Necromancy living dead girl necromancer and silent

Necromancy living dead girl necromancer and silent
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I sat on a guard rail at the parking lot watching the moon. I was waiting for Candy. She sneaked up on me and pinched me on both sides of my waist. I turned to look at her. She was wearing a black vest with gold buttons going down the front of the vest, a black mini-skirt, slip on shoes, and no socks. This is the first time I saw her wearing lipstick and eye shadow. She was an eyepopper. Her waist was exposed between the vest and miniskirt. She turned around so I can get a rear view of her.

Her lower back was exposed. Candy turned around again. We wrapped our arms around each other and kissed. She pushed her tongue into my mouth.

We made deep kisses; tongue chasing kisses. I put my hand on her ass and squeezed. "Come on let's get in the car," she said. We got into the car. I reached over and twirled her beautiful long brown hair with my fingers. "Jim, I told my mom and dad I was going to the movies with Sandra. She's a friend of mine," Candy said. "Do your mom and dad know you're wearing makeup and dressed like that?" I asked.

"Hell no, they would kill me," She replied. "Jim, let me tell you something; at school there is a big competition on who looks the most bitchen. There was this one girl; she came to school wearing the same outfit two days in a row. All the girls picked on her for being such a dork." Candy gave me a great big smile. I was mesmerized by Candy's lips and eyes. "Come on let's go pick up Sandra," Candy said.

I turned on the ignition. Candy held onto my wrist. "Before we pick her up; let's get a bottle of vodka, I want to surprise her," Candy said. We stopped at the store and got a bottle of vodka, when we got back into the car Candy opened the bottle and took a swig.

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I slowly drove the car along the front of a multiplex theater. The parking lot was full and there were people coming and going. "There she is," Candy said as she rolled down the window. "Sandy," Candy yelled while holding up the bottle of vodka for the whole world to see. I noticed a couple staring at us; the couple wasn't watching where they were going and bumped into the back of another couple that was standing on the sidewalk.

A girl about twelve or thirteen years old with short curly blond hair, wearing makeup, tight red shorts, and a white vest waved at us. On the white vest are two red leaves, one located where the left nipple would be and the other located where the right nipple would be. Sandra ran to the car holding onto her straw hat so that it won't fly off her head. She has the same long slender dancer's legs Candy has and the same tiny tits as Candy's.

Sandra looked through the passenger window and straight into my eyes. "Get in," Candy said. God the world has changed. I remember when I was a little kid; I sat under the kitchen table and listened to my mom and her friend talk about how when they were little girls on their way to school they would stop a few blocks away from home and hem up their skirt to make it shorter; after that they would put on their makeup. I was so turned on looking at pictures of my mom and her girlfriends when they were little with cigarettes dangling from their lips and wearing tight sweaters.

It's amazing how these girls today can dress like they do without getting caught by their parents. Sandra opened the back door and got in. She leaned forward.

I can feel her breath on my ear. "Candy told me about you," Sandra said. She turned her head and looked at Candy. "Look what I got," Candy said as she handed Sandra the bottle.

Sandra took the bottle; threw herself against the back seat and took a drink. "Let's go to your place Jimbo," Candy said. When we got to my house I opened up the door and let them in. Like two playful kittens the girls ran around throughout the house exploring the place.

I waited in the living room for them to finish their exploration. They returned; Candy took the bottle of vodka off of the coffee table and sat down next to me on the sofa. She kicked off her shoes and maneuvered herself so that she was lying down on the sofa with her bare feet on my lap.

Sandra took the bottle from Candy, plopped down into a nearby chair, and took a sip from the bottle. "Candy told me you'll do anything she says. Is that true?" Sandra asked. Candy gave me a gentle rub in the rib with her toes. "Answer her," she said. "Yes," I said without taking my eyes off of Sandra. "Let me see it," Sandra said. "Lick the bottom of my feet," Candy said as she held one foot up to my face.

"Come on lick it," she said. I held onto Candy's foot and ran my tongue from the heel all the way up to her toes.

I put her toes into my mouth and drew them back out. "See I told you," Candy said. She stuck her tongue out at Sandra and got up off the sofa. "I'll be right back I have to go pee," she said. When Candy left the room Sandra put the bottle down on the coffee table and sat down on the sofa next to me. She crossed her legs and put her arm around my shoulder.

"Don't bother with Candy," Sandra said as she drew tiny little circles with her other hand on one of her red leaves. "She's not worth it." We both heard noises down the hallway.

"We'll talk later," Sandra whispered into my ear. Sandra got up and went back to the chair she was sitting in. We both looked into each other's eyes. She put her thumb into her mouth and moved her thumb in and out as if she was sucking on a tootsie pop.

