Teen Watches His Role Model FUCK Then Joins In The A Threesome

Teen Watches His Role Model FUCK Then Joins In The A Threesome
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I agreed to stay with ms. Cook and her daughter for one week. I thought it would be nice to have electricity and hot water for a change. She even said she would let me bring kona. I just had to be good. We walked out of the woods together. It was a very awkward walk that seemed to drag on forever. Probably because this was my fucking teacher that I just masturbated for. That usually is kind of awkward right?


She tried to break the tension by talking. She was asking me where I think my mother was and why no one was taking care of me. I couldn't answer it. I had no idea where she was or why she left me. Honestly I didn't give a fuck. I was fine on my own.

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I was alive and fine. Sure the feeling of being abandoned got to me but that's what the drugs and alcohol were for. When we came out of the woods I saw the car I had been seeing. Sure enough ms. Cook got in. I told her bye as I walked away. "Hey get over here! Let me give you a ride to your house." She said. I got in the car and told her where to go. The entire ride was silence except for me telling her where to go.


Good thing it wasn't a long ride. We arrive at my house and she has a slightly disgusted look on her face. I ignored it and got out. I lit a cigarette as I walked to the door. Marlboro red. Even though I was a broke piece of shit, I smoked decent cigarettes. I saw ms cook in the reflection of the glass door as I unlocked it. Standing about ten feet behind me.

Hands on her hips with an extremely unhappy look on her face. I turned around and sarcastically said "what?" I was prepared for the guilt trip and judgement about my smoking habit. "Those things will kill you. You know that right?" Ms cook said. "I'm already dead inside Ms. cook." I don't know why I said that. No one knew about the feelings in my head. No one knew about how worthless and unwanted I felt. No one knew about the depression and self hate boiling inside me.

"What do you mean?" She said. I could hear the worry in her voice. "I don't know man. I'll come over eventually to stay or whatever." "Okay." She said as she started walking to her car. I went inside and finished my cigarette. Kona was happy to see me.

I threw some food in her bowl and filled her water bowl. That was one spoiled dog. I'd go without eating just so she could eat.

I made myself something to eat then began packing. I threw everything I owned in a backpack and called a friend to get him to take kona to ms cooks house later. I smoked another cigarette and chugged some jack Daniels before I hopped on my motorcycle.

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It was a Harley Davidson shovel head bobber. My dad was building it before he died. It's really the only thing left of him that I had. I finished the project as a memorial for him. I rode over to her house. The jack that I just drank added to everything I smoked and drank in the fort earlier.

I was feeling nice. Not safe for riding at all though but fuck it. I parked the bike in the street next to her house. It didn't look like it belonged there at all. I didn't look like I belonged either. Here I am,A ratty teenager wearing ripped jeans, Some stolen vans shoes and a support your local bandidos motorcycle club t-shirt.

(The 1%er gang). The neighbors stared at me as I walked to the door. I tried to be as nice as possible. Usually I would say something like "what the fuck are you looking at" but I held back.

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I knocked on the door and she answered. "Uhh hey ms cook. I'm here." I said in a slightly confused tone. "Oh hi! I honestly wasn't expecting you to come. I'm so glad you did though." "Well i mean. If you didn't expect it I guess I can go home." "Oh no no no! I meant when I said I wanted you to come here. I just didn't think you meant it when you said you would. Come in! Meet my daughter!" "Morgan!" She yelled up the stairs.

"Come down here I've got someone for you to meet!" I walked into the house. It was one of the biggest houses I've been in. The stairway was curved and absolutely beautiful. The walls were painted a beautiful dark red color and the floors were tile. There was a picture of a very pretty girl on a wall.

She was blonde and tan. Like a surfer type of girl. She had a striking resemblance to Hayden Panettiere but way more beautiful. I looked around at the other pictures and saw one of the same girl holding a surfboard which supported my surfer girl guess. "Morgan!" Ms cook screamed. "Get down here!" I heard a groan from upstairs.

Then I saw the girl from the pictures walking down the stairs. She was wearing a white undershirt with lace things around the neck of it and some really short shorts. They were tight on her fit body and I could make out every curve. Her long blonde hair was tied up. The way the sun shined on her through the window her tanned skin was almost glowing. Her blue eyes were shining as she looked at me. "Uhh hello? Who are you?" The girl I assumed was morgan said.

