Alluring brunette kendall ross hitchhikes and fucks dude in his car

Alluring brunette kendall ross hitchhikes and fucks dude in his car
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Innocence Enslaved part 2: What comes after ***** The two boys couldn't believe their luck. If Jakes brother hadn't given them the bottle of whiskey they would have stayed home playing playstation and skipped the party completely. They figured it would be boring simply because of the loser who was hosting it, and if they had known of even one other party nearby they wouldn't be at this one at all.

Now they were in the master bedroom, standing awkwardly on either side of the king sized bed as the cutest girl in school lifted her top up over her head and threw it to the side. Even in a bra, her firm young C-cup tits were one of the best things the boys had ever seen. She had always been shy, turning down any boy who made advances and spending all her time at gymnastics or studying.

They had no idea why she had suggested they go to the bedroom, but they weren't about to question it.

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***** Emily looked at the two boys and smiled what she hoped was a seductive smile. In truth she had no idea what she was doing; two weeks ago she had never even kissed a boy.

Then she'd been abducted, tied down with her face obscured, gang raped by her own unknowing father and so many others, and had barely left the house since.

Now she sat on the bed, running her hands up her pale, firm young body and through her thick red hair, part of her hoping these boys would make a move while another part screamed silently for her to stop. She reached out to the nearest boy, grabbing his belt buckle and pulling him forward onto the bed.

The boys finally got the idea and started to unbuckle their pants, and the young girl felt a pang of fear. What would they do to her? Part of her didn't want to find out. She had spent days in bed crying, thankful that her blissfully ignorant father had been so busy at work. She'd had nightmares and wet dreams, she'd woken up sweaty with terror and moist with lust. She knew she couldn't blame her father. He would never hurt her, and it wouldn't have happened had he known.

But as the days had passed she had become increasingly aroused. She'd told herself it was an aftereffect of the drugs she had been given, but it had only gotten stronger. She had found herself looking online for the most depraved incest and rape porn she could find, and battled in her own mind.

Was she broken? Was she sick? She was still herself. Her conscious mind didn't want to relive that horrible night, and she knew these desires were wrong. But her subconscious betrayed her at every opportunity, and she had finally decided she would get it out of her system at a party. She would do it consensually, with some cute boys her own age, like she had heard the slutty girls talking about at school.

"Fuck Emily, you're so hot" said Jake, the tall one, as she self consciously squeezed her tits together, forcing them to strain at the cups of her bra. He reached out to squeeze her, and she leaned back as Chris began to fumble with her jeans. The two boys were nice, popular and good looking, but there was something wrong about this, and the voice of reason inside her head was getting louder, while the usually lustful voice in the background had receded entirely.

This went completely against her nature; no matter what she had experienced, she was a shy, quiet introvert at heart. This simply wasn't her. Tears began to well in her eyes, and she fought to keep them back. Chris managed to get a hand down her pants, his fingers scrabbling pointlessly against her thighs in the tight jeans, and she willed herself to keep going. She lifted her hips to let him get a better angle as Jake kissed her softly on the lips.

She reached a hand down, slipping it into his boxers to wrap her delicate fingers around his cock. Her first thought was disgust as she gripped his fleshy stump. She hadn't been ready to touch one two weeks ago, and forcing herself to do so now filled her with fear and revulsion.

To top it all off, she felt a pang of something else in the back of her mind. She was struck with disappointment that his cock felt so different to that of her father, and the thought made her feel sick. She pulled her hand back. "I'm sorry" she sobbed, turning her head to the side "I can't do this" The boys stopped, sitting up and exchanging puzzled looks as she began to cry.

In this instant she imagined them shouting, tearing her clothes away and ignoring her pleas as they had their way with her. The lustful part of her mind came back in force, screaming 'YES!' as the rest of her recoiled in horror, and she visibly cowered. "Whats wrong?" Jake asked, his brow creased in concern. "It's okay" Chris added as Jake backed away and stood next to the bed. "Are you feeling alright? Too much to drink?" Emily forced a weak smile for the boys as they continued to offer useless remarks "Yeah.

