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Hottie sucks and strokes a hard dick on webcam
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"Tracey, Tracey, yohoo." Tracey knew who was trying to get her attention and for a second or two she thought about pretending she hadn't heard them and just carry on walking down the street but with an inward sigh she knew she couldn't do that and instead she turned and greeted Emily with a fake smile. She was sure Emily's smile back at her was equally false, after all they were hardly the best of friends. Emily Chambers was Tracey's neighbour and they had gone to school together but they hardly mixed outside school and once their joint education had finished they hardly mixed at all.

Tracey always had the distinct impression that Emily was constantly looking down on her with a disdainful look, a sneer almost. She had been that way since school, Emily had been on the cheer leading squad and had dated the best looking boys at school whereas Tracey had been more scholarly and had hardly dated at all. Not that Tracey wasn't an attractive girl, she was in fact a bit of a stunner with shoulder length blonde hair, green eyes a nipped in waist and generous dd boobs.

She had received her fair amount of attention from the boys at school and since but even though on the outside she looked like a party girl she was at heart a home girl. She had had boyfriends before of course but none of them had lasted too long, in fact she remembered that one of the more promising boys, and certainly the best looking one, had been snatched away from her by Emily about eighteen months ago! At the time Tracey had been mad with Emily about it, especially as she had dumped the guy 3 weeks after stealing him from Tracey, and the two of them had had a big of a row about it.

Another reason she was surprised to see Emily apparently all friendly and cheerful with her in the street. The two girls gave each other a slightly awkward hug and then Emily launched into a breathless speech asking Tracey what she had been up to and jumping in with her own recent history before Tracey could get two words in.

Tracey just stood there and let Emily talk at her, after all she was sure in a few more seconds she would say how nice it had been to see her and then dash off to wherever she was going d Tracey wouldn't see her for another six months. That hope was short lived though as Emily suddenly asked her if she was doing anything and like a fool Tracey had replied and said no she was only window shopping.

"Oh that's great, you can come with me then, I'm getting Simon a present for his birthday, you can help me choose." Emily took her hand and started leading her down the street still talking inanely about anything and everything. Tracey did think about snatching her hand back and saying she'd just thought of somewhere she had to be but instead she thought what the hell, she really wasn't busy so why not help Emily choose a present for her brother.

As they walked Emily explained that Simon was eighteen in a few days time and she wanted to get him something special, something he would really enjoy and she gave a funny little giggle as she said it. From past experience Tracey knew Simon was just as snobby and horrible as his big sister.


She had babysat him a few times a few years earlier and even then he'd creeped her out with the way he looked at her and spoke to her. She couldn't lay on her fingers on it but there was something about him, it was almost like he was a dirty old man in a young boys body! As they walked Tracey realised they were slowly but surely leaving all the shops behind and she wondered where she was being led to, Emily still had a firm grip on her hand and she did feel like she was being led!

She was about to ask just that when they suddenly took a right turn and up some steps and as they entered the door Tracey saw a sign on the wall, Eastfield Slave Centre Slaves bought and sold.

Tracey was shocked, she had never been to a slave centre before. She knew they existed of course, she wasn't stupid.

The female slavery act making it legal to own female slaves had been bought in five years earlier and slaves were now bought and sold and owned everywhere. Tracey's family had never owned a slave but she knew plenty of families that did, including Emily's family she realised.

"Emily, what are we doing here!" Tracey gasped. Emily turned to look at her and with a little giggle said, "Getting Simon's present silly." "Your buying him a slave?" Tracey asked shocked. "Sure, it's the perfect present for the little pervert." she laughed, "this place usually has a good selection and not too pricey." Tracey looked around and saw that it was a non de script entrance lobby with a large desk to one side which Emily approached and Tracey meekly followed.

She hated to admit it she was already fascinated. Like most girls now days she had often wondered what it would like to be a slave and she had to admit she found the whole idea extremely exciting and sexually arousing. The idea that she could literally be bought and sold as nothing more than a slave, a piece of meat, to be used however her owner saw fit brought out her submissive side like no other fantasy. She knew of course the difference between fantasy and reality was quite stark, it was one thing to wonder what it was like to be a slave girl laying in your own warm bed with your fingers busy between your legs, quite another to be chained up naked and cold in some dark cellar to be used as cruelly and pervertedly as your owner liked.

