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Author's note: This is my second story. I'd like to repeat that Engllish is not my native language. So don't pester abou it. Also, this story is about incestuous sex. If that's not what you like, please move somewhere else. The story has a long build up. So, if you wanna get immediately to sex, that's not the place for you either. Last but not least, I'd like to thank the girl who edited this story for me.

She doesn't want to be named, but it's just fair that she gets credit for her work. Thank you very much! ********************************************************************************************************* A MOTHER'S DISGRACE Mark was still not used to the new house he was living in. He felt out of place in the luxurious neighborhood, and wasn't able to adapt to the new school uniform.

It was stiff and impeded his movement when he rode his bike. Yes, the bike. The only thing in his life that had not changed. Yet. His mother's new companion wanted to buy him a car as soon as he turned sixteen! Mark was still doubtful about that. I mean, given how rich that man was, he would have gotten a car that would make every girl's head spin.

Nevertheless, he was reluctant to give up his old, beloved bike. It was not because it was particularly appealing or functional.

On the contrary. The color had peeled off here and there, leaving areas of rust. The tires were worn to the point that they threatened to blow up at any moment. But Mark felt a connection to that bike, a connection even stronger now that he had been removed from the world he grew up in and that he so well knew.

In fact Mark had stolen that bike in a parking lot five years ago. "Even back then it was a piece of junk!" he thought, with a smirk. It was his first steal. The first of many. Not that he wanted to be a criminal, but it's how things go in the poor suburbs where he was born. If you want something, you must find a way to get it, legal or not.

After all, what can one do if there is not enough money in the family to even buy food? Moreover, at that age, you're not able to prioritize: you are simply aware of what you want!

And filled with anger and envy if you cannot get it. But Mark didn't always steal for himself. He did it also to help his family out. It was the least he could do, with his mother who worked as a stripper in one of the worst clubs in the area and a father that was drunk at 9 am.

He didn't like staying at home. Too much yelling, fighting and the way his father reeked: simply too much to bear! Therefore he spent his leisure time hanging around with other guys like him, complaining about how harsh life was with them. To try and change that, they went out and stole what they thought they'd deserve. Like a sort of modern, selfish Robin Hood. Mark smiled, standing before the wrought iron gate of the villa that was now his house, thinking of the old gang.

They were very mottled. Two black brothers, with bony features and an evil look. Once you had gotten to know them, they were the most loyal and easy going guys on earth. But it was hard to get past their defenses. Not to mention risky: they were both muscular and strong, able to strangle a person with their bare hands…without feeling any regret. Then there was Luke, the son of a military man who was always overseas. He was his father's shame and knew it. Not that it mattered, he had no contact with him.


His mother had divorced him when the soldier got to know of her addiction to alcohol. Now Luke was living a life very similar to Mark's: having troubles to get to the end of the month, because his mom spent every possible cent on liquor. Maybe the most unusual component of the crew was, however, Rick: he was a short, skinny, sick looking guy.

Actually he was not only sick looking, but was actually quite sickly, which greatly affected his family's already precarious finances. He was shy and introverted, unlike all the others. He wore glasses and loved to read. He was like the "philosopher" of the group, the one always complaining when they did something illegal or risky.

The one that always needed to be convinced. But he was also good hearted and always willing to help. Mark could not even recall how he became part of the gang; simply he did not remember a time when Rick was not part of his life.

Mark sighed. He felt homesick…even if he was supposed to be home. All his friends were still in that smelly neighborhood, while he was standing among villas with marbled paths and patios. He could not feel sorry, for it was surely a better life now. But he was not happy either: his life was somewhere else. Mark was sure all his gang was missing the tall, brown haired guy who was always late. Maybe even his green, piercing eyes that always seemed to be dazed until something woke them up, making them spark with a never dying flame that was Mark's best feature or his big nose and lips.

Mark was never outstanding in any regard, with an average body in height and weight. He was neither smart nor stupid. He was a normal guy. Probably what that group needed. With a final shake of his head, Mark convinced himself to push the gate open and climb the path up to the villa. There was a semicircular patio with roman-style columns before the door and he left the bike there.

