Zwei heiße Mädchen mit Dildo masturbiert

Zwei heiße Mädchen mit Dildo masturbiert
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We stood and watched until Mercedes calmed down and released Cathy from her legs. Cathy and Mercedes got up and joined Rose and I in a group hug. Cathy broke the silence with "that was so wonderful. I fantasized about doing something like this but never thought it would happen. I hope you let me come back for more." Then she kissed each of us, saving me for last. "Maybe one day your girls will let me have a night alone with you." Then she gave me a long passionate kiss.

Rose replied "Only if he lets us have a weekend with you." I thought I sounded fair to me. I herded the girls into the shower for a quick cleanup before we went to bed. After a lot of groping and rubbing we finally got out and dried off. We got into bed with Cathy in the middle, Rose on one side and me on the other, with Mercedes spooned behind me. Rose and I went to sleep with a nipple in our mouths and Mercedes had her hand between my legs holding my dick Denny's Breakfast Treat - 4 Pressure on my balls brought me awake before sunrise.

It was dark in the room and it took a moment before my eyes focused and I saw Cathy smiling up at me from between my legs. "Sorry, I got carried away playing with your balls. I was going to wake you in a little while with a blow job." I looked around and saw that Mercedes and Rose had rolled away and were lying on their side facing away from me.

Cathy backed up as I slid to the foot of the bed. "I didn't mean to wake you so early. I was awake and just wanted more time with your cock.

I took her arm and led her out of the bedroom. "Where are we going?" I put a finger to my lips for her to be silent and went to the hall closet.

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I grabbed several large fluffy towels and then we headed out to the deck. It was in the 60's out and felt very nice. I put the towels on the deck, grabbed a couple of pillows and lay down. I pulled Cathy down to me and held her close, facing me.

"How about we lay here until the sun starts to come up and have some sunrise sex?" "UUMMM, that sounds good to me. I hope Mercedes and Rose know how fortunate they are. I would give anything to live here like this with you.

I'm available if you want another live in lover." "There's more to this than sex. When I met Mercedes neither of us wanted any commitment. That changed real quickly.

Rose asked to live here with us and offered to give up everything and do anything I asked. I had her do some difficult things for a week and she still came to me wanting to be my 2nd lover.

When Mercedes asked me to let Rose out of her promise, I did and she said she wanted to stay and make me happy. That's when I realized I cared as much for her as I did Mercedes. I'm not sure exactly where our relationship is headed but I will love them and take care of them as long as they want to be here." The sun was just starting to appear on the horizon when I pulled Cathy on top of me.

"It's sunrise. Do you have any special requests?" She stood up pulling me with her. "You said 'Let's have sex and watch the sunrise'." She led me to the edge of the deck facing the sunrise, knelt down and sucked me into her mouth.

When my shaft was wet and slick she stood up, spread her legs and leaned on the railing looking back at me. "Put your cock in my pussy and fuck me as we watch the sunrise together." I stepped up behind her, lined up my shaft with her hole and buried it deep in her vagina.

She moaned and her legs wobbled. My dick in her pussy and my hands on her hips was all that kept her from falling down. She looked back at me with a smile on her face. "God when you ram that thing in me the first time it sends tingles all over my body and makes me so weak.

Now pound my pussy and don't stop until we cum together." I started driving my dick into her and every time the head hit the back of her cervix she grunted.

She moved one hand back and was rubbing her clit as I grabbed one breast. I used my hand on her hip to hold her so I could fuck her pussy a hard as I could while I pinched and pulled on her breast and nipple. "I'm almost there. Fuck me harder and make me cum." She put her hand back on the railing and was pushing her ass back to meet my thrusts.

I was ready to fill her so I put both hands on her hips and drove into her. As I sprayed a load of my gum on her inside she started screaming. "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, I'M CUMMING. FUCK ME. FILL ME." I held her tight to me until her pussy stopped milking my dick. She wobbled upright pulling my dick from her hole. She turned to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me until we had to break for air.

"Thank you. That has to be the best sunrise ever. I hope we get to do it again. I think we need to go in and take a shower. I can feel you're cum running down my legs." I pulled away and picked up one of the towels. I was on my knees wiping her thighs when I heard "Did we miss all the fun?" I turned to look and Mercedes and Rose were standing behind me grinning.

"Whatcha been up to out here? We heard screaming so we came out to investigate." Cathy pulled me to my feet and hugged me from behind. "We were just enjoying the sunrise together." "Yeah we heard you enjoying in the house. I think it went Fuck, fuck, fuck, I cumming. Fuck me. Fill me. That was one hell of a sunrise." They all started laughing until Cathy invited them to join us in the shower.

After a lot of scrubbing and playing we got out and dried each other. When we were back in the bedroom I asked if anyone was hungry. All three of them looked down at my semi-hard shaft. Mercedes said "We're ready if you are." "Food ladies. Breakfast, bacon and eggs." "Are you cooking?" "I thought we could get dressed and go out for breakfast.

You ladies have any preferences." Mercedes eyes brightened. "Let's go to Denny's. You showed us off at work so now it's my turn, especially since this is my last week." Rose and Cathy agreed so we started getting dressed to go. As I was pulling on a pair of cargo shorts and pullover shirt I looked at the girls putting on short skirts and tank tops without bras and panties.

When she saw me watching Mercedes said "We know you like to see bouncy titties and nipples and how you like to rub our pussy's while we ride. If you don't like it we can change." "It's fine with me. I was just admiring the view. I take it I'm not driving then?" They just giggled. We went out and got in Rose's Expedition with me sitting in the back between Mercedes and Cathy.

As Rose pulled out they pulled my arms around them and pressed my hands on their breasts. While I rubbed them and teased their nipples, Mercedes put her hand on my shaft, rubbing it thru my shorts.