Sandra took her thumb out and ran her tongue across the top of her lips. Candy walked into the room. Sandra placed both hands on the armchair. "We were wondering if you were ever going to come back," Sandra said. "I'll be right back," I said. I went into the kitchen where I keep a pack of cigarettes. I opened the sliding glass door which leads out onto the balcony and stepped out.

Are Candy and Sandra actually having some kind of rivalry or are they playing a conspiracy on me? I lit myself a cigarette and heard the glass door slide open. "What're you doing out here," Candy asked. "Can't you see he's smoking a cigarette," Sandra said. "Let me try one," Candy said. I handed Candy the pack. She took out a cigarette for herself. Sandra took the pack and helped herself to a cigarette as well. I held out the lighter Candy leaned her head forward with the cigarette in her mouth and put the end of the cigarette to the fire.

She took a puff and started coughing. I held the lighter in front of Sandra and she lit up and smoked like a pro. Sandra looked at her watch. "Hey Candy, don't you think you should call your mom or dad? I'm sure they're wondering where you're at," Sandra said. Candy rolled her eyes. "I'll be right back," she said.

She went into the house and disappeared into the living room. Sandra and I leaned against the railing looking out the backyard. "So, huh, did you ever go out after midnight looking for little girls?" Sandra asked. "What little girls?" I answered with a question.

"You know the ones that sneak out of their house in the middle of the night?" She asked. "You know the answer to that," I said. "Yeah, we would have found each other," Sandra said. She leaned over the railing and looked down. "You have a door down there?" she asked. "Yeah, it's the door to the basement," I said. We both turned around to face each other. Sandra came up close and put her hand behind my head. She guided my head down so that she could whisper in my ear.

With her other hand she rubbed my crotch. "Leave the door below open. I'll stop by later," she said. She stopped rubbing my crotch and gave my earlobe a lick.

We looked into each other's eyes. "You can tell me anything. There isn't anything you could say that would surprise me," she said. "Jiiimmm," Candy said in a loud singing voice.

Sandra and I both became startled. I didn't doubt Sandra and I both shared that gut sinking moment and hope that Candy didn't see us.

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We both turned around and saw Candy standing in the kitchen stark naked. I looked to see Sandra's reaction. You don't have to be a deaf person to know how to lip read what it was that Sandra silently said. It was obvious that her lip movement translated to 'you bitch'. Speechless, I walked into the kitchen. Candy took both of my arms and guided me over to a kitchen chair. I plopped down on the chair.

She sat on my lap squeezing my two thighs together with her long slender legs. It was as if she was on a horse without a saddle and because of that she needed to squeeze tight with her thighs so as not to fall off. Candy put her arms around my neck. Her cunt pressed against my hard hot cock.

If it wasn't for the fact that I'm wearing pants my cock would slide right into her beautiful pussy. I put my arms around. Candy threw her back so that the long brown hair on her head would flow down her back. "Jim, you know that second bedroom you have," Candy said. We looked into each other's eyes.

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"Yes," I said. "Well, I have this great idea. You have an empty closet there and I don't live to far from here. Soooo, I thought what a great place for me to hang my kickin clothes and come up here on the way to school and change into them," she said. "That sounds like a great idea," I said. I felt Candy's cunt pressing hard on my almost ready to explode hard-on as she pulled my head forward and gave me a sloppy kiss.

My tongue pushed into her mouth and she sucked on it. She pulled her head back. Her hands were still locked around the back of my neck. My head rested gently on her arm. She smelled so good, so fresh. I'm going to have to watch her take a bubble bath some day just to find out what she uses to smell that way.

My head straightened out and limped forward to where my chin was practically resting on my chest. I looked at those budding boobs of hers. "Angel tits," I muttered. "What did you say?" Candy asked. I looked up into her eyes. "Angel tits," I replied. "Ohhhh isn't that sweeeet," Candy sang. Candy turned her head around and looked at Sandra.

"Did you hear that Sandy? He calls them angel tits." Candy stuck her tongue out at Sandra. Sandra flashed Candy the finger. Candy turned her head back and looked into my eyes. Sandra came over and knocked Candy on the shoulder.

Candy glared at Sandra. "What's your fucking problem?" Candy asked. Sandra pointed at the watch on her wrist. "You're supposed to go straight home after the movies remember? Go get your clothes on so we can take you home. Come on," Sandra answered.

She pulled on Candy's arm. Candy lost her balance and fell to the floor. Candy got up off the floor. "Next time keep your hands off of me. I can manage to get off Jim on my own," Candy said as she examined herself.