On his left was the swimming pool. Nobody was there, despite the hot sun shining in the sky. This was slightly unusual. His mom loved the swimming pool more than anything in the villa, as if it was something that could give her an undeniable status in the society. Therefore she spent all possible hours there. Strange that she was not sunbathing on such a glorious day!

With a shrug, Mark turned the key in the lock and swung the door open, throwing the rucksack onto the ground. He didn't bother to announce himself. His mother's boyfriend was supposed to be out of town and his mother was probably out, since she was not in the water. He walked the corridor that led to the living room, surrounded, as always, by the fine artwork hung on the walls.

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Some of them were really valuable; one could see a Picasso, a Renoir and a couple of Van Goghs. Sadly, Mark appreciated them more than their owner.

For him, they were only a display of richness. While to Mark, they inspired various emotions, even if he didn't know anything about art. He was lost in these thoughts when he stepped into the living room, absent-mindely. Therefore he was surprised to hear noises coming from the center of the room. Coming back to earth, Mark turned his head and looked for the source of them. The living room was a square room, surrounded by a path of black porphyry stone.

The middle of the room was a little lower than this corridor and cobbled in while marble streaked with green. One column at each corner sustained a large glass cupola, which allowed light to flood in. The central zone was furnished with a precious carpet, a dark glass coffee table, a white, leather couch and a huge, ultra-slim flat screen television.

It was on that couch that his mother's boyfriend was sitting, wearing just a robe, open at the waist to allow his mother, who was knelt on the carpet, to give him head. The guy had his head reclined and eyes closed, enjoying Mark's mother's skillful blowjob and did not even acknowledge the boy's arrival.

But Anita, the woman, did hear something behind her and turned her head. Evidently, the guy came home earlier than expected! Mark thought. Anita was very unlike Mark, except for the eyes. They were the same shade of green and shared the same intensity. But she was brunette, even though she dyed the tip of her hair in red. The face was simply beautiful, with pouty lips, gentle features and a small, cute nose. She was average height but with large breasts for her body: a nice, full D cup.

The legs were slender and toned, leading to a nice heart-shaped butt, that always gained her a lot of tips back at the strip club. She stared at her son for some long seconds, never stopping his action on the man's member. Then, waving her hand in an annoyed manner, Anita dismissed him. Even if Mark was still shocked, his feet started moving.

He had always been aware that his mother was very "kind" to the client to earn some extra cash. Some of them even came home for particular services. Mark was even too aware of what these particular services were! More than he would have liked for sure!

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It was obviously not the first time he had seen his mother naked. Not even the first time he caught her in the act. So why was he so shaken. It was not like he did not know why the rich movie producer chose her as a girlfriend.

He was older than her - she was 38. Mark didn't know his age exactly, but reckoned he was in his mid 50's. He was tall, with large shoulders. He was big, but not with a beer belly like his father. Simply squat by nature. Mark always found the producer to be kind of sleazy. But it was part of the game: he needed to be to do his job. All in all, he was neither good nor bad. For sure that guy was better than his father. It came out that Anita was not as stupid as Mark had always thought.

The boy always wondered why his mother would have put up with a terrible subject like her husband. Maybe it was love at first, but, after his alcoholism came in the picture, it turned out it was only for the check he received for a leg injury he suffered at work and forced him now to work only few hours. But, as soon as the chance came up, Anita said goodbye to that loser. That was how Mark ended up in that villa, that felt so cold to him. He knew his mother fucked the producer like he'd never been fucked before, in order to ensure he continued to support them both.

So why was he so bothered? He was heading for the staircase that lead to the first floor, where his room was located, when he saw it. A silver mirror, on the coffee table, with lines of a white substance. A credit card was nearby, with some stains of the white substance on the side.

Suddenly, he realized why the scene struck him: it was his mother's gaze, which was so lost and unfocused. So unlike her usual self. Her eyes were not piercing through him.

On the contrary: didn't it take her a long time to react to his presence? Mark felt disgusted and anger was building up in his chest. Sternly, he climbed the stairs and slammed his bedroom door shut. He got rid of that unbearable uniform and put on a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt. He felt restless. He could not sit, he could not find anything to do.

