Meu Macho Gostoso Mostrando o Cacete

Meu Macho Gostoso Mostrando o Cacete
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Susan and I did not discuss what had taken place for a couple of days until Lynne came over again on the Friday. I had rather hoped that Sue would ask Lynne if she would join me on the bed but then I heard Lynne leave. However I perked up when Sue came in to see me in my bedroom.

She sat down and told me that she and Lynne had been discussing the situation and she had told her what she and I had got up to after Lynne had left. To my delight Lynne was excited at the prospect! Sue then told me that they had arranged for Lynne to pop back in a few minutes, once Sue and I had had a chance to discuss matters and see how we got on.

I was thrilled at this and gave Susan a hug and a kiss to thank her.

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Then right on cue there was a knock on the back door and Sue grinned at me as we left the bedroom, she going off to her own room and me dashing to the back door.

I opened it to see Lynne grinning at me expectantly and I invited her in. "Has Susan spoken to you?" "She certainly has!" I replied and taking Lynne's hand I led her through into the lounge. Lynne grinned at me nervously.

"When can we do it then?" "How about now? I said hopefully.

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"Sounds good to me!" Lynne replied, to my relief, and I took her hand and led her through to my bedroom, closing the door behind us. Lynne stood in the middle of the room gazing at me nervously, wringing her hands in front of her.

I put my arms out and placed my hands on her shoulders, squeezing them reassuringly and then I pulled Lynne towards me. She put her hands around my waist and I gave her a quick peck on the lips. She seemed to relax slightly and I put my hands around her and kissed her again, this time more firmly and I allowed my hands to travel down her back to her bum where I squeezed the cheeks of her backside through the thin material of her summer dress.

Lynne sighed as we kissed and ran her hands through my hair. The feeling of her soft thin body against mine was quite wonderful and I felt my cock stirring in my jeans.

Suddenly, to my surprise, Lynne opened her mouth and my tongue slipped in. I had never tried French kissing with Lynne yet and was surprised that she knew what to do. However she seemed quite happy as her tongue explored my mouth and I did the same.

The kissing got quite sloppy and after a while we parted and giggled at the mess we were making! "Shall we sit down?" I suggested and Lynne joined me on the bed. We carried on kissing a bit more and as we did so I eased her back onto the bed until we were lying together, and I started to run my hand up and down her body.

She had no boobs to speak of but I could feel her nipples hardening through her dress and looking down I started to undo the buttons. I quickly glanced at Lynne who smiled at me as I undid the top couple of buttons and slid my hand underneath a material. She then closed her eyes as I began to run my fingers over her chest and around her erect nipples. Then she quickly pulled away and I was worried until she sat up and quickly undid the rest of the buttons of her dress.

She took the dress off and was now left in just her white panties. I was lying on my back on the bed and opened my arms to invite her to me. She grinned and joined me, and as I shuffled around until I was lying full length on the bed she climbed on top of me, resting her legs either side of mine and her hands on my chest. This allowed me to run my hands up and down her bare back and, even better, to squeeze and play with the cheeks of her bottom.

"I love it when you do that!" She gasped as I twirled my fingers round the cheeks and occasionally slid them between her legs. I did this for quite awhile and she rested her head on my chest, starting to breathe quite deeply.

My cock was now straining at my jeans and it twitched a couple times against her groin. "Ooh I felt that!" Lynne giggled and lifted herself up on to her elbows. Then she scrambled up until she was on her knees, astride my hips and gaze down at me. She was a wonderful sight! She seemed very relaxed now and started to unbutton my shirt, running her hands over my chest as she did so. As she undid each button she leant down and kissed the exposed flesh of my chest and shuffled her way down to my waist.

She parted the two sides of the shirt and then went to work on my belt which she soon undid. She undid the button of my jeans and eventually was able to unzip them. "He's nearly coming out!" Lynne exclaimed as the bulge of my cock in my white underpants showed through the zip of my jeans. Then she clambered off me and standing at the end of the bed she firstly took off my shoes and socks and then playfully pulled down my jeans.

Between us we managed to get these off and then she climbed back on top of me again, by which time I had managed to arrange my cock so it was lying straight up and Lynne once again positioned herself with her legs either side of my hips.

