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Gay blowjob under desk xxx The squad that works together  pounds
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The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 Copyright 2013 Chapter Seven: The Date "I'm so sorry about the mix-up, Sister Louise," the check-in clerk at Chicago's O'Hare International said, disbelief tinging her voice whenever she said "sister". The clerk, Nancy, still didn't quite believe I was a nun.

I couldn't blame her since I was dressed in a tight, cobalt blue dress that barely covered my ass and had a deep, plunging neckline. I was wearing stiletto hills that made my ass nice and perky, and thigh high, black stockings held up by garters that peeked out beneath my skirt.

My gold crucifix was nestled between the exposed slopes of my breasts. For the last thirty years, I have been Sister Louise Afra, of the Order of the Sisters of of Mary Magdalene, dedicated to the fight against the Forces of Darkness. To aid us in our mission, certain gifts had been bestowed upon Sisters and I by the Highest, through his Agent, the Archangel Gabriel.

One of those gifts was youthful beauty. I was fifty-one, but still had the perky breasts, smooth skin, fresh face, and tight ass of an eighteen year old. I was gifted with Sight, allowing me to see the mark of Evil on people and the Providence of God would guide me in my mission.

So long as I had faith, chance and coincidence would lead me unerringly to my goal. My mission, and the purpose of my Order, was to exorcise Warlocks and free their Thralls. Warlocks were the misguided men and women who sold their souls to the Devil in exchange for three wishes.

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Depending on their wishes, a lot of damage could be done. Most Warlocks, particularly males, made some request that allowed them to dominate others and make them their Thralls, usually to fulfill some pathetic, sexual desire. The only way to stop a Warlock, short of killing him, was to exorcise him.

And that was what the dress, and the other skimpy clothing in my suitcase, were for. To exorcise a Warlock, I had to fuck him, or her, and when they orgasmed, I would rob them of their powers. Seduction was one of the many tools we nuns used. Of course, fucking a man out of wedlock or engaging in lesbian sex were mortal sins. While I could go to confession after my mission was done and gain absolution, it was far simpler for my Order to receive a Papal Indulgence.

So, after the Ecstasy came upon me two hours ago, sending me on my mission, a Papal Indulgence arrived by fax, signed by the Pope himself. I was forgiven, in advance, for all my sins I would commit until my mission was done. And I planned to sin a lot!

It was one of the perks of fighting evil. So, after the Ecstasy passed, I packed my bags in a hurry, excited fight some evil, and get laid. Suitcases in hand, I walked out of the small, caretakers house at St. Thomas and found a cab idling on the street.

Some would call that lucky, but I had faith that Providence was at work. Until my Mission was complete, the Lord would guide me to those who would help me until I was ready to face the Warlock. When I arrived at O'Hare, I still had no idea where I was going.

I just had faith that if I walked up to the check-in counter, God would provide. "Well, here's your tickets, Sister," Nancy said and I smiled warmly at her, stroking her hand gently as she handed me my boarding pass. She jerked her hands back and gave me a weird look. She probably not used to a woman, let alone a nun, flirting with her. "Sorry for the system error," Nancy said, standoffish.

I sighed, glancing at the tickets, I had an hour kill before my flight and spending that time with Nancy, maybe in a cozy bathroom stall, would have been nice.

After I had spent three years in a female Warlock's harem thirty years ago, I had grown fond of women. The many different shapes their breasts could take, or the curves of her hips and ass, and all the different shapes and sizes a woman's labia could form. I licked my lips, thinking of the varied musk a woman exudes when she's aroused. I was getting wet just thinking about it. I looked at my tickets to see where I was headed. I had a non-stop flight to Sea-Tac International Airport, departing in forty-minutes and scheduled to land in Seattle at 12:20 am, local time.

I tried to do math in my head and thought it was almost a four and a half hour flight. Sea-Tac, huh. I smiled, it had been twelve years since I had been to Washington State on a mission.

I had stopped this Warlock who thought he was a rock-and-roller, using his power to convince people how amazing he sounded on guitar and recruiting about a dozen women to his harem. I had exorcised him and rescued the women. I recruited one of the women to the order. I started reminiscing about Sister Theodora Mariam as I queued through the TSA screening.

Sister Theodora had been a wreck after being freed. The Warlock had made her divorce the husband she loved and abandon her three daughters. She required a <i>lot</i> of consoling afterwords. We had spent two wonderful weeks on the California coast, making love on the beach, or anywhere else we could get our hands on each other, before she took her vows and my Papal Indulgence expired. When I boarded my flight, I was one of only three people in First Class, the other two being frazzled business men who quickly fell asleep after take off.

The First Class stewardess was a dusky beauty named Sarai, who wore a white, long sleeved shirt and navy blue vest that her tits nicely filled out. A navy blue pencil skirt clung tightly to her hips and legs.

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Her face had an exotic beauty to it and her accent was musical. When she handed me my champagne, her finger's lingered a moment on my wrist, igniting fire that ran down my body and quickened my loins. I smiled seductively at her.


"I'm Sister Louise," I purred. "I'm Sarai," she answered back. "Please, do not hesitate to ask for anything. It's my job to <i>satisfy</i> any need you have." After the flight leveled out, Sarai brought me a second flute of champagne and sat in the seat across the aisle from me. She had her own flute, and held her finger up to her lip.

"Shhh, it's our little secret." "I'm sure you've earned it," I flirted back, winking. "You have no idea," she sighed, rubbing a foot in her dark blue, comfortable looking shoes. "But its worth it when you meet such <i>beautiful</i> people." "I bet," then I looked around and leaned over the aisle, and slid her shoe off and socks and massaged her foot.

Sarai shifted in her seat, turning so her feat dangled over the armrest into the aisle. "Umm, that's nice," Sarai purred. "So, is is business or pleasure that brings you to Seattle?" "Both," I answered. "I'm a nun, a Magdalenite Sister. I have somethings to attend to in Seattle, but I'm hoping to experience some of the <i>pleasure's</i> of the Northwest." Sarai seemed puzzled.

