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Gordita se toca para mi
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Late February Sarah cancelled the wedding for obvious reasons. Katie was an angel, no flesh to be seen at all; she would come home and change into legging straight away.

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In the evening after her bath she would wear a dressing down. We all used to sit on the sofa the same and I would cuddle them both but that was all. I was hoping that we could all get back to normal very soon. It was three weeks now since Sarah had caught Katie and I. I was woken at 2am in the morning by Sarah turning on the bedside lamp. "What's the matter? Cant sleep?" I asked "No, things on my mind" "What things?" "You and the girls" "That's all over now, you know that" "I know you have said it is, but I have doubts, and I can't get the image of you and Katie in bed together out of my mind" "Well I can say on your life I haven't been with them since you have found out, haven't you noticed the way they have been acting?

Especially Katie, they wont risk doing that again and nor will I." "Yes I trust you" "What's the problem then? "I don't trust them, Katie in particular." "But Katie is being an angel now" "I would like to think your right, but you know what a schemer Katie is, in my mind I think she's got something planned, she doesn't care if her plan takes a year to come true, as long as it does." "I think you're imaging things." "Whatever, Katie has planned you can bet she has enlisted the help of Lauren." "Your wrong I know you are they wouldn't do that, not now." "I just feel it's not going to work." "Work?

What's not going to work?" "Us, I'm eaten up with jealousy, when you're alone with them and I can't see you I have to come and look, and if I'm with one and you're with the other I can't help but wonder what you are doing." "No need to worry; if they try it on Ill stop them" "Like last time?" "That was different." "I can't go on like this Mark" "What do you want to do then?" "I want you to go." "Go?

Where?" "Leave, find somewhere else to live, not see us again." "I thought we were ok now." "We would be if I could trust them." "But I love you, we were going to marry remember?" "I love you too, but I can't live like this, we will have to part, and get on with our lives, you will find someone else." "I don't want anyone else." "I hope you don't make a fuss, if I make arrangements to have the girls at their Nan's at the weekend, will you go then, and not tell them?" "Well if I'm not wanted here I guess I will have to, but I thought we were ok, it's going to break their hearts and mine." "I know it will, and it will break mine but we will have to get used to it, Ill tell them you got moved." "They won't believe that, if I got moved I would refuse, and if I was going I would at least say goodbye to them." "Please don't make a fuss and turn them against me." "I won't make a fuss, but they won't like what you have done." "Please Mark, its breaking me up inside saying this, if it were just the two of us we would be fine, but I know Katie too well." "If that's what you want Sarah Ill make arrangements for this weekend." "I do, I have to do it, promise me one thing." "What?" "If you see them in the future don't tell them about this conversation, tell them anything, but don't say I sent you away." "I'm not going to lie to them Sarah." "Well then avoid them; I don't want you seeing them again." "Only way I can do that is to move out of town." "If that's what it takes so be it, I just don't want you seeing them again." "I think you being very mean on all of us, and ruining four people's lives, just because you have doubts that are unfounded." I was getting mad now, and breaking my heart at the same time, I could see no sense in what she was saying and I don't want to leave, I was happy here with my three girls.

That Saturday the girls were taken to their Nan's, kissing me before they left. Not realising it would be the last time for all of us. When they had gone, I put my meagre things in a case and loaded the van, Id planned on staying at a hotel till I found new digs.

Sarah was gone for over an hour, by the time she arrived back, the van was packed. I made her a coffee, "I still think you wrong Sarah, there's no need for this." "I think its best, please don't argue." "Well Id like to know what you will tell the girls when they see my room's empty tomorrow night and I'm not here." "Ill think of something." "Well it's going to be a lie, something you said they must never tell, and you're lying to them." "That's my worry." "Are you sure in your mind that you want, me to go?" "Yes Mark, its best for everyone.

I can't live with this doubt all the time, if Katie is planning something I will nip it in the bud." "Well I disagree I don't think its best for anyone, but Ill do as you say and go." She saw me to the van, I went to kiss her goodbye but she turned her head, there were tears in her eyes, and I couldn't for the life of me make any sense of it.

I got in the van and drove away. It was easy to find a hotel; I booked in and went to my room, all night I couldn't get the girls out of my head. Sunday I spent searching for new lodging, I found one not too far from my depot, and arranged to move in Monday night after work. Sunday night I couldn't help think of the girls, and what Sarah had told them.