Cathy said "Is this the way you guys always travel? I could get used to this." Mercedes said "we take turns riding in the back with our lover and he makes the trips interesting." It took about 20 minutes to get to the Denny's where Mercedes worked. When we walked in she was hugging my arm tight. The waitress that came up to seat us knew her. "Is this the guy that took you away from us?" "Yes, this is Bill.

This is our roommate Rose and a very special friend Cathy." "It looks like you got a keeper." Then she looked at me, "You better take good care of her." She led us to a booth and Mercedes slid in next to me sitting with one arm around me and the other on my thigh when no one was close. While we ate anyone working that knew her came out to look and say hi. When we finished and left to go back home I was in the back with Rose and Cathy.

They started unzipping my shorts and pulling them down. "Mercedes and Rose said I could have one more ride on your wonderful cock since I won't get to see it for the next week." They had me slide down in the seat and rise up so they could get them off. Rose leaned down and sucked on my dick until it was hard while Cathy fingered herself wet. When Rose sat back up Cathy straddled my lap on her knees.

Rose reached behind her and slid the head of my dick threw her slit lining it up with the entrance to her pussy. Cathy eased all the way down onto it and just sat in my lap hugging me. "There's those first time tingles again. Let me enjoy this for a minute." I just wrapped my arms around her and held her.

Several minutes later she started moving up and down in my lap. She had her hands laced together behind my neck and was leaning back as she rode my dick faster and faster. It hadn't been that long since I had filled her with a full load of my cum so this was going to take me some time but Cathy was nearing release.

Suddenly she plunged down to my lap and stayed there. She was shaking like she was out in the cold, but didn't say a word. She ground down into my lap as she leaned forward, laid her head on my shoulder and softly said, "I'm going to dream about this every night until I can come back.

Please don't make it too long." She sat in my lap with me buried deep inside her until we got back to the house. As soon as we got out she looked at the time on her phone. "Damn I have to get back to my place and get ready to go to work." She ran inside to grabbed the bag she had brought. When she came back out she threw the bag down and hugged me. "I meant what I said this morning.

I would give anything to live here like this with you." She let go jumped in her car and drove away. When Mercedes, Rose and I went back inside I sat down on the couch and asked them to join me. When they had sat down and snuggled next to me I said "what do you think about Cathy?" Rose said "I like her a lot." Mercedes said "She's ok.

I think Rose has a crush on her and you seem to like having her here. Why do you ask?" She's been dropping hints about living here with us. She knows you and Rose are special to me and I told her I was not up to me alone. Mercedes said "We could have her here weekends for a while, then talk about it some more." We all agreed to talk about it again when she was here after Rose's parents left.

"You know what I want to do? I want to go back to bed and just hold you two." They jumped up, pulled me towards the bedroom saying they thought I would never ask. Mercedes and I had to go to work at 10pm. One last week until I went back to days and Mercedes quit working. We snuggled together and were asleep in minutes. Rose woke me up kissing and shaking me.

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"Its 7pm, I thought you might want to get up and move around for a while before you have to go to work. I pulled her to me and gave her a long kiss. "Thank you." I looked at Mercedes lying on her back next to me. She was still sound asleep. I rolled onto my side and kissed one of her nipples as I slipped my left hand between her legs and rubbed her mound. She moaned softly just before she clamped legs on my hand and her eyes popped open. "God I love the different ways you play alarm clock." She rolled to face me with my hand still clamped between her legs and kissed me.

"What's next?" "I'm going to get in the pool. You two want to join me?" "Let's go. We have time before we have to leave." We spent the next hour playing in the pool like kids, splashing dunking and just acting stupid in general.

When we started getting pooped the girls came to me just wanting to be held. We dried off went inside and just sat on the couch holding each other. "You girls are being awfully quiet tonight." "It just feels so nice being held like this.

We should do this more often. Like, just turn on a movie and sit together." "Think you could behave and keep your hands to yourself for a whole movie?" "If you really want to we will." "Let's try tomorrow night.

By the way we need to get in the habit of wearing clothes until Rose's parents leave." That drew groans but they agreed to start. Mercedes and I got up and dressed for work as we were leaving Rose said she would keep the bed warm for us but she would sure be glad when I went back to days so we would all be in bed together at night. I dropped Mercedes at work and went to my warehouse.

2nd shift was doing much better so I was confident they would be ok when I went back to days Monday. I was in the print department about 2am checking on a job when Scott called my phone. "Hey boss, There's a pizza delivery here and they say they need to collect from you." I'll be right there." I was wondering if it was Rose again but when I got to the warehouse I saw Cathy standing by the door in her work uniform only this one seemed to fit a little tighter than what she wore when she delivered to the house that first night.

When I walked up she gave three large pizzas to Scott for the warehouse guys then turned to me. "What do I owe for this?" She pulled me to her and kissed me making a point to slip her tongue in my mouth and moan.

She backed away and said "I think we can call it even now." My four guys on second shift were standing there watching with their mouths open. She turned to them. "Hi guys I'm Cathy, Bills favorite pizza delivery girl." While they stood there stunned I led her to my office and closed the door.

"To what do I owe this to?" "I just wanted to thank you again. I called Rose and she told me where you worked and how to get here. You're not upset are you?" "Hell no, they'll be talking about this for days. I like the way you say thanks." "Then you'll really like this." She locked my office door, dropped to her knees and unfastened my pants. With my dick out she started stroking the length of it.

"Are you thinking about the people that might be just outside? Think how jealous they would be to know you're in here about to get a blow job from your delivery girl." Damn her hands felt good. "What would they think if they saw me do this?" she put her tongue on the head and licked around it as she stroked faster and gripped tighter.

"Picture the look on their face as I suck your cock into my mouth." She stretched her lips around the head as she took almost half of my shaft into her mouth. She kept stroking with one hand as she teased my ball sack with the other. She stopped pumping my dick into her mouth leaving just the head inside so she could tease my piss hole with the tip of her tongue.