"A nun, huh?

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You're not what I expected." Clearly she wasn't used to a nun hitting on her, but she relaxed as I continued rubbing her foot with firm pressure, kneading her soles with my thumb. I leaned over to, pretending to get a better grip on her foot, but really to let her get a good view down my cleavage.

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"My order is very unorthodox," I answered, switching to her other foot. Her legs spread and I quite a brief gimps of her panties. Leopard print, what a naughty girl. "I'm Muslim," Sarai confided, "so I haven't had a lot of <i>experience</i> with nuns." "I've always wandered, but is the mile high club a real thing?" I asked, continuing my massage.

"I mean, have you ever heard of people, you know, in the lavatories?" Sarai giggled, getting a little tipsy from the champagne. "It happens, occasionally. We try to be discrete if we discover it. Usually, if you knock on the door it flusters the couple so much that they quickly leave." "Have you ever done it?" There was a naughty twinkle in her eye.

"Maybe." "Ohh, you naughty girl, you have!" I whispered, excitedly and she just shrugged her shoulders. I let go of her foot and downed the rest of my champagne and felt a pressure in my bladder. "Excuse me, I need to pop into the ladies room real quick." Sarai smiled warmly and finished off her champagne.

I stood up, grabbing my beaded purse, and stumbled a bit as the plane hit some turbulence. I made it to the First Class lavatory and slipped in, quickly doing my business, washed my hands and checked my makeup in the mirror. My face was round and doll-like with sky gray eyes and plump lips that just begged to be kissed. I touched up my red lipstick and adjusted my tits so they were more visible and opened the door, eager to get back to flirting with Sarai.

Only, she was standing there waiting for me, a hungry look on her face. I pulled her into the lavatory, kissing her fiercely. It had been three years since my last Mission. Three years of furtive masturbation to memories of old lovers. I was ready to make some new memories to last me through the next dry spell.

Sarai tongue was hot and dexterous as she probed my mouth. She shoved me against the wall and pulled up my dress skirt, exposing my black garters and the curly thatch of light brown pubic hair. "Are you really a nun?" Sarai asked, sliding a finger slowly though my vulva.

She brushed my clit and I shuddered in delight. "I mean, what kind of nun doesn't wear panties?" "Oh, yes, I'm a nun!" I moaned. "But we're still human. We still have desires!" I captured her lips in another kiss as her finger slowly rubbed circles on my clit. "But, how can you be gay and still be a nun?" she pressed, teasing my clit so wonderfully. Electricity surged through my body, tingling along all my nerves.

"We all serve the Lord in our own ways," I panted. "We all have our sins we struggle with, crosses we bear. Oh, fuck, you're making me cum, you hot little bitch!" Sarai kissed my lips, stiffing my moans as I came on her fingers.

Fuck, that was good. It had been far too long.


"You are a bad nun, aren't you!" Sarai hissed, licking my fingers and then holding them up so I could taste myself. "A naughty nun who loves to sin!" "Yes! Do you always fuck your passengers in the bathroom?" I asked. "Only the beautiful ones," Sarai said and started to unbutton her vest. Her shirt followed, slipping to the floor of the lavatory revealing a strapless, leopard print bra that clasped in the front.

The bra matched the panties I glimpsed up her skirt, earlier. I reached out and freed her tits. They were plump and full, so I rubbed my face between them, enjoying her silky skin. I found a hard, dark nipple and sucked it into my mouth. "Umm, that's nice," moaned Sarai.

I kissed down her stomach and she giggled as I tongued her cute bellybutton. My hands slid down her hips, down her legs, and then raised her skirt so it bunched about her hips. Her leopard print panties were wet with desire, pulled tight so I could see her delicious cameltoe. I breathed in her arousal, an intoxicating musk. I hooked my fingers in the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down. Her pussy was shaved bare, vulva glistening with sticky juices. For a moment a gleaming line of girl cum linked pussy and panties before it snapped.

Her pussy was beautiful, clit hard and throbbing, vulva red with passion. <i>Thank you, Lord, for this bounty,</i> I prayed silently, then feasted on her womanhood. My tongue wiggled in to her tight slit and found resistance. "You're a virgin!" I gasped, in surprise. "A good Muslim girl saves herself for marriage," Sarai answered, rotely. "Allah doesn't have a problem with fingering another woman?" I asked, suspiciously. She giggled. "No more than Jesus has a problem with you eating another woman's cunt." The minx had me there.

I found it exciting to eat out a virgin's cunt, even if she was only technically a virgin. I could not fuck my tongue deeply into her pussy as I would like, so I settled for lapping along her labia, drinking her musky flavor.

My thumb found her hard little clit and rubbed it in fast, hard circles as devoured her sex while Sarai gasped and grounded, tits heaving with excitement. "Oh yes," Sarai moaned quietly, "eat my virgin cunt! Oh, fuck, you're tongue feels amazing on my virgin pussy." She panted hard, and, as her orgasm approached, she lost her English, chanting in Arabic, <i>"Elhas kussi! Elhas kussi! Sharmoota elhas kussi!"</i> Musky cream flooded my mouth, drenching my face with her passion and I drank her bounty.

She was panting, eyes closed, and whispered, "That was amazing!" I smiled as I rose kissed her. She eagerly licked her musk off my face. God had delivered me a virgin, and I was excited to take my reward. I reached for my purse. She eyed me curious as I rooted around in my beaded purse then pulled out a small, purple dildo and the strap-on harness. Fear quickened in her eye, and she backed away from me as I pulled the strap-on up my slender legs.

"We should be leaving," Sarai said, licking her lips, nervously. "The other passenger's might be awake." I adjusted the straps, making sure the dildo rubbed on my hard clit, and the smiled hungrily at her.