I knew they would be crying whatever she had told them. They were probably breaking their hearts, I wanted to comfort them, but knew that was impossible. I lay in my new room at nights, missing the girls, for weeks after. I hated Sarah for tearing us apart, but deep in my heart I also loved her, I loved them all. I kept wondering what Sarah had told them about my disappearance that weekend, and how they took it.

Were they broken hearted as I was? Or had she told them I had just gone, and they hated me? When at work I would wonder what the girls were doing at school, or at weekends, now I wasn't there any more, and the routine they had for so long had been broken. Who would do Katie's maths home work? Had Sarah a new lodger? Would Katie tease him like she had teased me?

Lauren was growing up fast as well, would she also tease the new lodger? Most nights I would fall asleep wondering what was happening in my old lodging, Sarah's home. I wanted to see them all again so much.


Saturday mornings, I went into town and walked the high street hoping the girls may have been there. I passed the dry cleaners, and Sarah was in there working. I looked through the window for a moment, she didn't see me.

Were the girls at their Nan's? Maybe the new lodger was looking after them; perhaps Katie and Lauren were in his bed now. Would he love them as much as I do? Or were they just sex toys to him? I left Sarah to work, I was going in to speak to her, but she seemed happy serving the customers, I didn't want to go in and ruin her day, she didn't want to see me. Almost two months had passed. April. I wondered how much they would have changed, although two months wasn't long; they probably haven't changed at all.

I still had Katie's number on my phone, but I never text or rung her, best not open old wounds. She never rang me any way, perhaps she hadn't got her phone now, lost it perhaps.


I needed to see them, I was being eaten alive inside, and I had to see them again. I parked outside their school; I knew Lauren had moved to Katie's school.

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I waited; I had got there early so I wouldn't miss them. Right on time the kids started coming out, my eyes searched all their faces looking for the ones I had lost. Finally there they were. My two girls, happy and smiling with their friends as they walked home, one boy even had his arm around Katie, she had got her self a boyfriend, she told me she didn't want one, but that was before I had left her.

What had her mother told her? Didn't I want her anymore? Didn't I love her any more? I wish I knew, but I would never find out. Two more months had gone by, it was now June. I still had all of them in my thoughts daily, and when I had a spare moment I would park outside the school and follow them home in the van, and at least I knew they were safe then.

Katie sometimes took her boyfriend in with her. Would he go to her bedroom as Simon did long ago? Would he feel her smooth skin as I had? She was a sexual woman now, would she put into practice with him, all the things I had taught her? Summer was almost here once more. When I saw them going home, I could see that Katie's tits had grown a little, and Laurens was about same size as Katie's when I first saw hers.

They both wore short skirts to school as it was warmer, and both of them had gorgeous legs, as Katie would often told me she had. Summer was drawing on, when I could I would go to their school, if I couldn't be with them at least I could watch them grow into young ladies. August The school holidays were here and I wouldn't be able to see them for 7 weeks.

I visited the school as often as I could leading up to their break, but due to work I hadn't been for almost a week. So I hadn't seen either of them for over a month. One night I received a text from Sarah, I was amazed she still had my number on her phone.

"Have you seen Katie? She hasn't been home for two days; the police are looking for her. Have you been in contact with her? If she's with you please bring her home. Ill tell the police not to press charges just please bring her home I'm worried sick." I text back, "No she's not with me I haven't seen her." I didn't get a reply. I'm going round to Sarah's, she was almost a daughter to me, and now I was as worried as Sarah.

I knocked on the door, Sarah came to the door "oh, Mark have you seen her please tell me if you know where she is." "Honest to god Sarah I haven't seen her, I don't know where she is, can I come in?" She let me in and we went through to the kitchen. "Where's Lauren?" "She's at her Nan's till we find Katie; I may need to go out quickly so I didn't want her here alone." "What has she done? Runaway?" "I thought you had spoken to her and persuaded her to go with you." "Sarah I wouldn't do that surely you know that." "I hoped you wouldn't but I didn't know." "How as she been?

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Did she say anything?" "The last six months has been a living hell here, I'm like a stranger in my own home, they speak when they want to, answer me back. Lauren as always been best behaved but she's as bad as Katie, worse sometimes." "Why have they changed, they used to be lovely girls." I quizzed. "The weekend you left, when they got home I told them the truth that I had asked you to leave, all hell was let loose, and both were screaming at me, Katie called me names, words I didn't even think she knew.