I'm really sorry, I'm not ready for this. I - I think I should go home." The boys watched awkwardly as she put her clothes back on, Jake trying hard to look at her face as Chris stared drunkenly at her perfect tits, drinking in the sight of her creamy soft skin and still hoping to see more. "Maybe another time?" Jake stammered "I mean, just if you want to fool around time?" Emily sniffed back tears, looking away in shame as she slipped back into her top.

Both voices in her head were silent, and she was alone with her thoughts. She felt empty inside. "I have to go" ***** Alone in his bedroom, the man leaned forward, his face inches from the computer screen. Sweat poured down his forehead in rivulets as his hand pumped furiously up and down his large cock.

His eyes were glued to the screen, the image of a pale young girl writhing as he pounded into her. Her head and hands were hidden, locked on the other side of the wooden stocks, but her tiny, petite young body was all he had needed.

He may never know who she was, but he would never forget how she felt. He watched, remembering her scent, remembering the silky smooth sensation of her skin under his, remembering the flatness of her tight little stomach, the feel of her narrow waist and her hips in his hands. His hand became a blur as he stroked himself, watching and remembering how her ample young tits had felt in his hands, and the tight, delicious wetness of her tiny, pink virgin slit gripping his fat cock so tightly as he had taken her virginity.

He heard a sound from outside the door, and sat up instantly. "Shit!" He stood, hurriedly pulling his pants back up as he heard the all too familiar sound of a key turning in the front door. It was ten O'Clock, and Emily was already home. He needed to stop wanking so much and spend some time with his daughter. Nick smiled to himself as he walked out of his room. He had done a fine job of raising his daughter alone. She had always been so good, dedicating herself to school work while her friends were out partying.

He never had to worry about her lying to him, getting pregnant, doing drugs, or any of the other problems his friends faced with their daughters. He was surprised when he saw her, standing in the kitchen with her back to him. She wore a tight fitting singlet top and jeans that hugged her round ass - nothing exotic, but a far cry from her usual shapeless, loose fitting clothes. Despite her beauty and her gymnastics toned body, she had always been shy.

It was rare for her to wear anything tight. She was so shy she never even wore a two-piece in their own pool, in the privacy of their own backyard. Maybe his little girl was finally getting some confidence? "You're back early" She jumped, turning around suddenly, and Nick instantly noticed the moisture around her eyes. "Oh Em" he said, instinctively stepping close as his parental instincts kicked in "What happened?" "Nothing" lied, turning her gaze from him and sniffling "I just had too much to drink and got in an argument with some friends." A flicker of fear passed through her mind as he stepped forward, arms out, then it was gone.

Everything was as it should be. They stepped into one another's embrace, a father comforting his beloved daughter and a daughter seeking the loving embrace of her father. But then it began. The full force of her conflicting emotions hit her all at once; part of her still felt his comfort, wanted him to simply hold her and tell her everything was alright.

But another part was horrified, terrified and above all, ashamed. Worst of all was that other part, the part that breathed in his scent and moistened her little pussy, making her think of his huge cock filling her so completely.

His arms still wrapped around her, but now the comfort was gone. She was taken back to that fateful night, when his arms had been around her then. She couldn't breathe, and her knees went weak with terror. She burned with shame, remembering his body pressed tight against her as she had struggled hopelessly against him. It didn't matter that her face had been hidden, that he had been lied to. All she could think of was the horror and pain as he took her virginity, of being forced to watch the screens as he stole her innocence, of his bare skin on hers, of being unable to move, unable to even scream.

"GET OFF ME!" The shriek shattered the silence as she shoved him away and they stared at each other, shocked. He looked at her, dumbfounded and hurt. "What -" "I'm so sorry Daddy" she sobbed "I - I couldnt breathe.

I'm just drunk. I'm sorry" With that, she turned and fled to her room, leaving her father alone in the kitchen. What had bought that on? He shook his head. She was still young, and he suspected this was the first time she'd had alcohol outside of family gatherings.

Forcing the issue wouldn't help. Maybe it was boy troubles? Surely that would be due to start one day, perhaps that could have caused this little outburst? Either way, she always talked to him about her problems.

