Mens swimwear gay porn Their worlds are deserted as they lose each

Mens swimwear gay porn Their worlds are deserted as they lose each
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As I promised I'll tell you a little more about my new step-sister. At my mum and new dad's wedding I was introduced, for the first time, to my new sister. She had been at boarding school in Hong Kong but was now coming to live with her new family. Her name was Jasmine and what a pretty little flower she was.

Half western and half Chinese and believe me she had the best attributes of both cultures. She was petite but not overly slim, long dark straight hair, the most deep and beautiful eyes you could ever swim in, olive complexion and only 12 years old. Jazz, as we started to call her, was quiet, shy and ultra obedient. At first she wouldn't talk to me, only stare from a distance or from behind someone or something.

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Eventually she plucked up the courage to speak to me but it was only a "Good morning" or good night. When she was sent to bed her dad and our mum would get a hug but I would just get a polite "Good night". This went on for about 6 months. She attended the same school as I did but didn't seem to mix.

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She was very studious and reserved, she did however always seem to be in the distance, just in eyes view however whenever I was out of class. She sat on her own at lunch but always made sure that she was in my view.

I suppose a protective thing for her? Now I had never had any problem with members of the opposite sex. For some reason I seemed to be quite popular with them but had never gone the whole way. Other than my blow job from Lila, I had to make do with spanking my monkey in my bedroom. All that changed when I started going out with one of the Hayward twins Rebecca or Beckie, well I thought with one of them.

After a couple of weeks I started to notice slight differences, now and then and realised that Robin, the other sister and Beckie would take turns in going out with me. I pretended not to notice so as not to spoil their little game.


They did however get competitive on the physical front and I noticed that I got nearer and nearer to my goal of fucking them with each date. I was always asked about what I thought of our last date and knowing that the twins had swapped would always embellish a little. This seemed to spur the other twin to go that bit further than her sister had on my previous date with the other twin.

They probably were talking to each other about our dates but probably thought that their sister hadn't told the whole story? It eventually got to the stage where, when mum and dad were out at the week-end one of the twins would pay me a visit and we would end up on my bed "fooling around".

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Yes I did get to fuck them both, unfortunately never both at the same time but hey it was good enough that I got to fuck 'em both! There were very subtle differences but both girls were identical to almost the last detail. Jazz would always make herself scarce during my "fuck visits" hiding in her room.This went on for a few week-ends until one particular week-end we had a day-time storm, not that me or Beckie, or Robin, I don't really remember or care which noticed.

My bedroom door wasn't shut and I had Beckie, or Robin on my bed "Doggie" style giving her some serious length that I had a feeling that someone was watching. I slowly turned my head, slightly, and noticed that Jazz was just peering around the door, she pulled her head back as I turned but out of the corner of my eye I knew she was watching.


I spanked Beckie/Robin's arse and whispered "We are being watched". Beckie/Robin didn't turn her head at all but whispered back "Who by?". "My lil sis" I whispered back. With this Beckie/Robin started to moan "Oh fuck me harder with that big cock of yours" she panted.

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Obviously she liked the thought of being watched, "Do me good, make me cum do anything you want" she said.

Now I knew from the position we were in Jazz would be able to see my cock slipping in and out of Beckie/Robin's "hotbox" and with the encouragement of "do anything" I thought I'd try something I had always wanted to try but been a bit fearful in case it wasn't appreciated and stopped my regular week-end fuck.

With one hand I started to gently slap Beckie/Robin's arse and with the other I let my thumb creep up to her anus. I stuck my thumb in my mouth, covered it with syliva and replaced back at the entrance of her rose bud anus. Slowly and deliberately I slid my thumb up her arsehole.

Beckie/Robin gave out a loud grunt and pushed herself back onto my cock so it slid right up to the hilt inside her, in the process making my thumb penetrate her arse even futher, "Oh my God" she said "Fuck me, Fuck me".

Now never being one to deny a lady I proceeded to fuck her for all I was worth, spanking her harder and fucking her ass with my thumb. Jazz, I knew was getting a clear view of what was going on as she seemed to lean around the door even further. Beckie/Robin turned her head, looked directly at Jazz and said "Your brother is one great fuck and when he comes you can lick his cum and my juices from my pussy". With the thought of what she had just said we both came very hard. Jazz shot away back to her bedroom.

"That'll teach her to snoop" said Beckie/Robin. "Would you really like to have your pussy licked clean after I cum in you?" I asked. "Hell yes" Beckie/Robin replied "It's what me and Robin have been talking about for the last couple of days (Well now at last I knew which twin I was fucking, today) but we have said we would only lick each other out with cum inside and then it wouldn't be such a lesbian thing to do".

