Mature gay booty This is a long flick for you voyeur types who like

Mature gay booty This is a long flick for you voyeur types who like
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Part 6 of ? I woke up with my arm still around Alexis. Watching her as she slept.

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Who knew that trying to hide something would reveal what you really want. I heard someone come down stairs. And then Sara came and sat in the chair next to the couch. "That was sweet what you did for Alexis." she said "yeah it was" Alexis said "i didnt know you were up" i said "ive been up for awhile" she said "why didnt you say anything" i said "i just wanted you to hold me" as she gave me a peck on the cheek I snuggled in closer.

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"is that better" i said. "mmm yeah" she said "you two make a cute couple." Sara said "yeah we do" Alexis said "ill be right back" i said making sure my penis rubbed up on Alexis's thigh.

I walked into the kitchen, and started cooking some breakfast. I made about 8 eggs which are my specialty. a pound of bacon and about 12 pieces of French toast "Sara" i yelled into the living room. "yeah" she said. "go get Kelly then come in here", i said "okay be right back." she said She walked over to my room and woke up Kelly.

As she did that i put the food on, and set the table. And walked into the living room. And knelled in front of Alexis. "Come and get some breakfast babe." i said "Okay honey" She said We went into the Kitchen, and sat down.

Just the my sisters joined us. I could tell Kelly was uncomfortable eating with Alexis there. When we got finished eating and everyone went into the living room and sat down. I stayed in the Kitchen and called a cab company.


"hello thanks for calling the yellow cab cab company" the lady on the phone said "yeah can you send a cab to 5283 cherry drive." i said to the lady "where is your destination" she said "Disney World" i said "you can pay by cash or charge" she said and hung up I went into the living room and looked at the clock it was 7:35 Am i sat down.

and about 15 minutes later the cab came and honked. I grabbed Alexis's hand. "lets go" i said grabbing Alexis's hand "where are we going" Alexis asked "youll see" i said as we got into the car "do you know where were going" i asked the driver He nodded.

"Just tell me" she said "its a surprise" i said "you'll see when we get there" "dont worry you'll love it" i added "okay" she said "well we have a little time what do you wanna do" i said Without saying anything she leaned over and started kissing me.

We just sat there making out for about 20 minutes until we got Near Magic kingdom. Luckily i brought a blind fold. I blind folded her and Paid for the cab we got out of the car. "wait here ill be right back".

i said and sat her on a bench i gave her a kiss and ran off to the ticket booth "um 2 park hopper passes please" i asked the man at the ticket booth "That will be 127.93" he replied "ok here" i handed over my card. "okay here you go" he said handing over the tickets. I ran back to Alexis and grabbed her hand. "lets go" i said " She put her hands in my pockets as we walked into the gates.

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I took off her blind fold. She screamed in excitement. "How did you know ive never been here." She said "I didnt i just wanted to surprise you" i said.


"lets go" she said grabbing my hand and running to the park "well what do you wanna do"i said "lets go on some rides." she said "Okay lets go to Space mountain" i said I Grabbed her hand and we ran to TomorrowLand and got in line. There was only like a 5 minute wait. We got in our seats. Then the ride started.

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She was holding my hand threw the hole ride. We got off teh ride and went to the next ride Splash mountain. We got soaking went we went back to the entrance. "Okay now i want to take you to Blizzard Beach." i said "why not stay here its only 12 o clock" she questioned me "because there are only a few good rides at each park." i said "ohhhhh" she said "we will come back tonight" i said We went to the shuttle area and took the one to blizzard beach> we went threw the gates and when she saw the Big slide.

"are we going on that thing" she asked "do you want to" i asked "well if you want to will". she said "well i got something better then that slide" i said I grabbed her hand and walked her to an opening to water. "whats this" she asked "the lazy river" i said "i think its the best part of this place, i could stay in there all day" i said I grabbed us a double tube.

and she jumped on. I went under the tube and into the open hole. I got up and kissed her. we just drifter relaxing for about an hour. it was already 2 o clock. We got out and grabbed a quick lunch. Then we went back to the shuttle and went to Epcot. we Did test track, mission space, and Soarin.

then it was about 4 so we went to animal Kingdom. We did the best ride ever. It was expedition Everest. She was so scared the she hid in my shoulder. But the wait was an hour and a half for that ride. so we got out at 6 30. "are you hungry" i asked "yeah im really hungry" she replied "okay lets go" we got another shuttle and went to Downtown Disney.

We walked past all these restaurant's.


"which one are we going to" she asked "the best one" i replied just then we walked up to Planet Hollywood. We got a table and ordered. it was amazing before our food got there there was music playing and the lyrics were on a huge tv on the wall. The waitress walked by. "can we sing to this" i asked the waitress as she walked by "well we encourage it" she said "ever since a group of kids sang along with the music we played we added it to our policy." she said So before our food came we sang along the the music.

After we ate we went back to Magic kingdom and watched the fireworks. Just before the fireworks i called for the cab.And as the finale happened she looked over at me and Kissed me so passionately.And as we finished the cab pulled up. we got back to my house and I led her to her car.

"I hope you had fun" i asked "it was the best date ever." she replied as she hugged me "i love you"she whispered into my ear.

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"I love you to" i said as i opened her door "ill call you tomorrow" i said i closed her door and she drove off. I went inside and Kelly was sitting on the couch i sat next to her.

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"where did you guys go" she asked "Disney World" i said "wow you must really like her" she said "i do i really do" I said "well what about us" She said "i still love you, and i love her" i said "but i also think you should get a boyfriend for yourself" i added.

"we cant keep doing this forever" i said "i know but i didnt think you would have found someone else so soon" she added starting to cry into my shoulder. "i didnt know i would feel this way about her" i said "i didnt know until after i sung for you at the talent show." i added "well how did you know you loved her" she said "i knew when she kissed me at the car after the talent show." i said She got up and went to bed.

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I went in five minutes later. and sat on her bed "ill always love you, but you need to find someone else" as i said that she sat up and kissed me and threw me onto her bed.

And unzipped my pants. she started sucking my cock. until i was hard. then she put me in her. Riding me until i came deep inside her. "we are not stopping" she said " i never said we should stop i said you should find somebody" i replied,and i got up and went to sleep in my bed.