"I thought you said you were here to <i>satisfy</i> me?" "Please, miss." Sarai backed up, bumping into the door. I reached back behind my neck, undoing the lacings that held my dress up. The fabric fell away, exposing my small, perky breasts. Sarai swallowed, staring lustfully at my hard nipples. I stepped forward and Sarai flinched as the dildo touched her stomach.

Another step, and our breasts brushed together; pale tits kissing dark breasts. "Don't you want to stop being a good Muslim girl?" I asked, leaning in to kiss her.

"Don't you want to be bad?" "I-I," she stuttered. I slid the dildo between her legs, rubbing up against her slick cunt. "Don't you want to experience all the pleasure Allah gave you?" I kissed her neck, and slid the dildo up and just into her pussy, pressing gently against her hymen. "Your pussy was made to be fucked, and it feels so amazing when a hard object fills you up." I licked her ears, whispering, "Aren't you getting wet, thinking about my dildo fucking your cunt." She shook her head, trying to wiggle away from my invading dildo.

"Just admit you want a beautiful woman to take your virginity! To make you a dirty, filthy, lesbian whore!" She looked at me, tears shining in her eyes. "Allah, forgive me," she whispered and nodded her head. "Say it!" I hissed. "Tell me to make you my lesbian whore." "Please," she whispered hoarsely. "Please fuck my virgin cunt! Please make me your lesbian whore!" She gasped as I fucked the hard piece of plastic through her hymen, the dildo rubbing pleasantly on my clit. I fucked Sarai hard and fast and she moaned delightfully into my ear.

The door rattled from the force of our fucking. Just outside this door, two men slept. They could wake up at any moment. Or another stewardess could discovers us, or even the pilot. We could be found out at any moment and that made the sex even hotter. "Oh, fuck!" Sarai gasped loudly. "Oh, fuck my pussy. Oh, this so amazing!" "If you keep being so loud, someone's going to hear," I whispered in her ear as I fucked her.

"Unless, you want to be caught. You want to show the world that your a bad, little Muslim girl. A dirty, whorish lesbian." "Yes!" she hissed and shuddered as she came on the dildo. "I'm a dirty, lesbian slut. I love sucking tits and eating cunts!" For an hour, we fucked in the bathroom. I fucked her, bent over the toilet. Then she put on the strap-on and sat on the toilet, and I rode her hard while she sucked on my tits. She fucked me up the ass and I had an amazing orgasm.

Finally, both of us satiated, we dressed, cleaned up and slipped out of the bathroom. The other two First Class passengers were still asleep, snoring loudly. We slipped into seats in the back of first class and spent the rest of the flight making out, fingering each other to shuddering orgasms, both of us trying not to make any noise.

Thank the Lord the other passengers were such heavy sleepers. "Ladies and gentleman, we are starting to make our approach to Sea-Tac International," the Pilot announced over the intercom. "Please put your seat backs to their full, upright position and fasten your seatbelt." Sarai got up to check the other two passengers, waking them up and making sure they put on their seatbelts.

When she reached me, she bent down and slipped her hand inside my bodice, squeezing my breast momentarily. "Miss, please fasten your seatbelt," she said in a brisk, professional tone. When she pulled her hand out, she left a business card for the Sea-Tac Holiday Inn pressed against my breast. On the back was written, "I have a 48 hour layover. If you wanna have fun, ask for me at the front desk, Sarai." I smiled to myself.

Providence has laid the next step in my journey, and it was going to be a pleasant one. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I awoke alone, sunlight streaming through the large windows, bedroom windows and glass, sliding door.

I reached for Mary and found her side of the bed empty. I sat up, looking around. I was in the master bedroom of the house I "borrowed" from Brandon Fitzsimmons. Thanks to the Pact I made with the Devil, people had to do what I told them.

I also "borrowed" his wife, a hot Latina named Desiree, making her my second sex slave, along with the teenage slut, Allison. I rubbed sleep from my eye. It was late when I finally tried to sleep, nearly 3 AM. I glanced at the cloak and groaned to see it was 7:34 AM. Fuck that's early. I thought about rolling back to sleep, but my mind kept drifting back to last night. When Mary and I got in last night it was nearly one in the morning, we slipped into bed and talked about what happened.

Mary had made her pact with the Devil, like I had days earlier. And then the Devil handed me this red crystal that glowed with scarlet light, and told me if I was ever in trouble to hold up the crystal and say, "Lilith, appear before me." A fear clenched at my stomach. Why would I need this. Mary sensed my fear, and so we talked and theorized what the Devil meant, What danger lay before us.

And who or what was Lilith. "That name is familiar," Mary had murmured, snuggled naked against me. "I think its from Vampire: The Masquerade." "Wait, what?" I asked, starring incredulously at her.

"You played that?" Mary laughed. "Yeah, there was a six months or so in my junior year of high school that I really got into Twilight. And a friend introduced me to the local Vampire: the Masquerade Coven and I spent Tuesdays and Thursday nights LARPing as the Vampiress Damona." "Wow," I grinned, amused.

"You LARPed." "Yeah," she admitted, sounding slightly embarrassed. "Although, we just hung out and dressed in just the awfullest black clothing and wore too much black makeup. With my pale skin I looked like a corpse. Which I guess was the point, but I never really liked it. " "I don't know," I said, "I bet you were real sexy as a goth." I pictured Mary, black dress contrasting to her pale skin.

Black lipstick staining her lips and her auburn hair aiding an exciting splash of color, draped over one shoulder and falling down into her cleavage. "Anyway," she said, frowning at me. "I'm pretty sure Lilith was the mother of monsters, or something like that. Some demon, or something like that.

One of the cults had something to do with her." I got my smart phone out and googled Lilith. "Huh," reading the Wikipedia page. "She was a Canaanite goddess and, according to Jewish mythology, was Adam's first wife but refused to submit to his authority so he divorced her and married Eve." "Good for her," Mary said.