He tried watching some television, but it was no good. Therefore Mark got up and paced the room. Not even this helped. It was like Mark was unable to wipe his drugged mother's eyes from his mind. But why? Why did he care so much? Mark and Anita were never close. He always blamed her for not getting rid of his father. On the other hand, she was never able to connect with him. They barely talked and only if it was strictly necessary.

They did not feel any affection toward one another. So why did he care so much? Before he knew it, Mark was sitting before his laptop, with a porn site open.

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He browsed for some random movies and started watching them, hoping the hardcore action would have averted his mind. After some minutes, the boy realized it was not working particularly well. Sure, his dick was hard in his hand waiting to be stroked.

But he could not really focus on the scenes before his eyes. Maybe looking for porn was not a brilliant idea: every girl displayed reminded Mark of Anita. Of what she was doing. Of what she had always done! Of the state she was in. With horror he noticed that the actresses in the movies not only reminded him of his mother; they actually resembled her!! He had chosen scenes and actresses that adapted to Anita's situation.

That was rather unsettling! Marked stopped stroking his dick and pondered the facts. It could not be a coincidence that he had chosen such movies after what happened. Was his sub-conscious trying to tell him something?

If so, what was it? Finding the answer was not difficult for Mark, once he had formulated the right question.

It was something that had been there for a long time now, only waiting for him to discover it. Now that Mark realized that fact, he was asking himself how he could have missed it all those years. But it was not important. Now he was aware. He stood up with resolution and walked out of his room, heading downstairs. He was angry. Angry at his mother. Not because he had seen her or because she was sucking the producer. Not even because she had sniffed coke.

Mark had always been angry with Anita for the life he was living.

And for the life she was living! He was ashamed when his friends made fun of him because of his mother's job or behavior. He had always retorted that with that job they could live, while their mothers could not even afford food.

But now he realized that, deep down, those remarks left a scar. And so did the smell of cheap, slutty perfume. Or the red lipstick and the heavy make-up. He was scarred every time she kicked him out to receive a client. He was ungrateful, to say the least. Mark doubted that Anita liked such a life. It must have hurt her just as much or more. And probably, the way she behaved toward him, it was just a form of protection.

But Mark didn't care. The anger was burning too strongly. Anita brought him into this world, just to force him to such a life. And now, when everything was finally beginning to change, she starts to do drugs, threatening to make him fall in an even darker pit if only the producer got tired of her?!

That was unacceptable. It was the spark that ignited all the fire powder he had been storing for years. Mark finally reached the bottom of the staircase and, from behind a column, watched the coupling between Anita and the producer, becoming suddenly aware that his erection had not subsided in the least from when he had stopped stroking it to porn.

On the contrary, it was, if possible, even harder. The guy was a little bit surprised: Anita was still on her knees, sucking her boyfriend's cock, even though at least thirty minutes elapsed since he had gone to his room.

The man was very resistant, Mark considered, before seeing glistening traces near his mother's mouth and noticing how soft the member was. Mark smirked. His mother was too much of a good cock sucker for her to take more than half an hour to make a guy come! The boy lowered his pants, just enough to be able to take out his own cock.

While stroking it, Mark felt precum oozing out, wetting the dick head. His shaft was hard like an iron stick and more throbbing than it had ever been.

With furtive movements, he left his hideout and moved toward the couple. The producer still held his eyes closed, trying to get hard again. Anita was too focused on her task to notice anything else. And judging by how turgid the cock in her mouth was becoming, it would not have taken long before she succeeded. The woman was naked and being knelt while bent forward, her wonderful ass stuck out, up in the air.

Underneath it, despite the closed legs, a glimpse of her bald pussy could be caught, which made Mark's heart skip a bit. And his cock drip precum on the luxurious carpet. Closer and closer he got. Silently. He could now see how puffy his mother's outer labia were. Were they always like that or was she downright horny?

Mark asked himself. Maybe it was also the drug to enhance her horniness. Whatever the cause was, they looked so inviting to the boy. And he didn't lose time: when he was close enough, he knelt behind his mother and, with a single, swift motion, he dived his hard cock into her cunt.

She squealed, gaping her mouth and probably scratching the producer's cock with her teeth, because he opened his eyes also. Mark was aware of how dangerous the situation was, but he counted on the coke to loosen the both of them up. He didn't stop. On the contrary, he started to buck his hips, fucking his own mother. There was no tenderness.

