Male stripper cums on sexy latinos face

Male stripper cums on sexy latinos face
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Racist Biology Professor and the Asian This is a story I thought of during the year when after a lecture I over heard a girl asking about extra credit for her scholarship.

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It does get a bit dark in places and there is some strong racism throughout but I think it only adds to the sex, enjoy. "You please help me professor me need help big, yes?" A sobbing Asian girl on her knees sat begging for her professors' help in getting a distinction in biology 101. She had won a scholarship to attend college in America but needed to keep her results as high as possible to keep it.

"I am sorry my dear I can't just go around giving people higher marks just because they sit sobbing in my office." Professor Mitchell couldn't give a fuck about another one of these useless Asian cunts coming here and making the normal students look bad and then stealing good American jobs.

"Me good student, me just have sick in last prac." The Asian girl sobs, tears now running down her cheeks and her head almost touching the floor. "For fuck sake, get up and get out of my office, I have more important things to worry about." The girls' pleads now starting to annoy the professor.

Standing up the professor looks over the little Asian girls' body. She is only just 5ft tall and her almost flat chest adds to the impression of a teenager and not a 20 year old. Her hair like most Orientals is straight and black, almond shaped eyes along with her yellowish skin colour add to the stereotype. The professor begins to get an erection as he thinks of putting this dumb slut in her place.

"Wait!" He snaps at the girl as she reaches for the door handle. Jumping on the spot and then spinning to face the startling sound, the little girl starts to tremble. "You know you could increase your grades with some extra curriculum activities, how does that sound?" "Yes me like." Was the girls broken response. "Come over by my desk and wait here." The professor directing the girl to a spot next to his desk and then going and locking the door.

"You know the most important thing in biology is reproduction, without it where would we be? I think I should demonstrate this process so you understand." Walking back to the girl standing by his desk, he turns her to face it and pushes her chest onto the table top. "HEL……&hellip." She tries to call for help but the professor stops her screams by securing her mouth with his hand. Putting his mouth to the terrified girls' ear he whispers "Scream and I fail you." The girl not understanding what was happening and that unlike in China she had more rights and the police less corrupt.

If she wanted to she could scream all and get this man fired then sent to prison for a long time. Instead she kept her mouth shut not wanting to get in trouble or lose her scholarship. Lifting the back of her skirt over her ass and then pulling her white panties down to her ankles the professor starts to teach the girl.

"You see what we have here is a disgusting Asian cunt useful for only one thing to be fucked and then produce a child, not that anyone would want to have their genetics shared with you." Slowly he rubs the girls pussy and then shoves a finger into the canal until he hits a barrier. "This is where a male will insert the penis obviously something you have never had, here I will show you how sex works and get rid of that hymen for you." Putting his arms on her shoulders he pushes her harder against the table while she winces in pain.

Her salty tears dripping onto the table as he pushes the head of his cock to the entrance of her vagina. "See the male will then thrust his penis in and out of the female until he ejaculates" Putting his hand over her mouth again to prevent her screams escaping he shoves his dick as far as he can into the girl. Ripping her hymen apart and taking her virginity as a small amount of blood trickles down her legs.

"You know your cunt is really tight, I guess Asians are good for one thing." He laughs and continues to plough into the little girl. Her struggles are useless as his weight pushes down on her body, her chest beginning to hurt with the chafing against the hard table.

Grabbing a fist full of the girls hair he pulls her head back as he thrusts his cock a few more times. Not wanting to have his DNA watered down with filth he removes his cock pulling the Asian girl off the table and onto her knees on the floor, he moves in front of her and begins to finish himself off.

As cum shoots from his penis she tries to turn her head but the professor still has a firm grip on her hair, soon her face and hair are covered in a fine sheen of sticky cum. "There that is how genetic material is shared to produce another generation, although normally to achieve this the male would cum inside your pussy but I am superior and don't want you ruining the chances of any of my potential children." The girl crawls into the featul position and cries as professor Mitchell cleans what cum is left on his cock into her hair.