"Now imagine them when they see this." She put her hands on my butt and started jamming my shaft in her mouth. She would almost gag every time it hit her throat but she kept on trying. Every 3 or 4 strokes she would pull it out so she could take several quick breaths, smile up at me and try again.

Pressure was building in my groin and I was close to release. I put my hands in her hair and pulled trying to force my dick down her throat. She was pulling just as hard as I was pulling. I pulled her and held my dick against her unyielding throat and blasted my cum. She was trying to swallow when the rest of my shaft slid into her mouth as the head slipped into her throat.

I shot several ropes of cum down her throat then started to pull back. She pushed back at the same time causing my dick to come out and finish shooting on her face. She coughed several times and looked up at me with a smile on her cum covered face.

"I did it. I got your whole beautiful cock in my throat. We'll have to practice more so it will go easier." Then she licked the last drops from my dick before using her fingers to collect the gobs from her face and lick them off.

L unlocked the door and showed her to the ladies room down the hall. She came back to my office when she was done and pressed a small, damp wad of cloth into my hand. "Keep these as a reminder." I put it in my pocket and we walked out to the warehouse door. She hugged me again and gave me another long salty kiss and whispered in my ear.

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"You do taste good, don't you think." As she turned to leave she waved and said "Bye guys, Take good care of him for me." I watch until she drove off and when I turned around Scott was standing there with a big grin on his face. "Damn boss I thought you already had two living with you." "She knows and wants to be number three." "Someday you'll have to tell me your secret." "Do you think your wife would approve." "No, but it's nice to dream." I went back to my office and took the damp cloth Cathy had given me from my pocket.

When I opened it up it was a lace thong she must have been wearing. The aroma was the same as when I had wiped her thighs after we had sex at sunrise. It was sure looking like she would get my vote. The rest of the night was quite. I picked up Mercedes at 7am and we went home. Rose said she stayed up most of the night so she could join us in bed.

This time we all just fell in bed together and slept peacefully. The week passed quick, before we knew it Friday was here and we were at the airport to pick up Rose's parents. I dropped them off to go greet them and circled the lot.

When they called me and said they were waiting I drove back around to pick them up. I knew now where Rose got her looks. Her mother standing next to her looked like a barely older sister with Blonde hair, nice breasts and a slim figure. Dad on the other hand was slightly overweight and balding. I got out to help load their luggage, shook hands with Pete and received a rather long hug from Linda.

We got back to the house and settled them in to their room and since it was dinner time we went out to eat. We were doing what we thought was good job of being a couple with a roommate. Mercedes clung to my arm and sat next to me at dinner while Rose walked and sat between her mom and dad. Rose's folks seemed ok. He had retired from the army and started a small electronics company. They had developed something that combined or eliminated a number of components for aircraft and as he put it 'I sold the company for a butt load of money and still have royalties coming in'.

Now he did some consulting on the side when they weren't traveling. Linda had always been a stay at home mom and now that Rose was on her own she traveled with Pete on his consulting trips. We got back to the house about 9pm so it was time to get ready for work. Mercedes told me Thursday had been her last night because she wanted to go with Rose tomorrow to take her folks sightseeing. I got ready, kissed her goodnight and left for work.

This was my last night shift and it went by quickly. I got home about 8am and saw Rose's expedition was gone so they must has left already and I would have the house to myself.

I crawled into bed, pulled the covers over my head and that was it. I was having a dream that Rose had snuck into bed with Mercedes and me after her folks had called it a night. I had my hands in her hair pulling her to me as She was deep throated my dick. I was moaning "Oh Rose" as I sprayed her throat with cum. My eyes popped open and I saw my hands wrapped in blond hair with my dick in the throat it hid.

When I let go and she rose up I was looking into the face of Rose's mother Linda. "Oh god, what did I do?" "You did what I wanted. You confirmed what I suspected.

Your screwing my daughter." But she didn't look mad, she was smiling. "I overheard Rose telling Mercedes this morning how strange it was last night in bed alone. So I decided to see for myself what she missed so much in one night. I told them this morning I didn't feel good, go on and have fun." She crawled up and laid her head on my chest. "How soon will you be ready to continue?" Holy shit, this was Rose's mom wanting me to have more sex with her.

"What do you mean continue? This never should have happened. I'm not going to cheat on Rose." "You screw Mercedes" "I, as you so crudely put it, screw both of them and we sleep in the same bed but that is their decision. I care for both of them and have promised to take care of them as long as they want." "Is it Rose you care for or the money?" "I had her quit work and the only other money is what you send for her rent.

I told her to put that in the bank for her to have. I pay for everything." "You should talk to Rose." She got up and walked out of the bedroom. If that's what Rose was going to look like in twenty years I think I will stick around. Right now my problem was how to tell Rose what happened. I looked at the clock and it was only 11am. I needed more sleep. This time when I woke up with a woman touching me it was my lovely Mercedes. "Hey sleepyhead it's after 3.

You want to join the living?" I pulled her to me and hugged her. "I need to talk to you and Rose alone and soon." She moved back a bit and looked at me. "What's the matter, can I help?" "I have to talk to both of you about this." Get dressed, I'll be right back." Then she went out and closed the door behind her. When she came back a few minutes later she had Rose in tow. "OK we're here, what's going on?" I don't know exactly how to say this but first I need you both to know that I would never do anything to hurt either of you.

It's only been a couple of weeks but I think I love both of you." Then I blurted out what happened this morning. Neither of them said anything at first and then Rose spoke up. "You expect us to believe my mother just out of the blue gave you a blow job? Why would she do that?" "She said she wanted to know if I wanted you or your money. She told me to ask you. What was she talking about?" Rose just sat there looking at me. She finally said softly "How could she? I was saving it as a surprise for you and Mercedes when I turned 25 next month." I sat down next to her and put my arms around her.