Mark was fucking her rough, hard and fast. It was not only because he was brimming with lust and anger. The point was also that he didn't know how long this possibility would last.

Therefore he was determined to make the most of it. In fact, Anita was already protesting: "What the hell are you doing, pervert! Stop it right now!" She even lifted a hand and placed it on Mark's belly to prevent him from thrusting forward. But her resistance was feeble. Too feeble: the drug, for sure.

So Mark had no problems at all in continuing to fuck her. The producer was not in a better state either. At first a look of surprise crossed his face, but then he simply laughed. He could not stop, apparently. "Stop it Mark! plead Anita This is wrong! No. This is sick! Why are you doing it? Why are you fucking me?" There was no doubt that it cost her a lot of effort to straighten up her thoughts enough to put those sentences together. It was clear from how weakly she opposed to the incestuous fuck.

Mark didn't answer. There was no need. He simply hammered her harder. "Stop it! Stop it! It sickens me! I don't want to!" complained Anita, but her body was unable to live up to her words and she was forced to endure the non-consensual intercourse. By now the producer had almost stopped laughing: "This is interesting and funny. he commented, in his squeaky voice Just let him continue, darling!

This is better than I ever expected!" It was too much: he burst out laughing again. Even if her mind was clouded by the effects of the coke, Anita widened her eyes in disbelief. As far as he was regarded, Mark slowed down a bit, curious to see how the woman would respond. Even if she didn't speak a word, the boy smiled in satisfaction.

Just like he had suspected, she bent her head and stopped protesting. Her hand found the producer's cock and started to stroke it back to life.

There was no arguing: she had really become a whore over the years. Or maybe she was one to start with. It didn't matter. Mark's reasons to be angry at her were justified. It was all he needed to proceed until the end. Now that he was considering his mother's sluttiness, the boy noticed how wet her cunt was. Again, maybe it was the drug. But Mark preferred to think that she was enough of a slut to enjoy it.

He really enjoyed fucking Anita. It was unlike any sex he had had so far. And not only because the girls he had slept with were far less experienced than his mother: she was not particularly participative at the moment.

The point was, for the first time, sex was a thrill besides the act in itself. This time it was not about seeing, touching and playing with a feminine body. It was something deeper. He guessed that that was what normal people feel when they make love. He had chosen a very different way to experience those emotions…but he was simply loving it! He could have fucked that pussy all day long, but the producer had other plans.

"Why don't you suck us both, sweetheart? he said, standing up It will be lovely to see you taste your pussy from your son's cock!" Anita threw him a disgusted look, but her eyes were not nearly piercing enough to impress anyone. In fact, she simply complied. Mark was very reluctant to pull out, but thought it was better to play along with the man in order to make this last as long as possible. So he retrieved his dick from Anita's cunt and stood at his mother's side opposite the producer.

Anita looked at him in the eyes, begging silently, but the boy did not let this affect him. On the contrary, the woman's hesitancy turned him on even more. She sighed, looked at her boyfriend as if hoping he was not serious, but didn't get the feedback she was expecting.

So Anita opened her mouth once more and slowly, shamefully took her son's dick between those pouty lips. Mark could feel his mom shiver in disgust. This only added something to the incredible sensation he was feeling. Anita's lips were full and warm. Even if she was not trying hard to please him, they were able to give him the best blowjob of his life. Mark deprecated the way Anita submitted to her boyfriend's and his will.

He was resentful because of that. Yet he loved it, because it allowed him to do all this! It was hard even for him to describe how he felt. Soon all thought vanished, because the producer complained: "Ehi, darling!

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You can do better than that! Suck him real good! All he's ever gotten is lousy blowjobs from inexperienced kids!" It was then that something striking happened. Anita looked at the both of them, tears filling her eyes.

Then sighed, dived toward the coffee table, sniffed a line of coke and breathed heavily. She let her head fall back, making her hair bounce and cascade down. Then she turned toward them again. The striking part for Mark at least was how absent she was.

Her face was seraphic but her eyes absolutely vacuous. In that moment, she was just a puppet for them to use. She had willingly reduced her to that state.