He'd just have to wait until she was ready. He needed to stop spending his time jacking off like a hormonal teen and start paying attention to his daughter again. After tonight. He returned to his room, putting the headphones in his ears as he pressed play, his cock in his hand once more as he relived that fateful night. For the first time, as he watched the writhing body of the girl, he had a passing thought. Looking at her skin and her figure, he was struck by the resemblance to his daughter.

'That's sick', he told himself. Besides, most fit young girls around her age had soft skin and nice tight little bodies, didn't they? He quickly put the thought aside. The girl could have been anyone. ***** Emily lay sobbing quietly in her room. What was wrong with her? It wasn't his fault. He had been a victim too, she told herself. Now the look of hurt and confusion on his face when she had shoved him away was burnt into her memory - right alongside the image of his face, leering at the camera as his tongue slipped into her, sliding into her virgin slit.

Right next to the image of her tight cunt lips stretched painfully around his cock, gripping him tightly as he pulled himself from her, his cum gushing from her. She considered finding a psychiatrist, but no. She couldn't go to a shrink.

She couldn't go to anyone. Before he had let her go, after the host had made her call him "Daddy" as he fucked her, after she had been cleaned up and forced to read the script he'd prepared, he had given her a warning.

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He had warned her that he was part of a very large and powerful network. He had told her that all the footage collected that night would make the entire event look like her idea.

He had told her that if she spoke a single word of it to anyone, the video would be released. And once it had gone viral and everyone she would ever meet had seen it, her father would be killed, and it would look like a suicide. Then, after all that, when it died down, his friends would come for her.

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She would be captured again, along with everyone she loved, and this time none of them would ever be released. No, she couldn't take the risk. She would find a way to handle this by herself.


Reaching out, she grabbed her laptop and turned it on. She scrolled through her history, deleting everything; all the porn, all the advice forums, all the support groups. For a long time she sat in silence, wracking her brain for ways to defeat the problem head on. After almost an hour, she decided to take it one step at a time. She would study the problem, and make peace with her demons. She opened a new tab, and started searching. ***** The next night, Nick sat at his computer once more, his penis in his hand.

Emily had stayed sulking in her room all day, and he had found an easy distrsction from the worry in watching the video yet again.

He watched intently as the small body of the young girl writhed beneath the heavy, thrusting form of the huge dog. He had never given that kind of thing much thought before, thinking it sick, but that night had changed his mind.

The way the animal jackhammered into the sweet teen, utterly dominating her, was. intoxicating. A popup appeared in the bottom of the screen; an email notification. He wouldn't have bothered with it normally, but it was from the host of the party two weeks ago. The only other email he'd recieved was just a few days after the event, and had contained the video he had been masturbating to ever since.

He clicked the tab, curiosity getting the best of him. Perhaps it would even be an invitation to another event?

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But no, it was blank, with an attachment that appeared to be another copy of the video he was already watching. A quick check revealed it was a larger file, so he hit download, hoping for a better quality version.

He had to work tomorrow, but decided he would brush his teeth and skim through the new video before sleep. When he got back, the file was almost ready to play, so he waited patiently until it had finished downloading and hit start. At first it was much the same as the other version of the video, though it occasionally used another camera angle. As he watched the footage of himself approaching the young girl, remembering the touch of her soft, smooth skin, he grabbed himself yet again and began stroking.

He watched as he plunged into the girls virgin pussy, watching her thrash as he remembered the tight grip of her velvety smooth virgin cunt. Then the camera angle changed again, and his eyes shot open in horror as his daughters face appeared on the screen.

Her eyes were glazed and distant, her jaws clenched, her head jerking in time to the thrusts of the penis pounding into her, but there was no mistaking who it was. She opened her mouth and let out a long moan, and the words came through loud and clear; "Ooooh daddy yes, fuck me" Nick sat in shocked silence as the footage played, his hand still frozen on his cock.

He had no way of knowing she'd been drugged, that she had been forced to read a script, or that the footage had been cleverly edited to make her look willing. There was no way he could know that as he had been fucking her she had been gagged, crying and terrified, desperately wishing him to stop. All he knew was that the perfect little body he had fucked two weeks ago, those perfect nipples he had sucked, that incredible tight little pink pussy he had licked, belonged to his little girl.