Still, the fantasies had kept her busy on many a night and she couldn't stop a tremor of excitement coursing through her now that she was actually in a slave centre.

Emily was bent forward talking to the young man behind the desk and Tracey couldn't hear what she was saying so instead she looked at the few posters on the wall. Best prices paid for your unwanted pussy! Screamed one in lurid red and, Large selection of slaves always available.

Cheapest pussy in town. Buy and take away today. It was all Tracey could do to stop herself touching her own pussy as she continued to read the posters until she felt Emily touch her arm. "Come on, we've got a room over here." Tracey didn't know what that meant, why would they want a room?

But she followed Emily down a short corridor and then into a brightly lit room with a desk and PC and a few chairs around it. Both girls sat down and Emily immediately got her phone out of her purse and started to text someone and Tracey sat still, not willing to speak in case her voice gave away her excitement! Within a minute and a few seconds after Emily had put her phone away the door opened and in walked a naked girl!

Tracey almost gasped but managed to stop herself as the pretty blonde girl closed the door behind her and smiled broadly as she saw Emily. "Oh Hi Miss Chambers, how are you?" "I'm good Missy thank you." Emily beamed back at the naked girl who looked at Tracey for the first time and quickly back at Emily, "Have you bought us another one Miss Chambers?" "Oh no, this is a friend of mine, she's going to help me pick a girl for my brother as a birthday present, however maybe that's not a bad idea." she giggled and winked at Tracey.

"Well maybe later then." the naked girl laughed, "now what did you have in mind for your brother." "oh the usual, busty blonde type, you know how easy men are to please." Emily laughed and the other girl joined in.

Missy started entering some details into the PC asking Emily the odd question before saying, "Okay we should have a nice little selection for you to look at soon." Tracey just sat there, in truth she was transfixed by the girls nakedness, slightly embarrassed by it but also excited by it. She had seen naked girls before of course but never is this setting, a brightly lit office, and the girl was so casual about it with no hint of embarrassment.

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She had also not sat down so her whole body was exposed to Tracey who despite herself could not stop looking. She knew she was a slave girl of course, she wasn't in fact completely naked, she had a thin leather slave collar around her neck. Tracey knew about the collars, although they looked like leather they had metal strands running through the material. This meant two things, firstly they were almost impossible to get off, once a slave collar was on it was on for life.

Secondly the metal in the leather meant they could be used as shock collars and with a remote control you could zap the girl with a powerful electric shock whenever she needed punishing, or maybe just because it was fun! Most collars were controlled now by apps that you could download for your phone.

Most of them had explicit names likes, Pussy Shocker, or Cunt Zapper, but they all worked on the same principal, you downloaded the app, it would tune itself into whichever slave collar you pointed it at and you could then shock the girl from up to a hundred meters away!

Tracey knew the shocks could be very powerful and the apps were selling themselves on being able to produce the most powerful shocks, she knew one of the latest was called Pussy Fryer and from what she'd heard it literally did just that!

She was suddenly bought back to reality when she heard the slave laugh, "While we wait how about this one, she looks like a pretty one, I'm sure you would do well out of it if you let us sell her for you." "Really, do you think so, yes I guess she is a little beauty isn't she." Emily giggled "Shall I process her then?" the slave pressed, "will only take a minute." Startled Tracey looked at Emily, "Emily!" she gasped in shock at the idea.

Emily looked at her for a second and then burst out laughing. "Your face Tracey! Don't worry it wasn't my plan to sell you although you wouldn't be the first girl I've bought here and had converted, they pay half the auction price you know." For a second Tracey looked reassured but then Emily said, "Stand up for a second Tracey, let the girl have a look at you." She was going to refuse but from the expression on Emily's face she obviously wasn't expecting a refusal and besides, she couldn't dismiss the fact that she was still tremendously excited and so with slightly trembling legs she self consciously stood up.