Since then things have just got worse, till last weekend, I decided to have it out with them, try and get things back as they were. We argued and once again I got called names, and Katie told me she would never forgive me for what I had done to you. That's why I thought she was with you, she took her phone with her, I thought she would ring you" "I didn't know she still had my number or the phone." "Oh she's still got that she won't part with that, its something that you gave her." I looked at her.

"I wonder?" "What?" "She's such a scatty girl; if she hadn't got any credit on her phone she couldn't ring me." I took my phone out and pressed the name "Katie"; the phone came to life and began dialling the number. Sarah was watching, it took a while but then the phone connected and rang, it rang for a while, I was shaking my head, indicating to Sarah she wasn't answering.

Then the answer phone kicked in, "The person you are calling can't come to the phone right now do you want to leave a message?

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"Katie if you get this please ring me if you can." I said I disconnected, "no good, she not answering." "Perhaps she can't, what if someone's got her." "Don't think like that Sarah.

She may have lost it or something, or perhaps it's not charged" "Make me a coffee and Ill try again." Sarah put the kettle on, and watched me as I redialled Katie's number. Again it took a while, and then from the other end I heard "Mark?" "Katie, my love are you ok?" Sarah's eyes lit up.

"Yes Mark I'm ok." "Where are you, your mums worried sick, so am I." "I'm somewhere where she can't find me; I don't want to live with her any more." "She loves you Katie and wants you to be safe." "I am safe." "Who are you with?" "No one I'm alone." "You sure?" "Yes, I'm alone and hungry." "Katie, what about if I come to you and Ill buy you some food and we can talk." "I want to see you again Mark, but I don't want to see mum, if I tell you where I am, will you promise you wont tell her, I know you wont lie to me like she does, if she comes with you I wont ever speak to either of you again." "I promise I will come alone, where are you?" She told me where she was, and I told her I would be with her soon, alone.

Sarah asked where she was but I didn't tell her, I had promised. She wasn't happy, but I knew if I broke the promise I had made to Katie, she would no longer trust me, and we may never see her again. It was part of the deal I had made with Katie.

As I got in the van to drive to find Katie; thinking, at last I would see her and speak to her again. Sarah said "well I'm not waiting here alone; I'm going round to my mums, and tell them we have at least been in contact with her." I reached the woodland Katie had mentioned, I had to wonder how she had got this far from home. I phoned her again, "Katie I'm at the woods, how do I find you?" "Drive till you see a track I will find you, are you alone?" "Yes." "If your not I shall see and I wont come to you, mums not with you is she?" "No I told you I'm alone, she's gone round your Nan's." I drove further down the lane till I found the track Katie had mentioned.

I parked up and waited. Ten minutes past before I saw the bushes move, I got out, and walked toward them. Katie must have seen I was alone; she shot from the bushes like a bullet, running toward me. As always the last few feet she managed in the air, and I was once again holding her, kissing her, my hands on her bum once more stopping her from falling.

No soft flesh this time, she was wearing jeans. Again I was suffering a Katie wet sloppy kiss. She broke away and looked behind me as if searching for her mum. Seeing she wasn't with me she kissed me again, "I love you Mark, I've missed you so much, why did you leave us?" "Long story Katie, Ill tell you later, but first I have to say." "What Mark?" "One day some one has got to teach you how to kiss, they are always wet and sloppy." I laughed to try and break the tension.

"You can teach me when I'm with you." "I'm not teaching you, I love your wet sloppy ones." and laughed, she smiled back and gave me another wet sloppy one, even wetter then the last.

"And Katie, you can't stay with me." "I'm not going home." "Look lets find you something to eat and drink, and some where for you to bathe, and Ill phone your mum tell her I've got you, and then we will talk about it ok?" "Ok, but IM not going home." "So you have said" The only place I could think of was a nearby hotel, so I took her there. I showed Katie the bathroom and left her washing then phoned her mum.

"Sarah, I've got her." "Is she ok?" "Bit smelly and very hungry, she's washing now." "Washing? Where? At your place?" "No, at a hotel, when she has washed we are going for a meal and a chat." "Then your going to fuck her again I suppose." "Sarah, don't be so bloody stupid, NO, I'm not going to fuck her, we are going to chat, for gods sake for once in your life trust me, and above all trust Katie." "I'm sorry Mark, you mentioned hotel and I freaked, I told you I was jealous." "And I told you nothing will happen; trust me, if it works out Ill ring." Katie came out of the bathroom, just a towel round her.

