Dam couldnt cum must keep trying lol

Dam couldnt cum must keep trying lol
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Michelle Montgomery was nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. She had a doctor's appointment for this afternoon.

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She was going to get a complete physical examination. Michelle had never had a physical but she was entering college the following week and one was required for participation in athletics.

Michelle intended to try out for the ladies lacrosse team. Michelle's mother had intended to go along for the appointment but had been unable to schedule time off work. Michelle would have to go it alone. It was 11:00 in the morning and, although her appointment wasn't until four, Michelle decided to get ready. She took a bath, not a shower, a bath.

She wanted to be particularly clean and sweet smelling for her appointment. She added some scented bath salts and lay back in the warm water to soak. Maybe that would help her to relax. As the water began to cool Michelle got out and toweled dry. She stood in front of her full length mirror and admired her body. She liked what she saw. Eighteen year old Michelle was tall, 5"9" tall and weighed 132 pounds. She had long blonde hair which she usually wore pulled back in a ponytail.

Her breasts, though not large (she was a 35 B cup), were firm and perky with nipples a shade of dusty rose. Her belly was as flat as a wash board and her hips flared to thirty six inches. She turned and surveyed her bottom and thighs. These were her best features; hard and muscular from sports, she carried not an ounce of fat. Michelle decided that she would dress, go out to lunch and then kill time window shopping until it was time for her appointment.

Every time she thought about seeing the doctor her tummy got a little queasy.

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She knew what to expect from the exam. Her mother had explained the procedures to her.

Michelle was a virgin although her hymen had been broken years earlier on the athletic field. No man had ever seen her down below. Now not only would she be seen she would be prodded, poked and manipulated. She wasn't looking forward to that at all. Michelle carefully chose her clothing. She decided on a yellow skirt and pale blue floral print blouse, it would be easier to get out of and into later.

She opted to go braless, she didn't really need one. Her panties were lacy French cut bikinis. She had considered a thong but decided it was a little to risqu?or today.

No panty hose and just slip on sandals completed her attire. She drove her little yellow Volkswagen to a restaurant near the doctor's office. Lunch was just a salad and a glass of iced tea. She really wanted a glass of wine to calm her nerves but she was only eighteen and the legal drinking age was twenty-one. Michelle took her time over lunch, she just wanted to get through until 4:00 and get this over. Michelle might have called it window shopping but in reality she wandered aimlessly for several hours just killing time.

She glanced at her watch. It was 3:30 and it was time to go. Michelle entered the doctor's office and walked up to the receptionist. "Hi I'm Michelle Montgomery. I have a 4 p.m. appointment with the doctor." "Hi Michelle, I'm Angie.

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I'm Doctor Baker's nurse. Have you been here before?" "No Angie, the school scheduled this appointment. I'm supposed to have a physical exam so I can play sports." "OK Michelle, if you'll just fill out this medical history and let me make a copy of your health insurance card we can get started." Michelle completed the history and carried it back to Angie.

"All done?

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Good. Come on back through the door there on your right and we'll be ready to go." Entering the door Angie led Michelle to an examination room. As she looked the room over she saw the dreaded stirrups on the exam table. Her stomach muscles clenched and she thought she was going to pee her panties, she was so nervous. "Michelle, please have a seat over here and let me get a blood sample." Taking two tubes of blood Angie asked, "OK that wasn't so bad was it?" "If you'll just wait here I need to have a word with the doctor." Entering the doctor's office and closing the door Angie said, "Doctor Baker, you're going to love your next patient.

She's eighteen and she's beautiful. She could be the girl next door; that is if you lived in Scarsdale or Beverly Hills. I mean she's a real stunner and you'll get to see it all. She's here for a complete physical." "Angie, careful girl, your mouth is watering." "Oh Ben Baker, you know me; I like boys and I like girls but mostly I like beautiful." Ben certainly did know Angie. Some of the best sex he'd ever enjoyed he'd shared with her.

They had even had several three way parties, Angie and a female friend and Ben. "Angie lets have some fun? Give her a glass of water or a glass of wine and put in two milligrams of Rohypnol but be sure to do it after you take her blood and urine samples.

We don't want it showing up in her tests. I'll join you in about fifteen minutes." Rejoining Michelle Angie asked, "How are you doing?" "Angie, I'm really nervous. I've never been examined before." "I'll tell you what Michelle; I can get you a glass of wine to help calm your nerves if you think it would help." "Angie that would be great, I think it's just what I need." "OK, I've already drawn blood but I need a urine sample first.

We don't want to contaminate the sample with alcohol. Here's a specimen cup. Take it in the bathroom over there.


While you're in there, please undress and put on the gown hanging behind the door. There are wall hooks where you can hang your clothes." While Michelle was occupied, Angie prepared the wine and Rohypnol cocktail. As Michelle reentered the exam room Angie directed her to the table and took the urine specimen. "Just have a seat up there while I get your blood pressure and temperature.

Checking her vitals Angie said, " Everything looks great. Here's your wine; Doctor Baker will be here in about ten minutes." As she sat on the table, Michelle was overcome by strange feelings.

She didn't feel like she was thinking straight. Everything seemed to be functioning, her arms and legs moved but it was like she was undergoing an out of body experience. Several minutes later she saw a white coated man walk into the room.

This must be the doctor she thought. He looked into her ears, nose and throat then eased her back on the table. "Angie, I want to do her breast exam now. Will you remove her gown please." Angie took Michelle's gown off and just stared. She was even more beautiful nude than when she was clothed.