"Morgan this is Brian. He's going to stay with us for a while. We are going to help him change for the better while he's here." "Brian this is my daughter morgan. She's your age. You two could have a lot in common. You never know" "Hi morgan. Nice to meet you." I said with an attempted smile on my face. I'm not good with situations like this.


"Uhh hi." She said rudely. "Mom can I go to my room now?" Ms cook just glanced at her and back up the stairs she went. "Sorry for her rudeness. I thought I raised her better than that" "Ehh it's cool. I'm used to that kind of stuff." "Well. Let's show you to your room and get you all settled in." She said I followed her up the stairs. She pointed to each door telling me what room it was. We got to my room which was at the end of the hall right next to Morgans room.

I had a bed, a desk, tv, and my own bathroom connected to the room. There was a door in it but I didn't open it. I noticed my room was very easy to sneak out of. The roof of the first story patio was under my window. Just a small jump off and I'm gone. "Call me Jennifer by the way" ms cook said then left.

I sat down on the bed and called my friend making sure he would bring kona over. After I got off the phone I instantly fell asleep.

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It was the best sleep I've gotten in years. I woke up around 2:25 in the morning and decided I should sneak a cigarette then take a shower. I opened the window and snuck onto the roof.

I smoked my cigarette and threw it into the neighbors yard. I walked into the bathroom blinded by the light that was already on. I saw morgan standing there completely naked and wet like she just showered. "OH FUCK" I screamed as I quickly shut the door and went back to my room.

I tried to process how I could explain that and apologize but Morgans naked body was all I could think of. Her extremely fit body was amazing.

Her perky tits were probably a d cup. She had small nipples that were perfectly placed. Her abs and thigh muscles were showing. I swear there was no fat on that girl except her round ass and perky boobs. I was in a trance thinking about her when she opened my door. "Hey I'm done now. Brian right?" "Okay. I'm so sorry about that. I didn't realize this was a connected bathroom. If it makes you feel better I didn't see much.

" Which was a complete lie. "Accidents happen." She said. "Bathroom is all yours now." She walked out. I was amazed at how easy that small conversation was. I walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on.

The hot water was nice. It had been a while since I took a hot shower. I washed every bit of my body twice just because it felt so good. When I was done I stepped out and looked for the towels. Couldn't find any. I opened the door which I assumed went to morgans room and asked her where they were. She tried to explain but I never understood where. She was saying behind the mirror but i didn't think the mirror moved.

She finally just walked in and got one for me. "Yooo! I'm naked!" I said as she pushed the door open. "Well you saw me. It's only fair." She said. She glanced down towards my cock which was slightly hard. "Nice." She opened the mirror and grabbed me a towel. "What the fuck?" I said. "I've never seen shit like that before." She rolled her eyes and went back to her room. I dried off and put some clothes on. I fell into my bed. As soon as I hit it I decided I wanted one last cigarette.

I went out onto the roof and lit one. As I was sitting out there the window next to me opened. Morgan climbed out with a pack of Marlboro ultra lights in her hand. "I won't tell if you won't." She said and smiled. "Snitches are a dying breed. Don't worry" I said. She lit her cigarette and sat there with me. "You want a real cigarette?" I said.

"I can't handle those cowboy killers." She said. "So Brian huh? Why are you staying with us?" "Because I'm a fuck up I guess. Your mom thinks I'm like a broken car or something that can be fixed. I'm really not though." I said. "And you guys have electricity." "Well what's wrong with you?" She asked curiously.

"Parents gone. Living on my own. Drug addict. Thief. Drunk. Idiot. Where do I even begin?" I said. "Start from the beginning" she said. I told her everything. We sat there for hours talking about my life. I told her about my parents drug addictions. My dad dying. My mom leaving. No one caring. All that. You really connect with someone when you're smoking a cigarette alone with them in the middle of the night.

She cried. I tried to console her. I hugged her and told her that I'm the one that is going through it and I'm strong. She needs to be too. She explained how she's heard rumors about me and she thought I was just scum.