The fact I initially used my powers to control Mary was still a sore subject between us, so I didn't rise to her bait, and continued reading, "Then she became the mother of monsters and a succubus." "Just like I said," pointed out Mary. "Sorry if I didn't want to trust Vampire: The Masquerade for my information," I apologized, testily. "Just Wikipedia." "It's pretty reliable," I said defensively. "Fine, I'm sorry I didn't believe you." "Good," she said, nodding and smiling.

"As long as you remember that I'm always right, things will go smoothly for you, Mark." Wisely, I choose not to dispute that. "So, why would I need a monster mother's help?" I asked, changing the subject.

Her eyebrows furrowed. "I don't know, maybe …" We talked for a while longer, going round in circles about theories and speculations. In the end, we gave up and I promised to keep the crystal with me at all times, just in case. Mary snuggled up against me and feel asleep without a problem. And it turned out she snored. It was soft and kinda cute. And as I grappled with dark thoughts, trying to sleep, I found her snores … comforting.

I wasn't alone in the dark. Mary would be there with me to face whatever danger the Devil saw in my future. When I finally fell asleep, it was a shallow, restless one, plagued with a reoccurring nightmare. I was surrounded by shadowy monsters, holding a crimsons crystal in my hand, Mary pressed behind me as I tried to protect her.

I would say the words, "Lilith, appear before me." But nothing happened and the monsters would swarm in and I would wake up, breathing hard.

Mary would snuggled tightly against me, somehow instinctively consoling me in her sleep, and I would drift back off to sleep to experience the nightmare all over again. I tried to ignore my worries and go back to sleep but it was too bright and my bladder was too full, so I stumbled towards bathroom.

On the way, I noticed Mary out on the balcony and … I blinked, was that an easel in front of her? I had to pee to bad to find out, and kept stumbling to the bathroom. I braced one arm against the wall and started pissing, hoping I was getting it in the bowl.

I was too tired to aim. After pissing, I fumbled with the shower controls. A hot shower always helped me wake up. I leaned against the tiled walls of the shower, mauve and gray, and let the warm water pour over me. After several minutes of warm, luxurious bliss, I was finally feeling alive. I grabbed the soap and washed my body and then shampooed my hair. I stepped out of the shower and shaved my face and combed my hair. I slapped on some spicy aftershave Mary had bought me and spritzed some bodyspray in my armpits.

Yesterday, Allison and Desiree and cleared all of Desiree and her husband's clothes and personal effects out of the master bedroom and replaced them with Mary and my clothing. I found some clean boxers, jeans, and a maroon polo shirt. Dressed, I grabbed my phone and sent Allison a text, before heading out to the master bedroom's balcony to see what Mary was up to. Mary stood before an easel and a large canvas, paintbrush in one hand and a wooden palette in the other, covered in smears of paints.

She was dressed in one of my white, buttoned down shirts that fell down to mid thigh on her. Mary's auburn hair was tied back and fell in a loose ponytail down her back. Her legs were long and gorgeous and she was barefoot, her feet small with cute little toes. She appeared to be painting Mount Rainier with the sun rising over the mountain's shoulder.

"Hey, Mare," I greeted, sitting down on the loveseat, admiring the way her shapely rear shifted about beneath the shirt tails as she painted.

"Looking good!" "Morning, hun," Mary answered, not even looking at me. She was too fixated on her painting. "Painting the Mountain?" I asked. God, what a stupid question. What else could she be painting. "It's looking pretty." "Oh, thanks," she said, absentminded. "Any plans for today?" I asked her.

She shook her head.


"No, not really. What were you thinking." I started to speak when someone knocked on the bedroom door. "Come in, Allison!" I shouted.

Allison padded through the room. The pink-haired teenage slut was dressed in a sexy, french maid outfit that she bought yesterday. The bodice of the dress was made of a transparent, black material that showed her hard nipples and the silver barbell that pierced each one. The skirt was made of many layers of white, lacy petticoats covered by the black, lacy material of the skirt.

It was short, barely covered her ass when she stood straight, and when she bent over her ass and pussy would be on display. "Good morning Master, good morning Mistress," Allison said politely as she stepped out onto the balcony. "Good morning, slut," Mary said, still concentrating on her painting.

"Did you make the arrangements I asked you to," I asked. Yesterday, I sent her several texts while Mary and I were shopping. "Yes, Master, I made all the reservations and programmed the GPS," Allison answered. "Good slut," I praised, and pulled my cock out. Allison knelt before me and sucked my cock into her warm mouth. "What arrangements?" Mary asked, curiously. She glanced behind her and shook her head in amusement when she saw Allison blowing me. Allison was a pro at blowjobs.

She had a tongue stud, and the metal was a small spot of hard pressure, rubbing across my dick. "An orca tour," I answered. "And then dinner in Seattle, at the Space Needle. If you want to?" "Are you asking me out an a date while some sluts sucks on your dick?" "Oh, yeah!" I moaned as Allison started bobbing her head on my shaft.

I ran my hand through her bubblegum pink hair. "Okay, sounds fun," Mary answered. "When do we leave?" I looked down at Allison.

"Well, slut?" Allison popped her mouth off my cock, "You need to leave within the next ninety minutes or so," she answered then sucked my cock back into her mouth. "Well, then I need to get ready," Mary said. "Slut, when you finish blowing Mark, clean up here and take everything to my studio." Allison moaned around my cock that could have been, "Yes, Mistress." Mary bent down and kissed me on the lips. "Have fun," she said with a smile, stroked Allison's hair, and walked inside.

I followed her ass with my eyes, enjoying her hip's sway, before she disappeared into the bathroom. I closed my eyes, and enjoyed Allison's wet mouth and tongue on my cock. She was bobbing her head rapidly on my dick, my sensitive head brushing the back of her throat. My balls tightened, and I came in her mouth.