Mark felt sorry to have caused that, but was also turned on by how slutty his mother was. How ready to do everything in order to satisfy her boyfriend.

Being torn between how he hated and loved her was arousing in a certain, perverted sense. As said, though, those were the last conscious thoughts he acknowledged. In fact, as soon as Anita crawled up to him, she engulfed his throbbing erection with her mouth.

This time her attitude was different. The motion wasn't slow at all. She wasn't distant, absent or reluctant. On the contrary, she was giving her best. Even more than she was when Mark came home some time ago or so it seemed to him.

In a single movement, Anita was able to fit her son's entire manhood down her throat. It was amazing how she was able to move and use her tongue, despite how stretched her mouth was. She was skilled indeed. "That's it!" the producer commented "Taste your pussy on his cock! Show him what a good cocksucker you are!

Show him why I prize you so much!" Even though he was undoubtedly high maybe even more than Anita he sniffed some more coke. He even offered some to Mark, who wisely declined. Not that he could actually think straight. From his standing point, the boy could see his mom's impressive cleavage.

Her D cup tits swung while she rocked her torso to suck his cock like it had never been sucked before.

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She did this simple thing, rotating her head while bobbing up and down the shaft that, combined with the way the tongue worked on the underside of his manhood, was driving him crazy. The scene seemed to revive also the man's dick, which he had been stroking for a while. Therefore he wanted some action too. At first he simply placed his hard-on in one of her hands.

This positioned Anita perpendicularly with respect to both males and with a cock in each hand her tits were on full display. Of course, it didn't take long for them to receive attention, the left one from Mark, the other from the producer. Both fondled the big, soft and warm flesh, feeling the nipples harden and poke against their palms. At different times, they paid attention to them, starting with swirling them around and then pinching and pulling on them. These actions elicited moans from Anita and turned the man on.

"You see, boy? She likes sucking your cock!" he said, while turning his girlfriend's face toward his groin and forcing his erection into her waiting mouth.

Without any need to instruct her, Anita grabbed Mark's cock, keeping it nice and hard with long, skillful strokes. It was quite embarrassing to admit, but his mother was better than himself at masturbating his dick.

She turned her wrist so that his foreskin brushed entirely against the head, eliciting as much pleasure as possible. Moreover, the pace was perfect. Fast enough for it to be highly enjoyable, but not enough to come. Remarkably, amidst all this, she was sucking her man's cock with just as much ability. Even though it was the best wank of his life, Mark could not stay there simply enjoying it. The realization of how great Anita was at sex, ignited the will of proving that he was good too.

Therefore he retrieved his manhood from the woman's hand, knelt behind her and stretched out his arms, one in front of her and the other downward. With the one in front, Mark grabbed the tit the producer was not fondling and resumed playing with it. Meanwhile, the other hand was devoted to reaching Anita's pussy from behind, part its lips and play with her clit. Even though Anita's tits were gorgeous, the sensation her pussy added was indescribable.

She was dripping wet. Mark could not resist the temptation to stick one and then two of his fingers in the vagina from which he came.

And to prove he was skilled too, Mark did this without stopping his assault to his mother's clit. The stimulation seemed to fire the woman up and the youngster could assist, close up, to the show of a passionate blowjob given by an expert. Anita's hands were on the producer's genitals, one massaging his nutsack, the other stroking the shaft, while her head bobbed up and down on the head.

By the sounds, one could easily tell how strong the suction was and observing the girl's cheeks, the way her tongue feverishly worked was unmistakable. Proof of all this were the groans and the tremble that shook the man's body. It didn't take long for him to pull out of Mark's mother's mouth, in order not to come.

"Break time, babe!" he said, sniffing more drug and sitting, lazily stroking his manhood and waiting for the approaching climax to subside. Mark, anyhow, was too horny to simply wait. So, since his mother did not move, he grabbed and dragged her to the couch.

She didn't put up any resistance. Not even when her son spread her legs wide open. Doing so, Mark was rewarded with a glorious sight. Anita's pussy was puffy indeed, even more now that it had received some fingering from her son. But the inner labia were small, despite the recent arousal just like Mark liked. Their color was bright pink and the whole area was glistening because of the leaked out juices.