"What are you talking about?" "When my dad sold his company 29% of the stock was in moms name and 20% was in my name. My money from the sale was put in trust until I turned 25. I never told anyone, not one single soul, so I would be accepted for being Rose. When I turned 25 I was going to ask you to quit working, like you did Mercedes and me, and the three of us live happily ever after." "We can still do that, starting right now.

Know more pretending. Tonight you spend with me and Mercedes. We can tell your mom if she has a problem with it, that's just too bad. Oh and don't you dare leave me alone with her again." Mercedes joined our hug until Rose stood up. "Don't move I will be right back." I no time at all she was back dragging Linda. Rose closed the door and sat down between Mercedes and me and put her arms around us.


'This is my new family. We love each other and want to be with each other, only each other. We have no secrets. Bill told us what you did and said this morning. You ruined a great surprise I had planned next month but I forgive you. You only have to remember one thing. Daddy doesn't have to know as long as you don't do anything else to cause of any problems. You can leave and close the door behind you, unless you want to see your daughter getting screwed with the cock you tried to get." As soon as her mother left Rose said "I want to get undressed and just lay in bed just holding you and Mercedes.

Is that ok?" Instead of answering we just took off our clothes and climbed under the covers with Rose between us. Rose cried softly for a few minutes then lay there quietly until saying "I feel a lot better now that it's all out in the open. I love you both for taking me as I am. When I get access to my money next month I want to take us away from here on a vacation, if that's ok with you guys?" "Why don't we talk about that after your folks have left and we can sit together as a family and plan?" Mercedes nodded her head in agreement and then suggested we go get in the pool to cool down, literally and figuratively.

I put on a pair of trunks while I watched the put on the skimpiest string bikinis I had ever seen. Mercedes said they decided to throw caution to the wind and enjoy the weekend. As I followed them out to the pool I marveled at how much sexier their ass's looked with that small piece of cloth that disappeared in their crack.

I loved their nude bodies but these two would drive guys on a beach wild. We had been playing around in the pool for about 15 minutes when Rose's parentS came out to the deck.

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I was carrying Rose in my arms which brought a questioning look from her father. Her mother nudged him and they pulled up chairs at the table under the umbrella. I broke the silence. "The water's fine. Why don't you join us?" Pete looked at Linda and she just shrugged. He got up and pulled of his shirt and jumped in. Linda hesitated awhile before standing up and pulling her sundress over her head revealing a turquoise bikini. It wasn't as small as what my two were wearing but it looked damn good.

She dove in and swam to Pete and held on to him. By the time they turned to us Rose and Mercedes were both at my side hugging me. I looked at Pete and Linda and smiled. "Isn't it wonderful having the ones you love most close to you?

Pete started to say something but Linda beat him to it. "Rose you know this is wrong. It won't last and you'll end up getting hurt." "I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I love him and Mercedes and they love me. It's too bad you can't accept that, you're going to miss a lot of time with your grand children." Pete blurted "You're pregnant?" I don't know but I plan on giving Bill all the children he wants and as long as you keep this attitude you won't be welcome back." She turned to her back to her parents and just held me.

Her parents got out of the pool and headed for the house. They stopped by the back door and had a very animated discussion, looking our way several times, before going inside. Rose had her head on my chest sobbing.

"Why can't they just be happy for me?" We got out and I was drying Rose with a towel when her father came back out to the deck. He was fully dressed and looked uncomfortable. "I called a cab to take us to a hotel. Your mom will come around eventually, I hope. I don't agree with what you are doing but like you say it's your choice. If you need anything or just want to talk, call me, please." Rose went to him and gave him a hug.

"I love you daddy but I have to follow my heart." "I know sweetheart." Then he went back inside. We stayed out on the deck until we heard the cab pickup her parents and leave. When we went inside Rose pulled us to the couch. Just sit and hold me for a while. I need to have both of you close.

Mercedes said "Whatever you want. We are here for you. Just let us know what you need." We sat on the couch for more than an hour before Rose spoke again. "Mercedes, would you and Bill take me to bed and make love to me right now?" "We've been waiting for you to ask." Mercedes got up and I picked Rose up in my arms and carried her to our bed. Mercedes and I lay down beside her and started kissing her. We slowly worked down to her breast and each assaulted a nipple.

Very few kisses we would stop to kiss each other. We moved down across her stomach keeping one hand on her breasts until we met at her mound. We pulled her legs apart and I spread her lips as Mercedes massaged Rose's clit from its hood, and ran her tongue across it.

As I moved between Rose's legs she pulled Mercedes tostraddle her face. Rose pulled Mercedes down to her and returned the favor, sucking on her clit after running her tongue thru her slit. Mercedes was fingering and sucking on Rose's clit as I put my dick to Rose's love hole. Mercedes grabbed my shaft with her hand and guided it to her mouth instead. She sucked my dick in and made sure it was wet and slick before pulling me out and guiding it back to Rose's pussy.

She returned to playing with Rose's clit as I pushed all the way into Rose. She groaned into Mercedes pussy as her body shook. I could feel her juices flow out around my shaft as I pumped into her she shook more and was moaning louder as her orgasm overcame her.

I did not stop and Mercedes began licking Rose's juices off my dick as it slid in and out of Rose's hot, velvet sleeve.

Rose stopped shaking, pushed Mercedes up and yelled, "I want to suck your cock, please let me suck you cock?" I pulled my dick out and Mercedes put her mouth over her hole and sucked and licked Rose's pussy clean. I moved around behind Mercedes on my knees straddling Rose's head.

She took my shaft in her hand and pulled me to her mouth. She pulled me as close as she could against Mercedes beautiful round ass then with her hands on my hips pulled her head up until the head of my dick was buried in her throat.

