Eastern gay twink first time Lucky Kyler Ash has Nathan Clark all

Eastern gay twink first time Lucky Kyler Ash has Nathan Clark all
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Tuesday December 16th 2014 *ring* The bell goes off as everyone starts to rush down the stairs to get to their next class. Rylee is also in that rush of people, as she walks down the stairs all she can think about is this boy in her class named Dalton.

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She only has one class with him but she swears to god she pays more attention to him then any of her school work. It's only fifteen minutes into class and she decides she can't sit any longer, so she asks to go to the washroom. She starts to travel around the school, as she makes her way to first floor.

Rylee turns the corner smacking right into someone and falls down to the ground. As she looks up she notices it's no other than Dalton him self ~well this is just great I just ran into my crush how embarrassing~ Rylee thinks to herself Dalton throws a dashing smile at Rylee and helps her up "sorry I didn't see you there" Dalton says looking at her "no one ever sees me anyways, short girl problems so it's all good." Rylee says as she lifts up her head a little bit "hey your shortness is cute" Dalton says following with a little laugh Rylee smiles and looks at the ground and replys with a shy "thanks" everything went silent for a few moments.

before Rylee got the courage to tell Dalton " I can't embarrass myself anymore.


So I thought I should tell you that you are really fucking hot. I kind of want to make out with your face but I probably shouldn't so um yeah." Rylee said it so fast she didn't even know if Dalton heard her. But frankly, she really didn't care. As she tried to walk away She feels a hand grab her arm and swing her around. it happened so fast that she only could comprehend that it was Dalton grabbing her next thing Rylee knows she is up against the wall with Daltons body pinned up against her.

she looks up to him and Dalton just whispers in the most hottest voice she has ever heard "well why don't you make out with me then." Rylee eyes bugged out of her head trying to take in what he just said to her.

She feels the pressure of his chest on hers lighten up, she just knew he was going to walk away.

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Rylee stood on her tippy toes grabbed his face and went for it her heart was racing she didn't even know if this was real or not. Daltons head was spinning he couldn't control himself his hands slowly started to travel around Rylees body. She shivered with delight. His hands traveling around her body was a sign that this was certainly no dream. After a five minute make out session the two teens hormones were just buzzing.

Dalton could slowly feel his dick growing and Rylee was starting to get wet.


Dalton looked at Rylee "so I'm going to__" Dalton didn't even have time to finish his sentence, before Rylee opened up the out of oder bathroom door. and draging Dalton with her. Rylee smashes Dalton up against the wall and starts to make out with him. so he couldn't protest about missing out on class time.

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A part of Dalton wanted to go back to class. but his dick had other plans for him.


Rylee started to slowly move her hands towards Daltons neck, Her finger tips trace along his collar bone every so lightly. She starts to lightly bite his bottom lip as her fingers now trace down from his chest all the way to his stomach.

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she stops making out with him making eye contact with him, as soon as she made eye contact her hand made contact with his dick.

Dalton moans a little, not excepting that from her at all. Rylee flashes Dalton a devilish smile.

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And her hand went right back to his dick just teasing him His dick was growing bigger, his mind was still spinning. And then he said it turning everything around.

"if you don't stop doing that I'm going to fucking blow my load!" Dalton suprised himself he didn't mean to say that it just kind of came out. But before we could apologize, Rylee had his pants and boxers pulled down to his ankles.

On her knees slowly stroking his dick.

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"hol__ holy shit" Dalton manage to say with a shaky voice. As he looked down and watched Rylee. Her hands were soft and gental, she slowly just stroked the shaft. her cold finger tips tracing along the head of Daltons dick. She then looked up at Dalton dead in the eyes and flicked the tip of his dick with her tongue and then whisper to Dalton "mmm babe you are so fucking hard" and she slowly licked up the shaft of Daltons dick and then every so lightly kissed the head.

"if you want you can go back to class." Rylee says as she kind of goes to get up Dalton did not want any part of class anymore the only thing he wanted to be a part of was this Blow job he was going to get.

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"fuck class suck my dick!" Dalton said pushing Rylee back on her knees "well if you insist" Rylee says with a school girl laugh And with that Rylee started working slowly Licking his shaft up and down slowly with the tip of her tongue Dalton closed his eyes and rested his head against the wall Rylee then puts her lips around the head of his dick and slowly back off and repeats it Slowly putting her lips around and then slowly back off Rylee then swirls here tongue around his dick and Daltons eyes fly open "holy shit" he says out of shock "suprised you?" Rylee says back raising one eye brow "haha yeah just a little sorry" Dalton says kind of laughing to himself as Rylee got more into things she started to put the Daltons juicy dick all the way in her mouth and back out slowly and would swirl her tongue around the head Daltons hands started moving towards her head.

But Rylee just pinned his hands to his side "silly boy I haven't even started yet" and with that Rylee slid Dalton dick all the way in bobbing her head up and down Dalton opened his eyes and watched Her head was bobbing up and down on his dick slowly up and down swirling her tongue around his shaft and back then back down Rylee let go of Daltons hands and he started to push her head up and down making her go faster She continued to go faster bobbing her head up and down Swirling her tongue around like Daltons dick was her personal popsicle "Holy shit Rylee." Dalton gasped for air Rylee takes her mouth off Daltons dick "blow your load Dalton empty your man hood in my mouth!" Dalton did not need anymore encouragement because not even a moment latter he blew He could feel Rylee swallowing everything he gave her down her throat Dalton then grabbed Rylee by the hair and got her back on her feet and slammed her against another wall Rylee was surprised she has never seen this side of Dalton.

But she really enjoyed this side of him. Dalton reached behind her back and unhooked her bra she gasped as his cold hands touched her back. And with one fast motion Daltons hands were up her shirt playing and groping her tits Rylee let out a small moan Cole started to undo her pants Rylees head falls against his chest.

Breathing heavily He reaches down her pants and slowly starts to rub her every so lightly "mm Dalton" Rylee moans pulling him in closer and somewhat digging her nails into his shoulder Dalton picks up speed and Rylee slowly starts to moan lightly and purr in his ear Dalton could feel the entrance of her tight pussy and Dalton slowly started to finger her. *ring* Rylees eyes pop open and pushed Dalton away put her bra back on did her pants back up Dalton started to fix his boxers and pulled up his pants they both fixed their hair and they waited until they heard no voices and footsteps.

"I will leave first then you" Rylee said looking over her shoulder at Dalton Dalton gave her a smile "sounds good " Before leaving Rylee walked up to him and gave him a quick kiss "maybe we can do this another time" she said with a wink "yeah mayb__" and she was gone just like that.