Emo dirty gay porn movietures xxx Last time we seen Josh Osbourne he

Emo dirty gay porn movietures xxx Last time we seen Josh Osbourne he
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This is a true story and is happening right now in my life. Where do I start. Well I am in a good relationship, having a caring, sharing partner, the sex is good, life is rolling along. I work as a male nurse, thus having frequent contact with female nurses in my profession.

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I am good at my job and am professional in my practice. I attended a work function recently, colleagues greeting each other gave a hug and peck on the cheek on arrival. One of my colleagues Tracey, whom I had a good work relationship, greeted me, and I was surprised how hot she looked with a little make up on and out of work uniform.

She smiled at me, and as we pecked each others cheeks, I had the sudden desire to kiss her lips. It was a warm tingling sensation that ran through me. I held back, and looked into her eyes, I wondered if she felt that as well. I was with my partner, and I thought wow that was close.

That was not like me, but it was so real, a strong desire, sort of magnetic as I felt drawn to her pheromones I'm sure. Tracey wandered off to mingle, and I thought nothing of it until latter in the night.

When being a little tipsy, photo's were being taken and our group took turns in photo's with each other. Well Tracey was next to me chatting, and we both laughed and posed for a photo, cheek to cheek. We looked at each other playing to the camera, and the feeling hit me again, I had the strongest desire to smell her closeness and taste her lips. I had a little shiver, a pang of attraction, goose bumps. Wow. Throughout the remainder of the night, I found myself looking to where Tracey was, watching her dancing and moving.

But I was careful not to alert my partner.

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In fact as we sat at the dinning table, I surprised my partner with amorous advances, secretly caressing her buttocks and breasts. To which she blushed and whispered to me her plans for when we got home. At some point, I felt Tracey's eyes on me, and when I turned, she was approaching and asked me for a dance. My partner raised no objections, I followed Tracey onto the dance floor, watching her dress sway to the movement off her hips. It was a modern dance so basically we did our own thing, but as she moved I appreciated her curves and ample breasts.

Her eye contact and smile was very warming to my ego, my mind wandered.


Soon the dance was over, as was the function, my partner and I went home and completed a fun evening, fulfilling her plans. In the following weeks, I had little contact with Tracey at work, opposite rosters, we nodded and smiled in passing.

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Eventually we worked on the same shift, and when in close proximity, their was an obvious spark. Tracey on a couple of occasions when walking passed in a confined area, accidentally brushed my arm or shoulders with her full breasts. We chatted and shared information and stories. I enjoyed her company and my mind wandered on occasions thinking naughty thoughts about Tracey. Sometimes when she was seated, her cleavage was visible, which I took full advantage of - a harmless look, but still stirred my thoughts.

I would have loved to reach downslipping my hands into her top finding her nipples. Tracey was rubbing her neck, in the office, nobody was around, the other staff being off at a meeting, while we looked after things.

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I silently walked up behind her and began massaging her neck and shoulders, startled at first she soon relaxed, pleasurable moans being expressed. She was like putty in my hands, for I knew what I was doing, having a qualified massage certificate. Problem was, her moans were giving me pleasure as well, my penis was stirring, and again the warm fuzzy feeling was roaming my body.

We were interrupted by a client needing attention, Tracey rolled her eyes and blushed and thanked me. It was hook line and sinker - I wanted more.

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But due to circumstance and private commitments, working in close proximity with Tracey grew less for 2-3 weeks. The brief contacts we had, only led to my mind racing, and my desires being enhanced. Although I new it was wrong, I longed to see Tracey, hoping to flirt and chat, chat and flirt, and more, so I would often check the rosters to see when she was working. Perhaps this gives me time to ponder and reflect.


Sex with my partner had improved greatly, my partner marveling at my improved sexual prowess. Don't get me wrong, my partner is attractive and has a good body. Not stunning model material, but then - I am not either - I have been described as ruggedly handsome. Love, I'm not sure, convenience - great friends, yes. We are both comfortable in our day to day lives. Tracey is currently single, having been in a bad relationship, she has two children. She is a tad shorter than my partner, having a curvaceous body, and out going personality, attractive - yes.

I am aware that she may be seeking to seduce, and get her man. But she has stated to me, she does not want to cause me any problems in my relationship, so maybe it is a harmless - playful game. Not. Though I have not tasted her lips, nor touched her hidden treasures, my mind and body wants to explore this woman to the fullest. The mere thought excites me - see I am getting aroused writing this - omg.

Dilemma. Then the what if's, play on my mind.

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What if my partner got wind of it and found out. What if I lost that relationship. What if Tracey told someone. What if word got around.

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What if Tracey only wanted a fuck buddy. cool What if Tracey got too serious and caused problems. etc.etc.so many what if's.

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Any way this is where I am at, writing this with a hard on, I have 5 days off before I return to work. Perhaps Tracey will have left by then, if not ,I plan to offer her some private massage for her aching body, and share the outcomes with you. Thanks for reading.

Update to come in the near future.