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"Mark," looking at me she dropped the towel, "KFC" "No KFC, we are here to talk, just talk." "After we can talk?" "I made a promise to your mum, nothing will happen." "Sod her." "No, not sod her, if I had broken my promise and brought your mum how would you have felt?" "I would have hidden and you wouldn't have found me, ever, and I never would have trusted you again" "Exactly, and I want your mum to trust me, so we will eat and chat and that's all." "Ok then." She looked disappointed but that couldn't be helped.

"And Katie, I want her to trust you too, that's even more important." We went to the restaurant, and I've never seen Katie eat so much. Then back to our room. We got a few stares from a few guests but just laughed about it. We chatted for what seemed like ages, well into the night. Finally I managed to get Katie to ring her mum. I handed her the phone, she dialled.

"Mark?" "No its Katie." "Katie oh my baby how are you?" "I'm fine, all full up." "I bet you are with Mark in that hotel room, in his bed are you?" "Don't be so fucking stupid, if you are going to think like that I'm going." "No, please Katie I'm sorry, please come home Laurens missing you so much." "Aren't you then?" "Of course I am we both want you home with us." "I don't think I want to come home, I'm not loved, and the only person who loves me is with me now." "We do love you, please say you will come home, here speak to Lauren." "Hello Katie, are you with Mark?

Has he fucked you yet?" "Lauren if you say things like that I will slap you one, we have been chatting, why does every one think that Mark will fuck me?" "Sorry Katie, I didn't mean to upset you." "Ok, Lauren, I only wish people would trust us, that's what's wrong, people wont trust you and me, and wont trust Mark, that's why mum kicked him out, she doesn't trust us, you and me." Katie heard Lauren ask her mum, "Don't you trust us mummy." "She says she does." "Then why did she think I was in Marks bed and we had been fucking?" "I don't know." "Put her on." "How can I come home when you won't trust me and Mark?" "I want to trust you both Katie, I find it hard." "There's only one way I will come back, and that's if Mark can come back to our house as well." "I don't know about that Katie." "Then say goodbye I'm not coming back without Mark, and as you can't trust us, I'm going to fuck Mark every day and have his babies." "No Katie don't say that, I will trust you, Ill try very hard." "And trust Mark as well?" "Yes, but perhaps Mark doesn't want to come back." "Ill ask him then." I took the phone from Katie, "I would like to come back if you will let me." "Can I trust you?" "I told you all the time you can trust me." "Put Katie back on." "Yes?" "Mark can come back and stay for a while, see if we can work things out between each other, will you come back now." "Long as you promise to try really hard to trust us." "Ill do my best that's all I can say." Katie put the phone down, "she has agreed, your coming back to live with us if you want to." And sat on the bed I told her mum "I would be back in the morning sometime." She handed me the phone.

"After you have fucked me." "Katie I said I wouldn't do that, how will your mum ever trust us if I do that, we mustn't ever do that again, understand?" "Ok, keep your hair on, I was only joking, I don't want to either, I want her to trust us all, then you can stay, Lauren and I have missed you so much, we still love you, do you know that?" "And I love both of you and also your mum, always have, always will. I used to watch you two walk home from school." "Did you, why didn't you give us a lift." "I promised your mum I wouldn't meet with you again.

But I figured watching was ok. Now you get on that side of the bed and Ill sleep this side." "I would prefer it if you would cuddle me like you used to." "Ok then, nothing more then a cuddle." And we cuddled up to get some sleep; at last I was with Katie again, holding her again. I lay awake for a few minutes, then asked Katie, "your mum told me you're a schemer, a planner, and you didn't care if it took a year as long as your plan worked, tell me honestly Katie, it's almost seven months since I left you all, did you plan it?" "No, I didn't plan it, and Lauren wont tell you either, it's our secret." "So you did plan it?" "Good night Mark, I love you very much, so does Lauren, she's not as stupid as I thought you know." I was left wondering, "Laurens not as stupid as she thought?" Was it Laurens idea?

Two days later I was back at Sarah's house, the girls gave me the welcome I knew I would get, lots of kisses and hugs from them both. And they never left my side, thinking that maybe I would go again. Sarah took me up to my own room.

"I thought you had best have your old room back." "So you will be back in your bedroom?" "No, if you don't mind, can we have the same arrangement as we used to have, that doesn't include the girls though.

I want to be with you and after all that's happened I hoped you will want to be with me." "My feelings for you haven't changed," I told her. "Ill let you get your things in then, the girls will help I'm sure, Ill start cooking you some dinner." The girls helped me to get my things arranged.