The boy didn't waste time and dived for the most supple cunt he'd ever seen in his short life. Even before his lips made contact with the other, more intimate lips, Mark was intoxicated by the strong, feminine scent that filled his nostrils. It was musky, to some extent. Yet with some reminiscence of sweetness. It was unique and different from how any other pussy he had eaten out smelled. The taste then, was simply heavenly. Mark would have described it very similarly to the scent.

But those juices were ten, one hundred times stronger and hence better! He was not a heavy drinker, but had tried beer sometimes. Yet, those secretions were more intoxicating than vodka, to him.

He could have stayed there all day lapping them up. But he wanted more.


He wanted to make and see his mother cum, right in his awaiting mouth. So after having teased her for a little bit, passing his tongue all over her vulva, even in the indent between outer and inner labia, he used right fore- and ringfinger to part those lips and expose Anita's clit from under its hood. Then, slowly, he started to flick his tongue on that sensitive button. The reaction was immediate. Anita's body tensed, arching her back. Out of the corner of his eyes, Mark noticed how turgid and erect the woman's nipples were.

They must have been very sensitive too, because Anita started to play with them, to enhance the pleasure she was experiencing. It was like a trigger being pulled to Mark. He increased the speed and strength of his tongue's assault. He threw the teeth on the battlefield too, allowing them to bite Anita's clit from time to time. Gently while pulling, so that the skin around the knot of nerves was tensed and sensitive.

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When Mark realized he had done everything he could with his mouth, he decided to plug two fingers in his mother's pussy. Even here he showed the bit of skill he had learned in his past experiences, letting his wrist gyrate while the arm moved in and out, so that no spot was left untouched. The boy was so focused on his cunnilingus that missed how horny the whole situation got the producer. The latter, had at some point straddled Anita's chest and placed his cock which, Mark considered, was not impressive at all between the woman's tits.

Considering how big these were, it's no surprise that the dick disappeared instantly. So there was the man, playing with the girl's boobs and nipples, while pleasing himself too, thrusting back and forth. Anita seemed to enjoy the attention both men were paying her. She started to moan softly, but then the volume increased. Now she was crying out loud, panting because of the difficulty she was having to breath.

And then it happened. With an high pitched shriek, Anita had her orgasm. Her whole body trembled and shook, before tensing up and releasing a gush of juices out of her pussy. Mark, who had foreseen that, had switched places. Now his mouth was attached to his mother's cunt while his fingers massaged her clit. Therefore he could drink down every single drop the woman gave him.

Keen as he was to lap up every tiny bit of womanly secretion, he also played with Anita's vagina in the aftermath of the proper climax, making this last longer. "Ok. I wanna fuck her now!" the producer demanded, looking first at Anita's disheveled and sweaty face and then at Mark. The boy would have sworn to read some envy or surprise in it. But actually it was too occupied to think how to enjoy his mother sexually next to care. "Fine. he finally said Make her ride you in reverse cowgirl.

I wanna enjoy her tits too!" If the man was somehow envious of the boy, he didn't show it. In fact he smiled and commented, to Anita: "You're son knows what he wants. I like that in a man.

Great idea, kid!" Anita seemed to revive for a second and frowned at Mark, but the drug took over again very soon and she obliged obediently. The titfuck had left the producer's cock hard and throbbing, so despite his tininess, the woman had no problems taking it in her pussy. On the contrary, Mark's dick had deflated a little bit during his cunnilingus.

Actually much less than it would have done in any other situation Mark considered. But he didn't refuse a second trip into his mother's mouth. Given the fact that she had to ride her boyfriend, she didn't use all her ability this time, but was far more than enough to make Mark hard as a rock. In fact he was able to push it between the massive tits that were bouncing because of the up-down motion.

As soon as those marvelous mounds of flesh closed around his prick, Mark believed he just reached heaven. Their consistency was perfect. They irradiated heat directly onto his cock, making him boil with desire. The skin was smooth like silk and it elicited so much pleasure brushing against the boy's veined member. Every time Anita was moving downward, Mark's foreskin was removed and his glans rubbed against his mother's soft, big tits. He could have exploded every time. But by some miracle, he didn't.