"Thank you, Master, for your yummy cum," Allison said, semen staining her lips, then she gently licked my cock's mushroom head, lapping out all my cum, then zipped my pants back up. I went downstairs and heard Desiree cooking in the kitchen. Desiree was an amazing cook, and I wondered what delicious food she was making for breakfast.

My stomach rumbled, clearly just as eager for her cooking as I was. Still to tired to do anything constructive, I turned on the TV and saw a blurry, black and white image of my face off a security camera.

"The fuck," I murmured to myself, turning the volume up. "Authorities are asking for you help in identifying this man," the news anchor reported, "wanted in connection with the a series of strange events that happened in the South Hill Bestbuy on Thursday and robbery of a jewelry store in a local mall, as well as several other strange occurrences. Eye witness place him in the company of two young women, one with red or auburn hair and one with hair dyed pink. Call Crimestoppers if you have any tips." Wow.

I guess I made more of ripple than I thought. Well, I did start an orgy at the Bestbuy. I snorted, gas, huh. I guess that's one way to explain a bunch of people fucking in the electronic aisle. Could this the danger the Devil was warning me of? I shook my head. No, that couldn't be it. If any police showed up to arrest me, I would just tell them to let me go. And if Mary or Allison got arrested, I could just walk into the jail and free them.

The news then started talking about some stupid bullshit a dog did, so I turned it off. I stared at the blank screen of the TV and pulled out the red crystal, studying it.

The gem appeared to be a perfectly ordinary crystal. It didn't burn with that crimson light like last night, it was cool in my hand, and smooth as glass. "Master?" I jumped. Desiree was standing in front of me, peering worriedly. She was dressed in the same maids outfit that Allison wore and her large tits covered by the sheer bodice dangled in front of my face.

"<i>Mi Rey</i>, are you all right? You didn't answer me." "Sorry, I was just thinking," I replied, slipping the crystal back into my pocket, next to the engagement ring box.

I needed to get my mind off what the Devil said. I hoped today was going to be a fun, romantic day with Mary that went perfectly. "What did you want, Desiree?" "Breakfast is ready, <i>mi Rey,</i>" she answered.

"Shall I go let <i>Reina</i> know." "Yeah, she's probably getting out of the shower now," I told her. "Desiree, what does, uh, <i>mi rey </i>mean?" "My king," Desiree answered, then a pained look frowned her face, "do you not like it?" "No, no, I like it," I paused.

"So <i>Reina</i> is …" "Queen," she said with a shy smile, then headed upstairs to find Mary. "Tell her that!" I called after. Mary would love be called Queen. In the kitchen there was a small, breakfast table and laid on it were four plates with omelets and crispy toast.

A pitcher of orange juice set in the middle of the table along with several jars of various jams. On the counter, a pot of coffee steamed. I poured myself a cup, added cream, and set down at the table.

The omelet turned out to be a tasty, southwestern omelet with red peppers, bacon, jalapeno, jack cheese, and avocado. My three ladies marched in, Mary in her pink robe, her hair wrapped up in a towel, fresh from her shower, flanked by Allison and Desiree in their maid outfits. Mary set next to me and kissed me on the lips.

Everyone complimented Desiree's cooking, and hungrily devoured the omelets she made. Afterward, Mary and Allison disappeared upstairs to get Mary ready for our date while I nursed my third cup of coffee and watched Desiree clean the kitchen. It was quite sexy, catching flashes of her dark ass and pussy when she bent over, or reached up to put dishes away in the shelves. When Mary returned, she found Desiree standing before the sink while I fucked her from behind.

Desiree was just too sexy to resist. "What do you think?" Mary asked, twirling about in a yellow sundress decorated with red orchids. The dress had an ovoid, plunging neckline and a high skirt that fells to her mid-thigh. A pair of black, thigh-high, healed boots complimented the outfit. She had put on a light amount of makeup, transforming the natural beauty of her face into something amazing: a hint of blush on her cheeks, eyeliner that made her green eyes more brilliant, and a deep red lipstick that made her smiling lips more desirable.

"You look gorgeous," I groaned, savoring Desiree's silky cunt. "I love those boots." Mary laughed. "Are you almost finished, I don't want to be late?" "If you could make out with Allison, that might help," I said, hopeful. "Fine," Mary said. She pulled Allison to her and they kissed, tongues wrestling. Mary's hand slid into Allison bodice and pulled out a perky breast and pierced nipple. Then, with a wink at me, she bent down and licked her tongue on Allison's nub.

"Fuck, that's hot!" I moaned and shot my load deep into Desiree's cunt. "Good, let's go," Mary said, impatient, and grabbed my arm. I barely had time to zip my pants up before Mary dragged me out of the kitchen.

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As the door swung close, I caught just the glimpse of Allison kneeling down before Desiree to drink my cum straight out of her pussy like a good slut. In the living room, Mary grabbed a small purse that matched her dress and I picked-up my keys, pulled on my black duster, ignored Mary rolling her eyes at how ridiculous I looked, and grabbed the camcorder and the GPS that Allison had programed for our trip.

Then we were outside and piled into my Mustang. The engine roared to life and the GPS was plugged in and, "Fuck, I didn't know we had to go that far," The orca tour was apparently all the way north at Anacortes; north of Seattle and north of even Everett. The GPS predicted it would take a little more than two hours for us to drive north. When Mary slid into the car, the skirt of her dress rode up and I saw a flash of red hair. The saucy filly wasn't wearing panties and I caught a glimpse of the fiery heart of pubic hair above her pussy.

As I started driving, she slid up the skirt and lazily started to masturbate. "That's a little distracting," I said, my eyes continually drawn to her finger slowly rubbing a circle on her clit.