Just absolutely a horrible person for no reason. She didn't know my story and why I've done the things I did. We finally decided to go to bed at around 4:45. We hugged and told each other goodnight. She gave me a little kiss on the cheek as we hugged. I could feel myself blush. I'm glad it was at night time so she couldn't see that. I laid in bed and passed out. I dreamed about morgan that night. Her and I were at my grandmas house.

It was before everything went to shit. The short period when my parents were clean. She lived on the beach and I would play in the sand and the water all the time. I was my age I was 18 in the dream though and morgan was there.

She was my girlfriend.

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My grandma and my dad were still alive. My mom was sober and we were just having fun. Morgan and I went surfing a lot. Then we would come home covered in sand and salt. We wouldn't care though because we were too happy to care about anything. It was just perfection. Around 10 in the morning Jennifer came in my room. She woke me up and told me she was going to go shopping then going out to eat with some friends. She asked me if I needed anything.

I said no and she left. I decided it was time to wake up and start the day. I got dressed and went downstairs. I guess my friend dropped kona off that morning because I saw her through the window laying in the backyard. I started to cook some eggs. While I was cooking morgan came down. Her hair was messy and she was still half asleep. "Good morning sunshine. Want some eggs?" I said "Uhh yeah sure" she said sleepily.

I cooked the eggs and got us some orange juice. We ate together and watched some bullshit tv show. Even though I just woke up I wanted to take a nap. I went upstairs to my bed and laid down. Morgan came up and laid in my bed while I was asleep.

She cuddled up next to me. I could feel that perfect little round ass against my cock. I woke up and realized I was rock hard and she was awake.

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She rolled over and looked at me. I was frozen with fear. "Did you get a little excited?" She said with the sexiest voice I've ever heard. "Uhh accidents happen?" "Let's see what you've got going on down there." She said.

She lifted the blanket and pulled down my shorts. "Oh wow! It's bigger than I thought" she said. She grabbed my cock and stroked it slowly. She asked if I liked that. All I could do is nod my head.

I tried to open my mouth to talk but I couldn't. She licked her hand and kept stroking. Slowly. She asked me if I wanted more and again I could just nod yes. She threw the blanket off of us and went down. She licked the bottom of my cock the swirled her tongue around the tip. She kept swirling then out of no where she put it all in her mouth.

Deep. I could feel it press against the back of her throat as she sucked me off. She swirled her tongue around my cock and slowly went up and down. She asked if I was going to cum soon after a while. I finally was able to say "soon" and she went back down.

She stopped again and said "do it in my mouth". She started sucking me off again. After a whole I couldn't hold it in anymore. I shot my load right into the back of her mouth. She swallowed my cum and smiled.

"How was that?" "Fucking amazing." I said. "Your turn?" She nodded. I got off the bed and kneeled down. I dragged her to me and kissed her. She took off her shirt as we were kissing exposing those perfect tits I saw last night. I kissed her neck which she loved. I bit her shoulder and that drove her wild. She let out a loud moan and started rubbing her clit. I kissed down her body. I sucked and licked and bit her nipples.

I noticed her left one was more sensitive. I kissed down her stomach while I took her shorts off. I kissed down to her thighs and bit them. She loved it. I slowly licked her clit. She moaned loudly and her whole body moved towards my face. I licked it fast. I drew the alphabet on her clit with my tongue.

I did it twice before she was screaming. She grabbed my head and pulled my hair. Forcing my face into her sweet pussy. Her orgasm face was to this day the most sexiest orgasm face I've ever seen.

I gave her one. Then another a few minutes later. After that it was just orgasm after orgasm. I believe we got to 7 that time. I ate her pussy until my tongue couldn't move anymore. We laid in bed together. Neither of us able to move. She rolled over and I held her. We both fell asleep spooning and slept for hours. It was just perfect. In that moment I didn't care about when I would be able to drink again or smoke or snort or shoot up.

All I cared about was her. I've known her for like 1 night but I poured my heart out to her. She knew my weaknesses and my feelings. I told her everything. She seemed like a stuck up bitch at first but At that moment I could tell she cared about me. She wanted me to be happy. She wanted me to feel better but I was just too gone. I was pretty much a lost cause.