She started bobbing her head just enough to stroke half of my shaft. This caused the head to go in and out of her throat as it tried to swallow me deeper. The contractions on the end of my shaft were like nothing I had felt before, like getting a hand job from a milking machine. Suddenly my balls erupted spraying cum in her throat.

She jerked on my hips and pulled me deep and held me there until I finished cumming. She started stroking my shaft in her throat again. When she had my shaft hard again she pulled it out of her and put it to Mercedes slit and slit I thru several times then aimed it at her hole. "Fuck Mercedes while I suck your balls and lick her pussy." I rammed my dick into her pussy and Mercedes head flew up.

She pushed back against me. "Oh god your cock feels so good and so big in my cunt. Fuck me lover. Fuck me and make me cum while Rose licks me." I started stroking in and holding it there while Rose sucked on my balls.

When I pulled out I waited to let Rose lick down my shaft to Mercedes pussy. Then as I slid back I could feel her tongue resting where my dick and her pussy came together.

Mercedes looked back at me. "Fuck me lover fuck me harder and faster, fuck my cunt, I'm ready to cum." I started pounding in and out of her pussy. Rose put her mouth so that my balls were sliding on her tongue as I bottomed in Mercedes pussy. Even thought it had only been 10 minutes pressure had built and I was ready to unload. I rammed deep into Mercedes and held it there, feeling Rose put my ball sack in her mouth as I blasted deep into Mercedes. She threw her head back and started yelling.

:OOOOHHHHHH FFFUUUCCCKKK IT FEELS LIKE YOUR DICK IS IN MY STOMACH. OOOHHH GGGOOODD III'MMM CUMMING. FUCK ME MORE KEEP FUCKING MY HOLE. I pulled back and rammed in again and again. Mercedes was shaking so hard she looked like she was having a convulsion. Rose was drinking my cum and Mercedes juices as fast as she could but some was running out and down her cheeks and neck. I pulled my shaft out of Mercedes and gobs of cum dripped on to Rose's face as she sucked my dick into her mouth.

She sucked and licked until she had every last drop of our mixed cum off my dick. I was feeling spent myself and fell over on my side next to my two lovers.

Rose and Mercedes sat up and I watched as Mercedes licked the cum from Rose's face. They looked at me smiling as they cleaned each other.

Rose said "You look lonely sailor, want to party?" when I nodded she laid down on her side, put one leg over my chest and slid back until her slit was on my face. Mercedes had lay down on her side with her head on my thigh facing me and swallowed my shaft. Rose had her head on Mercedes leg with her mouth on her slit.

We lay that way sucking on each other until Rose said "Yhis feels so good. I could lay here like this and sleep all night." Mercedes said "That sounds like a plan to me." I dosed off with the feel of Mercedes tongue on my dick and the sweet aroma of Rose's musk in my nostrils.

I woke up about 7pm and it looked and felt like none of us had moved. I looked over Rose's leg and saw Mercedes still had part of my flaccid cock in her mouth.

As I watched she suckled on it like a baby asleep on a tit. I sucked on roses outer lips as I tickled her swollen nub. This startled her awaked and when she jumped she woke Mercedes who looked back at us smiling and started sucking on my dick in earnest. I released roses lips and said "lovers I'm hungry. Let's go eat." Mercedes said "Can I finish dessert first?" How about we go eat and when we get home you get an extra helping." She sucked my balls into her mouth before getting up.

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Only if it's something special, that I get to choose." "Deal." Next thing I knew they had jumped out of bed and were dragging me towards the showers. Mercedes said "We smell like sex.

I like it but like you always say, the public may not." This had to be the fastest shower I ever had with these two. They scrubbed every inch of me, rinsed me off and pushed me out of the shower. "We need a girl minute." As I stood drying of I was giving the absolute best vision of a girl on girl shower ever.

They scrubbed, fingered, sucked and licked every part of each other. It made my shaft as hard as iron just watching. When they got out to dry off they each gave my dick a kiss and short suck then said 'keep it warm for later'. When we went in the bedroom to get dressed Mercedes asked if I wanted them to wear panties and bras. "I don't care if you never wear them again. They jumped on me pressing their bare bodies against me and then ran into the closet to get dressed.

When they came back out they were both wearing tight black stretch skirts that came just below their butt cheeks and a black lace halter top. If you looked real hard, you could tell it was see thru but the design just covered their areola. You could still see their nipples poking out. They put on 4" heels and stood next to me hugging my arms. Rose reached down and patted the tent in my slacks. "You better be careful daddy. You don't want people to think your girls turn you on, do you, daddy?" "So tonight I'm daddy and you're my girls?" "We're your girls always, daddy, and tonight we promise to be rreeeaaalll good and make you real proud." This was going to be an interesting night.

Rose handed me the keys and said they wanted simple Italian, Olive garden, so far so good. We got in the Expedition, Mercedes in the front with me and Rose in the back and started across Austin to the restaurant. Soon the courtesy light over the back seat came on. "DDaaddddyyy, you're not paying attention to me." I looked in the mirror and Rose had her top pulled down and was rubbing her breasts.

"See daddy I'm your big girl now. Do you want to touch my big girl titties?" Let the games begin. While I was glancing in the mirror Mercedes said "DDaaddddyyy, my thingy tingles. Will you rub it for me?" I looked over at her and she had her skirt up around her waist with her left foot against my seat back, holding her slit open with one hand and rubbing herself with the other.

"See daddy you just need to rub it for me." let's play. She had slid her butt against the console and was leaning back against the door. As I reach over to rub her thingy I heard Rose again.

"Daddy you're not looking at me." I glanced in the mirror and Rose was holding her breasts up and licking her nipples. "See daddy is this what you want to do?" Just then Mercedes took my hand and held it to her damp slit.

"No daddy, I want you to rub my thingy." Crap this was going to get me in a wreck. "Ok girls daddy has to drive so you have to take care of yourselves for a few minutes." Mercedes took my fingers to her mouth and sucked on them like tiny dicks.

