced as i walked to the door.My hands were shaking as i fumbled to undo the lock.I opened the door and there he was."Hi,are you John?" he asked reaching out for a hand shake.I nodded and shook his hand."You got a nice place here is it all yours?"I snapped out of my daze and answered,"Yeah its all mine."Jeff had walked into the living room and was sitting on the couch.I followed his lead and took a seat on the opposite end."You'll have to forgive me I'm really nervous."I said in a shakey voice.Jeff smiled and moved closer and put his hand on my thigh."Don't worry,everything's gonna be fine."The feeling of his strong hand touching my thigh sent a wave of pleasure through my body.I looked down at his hand and then back into his beautiful brown eyes.

He leaned in closer,putting his hand on my cheek and our lips met for the very first lime.I finally made a move on him and started rubbing his crotch while our tongues explored each others mouths.We kissed for what felt like a cock felt like it was ready to tear right out of my pants and I'm sure he felt the same way.We started to undress each other until we were both in our underwear.I got down on my knees and pulled his briefs down and was hit in the face with his rock hard cock.I reached out to grab his throbbing member and as soon as my hand touched it he took a sharp breathe in and exhaled slowly.I stroked him a few times and he moaned."Are you ready for me to suck your juicy dick?"I said as I stared seductively up at him."Yes baby,put it in your hot mouth."By this time his cock was dripping precumm so i gave it a lick.He tasted sweet and left me craving more.I gave his cock a small kiss before I slid it down my throat.Jeff through his head back and let out a huge moan,"Fuck,your mouth feels so good on my cock!"I bobbed up and down while i swirled my tongue around the head of his cock.His moans got louder as he begged for me not to stop.I was so turned on by having his thick meat in my mouth that i could feel my still clothed cock throbbing and aching to be touched.

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I took his cock out of my mouth and continued to stroke him with one hand as i pulled down my underwear with the other.With my cock finally free from its clothe prison i began to stroke it as i resumed sucking.

his cock.Seeing that my cock was also in need of attention,Jeff put his hand on my shoulder and suggested we go over to the bed.I stood up from the ground and removed my underwear completely and lead him to the bedroom.Jeff laid down on the bed and i next to him we started to kiss again but this time with our bodies rubbing together.Jeff suggested that we 69 so that he could get a taste of my cock and i was not about to argue.Plus it meant i could get back to his magnificent dick.We got in position and I started to suck again and thats when I felt his warm mouth engulf my cock.I was overwhelmed in pleasure.I moaned with his cock still in my mouth which made his cock throb in my mouth.I had never felt this good in my entire life.I bobbed my head up and down on his cock with a renewed energy.I wanted him to feel as goo i was feeling.

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As we sucked i felt his hands start to rub my ass which sent chills through out my body.I felt his hands spread my as and then his thumb rubbing against my hole.I clenched my ass not used to being touched.But i relaxed my self and he spread my ass again.This time i felt my cock slip out of his mouth and then i felt his warm tongue prodding my whole and lubing it up.It was sensational.He stopped and i didn't feel anything for a few seconds,then i felt his index finger pushing slowly on my tight hole.He pushed a little harder and it slid in.I was in ecstasy as he moved his finger in and out.I stopped sucking his cock and said,"I need your inside me!" with no hesitation he laid me on my back and lifted my legs onto his shoulders.He placed his cock at the entrance of my ass and i felt the pressure of his thick head slowly moving past my sphincter.I moaned loudly in a mixture of pan and pleasure and with a final push and he was inside of me.He held it there for a moment allowing me to get used to having his big cock inside of me.The slowly he pulled out almost completely,then back to almost his full length inside.I could feel the head of his cock rubbing my prostate with each slow thrust.

"How are you feeling baby?"Jeff asked making sure I was comfortable."Your cock feels so good baby,Im ready for you to fuck me."He started to pick up the pace of his thrust,in and out,in and out.The room filled with the sound of his balls slapping my ass as he pounded my ass.I had never moaned as loud as I did while he filled my ass with his cock.I begged him not to stop and to fuck me like the slut that I was.As we fucked he leaned down and our lips met again.But this time with more passion.he broke our kiss and reached down with one hand and started to stroke my cock.I was in paradise as his strokes matched his thrust.I didn't take long for me to cum as i shot all over my chest and even got a little on my face,which he licked off.After i came Jeff began to breathe heavier and his thrust became harder and more deliberate and he said,"I'm gonna cum!"to which i responded,"Cum inside me baby,fill my ass with hot cum!"and with one last thrust and a load moan,i could feel jets hot hot cum coat the insides of my ass.Jeff collapsed and he laid down beside me."I have never cum so hard in my life."As the cum leaked from my ass and on to the bed,I sighed and said,"I love craigslist."

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