"Between you fucking Desiree and having me make out with Allison, you got me horny," Mary replied. "So just suck it up." "I'd prefer you to suck it up!" I said, leering at her. She snorted with laughter, then closed her eyes, rubbing a little harder on her clit. She writhed in her seat, biting her lower lip. The scent of her arousal filled the car, sweet and spicy. Mary moaned softly, fingering herself, now, grinding her palm on her clit.

Two fingers were fucking rapidly out of her cunt, her breath quickening. She arched her back and groaned wordlessly as she came. "Now that you're finished, mind sucking my cock?" I asked, my cock painfully hard in my pants Mary eyes fluttered open. "Didn't you tell me not to do that again. As I recall, you almost wrecked the car when you came." "Fine, I'll pull over," I said. "We can't be late," Mary complained. "You'll just have to wait." "C'mon, Mare, I'll be quick." Mary snorted with laughter.

"You sure know how to sweet talk a gal, Mark." "I love you," I told her, reaching out and stroking her bared thigh. "You're so beautiful and desirable. I'm powerless before your stunning beauty.

You are a goddess, and I only wish to shower you with my affections." Mary started to gently rub her swollen vulva, teasing her lips, with her right hand. "Mmhh, shower me with your warm, sticky <i>affections!</i> That sounds so hot." Her finger slipped into her cunt, fucking slowly in and out of her wet lips. I reached down with one hand and unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock out through my fly. "See how strong my devotion for you is!

Look at how hard my desire to worship you is." Mary's emerald, lust filled eyes were drawn to my cock. "Ohh, so big and hard," she moaned. She licked her lips, and reached out and grasped my cock in her soft hand, stroked me twice, then slid down and cupped my balls. "Yes, you are full of thick, creamy offerings." Resistance caving before lust, she lowered her head to my lap Her mouth was warm and wet on my cock, wantonly sucking and rubbing her tongue on my sensitive head.

I stroked her auburn hair, savoring the pleasure Mary was giving me. I was so excited from watching her masturbate, that I wasn't going to last long in her sweet mouth.

The car was filled with the wet noises of her mouth sucking my cock and her fingers fucking her cunt. "Oh, fuck," I gasped, "here cums your offering!" My balls tightened and then I was spilling my offering into my goddess's mouth, and she drank it all, thirstily. She sat up, lips stained white, and furiously rubbed her cunt and clit.

"Ohh, that was so delicious," she moaned, and licked her lips. "It was warm and salty! Fuck, fuck! Mmhh, your offering ran thick down my throat!" She bucked on the seat as she came again on her slim fingers.

"Having a woman's mouth on your cock is the only way to drive," I said, shoving my cock back into my pants. Mary sighed. "Well, I'm just glad that you didn't get us killed." She fixed her emerald eyes on me, "And don't expect me to do that again." An hour later, feeling frisky, I started stroking her thighs, then slipped my hand down and started to finger her wet pussy.

Her face flushed and nipples hardened beneath her dress, and then she was more than happy to suck my cock again. I was enjoying the blowjob so much, I missed the exit from I-5 to highway 536 that led west to Anacortes.

After I came, Mary glared at me for missing the exit and declared that she would never blow me again while I drove. I got us turned around and thirty minutes later we rolled into Anacortes, a beautiful city resting on the northern peninsula of Fidalgo Island with the gorgeous Puget Sound on one side and forested hills on the other.

We drove through the picturesque town, a classic American fishing town turned tourist destination. We passed old buildings, lovingly maintained, and pristine parks full of happy people. The salty smell of the Sound filled the car as we passed docks upon docks crowded with all shapes of boat. Small boats, yachts, fishing trawlers, and more. When we finally reached the dock where the Island Explorer 3, a hundred foot-long white boat with two decks, sat moored, we had fifteen minutes to spare.

Mary turned heads in her sexy sundress and thigh-high, black boots, as we boarded the ship. And it wasn't just the men who stared, it seemed that every woman who saw her eyed her lustfully and Mary enjoyed every minute of the attention. Last night Mary had wished for all women to find her desirable and not resist any of her sexual advances, and it was definitely working.

As we made our way to the bow, women kept brushing against her and smiling at her. Finally, we reached the bow, Mary stood at the rails and I stood behind her, hugging her as she bounced excitedly as the ship slipped its mooring and pushed out from the dock. Mary's ass wiggling against my cock had a predictable effect. Mary felt the hardness and whispered in a husky voice, "I'm not wearing panties.

And with your coat …" She trailed off, as I quickly unzipped my pants and she felt my hard cock poking her pussy. My black duster hid what we were doing from view. "So, my coat's not so ridiculous," I moaned into her ear as I slid my cock up inside her wet pussy. She gasped. "I guess not." And then she squeezed her cunt about my cock as I gently fucked her. As the boat pulled out into the Puget Sound, steaming to the northwest towards the San Juan Islands, women started approaching Mary.

They would talk to her, flirt with her, caress her arm, or just stand blushing in her presence. The pretty ones, Mary would kiss and slide her finger's down into waistbands of pants or short, searching for wet pussies; and if they wore skirts she would slip a hand up underneath and finger the woman until she came.

Most had husbands or boyfriends who objected to their girls being fingered, so I would have to order them to just stand there and watch.

After cumming, Mary would send them away and hold up her sticky fingers to my lips and I would taste their musk. I started to fuck Mary hard while she fingered the second woman, cumming into her tight pussy. Mary gasped and cried out and came on my dick. Then I would rest in her cunt until my cock would harden and I would start fucking her all over again. Our activities did not go unnoticed, but a few orders to the crews left us alone to pursue our pleasures.

After Mary fingered half a dozen women, and I cummed a couple of times into her pussy, Mary started to grow more bold and the next woman she fingered, a petite Japanese woman with olive skin and blue-black hair, Mary pulled up her shirt and pushed her bra up. Then, licking her lips, she bent down to suck on the Japanese woman's small, round tits with her hard, brown nipples while she fingered the woman.