Are you sure daddy? I sure taste good." I took my hand back and drove to the restaurant glancing at Mercedes rubbing herself to an orgasm and Rose squirming as she played with her breasts. When we arrived I parked in a far corner of the lot. If the ride here was any indication, they would want to play before we went in and again when we came out. When I walked around the truck neither girl had opened a door. I opened the door for Rose first.

She still had her top down and her hands on her breasts. She turned facing the door and slit part way out. "Daddy, I kept them ready for you, do you want to touch them now, Puhlleeaasse daddy?" I held her by the waist and leaned to her as she put a nipple in my mouth.

I sucked on the nipple and ran my tongue around it than moved to the other one. Rose moaned as I sucked on the second one, I ran my tongue around the areola the pulled away. "You can cover your big girl titties now. Daddy will touch then again later." "Thank you daddy." Rose pulled her top up and I saw her engorged nipples poking at the lace top.

Those were going to get attention.

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I opened the front door for Mercedes and she turned to face me. She still had her skirt around her waist and a hand on her mound. "Daddy I took care of myself and now my thingy is all wet, see." She put one foot on the door and the other on the post by the seat. She pulled her hand away. "See daddy. Can you fix it for me? I don't want to get it on the pretty skirt you bought for me. Please daddy?" The aroma of her wet sex was enticing. I slipped a finger thru her slit and brought it to my lips.

Her sweet nectar tasted as wonderful as it smelled. I leaned down and sucked it up. She moaned as I tongued her slit until l was certain I had it all. I stood up and licked the last taste of her from my lips. Mercedes stopped moaning and looked at me with dreamy eyes. "Oh daddy that was so good.

Will you do it again later?" "Yes baby girl. We can do it all you want." She jumped out of the truck, threw her arms around my neck and hugged me. "I love you daddy." When she let go and stood up I pulled her skirt down. I looked at the two of them and made sure they had everything on straight. Just like having kids. I took one girl on each arm and we went in to eat. They seemed to be behaving until the waiter asked what we wanted to drink. Rose asked "Daddy, can we have cokes?" The waiter looked at them, then me and grinned.

"Yes dears you can. And I'll have iced tea." They managed to order a meal without raising to many eyebrows but after we ate the waiter came back and now Mercedes said "Daddy we were real good on the ride here can we have dessert now?" I almost choked when I thought of thinks they might say after that. "Sure sweetie, just don't ask for more than you can eat." "We want pie with chocolate on it." I groaned silently, I knew what was coming.

When they got their dessert they spent most of the time looking me in the eyes and sucking chocolate off their fingers and taunting me. "Mmmmm this is so good daddy, do you want some of my sweets?" I was glad to pay the bill and get out of there. As we walked back to the truck both girls were hugging an arm tight to their breasts and leaning their heads against my shoulder. Mercedes looked up with a big grin.

"Daddy my thingy is all wet again and you said we could do it again all I want. Can we do it now? Please, pretty please with sugar on it, please?" she was already pulling up her skirt and I could see where moisture had collected on her thighs. She rubbed a finger thru her sex and put it to my lips. "Pretty please, see it already tastes sweet." "Ok sweetie hop up on the seat for me." Then Rose chimed in. "But ddaaddddyy you said you would touch my big girl titties.

Dddaaaddddyyy you promised." "Sit on the seat until I take care of Mercedes then I will touch your big girl titties." Here I was in a parking lot, with two 20 something's, pretending to be daddy's little girls, wanting pussy's licked and tits sucked. This was turning out to be one hell of an early birthday treat from my four young wives. I was going to have to do something pretty wild to pay them back.

I turned back to Mercedes who was now sitting on the edge of the seat with her legs up like before. She furiously pumping two fingers in her hole when she moaned and said "Daddy I need you to lick my thingy now, please." I put my tongue on one thigh and cleaned up all of her nectar.

When I moved to the other one she gave a little shiver. I put my mouth over her slit and licked at her clit. She jumped and groaned. As I slid it down to the entrance of her vagina she started shaking and when I forced my tongue inside she grabbed my head, pulling me tight to her slit. "Oh daddy you're making me tingle all over.

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This is better than before daddy. Do it some more." Her nectar flooded into my mouth almost faster than I could swallow. When it slowed I kept some in my mouth until she released my head. I stood up and put my mouth over hers, forcing my tongue in and letting her taste her juices.

When she swallowed I backed up and looked at her. "Did you like your taste as much as I do little girl?" "Oh yes daddy you should taste me more often." She turned in the seat and I closed the door. When I went to Rose she was laying on her back with her top off and her head over the outside edge.


She had her skirt up rubbing herself as I walked up to her. "Daddy I thought you had forgotten about me. Do you still want to touch my titties?" "More than you know sweetheart." As I reached for her breast she reached over her head and unzipped my slacks.

She pulled out my ball sack and my shaft. She pulled me closer holding up my dick and stroking it as she ran her tongue around each testicle. She continued stroking as she moved me back and put the head in her mouth. Keeping her hand on the base of my shaft she moved me forward until I hit the back of her mouth. As I bent over her suckling on her breast she bobbed her head on half of my dick and stroked the other half. After a few minutes of this stimulation I was ready.

"Daddy's ready to cum in your mouth baby." She pushed me back pulling me out of her mouth then pulled me to her as she stroked my shaft faster. I stood up and watched as my cum shot out hitting her face, even making it to her breasts. She milked my dick until she licked the last dribble from the tip then let me go. She rubbed my cum on her breasts and face then licked her lips. "Daddy, do you like they way I look with your stuff on me?" "You look great baby, but do you want something to wipe it with?" "No daddy if you like it I want to wear it for you." Then she sat up and licked her lips again.