Her breasts were perfect. Her Mons Venus was lightly covered with trimmed blonde hair. Angie's mouth really was watering, she wanted to taste her. Although he was perverted, Doctor Baker was a competent physician. He did a complete breast exam in a clinical manner before fondling Michelle's luscious titties. "Here Angie, do you want a feel?" "You bet Ben, damn they're fantastic." "When you finish with your fun please put her legs up in the stirrups. I think you'd better use the Velcro straps to hold her in place, then wheel my exam cart over here." As Angie wheeled the cart over, Ben sat on his stool and positioned himself between Michelle's splayed legs.

He inhaled her slightly musky redolence. She smelled so fresh. Ben snapped on his latex gloves and began his digital exam.

He spread her labia and looked for any lesions or abrasions then he inserted his fingers and checked her ovaries. Finding no problems, he spread a little KY jelly on his speculum and inserted it into her vagina.

Turning and locking it open, he took a swab and gathered cells from her cervix for testing. "Angie, please send this swab to the lab." Angie took the oversized Q-tip and put it in a sterile bag.

"OK Angie, the vaginal is done. You want to go first?" "Ben, you know I do; move over!" Angie got between Michelle's thighs and began to perform cunnilingus on her. She licked up and down her slit, tongued her hole and began sucking and nibbling on her clitoris and a nice clit it was, about an inch long and now swollen from Angie's attention.


Even in her drugged state Michelle began to respond to Angie's ministrations; raising her hips and squirming. Suddenly Angie felt Michelle's cum drench her face. She looked up at Ben saying, "Your turn." While Angie was enjoying Michelle Ben had slipped out of his coat and slacks and had gotten two condoms.

He slid into Angie's place. I've got to taste this before I fuck her he thought. With that, he slurped at Michelle's sopping pussy. He then rolled on a condom. "Angie I'm using a rubber; we don't want to leave any evidence." Ben stood and grasped Michelle's hips, pulling her further toward the end of the table.

He ran his cock up and down her slit until he found her opening. He pushed into her. Michelle moaned as Ben thrust into her. Although she'd long ago lost her hymen she was still a virgin. No one had been in her before to stretch her vaginal opening and walls. As he pushed his way completely into Michelle's cunt Ben said to Angie, "Goddamn this is one tight pussy. She's way tighter than any of the other girls we're shared." As he continued to fuck her, Ben knew he wasn't going to last very long.

The friction, even with the KY he'd used was bring him rapidly to climax. He pumped into her harder as he swelled and filled the rubber with his cum. "Angie, that was exceptional. Now do you think we need to do the rectal exam?" "Of course Doctor, we want to be thorough here don't we?" "Ok, elevate this end of the table and I'll take a quick look with the small anal speculum." Ben inserted the speculum in Michelle's anus and, taking a light gave her a quick inspection.

"OK Angie, give me some help with the next procedure." Angie knew what Ben meant. She rolled the condom off his cock and took him in her mouth.

She sucked him until he was good and hard again then rolled the second condom on. Ben pulled Michelle as far down the table as far as possible, lubricated her tight rose bud and pushed into her. Michelle moaned loudly as he forced his way in. God he'd thought her pussy was tight but this was like trying to force a size twelve foot into a size nine shoe. Ben didn't think he was going to be able to get all the way into her. He grabbed her hips and pulled her to him as he thrust into her.

Success, he was buried clear to the root. Michelle was in some considerable pain now. She was moaning and thrashing around, fortunately the Velcro held her in place. Ben pounded into her hard and fast. He might want some sweet lovin' later but right now it was nothing but righteous fucking.

He felt his cum rising, God he wished he could have this ass without a rubber. He'd love to fill her bowels with his hot cum. With that thought, he exploded in ecstasy. After he'd shrunk he pulled out and said, "Angie, please clean her up and put her on the sofa in my office while she recovers. I need to fill out the paperwork for her physical." Angie directed Michelle to Doctor Baker's office and helped her to the sofa.

"How you feeling Kiddo," Angie asked. "Angie, what happened, I feel sore all over?" "Well, the exam is complete and Doctor gave you a clean bill of health. Why not just lie down for a little while. Doctor Baker will see you in a few minutes to go over your results." Several minutes later Ben entered his office. "Michelle, I want to go over your test results and answer any questions you may have. First, all your tests are fine. It will take several days to get your blood, urine and Pap smear results back from the lab.

Angie will give you a call when they're in. Now, any questions?" "Doctor Baker, I really don't remember anything that happened. I'm so sore down below, both front and back.

What did you do to me?" "Angie, I did both a vaginal and rectal exam.


I used speculums to open you up so I could see whether there were any problems. Since you've had no sexual experiences to stretch you they probably are what caused the pain. It will pass within a day or two. The good news is there is no cause for concern." "Michelle, how are you getting home?

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Is someone picking you up?" "No, my car's parked just down the block, I'm driving." "Do you feel up to driving? Maybe we should call a cab." "Thanks Doctor Baker but I'm starting to feel a little better. I'll be ok to drive." "Well, if you feel up to it. Would you like Angie to walk you to your car?" "That's not necessary. Bye Doctor Baker." "Here are your results.

Just turn them at the athletic office. Bye now." After Michelle had left Ben called Angie to his office. "Angie babe that was one sweet piece of ass; you really know how to pick them. Let's have a couple glasses of wine then you and I can try out that exam table." Removing her clothes Angie answered. "Ben that sounds lovely. You get the wine and I'll get ready for you and don't forget the KY."