A Japanese man, her husband I assumed, started snapping pictures of his wife getting her tits stuck and muttering something in Japanese. It sounded like he was enjoying the sight. "That's it," Mary cooed, as the Japanese woman neared her orgasm, "come for me, slut. Come on my finger you nasty, lesbian slut!" Mary was fucking her hips back into me as I slammed my cock hard into her warm, wet depths. The sound of our fucking was wet and sloppy as several loads of cum already filled her pussy.

"I cum, I cum," the Japanese woman moaned in thick, broken English, "You make cum, good!" the woman said, and Mary kissed her and then she stumbled into her husband. He pushed her up against the railing and I smiled as he started to fuck her with his small dick. Mary held up her fingers and I licked the spicy flavor of the woman. "Does she taste good?" Mary moaned, "does the lesbian slut taste sweet?" "So sweet!" I panted, I was nearing another orgasm. "I'm so close to cumming, Mare!" "Cum in me," Mary wantonly moaned, "fill me up with more of your warm cum!" Her cunt pulsed on my cock as she orgasmed and I groaned and shot another load into her wet cunt.

We were both breathless and sweaty. The cool, sea breeze felt like heaven on my hot skin. And then Mary gasped, and pointed excitedly. Out in the waves, three orcas broke the surface and we forgot all about sex as we watched these beautiful, majestic animals swimming through the water.

I pulled out my camcorder from the pocket of my duster, and started filming. The whales were black with white bellies, and swam with speed and grace, knifing through the waves. Mary was right, it was romantic and I was glad I got to watch this with Mary. "Aren't they magnificent," cooed a woman with a sultry, french accent. A brunette woman, with a short, boyish haircut, slid up to the railing beside us.

She was a short woman with the graceful, slim body of a dancer. She was dressed in black, skinny jeans that hugged her hips and ass and a maroon blouse with a deep, v-neck. A second woman, tall with dirty-blonde hair and blue highlights, stepped behind the French woman and hugged her.

She was a curvy beauty in a lacy, white blouse and pleated, black skirts that showed off gorgeous, tanned legs. Both wore matching, diamond wedding rings. "I know," agreed Mary, her cunt gave a pleasant squeeze on my cock and I knew Mary was getting excited by the two women.

"So beautiful and exotic." "I'm Lana," the blonde woman said with a slight Slavic accent. She had the round face and prominent cheekbones of an Eastern European. "And this is my wife, Chantelle." "We're on our honeymoon," Chantelle said, excitedly. "Congratulations," Mary cheered. "I'm Mary and this is my boyfriend, Mark." Then Mary leaned in and kissed Chantelle on the lips. Lana gaped in surprise, opened her mouth to object and Mary released her wife's mouth and then kissed Lana on the lips.

Chantelle struggled to catch her breath and Lana was just as breathless as her wife when Mary broke their kiss. "I love your accent," I told Chantelle, "what part of France are you from?" "Saint-Jérôme in Quebec," she answered, laughing, "but I live in Dupont, now." "We live in Dupont," Lana said, pouting. Chantelle kissed her wife, apologetically. "Last year we bought this cute little house. It's very cozy." Chantelle smiled wickedly. "Mmhh, <i>very</i> cozy," she cooed and wiggled her shapely ass against her wife's groin.

"So how'd you two meet," Mary asked. "We met dancing," Lana asked. "We both work at Deja Vu in Lakewood. And one night, Chantelle was on stage and I was working the room, you know, looking for a guy who'd want to buy a lapdance. When we made eye contact, it was like, eh, electricity shot between us. And as Chantelle danced on stage, it was like she was dancing only for me. When we got off work, I took her home and we made love for hours." "Your strippers," I blurted.

Chantelle gave me a frost stare. "Exotic dancers." "Oh, sorry," I said, taken aback. "I think that's so romantic how you met," Mary said, and slid her hand across the railing and caressed Chantelle's.

Chantelle eyed us up and down. "Are you fucking her, right now?" she asked with a naughty smile. "Just enjoying the sweet embrace of my girlfriend," I answered, slyly. Chantelle laughed and was about to say something when Lana excitedly pointed. "Ohh, look at her jump!" An orca had burst out of the water, momentarily, and then plunged back into the black waters of the Sound. Lana hugged Chantelle excitedly, rocking her wife about in her embrace. Mary started stroking Chantelle's arm, dragging a finger lightly up and down her silky skin.

Chantelle smiled at her and eyed Mary lustfully with her hazel eyes. "You two are wild," Chantelle confided. "Lana and I enjoyed watching you finger that Asian beauty." "I would love to finger you, Chantelle," Mary said as she caressed the French-Canadian's arm. "Hey!" Lana protested. "That's my wife!" There was an excited twinkle in Mary's eyes and I knew what she desired. I grabbed Lana's arm and pulled out of Mary's pussy. "Hey, Lana, let's me and you have some fun over here.

You're wife is in some <i>very</I> capable hands. So relax and let me do what I want and I'll make sure you enjoy it." Lana didn't struggle as I pulled her a few feat away. Mary and Chantelle were kissing passionately and Lana looked sadly at her new wife making out with another woman. "How could she?" she asked, plaintively, as I started to rub her firm, plump ass.

"Don't worry," I whispered in Lana's ears. "She still loves you, she's just having some fun. Don't be jealous." Lana relaxed and I captured her juicy lips in a kiss and then spun her about, rubbing my sticky cock on the back of her skirt and then lifted it up, exposing her curvy ass covered by powder blue, lacy panties.

I pulled those off the cheeks of her tan ass. It was sexy seeing no tan lines on a woman's ass and I imagined this voluptuous women lying naked on the side of the pool, glistening with oil. I slid my cock between her legs, found the wet, shaved lips of her pussy and shoved into her wet tunnel. "Oh, fuck," Lana moaned, her cunt squeezing pleasantly on my cock. "That's nice. Ohh, its been a few years since I had a cock in me!" Chantelle's jeans and bright, red thong, were tangled about her ankles, her slim ass shoved up against the railing as Mary tribbed her, fucking her clit hard into Chantelle's.