He could still feel her silky soft skin as his hands had explored her body. He could feel the soft, moist folds of her incredibly tight little slit as he has taken her virginity, her unbelievably tight love canal gripping his thick cock. Hell, he could still feel the delicious sensations of his daughters first orgasm, her cunt spasming around his cock as he filled her with cum while his brother - her uncle - had been fucking her ass. A million thoughts assaulted his mind as he sat in horror, watching the filthy things he had done to his daughter, just as he'd watched and masturbated and wished for more for the past two weeks.

Only this time the scenes of her body being used were interrupted by flashes of her face, screaming and moaning with pleasure. Now he watched her turn her head to the side, moaning "Yes daddy fill me up" as he clutched her hips and thrust into her, shooting a torrent of cum deep inside his daughters sweet pussy.

Now he watched as she clenched her eyes, whimpering as her own uncle fucked her shapely round ass. Now he watched her expressions, heard her moans while a steady procession of men took turns with his sweet little daughters holes. He watched her face as she orgasmed, just as the camera cut from her tight, pale gymnasts body shuddering while her father and uncle came inside her. 'How could this happen? How could I not know it was her?' Still he stayed, watching in newfound horror as his own daughter, his innocent, pure little girl, was bought to orgasm by a dogs big red cock.

'How did I not recognize her. I'm her father, I should have known!' ***** It was hours before he moved from the seat. The footage didn't show her begging and crying, it didn't show her fighting, trying to scream through the gag.

It didn't show her being manipulated, blackmailed or drugged. It didn't even show the script had been forced to read. All her father saw was her willing face, moaning his name and smiling. Even had he known of the countless hours of editing that had gone into making it look genuine, he couldn't see the drugs in her system during the hour long afterparty segment, where she smiled and begged for more as every hole was filled with cock.

He had no clue that she had been bribed, blackmailed and threatened, told she would be set free if she pretended to enjoy it as the drugs clouded her mind. He couldn't see the manipulation and blackmail required to get her to grin up at the group of men masturbating onto her as she sat on the floor, opening her mouth to catch the thick sperm that spattered all over her pretty freckled face and pert, perfect young tits.

And when it all ended, his daughter sitting naked in front of the camera, he couldn't see the amount of takes it had taken to get her to look happy as she described the fantasies of rape, bestiality and incest as the script required.

At long last he turned off the footage, and his last thought was a shocked 'she wanted it'. ***** Emily had been having a good day. She was back in class, and after dealing with her father it was relatively easy to hide her terror when her a certain teacher had walked past.

She felt cold as his eyes skimmed over her, completely oblivious to the fact that he had raped her just two weeks ago, but then he was gone and it passed. At least she wasn't in any of his classes. She had become very good at pretending it had never happened. She hadn't had to hide, crying in the disabled restrooms today as she had before, and had happily engaged in jokes with her friends.

She still felt a nagging unease, and she resolved to fix things with her father, but today was a good day. ***** After napping a few times today, Nick still wasnt sure what to do. He knew he had a huge problem on his hands. How many men have unknowingly gangbanged their own daughters? He had felt sick to the stomach, like a giant knot had been tied in his gut, and had barely remembered to call work and say he was sick.

He had spent the day wandering aimlessly around the house, going back to double check the footage before wandering more. His wanderings took him into Emily's room, and something caught his eye; her laptop, which sat on her desk. Maybe if he searched, he could find proof, proof that it wasn't her. It couldn't be her. It had to be a trick. He sat down and turned it on. Of course he knew her password, she was his daughter.

And yet he hadn't known her incest rape fantasy. He hadn't known her body. Shaking his head, he forced himself to focus. He brought up her documents folder.

Nothing interesting. Photos? No. Maybe she was still the innocent girl he remembered? Google came next. As soon as he clicked the search bar, a list of recent searches dropped down, and his breath caught in his throat. His eyes were drawn to the first one; 'Are rape fantasies normal?' His heartbeat began to quicken as he remembered being between her legs, feeling them thrash as his hands had explored her body.