Meanwhile, the producer was enjoying the fucking. He was horny enough to meet his woman's motion with thrusts of his own. This made Anita's body jerk even more, so much that Mark's cock tip was pushed out from the boobs. Without hesitation, Anita licked it, until the fucking motion forced her back upward, away from that dick. This went on for quite a while. Mark loved to see his mother fucked and with her mouth open to get even a tiny bit of his prick in.

He wondered if she did it because she liked it or just because she thought he wanted her to. Or maybe even just out of habit. It didn't matter. Revenge and pleasure were the only valuable things right then.

"Hey! I want some of those tits too!" the producer complained. Mark grinned and pulled his cock out. Then grabbed his mother's hair and forced her up, with a «plop» when the man's dick popped out. The girl's mind was so clouded that she didn't even look surprised at her son's roughness. She simply let him instruct her to straddle the producer, facing him this time. Without any need to encourage her, Anita took her man's dick back inside while he dived between those magnificent breasts.

Mark watched for a minute or so, then walked around, behind the couch and stuffed his cock into Anita's mouth. "Give me a sloppy blowjob, mom!" he instructed. She didn't turn a hair and complied, even massaging her son's nutsack with one hand and never stopping fucking the producer.

As much as Mark liked getting blowjobs from Anita, he had more ambitious plans in mind. Therefore when his cock was properly lubed, he pulled out, walked back to the front of the couch, grabbed his mother's ass, parted its cheeks and lined his hard, throbbing and slick cock with her ass. "For real?" the producer said, detaching his mouth from Anita's nipples, on whom he was sucking. Mark's reply was a long, forceful and steady thrust, that made the man smirk. Anita grunted, in pain probably.

If she was used to anal from the tiny dick inside her pussy, this was a whole different kind of stretching. Not that Mark was incredibly endowed, but it was above average for a fifteen (actually almost sixteen) years old. And the situation was highlighting all his genitals' might.

But the boy was sure his mom was more than used to take dicks in the ass.

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God only knows how much money she gathered like that! So he didn't stop when the woman was growling and shaking. He kept pushing, till all his shaft was in and the balls rested along the wet slit of Anita's pussy. He stayed still for a second, to draw in some air, then started to move. Slowly at first. Not because Mark wanted to be gentle. On the contrary, he wanted to tear his mother's ass apart.

But the friction was so much that it would have hurt him too, had he moved faster. Only when Anita's grunting ceased, the guy allowed himself to forcefully fuck that butt.

He put one leg on the couch, to gain in balance and then started to hammer. Now the anus was wide open and stretched, so he could increase his speed and strength more and more. When he was finally satisfied with the way he was assfucking his mom, Mark had to admit that it was almost a frenzied pace.

His breath was heavy and he could barely keep up, but he made an effort. Anita's squeals were a sweet sound to him. With every one of them, he rammed that ass some more. If he only were more physically trained, he could have gone on for hours, because it cost him such an effort to keep that rhythm that he could not have come even if he wanted to. Which was good, considering how strong the sensations that narrow ass was giving him were. Unfortunately, he had to slow down.

But this did not mean that he went easier on Anita. Even if he was not so fast anymore, he made sure to push every possible millimeter of his cock in her bowel with every thrust. The result was that Anita shrieked every time, but to some extent, there was also pleasure in those cries. "Hey don't ruin that ass for me!" the producer complained, nevertheless. "Why? Do you wanna try it out?" Mark replied, smirking. "Good idea. Let me ram that butt! he agreed Do you want to fuck mommy's pussy?" "In a second.

I have to clean up first." He looked at Mark, puzzled, while the boy pulled his cock out of the ass so that he could take his place. Even if the producer was confused, he didn't waste time and got behind Anita, sticking his small rod in her rectum. This time she didn't cry. Only a quiet moan escaped her. So he spanked her butt, obtaining some more enthusiasm, while he began to thrust.

Meanwhile, Mark went to the other side of the couch, lining his cock with Anita's mouth again. As soon as the producer understood what Mark intended with clean up, his face brightened: "Yes, darling!


Clean up his cock. Taste your ass from your son's dick!" He shouldn't have been after all that happened, but Mark was surprised indeed when his mother simply opened her mouth and allowed him in, using her tongue to not only clean, but also stimulate the member.