"Well what do you think Missy, would she fetch a good price for me at auction." Emily laughed. "She looks very nice Miss but I would have to see all of her to give an honest opinion." the slave girl replied. "Oh yes of course, go on then Tracey, just slip your clothes off for us." Emily said rather sternly to the once again startled Tracey.

"I can't do that Emily!" she whined slightly. "Why not. It's only us girls here and Missy is naked already, " she laughed, "it's only a bit of fun, let her have a proper look at you." Emily said in a persuading tone. "I'm too embarrassed." Tracey whimpered hating herself for sounding so weak and to her surprise the slave girl suddenly snapped at her, "If I were you young lady I would do as my mistress told me or face the consequences." For a second she was about to say that Emily was not her mistress, she was merely her stuck up neighbour but she couldn't deny the fact that being spoken to like that turned her on enormously and so hating herself for doing up but soaking up every last second for future reruns in her mind she started to undress.

Emily gave a little giggle of triumph and smiled at Missy, "You've obvious got the magic way." "You just have to be firm with new slaves, make sure they know who's in charge Miss, this one won't be any bother now." Tracey was about to point out that she wasn't a new slave but as she was unclasping her bra at the time she thought she'd better keep quiet.

Pulling her panties down and stepping out of them she now stood completely naked in front of Emily and Missy. Self consciously she moved her hands to between her legs to cover herself from their gaze but immediately Missy snapped, "Hands by your sides, slaves aren't allowed modesty." Tracey quickly moved her hands to her sides exposing herself totally to the indifferent gaze of Missy and the amused look of Emily.

Noticing the two rings on Tracey's fingers Missy suddenly said, "Take the rings off to, slaves are not allowed personal possessions." "Emily, I can't do that, they are my grandmothers wedding and engagement rings, and they're worth a lot of money!" she gasped.

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She suddenly recoiled in shock as Missy slapped her across her right cheek hard! "I told you slaves are not allowed possessions, they belong to your mistress now, take them off and give them to her." she snarled at the shaken Tracey. "You better do as she says Tracey." Emily giggled and the trembling Tracey wriggled the rings off her fingers and dropped them into the grinning Emily's hand.

For the next few moments Tracey stood naked and with her hands by her sides as Missy looked her over as if she was inspecting an animal or prize pet.

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She ran her hands up and down Tracey's sides, cupped her breasts and squeezed them, felt and patted her bum and even made her open her mouth so she could look inside. Then to Tracey's acute embarrassment she pushed her finger into her pussy for a few seconds before withdrawing it and holding it up to show Emily it was glistening wet! Eventually she stopped her inspection and said to Emily, "Yes she'd definitely one of the best ones you've bought us, I'm sure we could sell her for a tidy sum, and as you can see the idea excites her as well!" Tracey looked at Emily with a pleading look, this was all very exciting and she was the first to admit that her pussy was sopping wet but this was also getting to close for comfort!

Emily burst out laughing when she saw Missys glistening finger and wagged her own finger in a mock scolding gesture in Tracey's face. "Oh Tracey this turns you on does it, well maybe I should sell you then, make some money off you, I already have your jewellery after all, is that what you want?" "Emily don't be silly, this is just a game isn't it, let me get dressed again and leave, please." Tracey squealed.

To Tracey's horror and Emily's surprise all of a sudden Missy scooped up the pile of Tracey's clothes that was laying on the desk and pulled open one of the drawers and dropped them in, closed it and opened another drawer and pulled out a slave collar.

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"The only thing she needs to wear from now on is one of these." she exclaimed holding it up for all to see. Tracey gave a small gasp and Emily squealed with delight, "Oh yes, try it on Tracey, you will look so cute with a collar on." "I can't!" Tracey said shocked and then got an even bigger shock as Missy slapped her hard across the cheek again.

"What did I tell you before, a slave obeys her mistress at all times, now pull your hair up and lean forward." Again Tracey was about to shout she wasn't a slave but she was naked, her clothes were out of her reach and she was in a slave centre, with another pleading look at Emily all she got in response from her was, "I'd do as she says if I was you Tracey, she seems to know how to handle slaves." "But I'm not a slave!" Tracey squealed.