My erection was now blatantly pressing against the furrow of Lynne's crotch and as we started to kiss again she rubbed herself up and down it. "This is nice…" she muttered as we briefly parted and I knew she was starting to get turned on. Then we stopped kissing and she gazed at me once again.


"Shall we do it then? If that's all right…" "If you are sure you want to?" I stroked the side of Lynne's face and she nodded. "Yes please… I can't wait!" She quickly climbed off me again and stood by the side of the bed. She then her fingers into the waistband of her panties and quickly pulled them down. In the meantime I quickly took off my pants and Lynne gave a quick glance to my cock as it sprung into view. Lynne climbed back onto the bed and lay next to me, looking a little pale.

I turned on to my side and looked down at her, kissing her gently on the lips. "It's not too late to change your mind you know?" Lynne shook her head vigorously. "No I want to do it" As she said this she curled her arms around my shoulders and pulled me to her. I slipped my fingers down between her legs to where her pussy was already moist. Lynne gave a moan as I slid one finger along the wet furrow, and then carefully curled it into her vulva.

She stiffened then relaxed as I slowly slid and inch or two in and out, bringing her to readiness. Sensing she had reached that stage, I carefully climbed on top of her and as Lynne spread her legs she slid her hands between us and felt for my cock which she carefully positioned at the entrance to her pussy. I looked down at her and she gazed back at me with a big smile on her face. "I've got a confession to make!" "What's that?" I asked, somewhat puzzled.

"I broke my thingy myself a week ago! I used a hair brush!" I grinned at this young girl who was smiling at me with a look of pure innocence on her face. "You cheeky devil! And there you were acting all nervous!" Lynne put her hand to her mouth and giggled, wriggling her body underneath me.

"In that case…" as I said this I lowered myself on to Lynne's body and with a quick wriggle manage to slide almost all of my cock deep into her young pussy. Lynne gave a little shriek and then laughed, wrapping her arms around me and pulling me closer to her.

"Wow that's better than a hair brush!" I laughed at this and lifted myself up onto my hands to gaze at Lynne who was still smirking underneath me. She looked up at me guiltily. "I am a bit of a tease aren't I?" I nodded. "I can be a tease as well!" I replied and then pulled by cock out until just the very tip was resting against the lips of Lynne's pussy. "Nooo!" Lynne protested. "Put it back in!" I grinned at her and then did as she asked.

She closed her eyes as once again the full length of my cock slid into her young pussy and this time rather than resting it there I started to screw her. She gave a sigh.

I began to slowly and steadily slide my cock in and out of her pussy and she curled her arms around me, pulling me closer. I lowered myself until the full weight of my body was on her and, after shuffling around to make herself comfortable she started to match my rhythm. "Gosh this is really nice!" muttered Lynne into my ear. "Is it alright?" "Mmm it's lovely…I'm going to have an orgasm in a minute!" To my amazement she was as good as her word and within seconds she jerked up at me with a little squeak and I felt the muscles of her pussy clamping around my cock.


She jerked two or three times. "Fuck!" She cried and then suddenly collapsed on the bed. I rested there motionless, wondering if I had heard what I thought I had heard. I knew what the word meant but had never used it myself and was astonished to hear Lynne use it.

I lifted myself up unto my elbows and gazed at Lynne who was looking at me with a guilty expression on her face. "Sorree.!" she whispered. "I didn't mean to swear. It just came out!" I grinned as if to reassure her. I must admit it had been quite sexy hearing her say that and I told her so. "My friend at school swears all the time!

She says men like it!" "I suppose it's alright and as long as you use it in private and not in front of the mums and dads." I replied thoughtfully "That's what we were doing there wasn't it? We were fucking!" Lynne looked at me innocently and I nodded.

"You were fucking my pussy with your cock weren't you?" This time I laughed at such words coming from such a young girl. "Yes I was Lynne… I call it screwing but fucking is just as good!" Lynne smiled at me.

Then she suddenly said, "You've not had an orgasm yet have you?" I shook my head and started to slide my cock in and out of Lynne again. "Don't worry I'm nearly there …" I was very close as our conversation had turned me on more than I thought possible. Lynne smiled at me and stroked the side of my face as I began to increase my rhythm.