"Do you touch each other up?" I enquired. "Yes but we have only rubbed each other, up to yet, it feels a bit weirder going any further than but and it's nice to have someone else rub you when your masterbating".

The thought got me hard again and visualising one twin licking the other out, well I am sure you can imagine as well as I can. "You seemed to like my thumb up your ass didn't you, or was that just because Jazz was watching" I asked Beckie.

"No it was a lot better feeling than I expected" Beckie said "Julie Dunstall likes cock up her arse but me and Robin have spoken about it but never really thought about it much, now I've sampled a little bit of anal I wouldn't mind a go if you want to try but you'll have to be gentle!".

Red rag to a bull was I up for it? Was I! "We'll need some lubrication "I said "I'll go and get something, just hold that position" as I walked out the room towards the kitchen, Beckie doing as I had asked and keeping her ass in the air, still in the doggie position. I hadn't bothered to put anything on as Jazz was hiding in her room and no-one else would be home for hours.

What could I use as a lube? I thought. The best I could think of was some Olive Oil from the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen only to find Jazz cowering in the corner looking out through the kitchen window at the still raging storm. I stood there for a moment, buck naked with my dick pointing skywards. Feeling desperately sorry for what Jazz was going through, and what she'd just seen I didn't feel that there was anything other to do than put my arms around her and comfort her, I walked over to her with my arms outstretched to cuddle her, her eyes moved from the window to my crotch and wide eyed and terrified she accepted my embrace.

She tucked her head into my chest and flung her arms around my naked torso. I put my hand on the back of her head and said "Sorry". We both seemed to enjoy the embrace. "Shit" I suddenly Beckie, ass vertical waiting for an ass fuck. I gently pulled myself away from Jazz's embrace, looked her in the eye and said, "Look we'll talk later, I've got something to do".

I quickly grabbed the Olive Oil and raced back to my room. There, her ass still in the air with her hand between her legs rubbing her pussy was Beckie, moaning and waving her arse from side to side.

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"Sorry" I said "Got held up". Beckie looked back at me, her eyes glazed and said "Mmmm just do me quick I think I'm about to cum".Jazz had followed me back to my room "I don't want to be alone" she said. That was more words that she had used to me than in all my time of knowing her!

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My mind was in a whirl, ass fuck/frightened sister. Ass-fuck/frightened sister. "Just sit over there then and keep quiet" I said gesturing over to my chair infront of my P.C.

(Not that I need to say keep quiet to her, my sister whom never hardly spoke!).

Dutifully she did as she had been told."Great, an audience" said Beckie "Adds to the occasion" she smiled back at me. I opened the bottle of oil and poured some into the palm of my hand and wrapped my hand around my cock, smearing it's length, I then put some more oil in my palm and put the thumb of my other hand and oiled it.

"Just wait there my pretty" I said as I climbed onto the bed behind Beckie. I rolled the tip of my thumb around her brown hole and slipped it in."Mmmmmmmm" said Beckie still playing with herself."U gonna put your cock up my ass or not?" she demanded. Not one to disappoint I got myself into position, steadied myself and put the head of my cock to her arsehole.

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I slowly slid the head of my cock inside, it was tight, even with the oil as lube. "Gnnnfff" Beckie grunted "Ooooooooh" as I slid more and more of my cock in her brown hole, man was her ass tight. Beckie pulled forward, pulling my cock out of her then thrust back burying me back deep inside her, I thought her ass would devour all of me, she gave out a gigantic squeal and I felt her cum juices splash all over my thighs, my was she a gusher.

As she came her already tight ass clenched even harder and literally ripped the cum out of my cock. I managed to withdraw my poor sore cock from inside her ass and fell back onto the bed, Beckie, free from me propping her up fell onto her side, exhausted, panting like a steam train. "That was AWSOME" she said "Wait till I tell Robin about that!" When she got her breath back Beckie dressed kissed me goodbye and left, "Your not going out in this?" I said, she replied " After what we've just done a good shower is just what I need", and promptly went.

I lay on my back on my bed, well happy. I'd just had my first ass fuck and as Beckie had said it was awesome! There I lay naked and happy my dick flopped between my legs. I was just about to drop off into an after fuck sleep when, "Can we talk now", shit I'd forgotten Jazz who'd been sat so quiet on the chair in the corner of my room that I'd not noticed her.

"Errr can I get my breath back first?" I asked. Jazz nodded headed over to the bed and asked "Can we cuddle again". I held out my arms, Jazz lay down beside me and I fell into one happy after fuck sleep.

More to come?