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"Not yet maybe but that cute little pussy of yours seems to like the idea." Emily giggled. "Now lean forward slave." Missy snapped and this time Tracey did as she was told and heard the snap of the lock as the collar was fastened around her neck at the same time as she heard a small squeal of delight from Emily.

"Oh I knew you'd look cute in a slave collar Tracey." Emily laughed clapping her hands together.

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Tracey knew she was in a difficult position, she was very close to becoming a fully fledged slave, she was naked and collared, that scared her to death but it also excited the hell out of her. Just then the door opened and a man walked in followed by six naked slaves, just like Tracey. "Here's your selection Miss Chambers." the man said looking at Tracey in mild surprise.

"Okay girls, line up for us, and you new girl, you join the line." Missy ordered. Again Tracey looked at Emily for instruction but got none back so did as she was told and joined the line of naked girls, just another slave to be looked at and possibly bought! "Oh God that's so sweet." Emily squealed, "Simon would love to see this, is it okay if I take a few pictures so I can show him." "Of course." Missy smiled and Tracey looked on in horror as Emily fished her phone out of her bag and started taking snaps of the line of naked girls, some of the whole line but quite a few focused purely on Tracey!

Missy and the man who had bought the girls in seemed to be busy at the computer and Emily took the opportunity to whisper to Tracey, "Don't worry, this is all a little game, just play along a little longer and I'll get you out of here soon, anyway your having fun aren't you?" she giggled and to Tracey's surprise she tweaked her left nipple making her yelp which caused the other two to look up.

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Tracey had been greatly relieved at Emily's words, to all extents and purposes she had almost resigned herself to becoming a slave, she guessed that was not Emily's intention when she'd brought her here but she'd been talked into it by Missy but it seemed Emily was easily persuaded!

Tracey was enjoying the game, she couldn't deny that, she'd never been wetter! But that was as long as she knew it really was a game, now Emily had reassured her she felt much happier, and hornier! Okay she had the embarrassment of Emily no doubt showing her pervert brother the naked pics of her but that was better than becoming a fully fledged slave.


"How are we doing Miss Chambers, see any that catch your eye." Missy said coming up to Emilys side. "Well they are all very pretty and I'm sure my brother would love them all." Emily laughed. "Well I'm sure we could do you a great deal if you wanted more than one, how about three for the price of two for example?" Missy smiled. "Oh that sounds good." Emily replied winking at Tracey.

She made a show of walking up and down the line inspecting the girls, poking and prodding a few as she did so until she turned to Missy and said, "I'll take numbers, 2,3 and 6 then please." Tracey looked on in surprise, she was number 6!

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A new wave of excitement broke out over Tracey, she had just been bought as a slave. Okay she knew it was Emily's way of getting her out of this but even so. "Number 6? I'm afraid you can't have her, well not today anyway, she has to be processed as a new slave and won't be available for sale for forty eight hours." Missy said with a slightly concerned tone.

"Well I need her for tomorrow." Emily exclaimed. "I'm afraid that's not possible, the rules state that all new slaves have to go through a rigorous processing procedure, forty eight hours is the prescribed time for that to occur." For a few seconds Emily looked exasperated and then sighed, "Okay, I'll just take her with me anyway, give her clothes back and I'll take the other two for my brother." Tracey saw Missy and the man exchange glances before Missy spoke up, "I don't understand Miss, she's here for processing now." "I've changed my mind, now give her her clothes back and take her collar off her." Emily snapped.

Again there was the glance between Missy and the man who broke his silence, "I'm afraid that's not possible Ma'am, our slave collars are designed to be permanent, once it's on it can't be removed." Tracey gasped as her hands instinctively went to her neck to feel the collar, tugging at it fruitlessly.

Even Emily looked shocked, "So what does that mean?" she managed to get out. "She will be processed as a slave and available for purchase in forty eight hours." the man shrugged.


Looking at Tracey Emily gave her her best, well I tried look. "Don't worry Miss Chambers, I'm sure she will fetch a good price." Missy said and Tracey was sure she saw the hint of a smile on Emily's face!