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Latina getting fuck then facial
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Let me start off by saying, I'm a loser. I'm really smart and shy. When I get into awkward social situations, I hold my breathe until I pass out. I don't have many friends, they all come and go as they please, except for one. Anyways, I'm not the best looking either.

I'm short have long brunette hair and an average body. I think I look the best I can but I don't really know. My best friend is Oliver. He's like the all around athlete, so you can imagine he has a nice body. I think he's really attractive, but he doesn't get enough credit for his looks. Before high school he was fat and really gross. Honestly, I'm surprised he hasn't left either. Oliver is like the best lacrosse player at my school. Like we're polar opposites, I can't play sports to save a life.

I'd rather bury my face in a book or play video games than go to a football game or whatever. Sometimes I get dragged out by Oliver, but it's ok, because my crush is the running back for the football team.

His name is Nathan. He is like, so perfect, he's 6 feet tall and really muscular. Sometimes in gym class he takes off his shirt because he gets "hot". I mean I'm not complaining but I have fantasies about that boy. Anyways, one night Oliver came over. "Hey Britt! Ready to go to the game?" He always had a positive tone to his voice.

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I always liked that about him. "Yeah, just let me finish this chapter." "One chapter leads to two chapters and so on. I don't want to miss the game.

Come on" he walked over to me and closed my book. "Fine, let me grab my coat." I walked over to the door where my jacket was hung. "Don't wear that one, wear the black one." I wasn't too woried about what he had to say because he only tried to help me.

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This black coat outlined my butt really nice, it actually made it look like I had one. "Let's go" We walked out the door and talked all the way there. Once we got there it was packed. We were playing our rivals so of course it would be packed. I hated the people at my school, but the only reason I was there was Nathan, and I wasnt sure if Oliver knew or not.

Anyways, we walked in and stood near the concession stand because we could see everything and stay warm. It was tied going into the fourth quarter when the principal came over. "Oliver I need to speak with you." Oliver looked at me, smiled and walked away. Oliver never got in trouble, I wonder what the principal wanted to talk to him about.

After a few minutes we were up by seven, with a few minutes left. Oliver finally came back and had a weird expression. "Are you ok? That was a long talk." I could tell something was bothering him. "No, but I'll tell you when we get back to my house." I was sleeping over at Olivers that night. My parents really didn't care becuase me and Oliver were like siblings.

Finally the game ended and we had won the game. Everyone was in a good mood. As Oliver and I were walking out, I heard my name.

I turned and who other than Nathan is standing there. "Hi Britt!" He was in a good mood obviously, but he had scored the winning touchdown. "Hi?" I was concerned as to why he was talking to me. "There's an after party and I was wondering if you and your friend wanted to come?" I turned to Oliver, he really didn't look interested in the party. "Ummm, I think we'll have to pass this time, but maybe next time." I was kind of sad to turn him down, but Oliver was more important.

We walked him in silence for a while, when I finally stopped. "Ok, so what's wrong?" I was hoping he wasn't in trouble for anything. "I'm failing physics, and if I don't get my grade up, I can't play lacrosse." He looked really upset as he spoke.

"I can tutor you, I'm good at physics." I really wanted him to play lacrosse. I liked watching him. "The principal already got me a tutor, you that girl Shelby?" I knew that girl Shelby, she wasn't bad. We were friends at one point, but as I said, my friends come and go. She was kind of a slut so I was worried.

I did not want her trying anything on Oliver. "Oh ok, I mean I can still help you though." I was trying to hide the sadness in my voice.

"Yeah, could we do a bit tonight?" He peeked up a bit. "Yeah can we just get to your house first?" We walked a little longer to his house. The moon made his hair look really good. It had like a nice flow to it and I liked it. We got to his house and Oliver made hot chocolate and I set up the books and notebooks on his bed. "Alright let's start with this." I said. We were laughing and having a good time while I taught him the material.

I noticed he was a bit distracted when we got to the problems. "Are you ok Oliver?" He didn't respond for a few seconds. "yeah I'm just thinking." He said like he was trying to make up and excuse.

"It's not about physics though." I was trying to joke and get him to laugh. "You're right." He leaned over and kissed me. I had never kissed anyone before this and I was really confused. I never thought my first kiss would be with Oliver.

After I finally realized what was happening he pulled away. "Sorry, I've been wanting to do that for a while." He turned back to the book. "You know what, let's make a deal." I was hoping he would go for it.

"What kind of deal?" He said suddenly interested. "if you can answer all of these questions right, I'll suck your dick." I thought he would agree. He was doing really bad so I wasnt too worried that I would have to. "Deal.

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Lay them on me." He said slyly. I wrote down five problems on a piece of paper and gave it to him. It took him about 15 minutes to finish them. I looked it over and everything was done perfectly. "You sly son of a bitch. You tricked me." I was so screwed. I think he knew I have never given head before considering he was my first kiss. "You're easy to trick." He said smirking. He leaned in for another kiss. I didn't hesitate this time. I kissed him back.

He started to run his hand up my leg. I wasn't sure how to react, so I pulled away and held my breath.