I closed her door and got into the driver's seat. "Are we going home now daddy?" "Yes baby we are." "Oh goody." The next thing I knew I had two tops and two skirts in my lap and two naked women in the truck. Mercedes climbed over the seat into the back with Rose. When glanced in the mirror Rose was sitting in Mercedes' lap and they were kissing. "Daddy we're thirsty.

Would you stop and get us a soda? There's a McDonalds right up there." "Are you sure you want to do this?" "Oh yes daddy we want to be naughty for you." I pulled into the drive thru and stopped before I got to the speaker.

"Last chance." "Oh daddy, don't be worried. Remember the girl you made walk around the parking lot in heels and nothing else? His will be more fun." I pulled up to the speaker and ordered.

By the time I got to the window they had moved to the driver side of the seat. Rose was still in Mercedes lap but was facing the tinted window now. A girl about Rose's age was at the window and handed me our drinks. "Daddy pull up a little please." I pulled up until their window was at the drive thru window.

Mercedes lowered their window and as they sat there naked, hugging. Rose smiled at the girl. "Your cute." She looked at me then back at them and grinned. "Thank you. You look pretty good yourselves." "Can I have a kiss?" She blushed bright red.

"Hell why not." Rose climbed half way out the window took her face in her hands and gave her a long tongue filled kiss. I noticed the window girl squeeze one of Rose's breasts just before they ended the kiss. "You feel nice and taste good to." "You don't mind that I had cum on my lips?" She looked at me as I smiled at her and her face turned beet red. "Whose was it?" "Our boyfriend, He's driving." She wrote something on a napkin and handed it to Rose, then said "Feel free to come back, with or without clothes." I pulled out with Mercedes and Rose laughing like crazy.

"Well do you feel better?" "We need to hurry home. Your little girls are wet and ready." I drove home as fast as I thought I could get away with. They handed me the napkin the girl had given Rose. Besides her name, cell number and work schedule there was a note.

'That was fun, PS: Will he be naked the next time I see you.' Mercedes giggled. "Looks like you have a new fan." "I have as many fans as I need already." We arrived back home a little after 10pm. When I opened the door for them to get out they both hugged me and let me know the little girls were gone and my two women wanted my attention.

Rose said, "Thank you for a wonderful day darling." Mercedes said, "We want to treat you now but first we want a late night dip in the pool. Care to join us?" then they turned and walked around to the back deck with me close behind.

I loved the sight of their tight round ass's swaying in the moonlight. They dove in while I was stripping off my clothes. I stood at the edge of the pool watching two beautiful nymphs floating on their backs.

With their arms and leg spread and their hair flowing out from their heads they looked like a pair of angels. Incredibly hot, sexy angels and they were all mine. Mercedes saying "Hey sweetheart how long are you going to stand there staring?" That snapped me back to the moment and I dove in surfacing between them.

I pulled them to me and held them tight. "I was just thing how beautiful you two are and how lucky I was to stop for breakfast that morning." We stood there in the middle of the pool holding each other for probably 5 minutes until Rose spoke.

Let's get out and go snuggle in bed. It's been a long day and you have to go to work in the morning. We get you every night from now until who knows when." We dried off and went to bed. Now that they had both quit their job at my request they would spend their time going to class in the spring semester and finishing the degrees the started. That was one of the conditions originally for me taking care of them. I guess that was one more thing we would talk about before Rose's birthday in 4 weeks.

When the alarm went off I reached across Mercedes to turn it off. Her breast in front of my face was too tempting. I licked her areola, feeling each of the little bumps that us guys knew were Braille for 'Suck Here'. I opened my mouth wide, put it over nipple and areola, and tried to suck her breast into my mouth. "Morning lover, But take it easy on those. I think we may have bruised something their awfully tender today." I released her breast and gave the nipple a couple of tender kisses.

"Sorry darling, I'll be gentler." I rolled across her to get up. "I need to get dressed, would you like some breakfast?" She held me on top of her, "Do you have time for a quickie." "For you I'll make time." She spread her legs and reached down to stroke my shaft.

In minutes if was hard and straight. She rubbed it in her slit until she has it at the entrance to her hot hole.

She wrapped her legs around me and as I pushed in she used her feet to pull her hips to me. I loved the way she felt riding my dick. She pulled me down into a kiss as she helped me stroke into her. She was meeting me half way on each stroke. As she moaned into my ear she whispered "I love you so much. I love the way you make love to me. I love the way your fat cock fills my pussy. Fill me today and every day.

Keep fucking me until I cum for you. Hearing her talk like that, pressure started building and I knew this definitely would be her quickie. "I'm yours. Fuck me and I will do anything for you.

Fill my pussy with your seed. Cum for me now." I buried my dick deep in her womb and unleashed a torrent of cum. She clamped me to her with her legs and tensed up. She held her mouth to my shoulder to muffle the sound of her moans. We held each other as her orgasm subsided and her vagina stopped milking my shaft. Wen we had relaxed I stood up and she sat on the edge of the bed.

I kissed her and before I could turn and go take a shower she grabbed my shaft and started licking it clean. When she was done she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "UUUmmm, now I'm ready for breakfast. You jump in the shower and I'll get something ready." "What about Rose?" "Let her sleep. I'll wake her later." I showered and ate breakfast with Mercedes and left for a day at work. My day crew was 3 times the size of the night crew and made a lot less errors.

That made it easy to work shorter hours. I got back home about5pm and found Mercedes in the kitchen working on dinner. Under her apron she was wearing those high cut lace panties they call Cheekies because the whole butt cheek is exposed and a matching lace bra. I walked up behind her and gave her a hug. "Did you get dressed up for me?" "Sort of. My breasts have ached all day so I decided that if I needed to wear a bra for a couple days I might as well look good for you while I do." "Sorry you're sore.

I will be gentle.

