I will tease you hard with my cute pink toes

I will tease you hard with my cute pink toes
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Author's Note: So this is my fursona. And my personal fantasy. Enjoy. I run my padded fingers through my belly fur, feeling the softness. I pant a little, squirming as I look in the mirror. My purple eyes look back at me. It had been a stressful day at work and I just want to relax. It had also been awhile since I had last gotten laid. I wasn't much good at masturbating, never really could get off from touching myself, but that didn't mean it didn't feel good.

So here I am, desperate for touch, desperate for a fuck. The fur on my thighs is wet and sticky even before I can start digging around in the drawer next to my bed for my vibrator. I curl my tail up as I let my pierced tongue hang out the side of my muzzle. Where did I put that thing? Sure, it's small, since I live with my older half brother, and I keep my toys rather discreet, but it still couldn't have gone anywhere.

I yelp in surprise when something cold touches my hot slit. I turn and look down at Max, my brother's German Shepherd. He's a pure bred, from a really long line of police dogs, so my brother never saw any reason to get him neutered.

I realize I hadn't closed the door all the way like I thought I had, and he was attracted by my scent.

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He sticks his nose against my cunt again, taking in deep inhales. I try to push him away, to get him out of my room and back out in the living room where he knows he belongs. But he forces his nose back at my crotch.

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Then he licks my furless slit. Without really meaning to, I give a little moan. Boy, that felt good. "Max, out!" I try to be firm with him, but my voice cracks.

He must sense my desire because he starts licking me over and over again with quick little laps of his big, hot tongue. A shiver runs through me in pleasure. That feels really good. Well, what could be the harm in letting him lick me? I can't find my vibrator, so Max's tongue is the next best thing. I quickly rush to the door to look around, just to make sure my brother wasn't home yet. I knew he was going to be home soon so if I was going to do this, I had better do it fast.

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Max follows me and again shoves his nose under my fluffy tail. I give a little whimper as I close the door. I then go over to the bed and sit on the edge, facing Max. My heart pounds as he comes over and tries to force his way between my knees.

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I'm still not too sure about this. Max paws at my legs, and I finally spread my knees. He stuffs his nose against my hot slit, the feeling of his cold nose makes me shiver. He proceeds to lick furiously, long, hot licks all over my cunt and inner thighs. I moan as he keeps going. My hips make little motions.

My hand goes up through my fur and finds one of my hard nipples. I roll it gently, my moans and whimpers getting louder. And then Max puts his front paws on the bed, and I feel something hard poking me in the leg.

He's trying to mount me. I think about for a minute. It's not like he could get me pregnant, even though it's something I want at this point in my life, being at the perfect age. Scared, but just dying to get something into my burning cunt, I slip down to my hands and knees, my tail curled up for him. He immediately mounts me, his front limbs gripping me around the hips hard.

I feel his cock poking me on the butt and thighs, so I go down to my elbows, which brings my pussy just to the right height. Not a thrust later and I feel a smooth, hot pencil shove into me.

He starts humping incredibly fast, panting hard. I immediately feel that thin hard rod swell inside of me. The feeling is so amazing I very nearly howl with pleasure. He keeps humping, his back legs dancing a little with the speed of his thrusts. I can feel the heat of his cum against my cervix, and it feels so wonderful, almost relaxing.

His cock is filling me up, stretching me, but it doesn't hurt at all. I moan and whine and pant, my body going crazy with the lust. My claws dig into the carpet as I feel every last inch of Max inside of me. His big, furry balls smack against my clit, making it even better. I can feel my body reach climax, all my muscles clench up. I cry out in the intense pleasure. "Oh, good boy, good boy!" Just as I come down from my orgasm, I feel an intensely pleasurable swelling inside of me.

I pant with both surprise and ecstasy. I had forgotten about the fact that Max would knot. But that doesn't matter at the moment as I can feel the heat of all his cum squirt into me.

I keep moaning as I get filled with his seed. I can't help but wiggle, grinding my hips. I realize then that with the knot inside of me, rolling my hips side to side makes the knot rub my g-spot.

As Max turns, trying to pull out, I grab his hind leg. He stands still after that.

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I wiggle my hips some more, feeling that wondrous knot inside of me. I feel sad the wild, bestial humping hadn't lasted longer, but this is pretty amazing, too. I can feel him still squirting into me, just filling me with the hot cum. Hot little drips run down my clit. As I pant, I stroke Max's leg, my voice full of pleasure.

"Good boy, Max. Oh, good boy." Finally, after about 10 minutes, I get onto my hands and let go of his leg. I lean forward slowly, feeling that glorious knot pop out of my pussy, along with his massive swollen cock.

Instantly, all his hot cum gushes out of me, pouring down my thighs and slit. I moan again with the feeling, not really thinking about how I was going to clean it all up. I stand up, more of his cum dribbling down my legs. Max is in the corner, licking myself. I get a peek at what it was that had been inside me and felt hot with a blush lost in my white fur.

It was bigger than anything I had ever taken before, and yet it had felt so amazing. "Have you turned to being a dog fucker now, little sis?" I whip around, my eyes wide. My brother! I never heard him come home! Nor had I heard him come into my room. I have no idea how long he had been standing there.