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"Hey, relax. It's just me, Oliver." He was trying to get me to breathe again. I finally started breathing again. "Sorry, but I really don't think I can do this." I said while I was trying to recover from holding my breath. "It's fine, I wasnt going to make you, even though I really wanted to." I didn't know what mind game he was playing.


"Britt, I think your so beautiful. You don't get enough credit." He put his hands on my waist and kissed me again. I wanted this for so long, but I wasn't sure if he felt the same.

This time, I wrapped my arms around his neck and we made out for a while. After a few minutes I pulled away.

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"Let's do this." I said in between breaths. "Let's just do it." Oliver nodded and helped me take my shirt off. I swear his mouth hit the floor when my boobs were in his face. We both sat up an he has this couch next to his bed that we moved to.

He sat down and I sat on his lap. We made out a little bit more. I felt the bulge in his pants start rubbing against my clothed pussy. "Take off your shirt." IVe seen him shirtless before, but not like this. This was different. This was different than him seeing me in a bikini, or me seeing him in his swimsuit. He threw off his shirt and it was a nice sight. He was very muscular and toned. I climbed off his lap and onto the floor between his knees.

I unzipped his pants and he took them off as well as his boxers. His hard dick was in my face, and I got nervous again. I held my breathe and I tried to calm myself down this time. "It's only Oliver. Your best friend. The kid you've been with since you were little." I thought to myself. I released my breath and I looked up to see Oliver looking at me so proudly.

"You did it. You finally did it. I'm so proud of you." He leaned over and kissed my forehead. I could feel my face getting warm. I leaned over and licked his dick from his balls all the way to the head. His dick wasn't too big, but it wasn't too small either.

It was a good size. "Mmmmm." I heard him moan and couldn't help but giggle a bit. I've known this kid since like day 1 and I never would have thought he would be my first. I licked his head a little bit and started tasting his precum. "That feels so good baby." I like the sound of that. Him calling me baby. I finally put his dick in my mouth. I sucked on the head and pelt moved further down the shaft until I started gagging.

I started to bob my head up and down faster and faster. Hitting my throat everytime. "Mm don't stop, this feels sooo good babe." Thats all I heard him say, as well as moaning. After a few minutes, Oliver said, "I'm going to cum babe!

I'm going to cum!" I didn't want to get his cum in my hair, but I didn't want to taste it just as much. I didnt have much time to decide, and before I knew it, he shot string after string of his warn cum into my mouth. I ended up swallowing and I sucked his dick some more making sure to get all of it.

"That felt great Britt, it's hard for me to believe that was your first time." He was in such a good mood. "Wanna hear a secret?" I whispered into his ear.

Oliver nodded his head like I was about to let him fuck me. "You werent my first blowjob." I said. Oliver's eyes opened wide and he went pale like he had just seen a ghost. "What do you mean?" I wonder if he thought something bad had happened to me and I was forced to give head or something.

"I have Nathan head freshman year." Yeah, surprise surprise."I wasn't proud of it. I've liked Nathan since like 6th grade. He told me he would be my boyfriend if I did, and surprise he never held up his end. He hasn't talked to me since." "Oh my god." He was in shock. "So was I not your first kiss either? Were you lying about that too?" He was getting angry. "No, I wouldn't lie to you." I tried to calm him down.

"Well you just did. You should have told me you sucked his dick." He now looked like he was about to cry. "I was too embarrassed. I thought if you knew you wouldnt look at me the same." I rested my head on his shoulder. "You promise you only sucked his cock? No kissing, no sex?" I'm pretty sure he felt as if he got hit by a truck. "I promise." I kissed his cheek.

"Ok, well we have unfinished business." He looked me in the eye and kissed me. He unhooked my bra with one hand and started my pants with the other. He broke the kiss for a few seconds so I could take my pants off. I was sitting there in my panties. "Let's move back into the bed." We cleaned the physics stuff of quickly and he laid me down on my back. He was on his knees and started massaging my boobs. "Mm" I let out a soft moan. After playing with my boobs for a few minutes, He slid one hand down my panties and started to rub my pussy.

He had me moaning softly every few seconds.

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He stayed on my clit for a while and then started to finger me hard. "Oh yes baby." I was moaning so loud I thought I would wake everyone up. I felt my body start to tremble and I knew my first orgasm with Oliver was coming. He kept doing the same thing for a few minutes until I orgasmed. "OH MY GOD! Yes baby yes!

That feels so good" I thought he was going to have go shut me up. "You made me orgasm way faster than Nathan." Once the words slipped out of my mouth, I knew I had messed up.

"What do you mean? Did you just say that Nathan did the same thing?" He was really angry. "It was the same time I sucked his dick. Just told you I didn't do anything else, I just never said he didn't do anything." I knew I messed up.

"Did he take your virginity too? Did you lie to me about that?" He was getting angrier by the second. "No! You know I want to wait, just please trust me on this one." I tried to get him to trust me. "I can't trust you anymore. Just please leave before I do something I'll regret." He was about to kill someone. "Let me just get dressed first." I dressed really quickly and looked like I had just climbed ou of the bathroom window the morning after.

I left quickly and started to tear up. I was about to cry. There was only one place I thought I could go. Nathan's. The party was still in full swing when I got there 20 minutes later.