He continued to scan the list, and his eyes fell upon another. 'Girl fucked by father story' The full weight of the earlier shock hit him again. There could be no doubt. 'Rough sex stories' He felt a surge surge of lust, and his cock was hard yet again as he though of that night, of the lovely, tight body that had given him so much pleasure.

'Incest orgasm porn' Now it was different. This time he knew who that sweet pussy belonged to. 'Incest domination' His mind reeled at the implications. 'Raped by father fantasy' He had fucked his daughter, without knowing who she was. 'Daughter tricks daddy porn' They had been growing apart. Two nights ago, had she been angry at him or at herself? When she pushed him away how had she wanted him to respond? 'I want daddy to rape me' He stopped scrolling. He was furious.

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It appeared his own beloved daughter, sweet little Emily who showed no interest in boys, had tricked him into fucking her. Betraying his trust was one thing but this? This was just sick. He was furious, more furious than he had ever been. He screamed in rage, standing up and throwing her laptop across the room. Even now, he could feel his cock straining at his pants as he remembered her soft, smooth skin, the feel of her slender waist and generous tits. He stormed back into his room, opened the video, and pressed play.

***** Emily smiled as her house came into view. It had been a difficult couple of weeks, but today had been the best day since the big night - and she hoped it would only get better.

The number one thing she wanted to fix was her relationship with her father, so she had bought ingredients to make his favorite dish and some new movies for them to watch together. It had been too long since they'd had a movie night, and it had always been a fun way to bond. They were all one another had since her mother had died when Emily was just ten, and she refused to lose him because of the depravity of those who had tricked him. As she reached the door, she waved to the neighbors as they climbed into their car.

They were nice enough people, but them going out for the night was good - there would be no complaints if the surround sound was turned up as ridiculously loud as Emily and her father liked for movie nights. ***** Nick stood as he heard the sound of his daughters key scrabbling at the door, not even bothering to minimize the lewd video that had been playing on his PC.

He had no idea what to do about everything he had found out that day, but he would have to just see what happened. As soon as he walked out of the bedroom door, he was greeted by his daughters beaming smile. "Hey Daddy, sorry about being so grumpy on Saturday. I thought I'd make dinner tonight and we can do a movie night?" "Uh, yeah" he replied, struck with doubt.

His beloved daughters innocent smile, her button nose and the the freckles scattered across her cheeks made it difficult to say no. And yet. he had seen that same face on the video, twisted with lust as she had cum, moaning his name. It had to be an elaborate fake, didn't it? Sensing his hesitation, her smile seemed to fade. "Is everything okay Dad?" "Sure Honey" he replied with a forced smile of his own "Just a long day at work. Sounds like fun." She ran and hugged him, the innocent, bubbly girl once more, then shot off to the kitchen.

He watched her as she left, her long ginger hair bouncing as she rounded the corner, and followed. She wore a loose white shirt and pants, but still he had no trouble making out the shape of her narrow waist and wide hips, and the shape of her round, firm ass above her toned gymnasts thighs. He shook his head. Surely his own daughter couldn't be the girl in the video.

Surely it had to be a fake. But. her voice. And what about those recent searches in her computer?

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He had been so sure it was her, but perhaps emotion had clouded his judgement. Watching as she shuffled around in the fridge, he decided to find out. ***** The girl was happy for the first time in weeks. As she reached for the onion, her father stood silently watching her, an odd look on his face. He was probably just puzzled about her behavior after the last fortnight of hiding in her room. She was happy to have him standing there, as long as he was happy. "So how did you like the party?" Her heart skipped a beat, and she froze before a thought came to her.

"Oh, the one on Saturday?" she asked, remembering her drunken actions, how she had almost let herself be used by two of the boys there in an attempt to erase the memory of that hellish night two weeks before.

She turned to her father and smiled. "Pretty lame" He appeared to hesitate, looking at his daughter for a short time before he spoke. "And what about the one two weeks ago?" Emily turned to face her father, and the color drained from her face. "I - I didn't-" "So it was you" he said quietly, a hard edge to his voice.