"It's nice when you do it quicker and harder. I like it like that." Her eyelids were fluttering and I thought for a moment she was going to come again. Then she clamped her hands on to my backside if as if to try and pull me in further. "Get it in as far as you can! I want to feel it really deep inside me!" I started to thrust harder and to my surprise Lynne lifted her legs off the bed and wrapped them around my waist.

This had the effect of my cock thrusting even deeper into her and I swear I could feel the end of her pussy! I did not think such things were possible! Suddenly Lynne seemed to explode. "God you're fucking me so deep! You're so fucking deep in my cunt!


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I'm going to come again!" This finished me off and I felt my cock explode as I came, pumping juice into Lynne's young pussy. At the same time Lynne lifted her hips off the bed and cried out, matching me thrust for thrust, her orgasm matching mine spasm for spasm. Her arms were wrapped around me tightly and she was almost chanting in my ear, "Fuck.

fuck! Oh fuck yess.yesss.fuck. fuck! Oh fuck yes!" She was calling so loudly I felt sure my sister would hear so I was relieved when suddenly she collapsed on the bed, me collapsing on top of her. Our bodies were slick with sweat and the smell of our sex pervaded the room.

"Ohhhhh." Lynne let out a long moan and pulled me tightly to her. "Oh Davey that was fantastic. that was just fantastic!" I kissed her lightly on the top of her head and then eased myself steadily away from her. Looking down her face was red and her hair was matted across her forehead.

I eased myself up so that my cock popped out of her pussy and looking down I saw her groin was red from our efforts. Suddenly my heart shot into my mouth. Someone was opening the bedroom door! Luckily it was Susan who poked her head round the door red faced. "I did knock but you didn't hear me you were making so much noise!" We both grinned at Sue. "I should have warned you that Lynne does swear a bit!" I turned to look down at Lynne who laughed at me guiltily.

I climbed off the bed and stood up, looking round for my clothes. I saw Sue gazing down at my wilting cock. She then looked towards Lynne. "What was it like?" Lynne sighed. "It was brilliant! Just like you said it would be!" I looked at Sue who grinned at me. "She's a very lucky girl!" * Following the episode with Lynne, Sue had asked me if I thought Colin would be interested in her.

I told her I was sure he would, and I promised I would ask him as soon as possible. It would be an ideal answer to the situation, although looking back, incest should have been the least of our worries! I raised the question with Colin, after firstly explaining what had happened with his sister. Luckily he was quite happy, although somewhat shocked at what had happened between me and Lynne but was excited at the prospect of enjoying a similar relationship with Susan.

I promised Colin I would sort something out with my sister as soon as possible and I told her the good news that afternoon. She was thrilled and asked if I could get Colin round the next morning. I promised I would do this. "But we can still muck around too though can't we?" I nodded in agreement. I was too fond of Sue not to! "You'll understand if I carry on with Lynne still though won't you?" Sue quickly nodded. "Perhaps we can all have a bit of fun together!" I suggested. "I was thinking exactly the same thing!" replied Sue with a grin.

The thought certainly appealed to me, knowing that Susan and Lynne had already fooled around together and I felt sure the four of us could have a lot of fun! However before all this I had promised Susan I would arrange for her and Colin to get together the next morning and I quickly went across to Colin's to give him the good news.

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So it was the next morning that Colin came round, not long after my parents had gone to work, and although I was dressed, Susan was still in bed waiting. Colin asked nervously if she was still happy to do this and I confirmed that she was looking forward to it! He grinned happily and I told him to go straight into her room.

As he closed the door I heard them talking although could not make out what they were saying, but I hovered outside the door. Unbeknown to Colin, the keyhole gave a clear view of Susan's bed…! I bent down to look through and had an excellent view of Susan who was, by now, sat up in bed.

Colin was sat on the side of the bed and appeared to be gazing at her breasts. I heard a muttered something and he tentatively reached out his hands and was soon squeezing and massaging Susan's boobs.

I looked on in envy as Susan closed her eyes as Colin played with her breasts. Then he leaned forward and started to kiss her and Susan brought her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to her. Colin shuffled forward and wrapped his arms around Susan, pulling her closer to her. Soon they were kissing quite passionately and I was starting to get hard. I could hear them talking but wasn't sure what they was saying. However I then watched as Colin pulled the covers on the bed back and exposed Susan completely.