I walked in and looked for Nathan. I couldn't really see anything becuase I forgot my glasses at olivers. I stumbled all over looking for him. Eventually, I decided to go up to his room. I opened the door and sitting on the bed is Nathan. "Nathan? Why are you up here?" I walked over and sat down next to him. "Why do you look like you just had sex? Oh my god. Did you bang the lax douche? I thought you wanted to wait! What the fu-" I cut him off mid sentence.

"First off he's not a douche. Second, I didn't have sex with him. And I do want to wait." This kid knew how to make my blood boil. "What happened to your glasses?

I mean, I'm not complaining, I prefer you with out them." He was starting to be a jerk. "I forgot them at olivers." I said kind of embarrassed. "why aren't you there? I thought you were staying with him for tonight." "Remember freshman year, and what we did. I just did that again for the first time since. When I told him he wasn't my first, he freaked got really pissed and asked me to leave.

This is the only place I thought I could go." I laid back on the bed. Nathan stood up and walked over to the door.

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He stuck his head out and looked down the hall. He then came back in and locked the door. He went to his closet and pulled out a box. "You look like you need to relax." He said as he pulled out some weed. "I told you already, I'm not getting high. But I told myself after freshman year, the next time j sucked someone's dick, I would lose my virgiity too." And now j just feel like shit because I didnt. "Let's bang after I smoke." He had no chill.

He was so into himself. "If you stay sober, I might agree to that." I said while blushing. "You didn't hold your breathe.

I thought you did that when you got decisions like this." He looked amazed. "Yeah I got over it a little while ago." He started walking closer until we were pretty much in am embrace. "Isn't that what stopped us freshmen year?" He whispered in my ear before he kissed me. I kissed him back because I didn't know what else to do.

We made out for a little bit and then we fell back onto the bed. He was the first to start to undress. He took of his shirt and he looked just good as Oliver. "I'll help you with this jacket, I like it on you, but everything looks better off you." He was one smooth jerk. God he made me so angry. Next thing I knew we were back to making out in our underwear. It felt good to have him ontop of me again. "I missed you Nathan." I said in between kisses. He obviously wanted to get it in, so I took off my bra and panties while he took off his boxers.

His hard cock was rubbing along the inside of my thighs and against my pussy. Nathan was about to go in, when I stopped him.

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"Do you have protection?" I was really not trying to get pregnant. "Yeah one sec." He got up and walked over to his closet and pulled out anther box. This one was filled with condoms. He put it on and got back on top of me. He started to go in and I could feel my vagina hugging his cock as he entered me.

He reached my hymen and stopped. "Britt, are you sure you want to do this?" He looked nervous and awkward. It was a good look for him. I looked at him and nodded. He started to thrust slowly and then he broke my hymen, I winced in pain and scratched his back hard. I felt like I was gonna cry. Tears started coming to my eyes. "Are you ok?" Nathan asked. He was genuinely worried.

I opened my eyes and looked at him. He could see the tears. "Yes, I'm fine, I've never been better. Once the pain goes away you can start." I was in a lot of pain, but thank god it died quickly. I nodded my head and he started thrusting into me slowly. It felt weird at first but once he started speeding up, it felt good.

After about 2 minutes, he had me moaning. "Oh baby, yes yes yes! Oh that feels great babe." I was getting louder and louder, I thought the party goers below would hear me. If there's one thing I didn't want, it was those party goers to catch us together. We would both be screwed. he started thrusting into me slower and it was so nice, he was just grazing my knotted nub, and it felt amazing.

I had my second orgasm of the night.

He came soon after. "I really wish things went differently between us." I said quietly. Nathan had taken off the condom and threw it in the trash. He looked a bit worried. "What's wrong?" "Nothing. Nothing is wrong. I was thinking about us, and why things went so wrong. I was pushy and I'm sorry. I want to be together but I don't think we can." Nathan was sad, it was written all over his face. "And why not?" I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.

"Because of the whole dog eat dog high school food chain." Nathan was always making up excuses. "That's the worst excuse you've ever come up with.

And I've heard bad ones" He put his hands on my waist. I looked up at Nathan and he looked me in the eyes and said, "I love you." He kissed me again. Nathan broke the kiss so he could get his clothes on. We both got dressed and walked out of the room and went down stairs. The party was still going on and I was surprised.

It was like 2 am. I walked around looking for something non-alcohol to drink and I several topless girls and a girl giving a guy head in the corner. I hope Nathan wasn't expecting me to do any of that. After the party winded down, Nathan and I met up again.

"Hey babe, I'm not going to be in school for a couple weeks because of football. You have my number call me if anything important happens." Nathan was a good boyfriend I just wish things were different from the start. A few weeks later, I wasn't feeling well so I stayed home. We had winter break the next week so all I had to do was get through a week.

Then it hit me like a train. Nathan looked worried after we had sex, what if I'm pregnant?


I went to the nearest convience store and bought 2 test. I went home and took both of them. I swear waiting for those results was the longed few minutes of my life. A minute felt like a year. I looked down at the sticks and there it was. I'm pregnant.