"Are you okay?" I asked. "I'm fine Jim," Candy replied. "Oh Sandy, I hope you don't mind I had to use your cell phone." "You got into my purse," Sandra hollered.

"I'm not going to use Jim's phone, do I look retarded? Oh and I'm cashing in on a favor you owe me. I'm going to call my dad back and tell him I'm staying overnight at your place," Candy said. "Nooo way," Sandra yelled. "What," Candy shrieked. "I've covered for you so many times I've lost count. You know how many times I've ever asked you to cover for me, zero, zeeeerrrooooo, Sandra. The one time I ask you and you say no." Sandra looked at me.

"Jim, do you mind? I have to talk to Candy privately," she asked. "Sure go ahead. I'll just go back out on the balcony and smoke a cigarette," I replied. Candy and Sandra left the kitchen and went on into the living room.

I stayed close to the entrance so that I can listen in on their conversation. "The difference between you and me is that when we tell my parents that I'm staying overnight at your house they believe us. They don't call your house because they are not interested in talking to your parents. If you tried to pull that shit on your parents your dad will be calling over my house. One more thing you little father fucker, you better not have given your dad my cell phone number," Sandra said. I peeked around the entrance.

I can see Candy getting dressed. She had her miniskirt on and was buttoning up her vest. I got back out of view so I won't get caught spying. "Candy, just to show you that I'm not an asshole I'll kiss your ass at school come Monday. You're in girl, you're the hot shit now, you're one of us," Sandra said. "I'm in the club?" Candy asked. "Candy, good god girl of course you're in the club you've got Jim and I can tell you he is the best adopted daddy I have ever seen and you know me I've got credibility when I say that," Sandra said.

"Okay I'll let you off the hook for not covering for me, but you have to kiss my ass at school all week," Candy said. "Okay just for a week. Welcome to the club," Sandra said. I made my way out to the balcony and nervously lit myself a cigarette. I hit the jackpot. It's a rivalry and Candy needs me to be the queen bee at school. I felt someone pinching on my butt. I turned and saw Candy and Sandra standing side by side. "We have to go," Candy said.

"But I'll be here tomorrow. We'll go shopping and this time you don't have to wait out in the parking lot like you did last time." I gave Candy a big hug. She gave me a long kiss and a gentle bite on my lower lip. After the girls left I went downstairs to make sure the patio door was unlocked.

Later that evening I went to sleep. I woke up and felt someone sticking a finger in my opened mouth. Lying next to me was Sandra. I felt her warm naked body against mine. I ran my hand up her thigh, along her waist and up to her armpit.

She got up out of the bed and turned on the lights. "I wished you would of warned me before you did that," I said as I covered my eyes with a pillow. "You mean the lights," Sandra said.

"Yeah, it blinded me when you turned it on," I said. Sandra walked over to the foot of the bed and pulled the blankets off. Even with the pillow over my eyes I could sense she was getting onto the bed. She pushed my legs apart. After my eyes got adjusted to the light I took the pillow off and put the pillow underneath the back of my head.

Sandra was on her knees in front of my crotch. It was hard to guess her age; she looked so young. Her skin was smooth like a baby's skin. She had small breasts and cute pink nipples.


With her short curly blond hair and makeup on she looked like a doll. "What's this," she said as she touched my cock. "Oh look it moved." She wrapped her hand around my prick. "It's growing," she squealed. Sandra gave my cock a tight squeeze with her hand and moved it.

"Be careful," I said. "You have to be gentle with it." "Oh," she said and let go. "Just like I have to be gentle with a little pet?" she asked.

"Yes just like you have to be gentle with a little pet," I repeated. "Oh Jim, can I name it, pleeeease, pretty please," She pleaded. "Okay what are you going to name it?" I asked. "Pony, from now on his name is Pony," she said. Sandra leaned over and gave Pony a kiss.

"Mmmmmm, Oh looky Pony is so excited," she said. She teased Pony with her tongue and lips, nibbling at it a little, sucking it, licking it. "Looky, saliva came out of Pony's mouth," she said. Sandra's little girl talk is ecstasy. She lifted her head up and works her mouth and cheeks collecting spit. She slowly squeezed the spit through her closed mouth. I watched the spit dangle from her lips and less than a second later the spit went into a free fall and landed right on Pony's mouth.

The spit ran down the side of Pony and Sandra rubbed Pony up and down, holding Pony tight and moving her hand faster and faster turning Pony into a huge magnificent nine inch staff of love. "Pony is so cute," she said.

Sandra let go of Pony and sat up. "I feel funny," She said. "What's wrong?" I asked. "I feel funny down here," Sandra said as she pointed at her pussy. She put her hand on her hairless cunt and fingered her twat. "Jim, why does it feel good down there?" she asked. She was on her knees leaning back propping herself up with one arm and fingering her masterpiece with the other.