By the way where's Rose?" "She got up feeling sick. She thinks she might have the flu, so she's out side in the hot sun trying to bake it out." "Is it working?" "She hasn't thrown up since this morning but she hasn't eaten anything either." I went out to the pool to check on her and found her stretched out on one of the lounger she had laid out flat.

"How are you doing sweetie? Mercedes said you think you have the flu." "I'm better. I was sick this morning and when Mercedes fixed me lunch I almost lost it again. I usually don't get sick.

I'm usually nursing everyone else." I hope you didn't give it to Mercedes. She was sore when we got up this morning in fact she still is. Dinner is almost ready, would you like to join us or should I bring you something out here?" "I'm ready to go in." She got up and held on to my arm as we walked inside. Mercedes had baked salmon, a pasta salad and asparagus in a cheese sauce. We sat down and it wasn't 5 minutes later Rose jumped up and ran to the bathroom.

Mercedes looked at me so I got up and followed Rose. When I got to her she was on her knees in front of the toilet. I sat down beside her and pulled her hair back. She had the dry heaves. "I'm sorry.

I don't think I have ever felt like this before." "That's ok. If you don't feel better tomorrow Mercedes can take you to your doctor." When she thought she was done I had her lie down. "Rest a while and we'll see how you feel then." I closed the bedroom door and went back to dinner.

I told Mercedes that she needed to take Rose to the doctor in the morning. We ate dinner and after we cleaned up I checked on Rose. She was awake on the bed so I asked her if she wanted come out and just sit and watch TV for a while. We were sitting on the couch with the TV on for noise while we talked. Rose brightened up and giggled a little. "Look at us. I haven't got a stitch on, Mercedes is in bra and panties and your still completely dressed.

You still have your shoes on." "So what's your point?" "I may be sick but I'm not dead.

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I think some clothes need to be shed so we can snuggle here under a blanket." I got up and got a blanket out of the hall closet and came back. I shed my clothes into a pile at the end of the couch and climbed back between them and started to pull the blanket over us. "Hey missy you still have to get naked." Mercedes looked at me then stood in front of me and lid her panties of with a sexy little wiggle. She leaned over with her breasts inches from my face, unhooked the front catch and released them from their confinement.

As I started to reach for them she stepped back. "You promised to be gentle." Then she turned and sat next to me. I had an arm around each girl as they rested their heads on my shoulders. We talked about where to go on a vacation and they decided to Santa Barbara on California's coast.

They wanted to see beaches with blue water and play surfer girl. I couldn't wait to take them to Santa Monica pier and Venice beach. We also talked about Cathy. Rose was going to call her tomorrow and invite her here for the weekend. While we talked I was very gently rubbing on of Mercedes breasts. With the other I had one of Rose's nipples twisting and pulling on it.

Rose had her hand on my shaft stroking it just enough to keep me hard. "Do you have plans for that or are you just teasing?" I want to get on and ride but the way I felt all day, I just don't want to embarrass myself." "Come on over here." I pulled her astraddle my lap. Mercedes moved to make room for Rose then reached around behind her to guide my shaft to her love hole. Rose eased her way down until she was grinding in my lap.

As she rocked in my lap I looked at Mercedes. "I know one of you has to have a vibrator or dildo. Go get it and we will give my Rose a special treat. Mercedes came back with a dildo that was a little smaller than me and a bottle of lube.


"Rose sweetie have you ever had 2 cocks in you at the same time?" she didn't open her eyes or say anything she just shook her head no. "Would you like to try it? My cock in your pussy and the dildo Mercedes is holding in your ass?" again she just nodded yes. Mercedes was on her knees behind Rose and I could feel her fingers as she put lube on and in her ass.

Rose was moaning as her ass was being fingered. I felt the dildo rub on my dick as Mercedes pressed it in to Rose's ass. When the head passed her sphincter she clenched her muscles making her sleeve tighter on my dick. I could feel the dildo in her ass thru the thin wall that separated us. Soon Mercedes was matching my strokes as Rose slammed down on my shaft. When Mercedes grabbed my balls with her free hand and gave a gentle squeeze I let loose. "I'm cumming, Rose. I'm fucking your pussy and filling you with my seed while Mercedes fucks your ass." As I sprayed come into her she slammed into my lap one more time and froze.

"Shit this feels better than I imagined. Fuck my ass." Mercedes slammed the dildo into her ass twice more as Rose went limp in my arms. Mercedes removed the dildo and moved back up on the couch to hug both of us. She pulled the blanket around all of us and snuggled close. I held Rose for at least 5 minutes before she stirred. She turned to Mercedes and gave her a kiss. "Wait until you try this. It put sensations in me I've never had before. I can't wait until he fucks my ass while you fuck my pussy." Right after, both girls said they were tired so we just pulled the blanket tight around us and slept on the couch.

I woke up in the middle of the night with Rose still on my lap and Mercedes snuggled up tight to one side. What woke me up was tingling in my legs. The way Rose was sitting on me had put my legs to sleep. I shook them half awake and led them to bed.

I laid them on either side of the bed and crawled in the middle. That lasted about 30 seconds. Both girls moved over and spooned me as I turned on my side.

I woke up again before the alarm went off. Rose was still tight against my back but Mercedes was missing. I thought I heard someone being sick in the bathroom. I went over and opened the door to find Mercedes in the same position Rose had been in earlier. Just as I got her back to bed the alarm went off. I turned it off and told her to sleep a little longer. When I got home they were both out on the deck sunning and said they were felling a lot better.

We settled in to a routine. Evenings after dinner we talked about the vacation then either spend a few hours on the deck or in the family room staying familiar with each other's bodies. Cathy spent every weekend with us including one we spent in San Antonio going to SeaWorld and Fiesta Texas. The Week before Rose's 25th birthday the girls got that flu or whatever it was again. This time they were sore, tired and throwing up for three days before I finally got them to go to the doctor.