When we had finished I sat on the bed looking at both of them. Lauren walked over and sat on my lap, her legs either side of me, with her head buried in my chest. "I'm so glad you have come back, I've missed you so much." I kissed her forehead. Katie looked at Lauren, "if mum comes back and sees you sitting like that she will think something is going on." "I don't care I want to hug Mark." "We don't want to upset mum again do we?

And have him leave again." "It won't upset her IM not doing anything, any way if it hadn't been for my idea he wouldn't be here now." "Oh that's it; tell the world, I thought it was our secret, big mouth." I looked at Katie then at Lauren, "Lauren, what do you mean, your idea," "See your big mouth has got us in fucking trouble again, you are so stupid why couldn't you just keep quiet?" "It was your idea for Katie to run away?" She looked up at me, "I can't say it's our secret." "You may as well now big mouth, it's not a secret any more it is." "Well, I thought of it, I said to Katie if one of us runs away, and then blackmails mum into coming home only if you can come back and live with us, we would have you with us again.


Katie said she would run away as she was older, and she knew a place in the woods, they had seen on a school nature trip." "That was a dangerous thing to do Katie" I told her. "I know, but I was only going to be gone two nights, if you hadn't rung after two nights I was going to come home again." "We thought you would phone Mark, when mum had told you Katie had runaway," Lauren explained, "and if you hadn't phoned we knew you didn't want us, and Katie would come home, that's why we picked the summer so Katie would be warm at night in her hideout." "So now you will tell mum and it will all go back to how it was, you will have to leave again, all because of my dumb sister who can't keep secrets." I kissed Lauren forehead, pulled Katie towards me and kissed her, "Lauren, that was a brilliant plan, looks like your mum has two schemers in the family, I think its best if I keep your secret too don't you?

We don't want Katie hiding in the woods again." "No, it was ok in the daylight but scary at night, all the funny sounds." Lauren spoke, "so you won't tell mum?" "I don't want to leave you two again, so I'm not telling anyone, it's our secret ok?" "If she can keep her mouth shut it will be." "Don't be so hard on her Katie, she didn't realise what she had said." "Well it's a good job mum hadn't heard her." "Look we won't mention it again, so then you won't need to say anything about your plan," I couldn't believe Lauren could have come up with that, but it proved to me how determined these two were that I should be part of their family again.

September Every thing was ok for a month or so, but again Sarah told me, "its all coming back as before, the jealously." "Not again." "I've tried very hard honestly, but the way they won't leave your side and now Laurens sitting like Katie did when you help her with her school work." "They know what's at stake; they are being so good for you." "Its me, it's always me, it was the last time, I just can't get the picture out of my head when I found you and Katie together." "Then Ill get my things and go, but this time I will move away, I won't be back." "But none of us want you to go; what can I do to stop these feeling." I called to Katie, "Katie can you come here?" She appeared at the door, "I would like to ask you something, say no if you don't want to, but it's important." "What is it?" "Would you show your mum your diary, just from when I came back?" "If you really want me to I will." "It's very important Katie." She disappeared and came back a few minutes later, and handed the diary to her mum.

Open at the page I had requested. Sarah began to look at it. "Now Katie." I asked, "You always tell the truth in your diary don't you?" "Yes, always." Sarah began to read.

Mark came back today its so nice having him back, we helped him with his things, and Lauren couldn't stop cuddling him, I think, she thinks hes like a big teddy bear. She turned a few pages. I spoke to Lauren today, and told her we have to be good girls now and not pester Mark, if we want mum and Mark to get married we will have to act really good for mum.

Lauren told me that she still wants to have sex with Mark like I had, but I told her she cant, she really wants to know what its like, so I let her use mums vibrator that I had found in her draw, and showed her how to use it, at least she wont have any babies with that.

Sarah smiled "that was a good idea Katie; I had wondered where that had gone." Katie smiled back at her. Sarah skip a lot of pages, then looked at one more. Lauren has used the vibrator every night, I want it back, but she won't give it to me. She has hidden it in her room somewhere.

I said we could share it but she won't let me have it back, she says I know how it felt having real sex and she doesn't, so she refuses to give it back to me. I'm going to save up and buy one of my own; I wish I hadn't given it to Lauren now. Sarah closed the diary and handed it back, "thank you Katie, that was nice of you to let me look at it. "Well Sarah, feel any better?" "Much better, thank you Mark." I told Katie, "We will never ask to look at your diary again." She went back to her room.

"You know Mark, I'm glad she keeps a diary" "So am I, and even more pleased she let us look at it."