His eyes roved over her body and by the expression on his face it was apparent that he was getting as turned on by looking at a naked girl as he had been by looking at me!

I felt a sense of relief and watched as Colin gently traced his fingers over my sister's body, down her tummy and between her legs. Susan closed her eyes again as Colin's fingers delved between her legs and she spread her thighs wide to her allowing him easier access. She muttered something and I watched as Colin's fingers began to work between Susan's legs.

She was going bright red now and I realise that she was telling Colin how to play with her.

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She started to twitch and I watched the familiar flexing of her body as suddenly she stiffened and gave a grunt. Her whole body trembled as she came and her hand clamped on to Colin's, pressing it firmly between her legs.

Susan leant back against the headboard and opened her eyes, grinning at Colin and muttering something. Then to my surprise she glanced straight at the keyhole where I was peering through and winked, an expression which, luckily, appeared to have been missed by Colin. I smiled to myself, clutching at my stiffening cock through my jeans.

I was getting more turned on than I cared to admit by watching my sister and my best friend! Colin then stood up and obviously being instructed by Sue, pulled off his tee shirt. He then quickly unbuckled his jeans and slid these down, together with his pants, and he kicked them off. Then he shuffled into bed next to Susan and, to my disappointment, he pulled the covers back over themselves.

I was now feeling quite envious as the two of them cuddled in bed. To be perfectly honest I would have been happy cuddling either of them at that moment! After a few minutes kissing and cuddling I watched as Colin started to ease himself on top of Susan, and I then realised what he was going to do. Susan had obviously come to the decision that she was quite safe at such a young age and Colin equally obviously was in no mood to object! The covers moved around as their bodies adjusted themselves and then I watched mesmerised as the bump caused by Colin's backside started to rise and fall rhythmically.

Susan's head was thrown back and her face was pink, her eyes closed and mouth half open, as Colin started to screw her. His head was buried in the pillow next to hers and her hands were wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer.

Then she muttered something and to my relief Colin stopped what he was doing and reaching behind him pulled the covers off. I later found out that Susan had complained she was getting hot, but of course she did this for my benefit! As the covers were kicked from the bed, I was greeted to the sight of my sister, flat on her back, legs apart, with my best friend Colin pumping away between them! By this time I had pulled my cock out of my jeans and was quite happily wanking, watching almost hypnotised as Colin started once again to thrust away between my sister's legs.

Susan lifted her knees slightly and Colin shuffled around, increasing the speed of his thrusting and then suddenly he froze and I heard an unmistakable groan as he came. Susan's eyes shot open as she was obviously feeling his sperm gushing into her but she seemed unperturbed as she clung to Colin, running her hands up and down his back and clutching at the cheeks of his backside.

Colin slowed down to a stop but then Susan muttered something and he started again. With a few seconds she was thrusting her hips back up at him and suddenly she cried out as she came the second time that morning.

As she thrust her hips upwards I had a perfect view of Colin's cock embedded in her, and I suddenly realised I was about to come. I quickly stepped back from the keyhole, whipped out my handkerchief and was just able to wrap it around my cock as I came in torrents. I leant against the door frame; my eyes closed my cock throbbing in my hand, spurting juice into my handkerchief. As I recovered it suddenly occurred to me that Colin might decide to come out so I quickly nipped back to my own bedroom.

Sure enough, a few minutes later I heard Susan's bedroom door open and luckily I had made myself decent as Colin came straight into my room, a broad grin on his flushed face. "Well did you?" I asked, in all innocence. Colin nodded. "We did!

It was brilliant!" He then went on to relate to me what had happened, although of course I already knew, and we chatted excitedly for some time before Colin had to go back home for hs lunch. As soon as Colin had gone home I knocked on Susan's bedroom door and once she answered I opened the door and poked my head around. Susan was now fully dressed and sat on the edge of the bed looking up at me nervously.

"Was he alright?" Susan nodded. "He did it in me!" "I know I saw." Susan grinned. "Did you enjoy the view?" I nodded. "It was great! Thanks for throwing the covers off!" Susan laughed. Then she stood up and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. "You're not jealous are you bruv?" I laughed and confirmed I wasn't although I had felt the occasional twinge when watching the pair of them. Susan kissed me again. "Don't worry you won't be left out!" She was of course true to her word…