"Don't worry I wont tell anyone what you did, plus you just learnt something I think that deserves a little extra credit, I will just add the marks to your last practical." A glimmer of satisfaction comes across the girls face. "Wow, you do that me and me get good grade." "Yes that is right, you get rewarded for performing above your peers, but don't go telling your friends I can't give marks out to everyone." "Oh no me not tell, can me get extra marks again soon?" "Sure if you need extra marks to keep that scholarship of yours you come see me and I will see what I can do." Collecting her things the little Asian girl leaves with cum dripping from her face, the hem of the back of her skirt tucked into her pulled up panties and drying blood on her legs.

Professor Mitchell was not worried about anybody being outside his office so late on a Friday night as he thought to himself what a slut. He sits in his chair and finally remembers the girls' name, keeping his word he adds the marks to Kiki and leaves for the night. Shaking his head as he walks to his car thinking about how these tight little Asian cunts might have a use after all. Kiki spent the week torn between what she did, was it wrong to let the professor take her virginity and rape her against his desk but was it worth it now knowing that she has a way of keeping her scholarship and staying in America to study.

Eventually when the soreness went away and her pride returned she made the decision that staying in college was the most important thing, returning home with no money and dishonour was not an option.

If Professor Mitchell wants to use her then all he has to do now is take her when and where he pleases. During next weeks practical Kiki drops one of the glass condensers used to cool gases and then collect the solution. The professor calmly walks over to the mess and tells her to clean up the broken glass and he wants to see her in his office the same time as the meeting last week to discuss replacing the piece of equipment.

That Friday night Kiki stands outside the professors office to nervous to knock on the door. Finally once she builds up enough courage she knocks and enters the room. "You're late." "Me sorry, me not let happen again." A worried expression crosses the little girls face. "You Asians are useless, get down on your hands and knees so I can punish you for your tardiness and breaking university property." Whimpering the Asian girl gets down on her hands and knees in the middle of the office.

The professor forces her mouth open and shoves a ball gag in the orifice strapping it behind her head. Checking to see nobody is in the corridor he locks the door and then returns his attention to the 20 year old Chinese girl. Kiki keeps her position as he removes her shorts and panties lifting a leg so they can be thrown into the corner. Expecting to have her pussy fucked hard again she almost jumps out of her skin when SLAP!

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Her eyes bugle out of their sockets as the professor spanks the firm small ass cheeks. "You Asians think you can get away with anything." SLAP! SLAP!

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! The stinging and burning sensation from the relentless spanking hurts the poor little girl that soon tears are running down her face. "We try and do our best and teach you but instead you brake our lab equipment and are so disrespectful by showing up to a scheduled meeting late." SLAP!

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Grabbing the tender flesh with his right hand the professor can feel the warmth of the reddened skin. Yet with the pain and humiliation Kiki doesn't leave, she just stays where she is thinking of her scholarship.

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"Role over" The professors' voice sharp and clear as he orders the girl to move. As he removes Kikis' shirt he laughs, "Why the fuck do you have a bra on? Asian sluts like you with almost flat chests don't need bras, they are used for woman who actually need to support something." The words burn Kiki and humiliate her.


"And look at this nips, they are too big for such small breasts and the colour is too dark what kind of baby would want to suck on these." Kiki's cries start again not knowing what hurt more the embarrassment or the burning pain of her bright red ass. Removing the gag from her mouth the professor goes and sits in his chair.

He begins to tap his finger on the desk. "Well are you going to just lie there or are you going to join me?" Getting off the floor she tries sitting down on the chair but the touch of the hard wood causes her to flinch and lowers herself down much slower for a second attempt. "Now normally the university would cover the damages you made but because I believe you did it on purpose you will need to pay for it with your own money." "But me not have money to pay." "Well who's problem is that?" Her head hangs in shame and barely above a whisper replies to the question "mine" "I am guessing that your visa wont let you work so we will need to find a way to get you paid in cash.