The girl began to shake, and she fell to her knees, her face in her hands as she began to sob. "You filthy little slut" he continued as he stood looming above her, his face a mask of barely contained rage "What kind of filthy whore tricks her own father into fucking her?" "No daddy!" She cried, only now realizing what little he actually knew "I didn't!

They forced me!" "Dont lie to me, Emily" "I was tied down and drugged!" the girl bawled, looking up into her beloved father's face. He slapped her hard, sending her reeling, and she wailed in terror as the tears flowed down her cheeks. She was shocked; he had never raised a hand to her in her entire life. Now he grabbed a handful of her long red hair, and twisted painfully so she was forced to look up at him.

"I don't know what to do with a whore like you" Emily began to protest, but another slap followed. Then, to her horror, he began to fumble with the belt of his pants. Emily tried to squirm away, but his grip on her hair was like iron. She tried to tell him the truth, but each time she spoke his hand would stop fumbling with his pants and slap her again. She gave up, her cheeks burning, and simply sobbed. Then her fathers pants dropped, and Emily shuddered as she saw his cock with her own eyes.

Seeing it on the cameras two weeks past had been horrifying enough, but now it was leveled at her face. Well over eight inches long and covered with veins, it looked about as thick as her wrist, and it terrified her. The hand tangled in her thick, red hair twisted, and the girl cried out in pain. The huge, mean looking organ rubbed against her face, and Nick groaned as her felt the soft skin of his daughters cheek against his cock.

"Suck it" he commanded, twisting her head back so she faced upwards and rubbing his thick shaft on her lips. She attempted to squirm away, shaking her head back and forth and squeezing her eyes shut, but he was far too strong.

His cock pressed against her lips, the invading head attempting to force them apart. Then he twisted her hair, and she cried out in pain. In the instant her mouth was open, her father thrust his thick cock inside. The sweet girl cried, tears streaming down her face as her mouth was filled with the taste of her fathers skin.

He twisted her head back and looked down into her eyes, a look of pure lust plastered on his face as he pressed himself into his daughters wet little mouth. "Suck it" he repeated, twisting her hair even harder.

Emily obediently wrapped her lips around her fathers thick shaft, squeezing her eyes shut as he began to slide in and out of her. Tears streamed down her cheeks, which burned with shame as she remembered that horrible night. She could feel her loins tingling with desire, and struggled not to sob as she felt her body reacting, her pussy growing moist.

Her jaw ached as her father pumped his organ into her mouth, her small mouth struggling to fit him, terrified at the thought of what would happen if she didn't please him.

*** Nick groaned as his daughter struggled against him, his hand tangled in her silky red hair. He looked down into her big, round eyes, wet with tears, and felt a pang of remorse. But no, he thought to himself. Hadn't she tricked him? The video of that night, her taped confession, and her computer history painted a clear picture - she had set him up to take her virginity, and had fantasized about this. She wanted this. He was distracted by the gagging sound she made as his large, thick cock pushed past her tonsils, his daughters hot little wet mouth feeling wonderful as he jerked her head back and forth.

He felt the pressure building up in his balls, and began pumping himself into her faster and faster, harder and harder. Then it was time, and he pulled her fully onto him, filling his daughters throat as her hands flailed wildly, pushing weakly against his hips to shove him backwards.

He let out another long, low groan as he erupted in his daughters throat, his cum filling her mouth as his vice-like grip in her hair went slack. "Oh god, Emily" he murmered, slowly sliding hiself from her, his thick shaft slick with his daughters saliva as cum ran down her dainty chin, a strand of spit and sperm hanging between his knob and her lips for a moment.

Despite her tears, she licked her lips. Her fathers heart skipped a beat as he watched her little pink tongue circling her lips to suck it back into her mouth. Still breathing heavily, her body wracked with sobs, she collapsed onto the floor - then turned onto her stomach and lifted her ass for him. Nick grinned, any feelings of guilt gone.

*** Emily almost puked as her fathers thick cock slid from her mouth, his hot cum spilling from her mouth and dripping down her chin. She subconsciously licked her lips in an attempt to clean the foul goo from her face. It mixed with her tears and saliva, the taste thick and salty.

