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Whatsapp Sandra amiga brasilentildea XVIDEOSCOM
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Walking up to his lover's house, Sean knocked at the door with eager earnest; smiling playfully. A moment later, almost as if signaled, the door slowly opened, an arm reached out and pulled him into the dark room.


The sound of the door locking, followed by a gentle tug at his shirt only brought a smirk to Sean's grinning lips. As his eyes adjusted to the faint light, he could see the bathrobe covered form of his girlfriend Rachel. Grabbing at her waist, he pulled her into a close kiss.

Their lips pressed and embraced each other as their hands explored the other. "I missed you." Sean said, almost moaning in Rachel's mouth as he rubbed his hands along her waist. "I missed you too." Rachel replied, shivering at Sean's touch and pressed her body against his chest.


"I have a surprise for you." "Oh? What do you have?" Sean asked, stopping for a moment to let his love explain. "Trust me, you'll love it." Rachel replied, kissing at Sean's cheek as she took her hand and gently started to rub the growing bulge in his pants.


"Follow me." Turning, the girl wiggled her sexy ass to lure Sean's attention. To which the guy eagerly followed the hypnotic sway of the girl's hips. Following up the stairs, Sean watched as his lover walked ahead, reaching the door. Turning, Rachel pressed her finger against Sean's lips. "Wait here." Opening the door quickly, Rachel rushed into the room and closed the door, leaving Sean at the stairs. The guy didn't have to wait long.

Within a moment, he heard Rachel's voice.

"Alright darling." Sean's face went into a blush at how sultry the voice was. "Come in." Whatever thoughts Sean had before entering immediately died as his eyes gazed at the wondrous sight before him. Rachel, her naked and beautiful body rested, sitting on the bed, showing off her large breasts. But she was not alone. Laying forward, naked and pressing her own sizable breasts against the bed, Rachel's little sister Susan looked at Sean with seductive and longing eyes.

This wasn't the first time Sean saw both girls naked on a bed, eager to have him take them.

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But it was the third body that made Sean's jaw drop. Sitting, just as naked as her daughters, Caroline looked at the guy, her lustful eyes mentally undressed him; even her hands rested on her large breast, trying to have Sean look at her instead of her daughters. "Looks like you like your surprise." Rachel smiles, looking to her love. But once she saw how big the guy's cock was becoming.

"Looks like he likes it too much." Getting up, Rachel walked over and rested her hands on Sean's shoulder. "You see darling, we've been dating for years now, and I know you loved it when we included Susan." Sean only nodded, thinking back to how good fucking Rachel and Susan in a threesome was.

"Well, mother had found out and was curious how good you were," Sean's eyes went dead, his brain stopped thinking. Caroline was a hot MILF that he had more than once thought about fucking.

And now the chance was here. "Looks like you're more than eager to get started.

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Now, let's get those clothes off." ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Oh fuck, yeah, eat it Sean." Susan moaned, grinding her hips against Sean's face as the guy was passionately eating the girl out.

His slithery tongue sliding in and out of the girl's pussy; rubbing against all her sweet spots. "Mmm yeah, keeping going baby." "Fuck, his cock is massive!" Caroline loudly moaned, her hips pressing against Sean's cock, pulsing and thrusting in and out of her gushing pussy.

"Fuck, how do you girls take this?" "A lot of practice." Rachel hummed, laying besides Sean, kissing at his neck and rubbing his chest as she watched her lover eat out her sister and fuck her mother.

"Mmm, they feel good don't they?" Sean tried to respond, but it was more like a low groan as his mouth was full of sweet tasting pussy. "Looks like it feels good." Rachel began to take Sean's hand and bring it to her own sobbing wet hole.

"I'm so wet watching you darling." Leaning in close, the girl whispered in the guy's ear. "You can cum in mother, I want another sister." Sean took his other hand and grabbed at Caroline's hips, thrusting upwards and shoving his length deeper in the MILF's body. Caroline moaned even louder, panting as she could feel her pussy taking the shape of the thick cock inside her.

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Sean kept up his thrust, burying himself; his cockhead kissed at the warm and inviting cervix. "Fuck, just cum inside me you fucking stud!" Caroline moaned, screaming in orgasm as her womb made out with the massive cock pressing against it.

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"Fill me with that hot cum!" "You heard her Sean." Susan moaned, leaning forward to rest her hands on the guy's chest. "Knock mum up and give me a baby sister." She then started to grind herself faster. "Then I want you to give me a baby!" All this sexy talk was too much for Sean to handle.

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Fucking into Caroline's body even harder than before, the near orgasming stud felt his cum-filled balls tighten and his already massive cock swelling inside her. Caroline came hard on Sean's dick, soaking it, letting it push past her cervix, rubbing the inner parts of her womb as she felt the coming hot orgasm. "Keep going darling." Rachel whispered, kissing at Sean's neck.


"Do it darling. Impregnate my slutty mother. Then my little sister. And then." Licking at his ear, Rachel's words drove the guy over the edge. ".I want to have your stud babies." Sean roared in orgasm. His massive cock exploding his cum deep inside Caroline's body. His tongue shoved deep into Susan's body. Both girls shivered and fell over into their own orgasms. Rachel only watched as Sean came another fertile load.