I have some work that needs to be done at my place why don't you come over tomorrow at nine and I will pay you what you need to replace what you broke." "Oh me thank you big much." "Yeah, yeah just go and here take this it has directions to my place on it." Kiki arrives spot on nine and knocks immediately not wanting to be punished for being late.

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Professor Mitchell comes to the door and lets her inside. "You are going to get your clothes very dirty you might want to take them off, here you can wear this instead." Kiki looks for a room to get changed. "Where are you going, I've seen you naked just get changed here you dumb shit." "Please me work my own clothes." "I told you they will get dirty now put them on or I wont pay you, change your grades back and you can go back to China." "Me put clothes on." Kiki squeezes herself into the tight leather maids outfit, she was smart enough to have left her breasts unsupported today and when told not to bother with her panties she didn't even try to argue.

Kiki stood in the living room wearing a ridiculous looking outfit, the hem of the leather skirt was almost non existent with any bend or turn her pussy was on display for Mitchell to see and the large cups of the shirt designed for a lady with 36C breasts were filled mostly with empty space.

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Laughing at the sight the professor passed the girl a list of things to do. She spent the day cleaning the entire house. Working through lunch and a building desire to go to the toilet Kiki finally finished. "Well done, I am very impressed here is your money, maybe you would like to stay for tea." Kiki took the $300 and nodded her head.

"Great what are you going to cook?" Kiki was a little annoyed she thought that finally the professor was going to do something nice for her, having already committed she thought of some of her mothers recipes, "lemon chicken". "Great you make a list of what you need and I will go get it, oh I also have a special treat for you." As the professor walked Kiki down the hall into the bedroom she wrote up a shopping list. When they entered the room there was a black object in the middle of it on top of a several large cotton towels.

"Come here this is called a sybian, it is used for women's pleasure. Here sit down and lower yourself down onto the rubber dick." She slowly lowered herself onto the phallus with her knees tucked behind her which Mitchell then tied to the back of the sybian and her hands to the front.

"There now I will turn it on to the automatic routine and come get you when I get back, I hope you enjoy yourself." "Please me go toilet first" Mitchell just left the room pretending not to hear her request.

Kiki sat there unable to move as the fake cock inside her started to twist and turn while the combs of the clit stimulator vibrated at an insane rate.

In minutes Kiki was struggling to hold her bladder and the stimulation of the high powered sex toy was heightening to levels of arousal never before felt. As Kiki relaxed her bladder released itself and the towels soaked up the yellow liquid. The release of pressure allowed her to focus on the pleasurable feelings of the sybian.

The vibrating and rotations increased causing an intense orgasm, followed by another and another. Her legs sticky with cum and her body dripping in sweat Kiki could not control her body.

Multiple orgasms which to begin with were so pleasurable and fantastic that Kiki begged for more soon turned to pleas for it to stop as pleasure turned to torture. Soon she couldn't tell when one orgasm ended and another began. BANG! The front door closed shut and Kiki sighed as she knew she would soon be released.

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Professor Mitchell entered the room. "Having fun?" "Stop, please stop." Kiki was hunched over and leaning to one side completely exhausted. The professor turns off the sybian and helps Kiki off. The towels completely soaked with cum and piss and her body smelling strongly of body odour. After a short walk Kiki finds herself in the kitchen. Her legs and arms so weak she still some how manages to cook dinner. As they eat Mitchell thanks her and says that the Asians can do something else right other then fuck.

To tired to care Kiki accepts the complement even for its racism. After dinner Kiki cleans up and does the dishes without even being asked and Mitchell tries to say his goodbyes. "Please me not walk home, me stay night?" For the first time the professor feels some sympathy for little Asian girl.

"Okay fine but go have a shower, I don't want you stinking up my bed sheets." Kiki so sore and tired has a shower and crawls into Mitchells bed where she falls fast asleep.