"It feels good, I'm embarrassed," She said. "Don't be embarrassed," I said. "Then tell me why it feels so good," she whined as she continued to finger fuck her twat. I maneuvered myself to where I ended up on my knees in front of Sandra.

I held both her arms. "It feels good because it wants Pony to come inside," I said. Sandra pouted her lips. "But Pony is so big. Will it hurt?" she asked. No it will feel like this. I brushed my lips softly over her lips, smelling her scent.

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Sandra slightly parted her lips. I sucked gently on her lower lip, moving from corner to corner, a peck here, a nibble there. She opened her mouth more. I moved my tongue into her mouth and pulled it back. She put both hands behind my head and pressed my head harder against her lips and pushed her tongue deep into my mouth. I put my tongue back into her mouth.

Our tongues went into a dance together. The taste of her kept Pony stiff and excited. Sandra quickly maneuvered herself so that she is on all fours with her ass facing me. "Come in Pony, come inside," she said waving her hand for Pony to come in. I slid Pony into her pussy. Sandra gripped the edge of the bed with her hands. I pushed Pony further into her wet, slippery cunt and started fucking.

"Oh god, it hurts, it hurts," Sandra moaned. I removed Pony from her pussy. "No, no come back in Pony, come back in. I love Pony," she said as she bounced the mattress. I slid Pony back into Sandra's hot box. "Oh god, oh god, it hurts, it hurts," She moaned. Her cunt was tight but she begged me to put Pony back in. Pony was fucking her and going faster than a piston. Sandra and I both made loud moaning and groaning sounds. "Oh god, it fucking hurts," Sandra cried. "Is Pony going to come out through my mouth?" Sandra asked.

I shot my load so hard; it had to have seemed to Sandra like she got hit by a shotgun. Sandra fell to the mattress in a collapsed state. I wasn't going to let this feeling wear off of her. I turned her around and started licking her pussy. She wrapped her legs tightly around my head, grabbed onto my hair with both hands and started rocking her hips banging her cunt up against my face. She was getting off on my sucking her pussy.


"Oooohhh shit Jim," she hollered and then went into a spasm and finally lay limp. I lay next to her. She curled up on her side. From behind her I wrapped my arms around her. She held onto my arms with such strength I never knew she had. I was beginning to feel sleepy. Sandra pushed on me and I opened my eyes.

I didn't realize she had gotten up. "Come on Jim, let's take a shower," she said. Sandra took my hand and led me into the master bathroom.

"The shower is already running," she said. We both got in. I was standing behind her. She handed me the bar of soap and a washcloth. "Wash me," she said. I soaped up the washcloth and started washing her shoulders and her back. "Will you do everything I tell you" Sandra asked.

The sex we just had gave Sandra pussy power over me; a power that I couldn't overcome. I'm the ultimate pussy whipped man now. I washed her ass down to her heels. "Yes," I answered. Sandra turned around. I washed her feet. "You're better off with me, Jim, believe me.

Candy is nothing but a tease. Did she ever let you fuck her?" Sandra asked. I washed her legs on up to her pussy. "No," I answered. "Well it's a good thing I came along. That bitch would have had you spending money on a whole wardrobe and god knows what else and all you would have gotten was nothing but a tease out of her," Sandra said.

I got up on my feet and washed her nipples. I was starting to get hard. "Go get a towel," Sandra said. I got out of the shower and wiped myself down dry with a towel while Sandra rinsed off. I grabbed a fresh towel off the towel rack.

Sandra stepped out of the shower. I started wiping her shoulders dry and then her back. "If you think licking Candy's feet was more than enough to prove to the whole world that you were hers; I'm going to have you do more than that to show that slut you're my dog," she said. I wiped down her legs and dried her heels.

She turned around and I wiped her feet. "What are you going to have me do?" I asked. "I haven't thought of it yet; but believe me I will," She said. I wiped her legs, her pussy, and her tits. After I've completely dried Sandra off us both went into the bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed thinking about Candy while Sandra was getting dressed.

It then dawned on me; the red dress. Sandra sat down next to me. "Sandra," I whined. "What," Sandra replied. "I ejaculated on Candy's dress," I said.

"No problem, just tell me what the dress looks like and I'll go over to her house find it and get rid of it," Sandra said.

"It's not at her house. It's at an abandoned house where she took me," I said. "I'm going to get home and get some sleep. You better get some sleep too because we're going to get up early and find that dress before that little father fucker wakes up," Sandra said. We both kissed a long sloppy kiss.

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Sandra smiled, waved goodbye, and left. To be continued.