"Look at me in the eyes!" Mark demanded. And again she obeyed. Those two pairs of beautiful green eyes fixed on one another, never losing contact. Mark slowly moved his hips, back and forth, to help Anita reach every spot of his dick. Meanwhile his hands had found the woman's tits and were groping them roughly. The humiliation Mark was inflicting to his own mother was so great that he could have come simply thinking of it. But he wanted more.

He wanted that pussy that he only briefly tasted at the beginning of this crazy sexual experience. So once again, he abandoned the warmth of Anita's mouth and her skillful tongue in order to fuck her.

"Pull out" he instructed the producer. He was reluctant, but something in Mark's voice convinced him. The boy lifted Anita, placed her arms around his neck and lifted her whole body, until she was able to lock her legs around his hips.

From there it was easy for Mark to slide into the well-used and dripping wet cunt. Behind, the producer was smiling at Mark's idea and happily joined the group, fitting his dick back into Anita's rectum. The two of them resumed fucking the woman.

She was merely a flesh puppet without any will. Her head rested on Mark's shoulder and were it not for the moans and groans, you could have believed she was asleep.

She was also sweaty. Her hair was disheveled and pasted to her face. Mark didn't like such a passivity, so he increased the pace of his fucking. This made Anita cry out louder and made her body bounce harder, allowing the boy to feel her massive tits jiggle and brush against his chest. The producer was struggling to keep up with Mark's rhythm. He had slipped out several times, but was approaching his climax. Therefore Mark slowed down, to allow him to enjoy the orgasm as much as he could.

Fortunately, it came soon. With some frenzied motion, that big man hammered for the last few times Anita's ass and finally stiffened, while his balls emptied inside the woman's bowel. It was funny how he trembled and shook. Then, with a sigh of relief, he knelt and sat on the floor, resting his head against the seat of the couch. Mark wondered if he had passed out, but found out he didn't care. "Come already!

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Mark's mother whispered in his ear Aren't you satisfied already?" The boy grinned: she did have some will left, after all. But not enough to oppose to him.

"Not yet. I wanna see you come because of your son's cock, bitch!" Anita didn't retort anything. Not for what he wanted, neither for the epithet. She simply let Mark continue his pounding.

But in that position, the young man could not give off all his power. So he laid the woman on her back on the couch and started to hammer her there. The change was immediate. Anita threw her head back and inhaled deeply.

Then her breathing became frantic, because Mark's assault was hard and fast. One of his hands had reached between her legs and his fingers were now rubbing her swollen clit. She didn't want to come. She didn't want to let him have this too.

She didn't want to satisfy his perversion. She didn't want to let him humiliate her so thoroughly. But there was nothing she could do. His cock was hard, the drug was making her wet and horny. Besides, he was able to reach spots left untouched recently, because of the poor endowment of her new boyfriend.

The way he was handling the clit was simply too much. With a tear escaping her eyes, Anita's backbone underwent to a wave of pure pleasure. Her body tensed, her back arched, letting the hard nipples stick out and point toward the ceiling before Mark covered them with his mouth to increase the strength of the climax even more, and her mouth let out cries of pure bliss.

It was awful that it felt so good. Mark could sense his mother's juices dripping onto his cock. Squelching sounds came from where their bodies collided, especially when Anita's orgasm peak was passed and he continued to fuck her. He loved to play with that body. It was almost inert now. He had taken away every still of will from her, and he simply loved the feeling. Those ripe tits felt great under his hands as well as in his mouth. The vagina he came out from was warm, silky, dripping and welcoming.

And these thoughts were too much! Mark started to be shaken by his own climax. He felt his balls tighten and his seed build up in pressure inside his turgid cock until it exploded inside his mother's fertile womb. He pushed deep and hard, squirting out every possible drop of sperm and depositing it in Anita's cunt.

Spurt after spurt, he filled that pussy with his cum, till his balls were empty and his body exhausted. Only then Mark rolled off his mother. She was looking at him. Her body was motionless, but her eyes tracked him. They were not clouded anymore. One could read shame in them. "What did you do?" she asked, starting to cry.