Once Mitchell knows Kiki is asleep he walks around the house to inspect everything then walking to a closet he removes a USB stick from a portable hard drive which is tucked away behind some boxes. Putting the USB into the computer he trolls though the videos. There is a few hours of footage where Kiki is cleaning the house with her pussy exposed and her muttering something in Chinese.

The best part is the hour and a half where Kiki pisses herself uncontrollably and is then forced to cum over and over. After a few hours of editing where the shower scene and her crawling into bed are spliced together Mitchell uploads the content onto his new porno site.

The site is routed through a German owned site so negating the need for an American work visa and while German policy requires the work to be done in the country, Mitchell now has a loop hole.

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Joining the naked Kiki in bed he looks at her face and then body. He begins to think of the footage he just watched and makes the opinion that maybe she doesn't look as bad as first thought. When Mitchell wakes up in the morning he is very comfortable and well rested, his arm holding Kiki close to his body he begins to slip out of the covers, his hand brushing Kikis' right nipple.

Looking at the nipple he begins to feel aroused, his comments yesterday may have been uncalled for sure they were big nipples for such small breasts but they did look pretty in their own way. Shaking his head he goes and checks the computer, word had spread about the new sight, membership was on a steady rise and there were hundreds of comments and requests.

Smiling professor Mitchell turns the computer off as Kiki walks into the room. "You want breakfast yes?" "Yes please just some bacon and eggs." Kiki cooks them breakfast and they sit down at the table. "What me do today?" "Go home I guess." "Oh but me want better biology." "Look you can't get better grades every week for doing nothing, the university will catch on especially after you go around braking things and leaving practicals because you're sick." "Me know, but you help teach me good then?" "Private tutoring is expensive and it wastes a great deal of my time to help just one student." "Me then pay you good, me do umm, ke&hellip.

Kank…Ki&hellip." "Kinky?" "Kinky yes." Mitchell sat there for a moment in silence eating his breakfast which tasted brilliant. Kiki started to think he was going to say no when he finished his plate she picked it up and washed it. "Coffee" Kiki made a cup of coffee after his demand, "Okay I tutor you then we do something kinky." They made an agreement that for every hour of private tutoring an hour of kinky would pay for it. Kiki spent three hours listening to professor Mitchell tell her about different biological processors and how they worked.

Lunch time came and Kiki made some sandwiches for them. Once they finished and Kiki cleaned up she turned around "me pay now?" Mitchell agreed, going to the closet he pulled out a costume he had worn to last years faculty Halloween party. It was a devil costume, with red horns and body suit with a pointed tail.

The triton, some red and black face paint finished the appearance. He explained that it got him turned on not wanting Kiki to know he just didn't want to be recognised by anybody online. Entering the hall Mitchell slapped Kiki across the face as hard as he could. Kiki fell to the floor holding her face. "Asian slut get up!" Kiki scrambled to her feet and hung her head in submission. Shoving the triton into her ass he herded her into the bedroom like a cow to slaughter. Once in the room he picked up the girl and threw her onto the bed like a sack of potatoes.

Mitchell grabbed some lengths of rope and tied her to the bed frame spread eagle. He then proceeded to attach wooden pegs to the large nipples and by pinching her skin and flesh he managed to attach over 50 pegs to different areas of her stomach, breasts and pussy lips.

Climbing onto the bed and putting a foot on either side of Kiki's head he aimed is cock towards her face and started to piss. The yellow liquid splashing against her face and into her open mouth, matting her hair to her skin and making her smell like ammonia.

Picking up a horse whip he smacked her legs and arms leaving welts. Flicking the pegs on her nipples she shuddered and shrieked in pain. Each peg was removed one by one allowing the blood to flow again and causing more pain then when the pegs were still attached. Unlike previous times Kiki didn't cry she just thought about how easy it was going to be to keep her scholarship. The professor moved his attention to the soft folds of her pussy and pinched and pulled on her labia and clit.