But he has a huge grin on his face. I blush, my ears back in shame. "I, uh, I. He." I'm not sure what to say. "You didn't let him lick you clean." He walks up to me, that huge amused grin still splitting his muzzle.

I stutter some more, not sure what he was doing. He puts his hand on my shoulder and pushes me over to Max. "C'mon, Max, clean up." "No, I. it's ok, I'll clean. Yipe!" I yelp when my brother suddenly jerks me, turning me around and shoves me onto the bed.

He expertly pulls my hands behind my back and takes the handcuffs from his belt, putting them on my wrists. He is a cop, after all.

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He then jerks me up before I even know what's going on. He marches me over to Max and pushes his knee behind my kneecap, forcing me to kneel. "Now spread your legs and let him clean you." His voice is firm, allowing no disobedience. It's the same voice he uses at work, and when he was training Max.

I had always found it hot, but now that he's using it on me, I can't help the new wetness that's starting to drip from my still aching, throbbing pussy. Max quickly gets up and comes over, laying down to be level with me, and starts licking away again. I don't want to moan, not in front of my brother, but I can't help it.

I feel his big, strong hand on my shoulder tighten a little, keeping me down. Not that I really want to get up. I kinda wish he'd never stop licking. He goes all over my thighs, and even a little bit inside my hole.

"You like that, sis?" I'm ashamed to admit it to him, but I nod. "Good, cuz I want the same thing from you!" He pushes Max lightly and his dog obeys. I look up at him dumbfoundedly. "What? No! I-I wouldn't." He holds up a glowing screen in front of my face. My eyes get really wide, and I hear him laugh. He pets my head. "If you don't want these getting all over the net, then you're going to suck!" He'd been standing at my door for at least half of my session with Max, taking pictures!

"You. you wouldn't!" I panic. He raises a brow. "Really? Willing to bet?" I stare at him in disbelief, my jaw slack. With a grin, I suddenly realize the head of his cock is in my mouth. I want to pull away, to tell him to quit playing his sick joke, but looking into his eyes, I can tell he's not joking.

With a shudder and a little whimper of humiliation, I close my muzzle around his hard cock. I start moving my head, sliding my piercing up and down his shaft. I can feel him tremble, and he moans.

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"Oh god. Good girl." He starts petting me while I suck on him. I begin to think it's kinda hot, knowing that I can make him moan like that. I always thought my brother was really handsome, though something like this had never crossed my mind. But now that it was happening, I was kind of liking it.

The smell of his male musk is rather arousing. I give a little yelp with my brother's cock still in my mouth when I feel Max shove his nose under my tail and start licking at my wet slit. I hadn't realized that I was dripping wet with horniness. I pant a little, sucking my brother's dick a little faster. He's panting, too, I can hear. Then he grabs my hair and pulls my head back, taking his cock out of my muzzle.

"Max, back! Sit. Stay." Max goes over to the corner and sits there, watching us as he pants. "As for you, sis." He pulls me up and turns me around, pushing me over onto the bed again. "Wha-what are you doing?!" I cry, unable to believe what was happening. I can feel his cock against my cunt. He runs the tip up and down my slit, teasing me. "N-no! Brother, stop!" I wiggle my hands, but I can't get out of the cuffs.

"You'll take my cock, and like it, my horny baby sister!" That commanding voice again! Something about it weakened my resolve. I whine, trying to think of something. "I-I'll tell your Sargent.!" "What? That you like to fuck dogs? Especially a police dog?" He laughs and pushes the head of his rod into my hole. I pant, the fear pounding in my chest. "Now, sis, I want you to moan." He pushes in slowly, all the way to his sheath.

A shiver runs from the base of my tail to the base of my skull and I can't help it.


I moan loudly, panting hard. My hole tightens around him, and I hear him groan. He grabs my hips as he starts to pound me. All the while I'm thinking this is so wrong, and yet I can't stop my sounds of ecstasy. I want more, I want faster, harder. I squirm, feeling his ball sack slapping my clit with every powerful thrust. I finally give a howl, feeling an orgasm rush through me. My toes curl as my body is just consumed by the pleasure. "You're liking this, aren't you, sister?" His voice is harsh.

I can't help but whine, both in lust and my shame.


He leans over me and pounds harder, grunting quietly in his effort. I start to feel really hot, the sensation spreading through my body. I can think of nothing else but my brother spilling his seed inside of me. I want him to cum in me. And I can tell with how he's abusing my hot hole, he's getting close.

Then he groans, slamming deep into me one last time. He twitches, and I feel his hot cum fill me up. He pants hard over me. I wiggle under him, still whining in enjoyment as little shivers continue to run through me. As he pulls out slowly, I feel his cum drip out of me slowly, since it's thicker than Max's cum. Still panting, my brother opens the handcuffs and lets me get up.

He licks my muzzle affectionately. "Oh god, you're burning up. You must be in heat." I give a little whimper. "What's mom going to say?" "Well, we don't talk to her very much anyways, so we probably shouldn't tell her." He pulls me into his arms. I glare up him, remembering the camera. "You're getting rid of those pictures, right?" "Of course not," he grins at me.

"I need some leverage to keep you quiet."