Chantelle was moaning, writhing on Mary's hips as Mary sucked on her neck. Both newlywed lesbians moaned as they were fucked. Lana reached out and captured her wives hand and they gripped each other tightly as there pleasures built.

Around us, other couples were starting to join the fun. The Japanese couple were the catalyst. Husbands and boyfriends that had to watch Mary finger their partners, now had their women bent over rails, fucking them passionately. I started another orgy, it seemed. I wonder if they would blame this one on gas. Lana's cunt was convulsing on my dick, driving other thoughts out of my mind as she came hard." "Fuck me, fuck me!" Lana moaned.

"Flood my cunt, stud." My balls tightened, my orgasm building, and then it exploded out of me, flooding her warm pussy. "Jesus, that was nice!" I gasped, kissing Lana's neck, breathing hard. Chantelle and Mary were writhing together, grinding their pussies together.

"You gonna cum for me?" Mary hissed into Chantelle's ear. "Is your dirty cunt gonna cum on my pussy? You gonna cum on another woman while your wife watches?" "Yes, oh yes," Chantelle moaned.

"Watch me, Lana! Watch me cum!" Lana squeezed her hand, supportively. "Cum, cupcake." Mary and Chantelle came together, bucking wildly against each other. "I'm cumming, Lana! Oh, it so sweet!" Satiated, Mary broke her embraced with Chantelle and stumbled next to me, wrapping an arm around my waist.

Lana and Chantelle embraced passionately and kissed and it was Lana's turn to trib Chantelle. Mary and I stood, arm in arm, and watched the orcas play in the Puget Sound accompanied by the sounds of passion from about the ship. The orcas were magnificent beasts, graceful and powerful. When the orcas disappeared beneath the waves, and the Island Explorer 3 turned to head back to Anacortes, Mary turned to me and kissed me.

"Thank you," she whispered, tears beading her eyes. "That was magical." I caressed her face. "It was," I answered and cupped her chin and kissed her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mary and I were the first to step off the Island Explorer 3, followed by Lana and Chantelle. On the way back, it was pretty obvious that Mary need to get cleaned up.

I had shot four or five loads up in her and it was leaking down her legs. Lana got to do the honors, while her wife cleaned my cock. Lana was still licking up my cum when I shot a load down Chantelle's throat, so I ordered Chantelle to join her wife. Mary came on both their faces. "Can we keep them?" Mary asked, panting hard from her orgasm.

"Sure, Mare," I told her, liking the idea of having a pair of married lesbians for sex slaves. We got into my silver Mustang, proud owners of two more sluts. Mary had them follow in their beat up old Honda Civic. It may have been red once, or blue, or white. So many side panels and fenders had been replaced over the years, who could say what the cars original color was. I had to resist speeding like a manic since I wasn't sure the Honda could keep up, but we eventually made our way through the terrible Seattle traffic in downtown and reached the Space Needle.

After a brief stop at the Restaurant so I could give the staff some instructions, we went up to the observation deck and saw the breathtaking view from the top of the Space Needle.

You could see for practically forever. Seattle looked amazing, sandwiched on an isthmus between the Puget Sound to the west and Lake Washington to the east. Mount Rainier was as imposing as ever, the mountain's glacier looked on fire from the setting sun.

We watched the sun set behind the Olympic Mountains across the Sound. As the last rays of the sun vanished behind the purple shadow of the distant Olympics, I fell to one knee, and reached into my pocket. Lana and Chantelle, who had been enjoying the romantic vista with each other, gathered around. Lana had my camcorder and, thanks to the heads up I gave her, was filming.

Mary had this stunned yet excited look on her face and was slowly blushing a deep red. I fumbled getting the box out of my pocket, almost dropping it, but I just manage to hold on. I opened the ring box and held it up. "Mary, I stole your heart and then you stole mine, and while we may not have known each other long, it has been long enough for me to know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Will you marry me?" "Yes! Yes, yes, yes!" she exclaimed, eyes full of tears. She pulled me up and threw her arms about me and kissed me thoroughly. Time seemed to stop and there was only Mary and I, connected body and soul. Our bodies were pressed together, out tongues in each other's mouth. I staggered when she broke the kiss, leaning on Mary to avoid falling down while she clung tightly to me for support. Around us, other tourists clapped and whistled. I pulled the black diamond engagement ring out of the box and my hand trembled as I slid it onto her left ring finger and then we were kissing again.

The applause and cheers died away when we both kissed Lana and Chantelle and the spectators all walked away in confusion or disgust, or both. But Mary and I didn't care. We were happy to share our love with out sluts. Mary clung tightly to me as we headed down to the Skycity Restaurant, one floor below the observation deck. To surprise Mary, I had left her outside when I gave the staff my specific instructions, so she didn't know what to expect and she was excited to find out. The Maitre D' was waiting outside the restaurant entrance next to a close sign.

He was politely apologizing to customers who wanted to dine there. He let the four of us pass with a stiff nod, clearly unhappy but unable to object. In the restaurant the female, attractive members of the wait staff lined up naked save for little, white waist aprons, leaving their flat stomachs and beautiful breasts on display.

There were six of them, all gorgeous in their own, unique ways. "Choose three to wait on us," I told Mary, "and the other three will serve Chantelle and Lana." "Thank you, Master," Lana said, eyes feasting on the banquet of naked women, arm wrapped around her wife. Chantelle licked her lips. "Your welcome, Lana," I said. "Its your honeymoon, still, so you two have fun." Mary considered the women and choose a buxom, raven-haired girl, a lanky blonde, and a short, but very busty, Asian woman.

She wrapped an arm around the blonde and the Asian and pulled them tight and grinned wickedly at me. "Oh, we're going to have fun tonight!" To be continued …