Looking at her Asian cunt Mitchell had a sudden urge to taste it. Sticking his tongue out he started licking the sweet cum that had started to flow out of her and run down her ass to then drip onto the bed sheets.


Mitchell licked and flicked her clit with his tongue then pushed it as far as he could inside her, swirling it and collecting what he could of her. He pushed two fingers inside the tight hole and started to finger fuck her.

Her natural secretions lubing his fingers and reducing the friction enough to allow him to add a third then fourth finger. Kiki reaches her climax and the pleasure and previous pain mixed inside her brain heightening her orgasm and squirting her juices into the professors face and across the room.

Angry to have her cum squirted into his face and onto the floor it was time to fuck this bitch as hard as he could. He got into position and fucked her balls deep, his thrusts were so strong that the bed frame starts to bang against the wall.

Kiki screams as her tiny Asian pussy is completely filled with the professors cock. Lost in the moment and his arousal Mitchell forgets what he is doing and unloads him cum inside her his sperm swimming as biology intended. Mitchell slaps Kiki across the face again and pull and twists her nipples, "clean up this mess." Kiki spends an hour cleaning the sheets and scrubbing the floor while Mitchell goes and edits the newest footage.

"CRAP!" Mitchell screams as he watches the scene where he cums inside Kiki. Kiki comes running "what wrong? "Come with me." He drives them to the nearest chemist and he buys some morning after pills and a bottle of water.

Handing some tablets and the bottle to Kiki he tells her to take them. She swallows the pills and Mitchell drives her home. He can't believe how close that was he would need to be more careful in future not to knock this Asian slut up with his superior genetics. As they pull up at her little apartment he reminds her that if she tells anyone what they have been doing she will have her scholarship revoked and have her sent back to China.

Kiki climbs up the stairs to her little one room apartment and looks around the tiny room comparing it to the older professors house. She cries, she finally thought she was getting through to him, that instead of him blackmailing her he would like her for who she is and help her. She had seen the computer screen when Mitchell screamed and knew she was being exploited that's when she changed her mind about doing anything for the scholarship now she would be the one doing the blackmailing and end up with a green card too.

She goes to the toilet and shoving a finger down her throat she forces herself to throw up causing the morning after pills to be expelled from her body. Kiki played along with Mitchell for a while until she began to show signs of pregnancy Mitchell was so enraged he stormed out of the house and drove off. This was Kiki's chance she grabbed the USB drive from the portable hard drive which she had found whilst cleaning and went to the computer which the fool was stupid enough to leave unprotected.

She uploaded scenes of Mitchell's face in clear view as he is fucking her and playing with her small body in ways most people couldn't even imagine. She also changed the name of the site and its front page to Kinky Kiki with a clear still frame photo of her and Mitchell's face.

Sending an email to the school dean as an anonymous person explaining how they knew of a junior professor was taking advantage of an international student and had been abusing, raping and exploiting the girl to have now impregnated her. She knew it would be a matter of time before the school and police came looking for them.

As Mitchell was driving back to his place to rape and beat Kiki he got a call from the university about an urgent meeting. When he arrived in the deans office there was Kiki sitting in a chair and four police officers in the corners. Have a seat Mitchell we have some talking to do.


"It is against school policy not to have a relationship with a student especially not one as bizarre as this." "I can ex……" "Just wait a minute Kiki has already explained everything and how the informant doesn't know the full story about how the two of you fell for each other and came up with a way to make some extra money, of course you will need to resign because of it." Mitchell and Kiki left the office together pretending to be a happy couple.

As they were cleaning his office he asked what she wanted. "Me live with you, we have good baby, we have good sex and make money with kinky internet." I hope you enjoyed yourself reading this story leave some comments if you think I should write about her pregnancy or have any other suggestions, Yours erotically SwitchLad.