She attempted to lift a hand to wipe herself clean, but her body was weakened from the ordeal; she buckled and fell to one side, turning to lay face down on the cold tiles of the kitchen floor.

Her legs scrabbled weakly beneath her, and she managed to lift her butt off the ground. Then she felt a hand hooked in the waistband of her jeans, and screamed as she was half lifted, half dragged from the room.

She was turned around thrown onto her fathers bed. The girl looked up helplessly at her father as he fumbled to unbutton her tight jeans. The waistband scratched at her hips as the pants were wrenched down to her knees, and she kicked feebly as they were pulled completely free. Suddenly he was on top of her, kissing and biting the soft skin of her neck as his hand slipped under her shirt.

Rough hands tore at the white fabric, and the buttons popped open one by one as the cool air washed over her pale, toned young body. Ignoring her protests, her father gripped the front of her white bra and tore it away, the hooks snapping as the girl struggled.


She turned her head to the side as he climbed onto the bed, crawling between her legs to position himself above his terrified daughter. Emily squeeled as a large hand grabbed her left breast and twisted, pinching her nipple between thick, calloused fingers. Her father smiled at her. "Lets make this as good as last time" Emily sobbed as her father lowered himself onto her, kissing the tears from her soft, freckled cheek.

Her mind went back to that horrible night, when her father had first deflowered her.


But this was so much worse - this time he knew who she was. She could smell his sweat, and the stench of beer on his breath. "Oh yes baby," he growled in her ear as his free hand continued to grope and twist at her breast "I missed this tight little body!" He began to kiss his way down her neck, breathing in her scent, savoring the silky softness of her pale skin.

She turned her head in disgust as his mouth trailed down her chest, his hand gripping her and sucking her round, pink nipple into his mouth. She lifted her hands to push him off, but he grabbed the straying hands and held them down on the bed, pinning her beneath his weight. "Please, daddy." she whimpered "Don't do this." He snarled in response, biting down hard, snarling like an animal in outrage.

"Don't EVER say no to me again, you little slut!" The rough hands slipped down, and he slid two fingers into her tight pink slit as she sobbed quietly. Despite the situation, he laughed; a bitter, cruel laugh. "You know, I almost felt bad then. But you're soaking wet! You love this, don't you baby!" His hands grabbed her legs beneath the knees and lifted, forcing her to lift her ass and part her legs.

She sniffled miserably as he lowered himself onto her, his cock pressing against her tight slit as he climbed pup her naked body. He began kissing her mouth as she turned away, his wet tongue snaking between her soft lips. He grabbed himself as his weight forced her legs further apart, guiding the head of his thick organ to her tight little pink slit. He rubbed himself against the velvety folds of her moist flesh and leaned forward, forcing her tight pussy lips apart. She screamed as his fat cock slid into her, pushing deeper and deeper, her fathers enormous shaft stretching her painfully as it filled her.

She tried to open her legs wider, anything to minimize the splitting pain as his oversized organ slid into her, the searing pain shooting up from her loins as the smooth, veiny shaft slid into her inch by inch.

She stared up at the nightmarish sight of her own father looming over her and he pressed her knees to her shoulders. Then he hit her cervix, and sparks of pain shot up through her body as she groaned. He seemed to rest inside her for a moment, his balls resting on her ass as he bent down to kiss her lips. Then he pulled back, creating a gap between their bodies. Emily looked down at the grotesque sight as her beloved fathers oversized shaft slid from her, slick and shiny from her own juices and a hint of blood as the lips of her sore, red slit clenched tightly around him, her velvet folds caressing him even as he raped her.

He pulled out further, until only the head of his cock remained inside her. Her aching pussy felt some small measure of relief for a moment. Then he bent down, putting his lips to her ear. "You're mine", he growled, his teeth grazing her earlobe as he pulled back. He shoved himself into her. Emily screamed as her fathers full length slid into her abused pussy, plunging painfully into her depths as his balls rested at her entrance. He began to fuck her, ramming himself into her again and again.

The unwanted sensations began to mount. Emily lifted her hips, closed her eyes, and surrendered.