Cumshot oder Freundinnen Tattoo kleinen Arsch

Cumshot oder Freundinnen Tattoo kleinen Arsch
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I raised my fists, guarding my face as I circled him. I kept eye contact, I saw the little jerk as he geared up to punch, I saw the jab coming right for my face, I lent sideways dodging the jab and countering with a cross into his side before stepping back out of range. we circled again but I quickly moved forward with a front kick to his stomach which he blocked but he was slow in bringing his hands back up to block his face meaning my jab got him square on the nose, he raised his hands to stop and more shots to the face so I followed up with a cross to his stomach, he recovered quickly and made me pay for not moving back with a hook to the side of my face making me stagger to the side and pull away sharply but he followed up battering at my guard with punch after punch I managed to block the worst of them and managed to force him back with a scrappy front kick, I quickly launched a counter, with a jump front kick to the face, followed by an axe kick forcing him back and it was my turn to punch at his head, but being shorter than he was he was able to block almost all of them, then he span round to my side and delivered a punishing side kick to my kidneys.

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This winded me as he once again stared to pummel my head. I kept my head down and guard up and flicked my foot round behind his and swept it back while giving him a solid punch in the sternum. I was unable to make him fall but he stumbled backwards off balance and I capitalized on it with a side kick to his stomach and then his head.

Then I moved in again and swept this time making him fall flat on his ass.

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"Ok guys enough free sparring for now, take a breather" our instructor called, pairs around the hall disengaged and stood leaning on their knees out of breath from our exertions. I reached out to help Dan up, it wasn't much help with the bulky boxing gloved on but it was a gesture of good will that you didn't hold any grudges after repeatedly hitting each other in the face.

"Woooh, that was intense, you're fast" he said breathing heavily "Yeah well what you may lack in speed you made up for with brute force, bloody hell that side kick really winded me" I said good naturedly "You want to discuss sidekicks?

That one to may face killed" he said smiling "Hey keep your guard up if you don't want to get kicked in the face" I joked "Well it's not fair, you're far more flexible than I am, I can barely kick at your chin height" "Bah rubbish I'm about half a foot shorter than you, you can reach my face" "OI, Katie, Dan stop bickering and listen" our instructor yelled We looked at each other smirking before turning to the instructor who was discussing the various mistakes he had seen people make during the sparring session before leading the cool down and sending us home.

As Dan and I took off our pads and packed them in our bags we continued to bicker good naturedly about the fight.

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As we left I remembered to ask him "hey Dan you coming to the party tomorrow?" "Hell yeah the parties at yours are always great" "This one is quite small only 20-30 odd people, but it should be good night, we got quite a bit of alcohol in, you know Will, he finally got paid for some work he did over the holiday and he spent it all on alcohol, you know what he's like. Anyway, see you there" I waved goodbye and got on my bike to cycle home.

On the cycle home I started thinking about Dan, he was a really cool guy, he was quite tall, shaggy blond hair, green eyes and a nice toned body.

But what I like more than all of that was that he was fun, he always had a cheeky mischievous glint in his eyes, and a cocky little smile dancing on his lips as he said something that sounded like an insult, but you could see he was joking, he could get away with saying anything with that look.

When I got home I said hi to two of my house mates who were sitting in one of the rooms off the entrance hall with the door open watching family guy. "Good practice?" Alice asked "Yeah but you didn't miss much by wimping out" "Wimping out, I have a broken wrist" she protested "Bah wimp" I mock "And how's Daaaan" she mocked back in return causing Lottie who was sitting next to her to snigger "Dan is fine, shut up" I blush and make a hasty retreat for the stairs "You loooove him" Alice called after me "Shut up" I yell back Will popped his head out of his door at the top of the landing "we talking about Dan?" he said with a smirk before jumping back into his room and shutting the door after seeing my scowl.

I hear him giggling to himself as I walk past. I walk into my room and close the door, locking it behind me. I pull my sweaty clothes off and drop them on the floor as I step into my en-suit. I turn on the shower and let the hot water wash over me, washing out the sweat from the practice. I ran my finger over my body checking the tenderness of where I got hit. I kept running my hands over my body as my mind wandered, thinking through the sparing session, how Dan had moved, how I had kept eye contact at the beginning, his eyes, his face, his smile, his hands.oh I noticed that my hands were now massaging my breasts.

I leant back against the side of the shower the water still streaming over me as I surrendered to my urges and slid one hand down towards my slit. I start to gently rub my clit with my right and while my left massages and pinches my nipples. I start to slide my fingers over my slit while my thumb continues to work my clit in little circles. I bite my bottom lip to suppress a moan as I slip a finger up into my moist soft warm pussy. I curl it and bring it out applying gentle but firm pressure on the sides as I do so.

Slowly I slide my finger back in, rubbing the inside of my pussy. I slide it out again I return to rubbing and massaging my clit still biting my bottom lip to suppress my moans. I slide my fingers back to my slit, this time inserting the middle two thrusting them in and out I am panting now, and quite moan are mixed in with my heavy breathing. My body is tense with the pent up energy just waiting to be let out. Then with one final trust in I peak. "Oh oh ohhh" I gasp as quietly as I can my body is enveloped in wave after wave of pleasure I slowly sink to the floor of the shower panting and sweating.

I lay there for what seemed like an ages just getting my breath back, letting the calming water slowly bring me back to earth. I stand up and step out of the shower. I notice the flush of my cheeks in the mirror as I dry myself I walk back into my main room and grab my dressing gown off the back of my chair and wrap it round myself and sink onto my bed and fall into a deep sleep.

I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and rested. I climbed out of bed and dressed. It was a Saturday so there were no lectures but I had a bit of work to do and I needed to tidy my room before tonight. I had a relaxed morning slowly clearing my room with a re run of QI on in the back ground. I had a sandwich for lunch before doing a fascinating long answer on water conductivity in plants that didn't bore me to tears at all.

Then I started to get ready for the party. I was ready about 9 and went to Alice's room know that she would also be ready. We sat drinking and chatting, as more people joined us as they were ready. At half 10 the door bell rang and the first guest came in. more booze was broken out and music turned on. It was about 11 and I was weaving my way through the group of people in the hall on my way to the kitchen to grab some wine from the fridge, when there was a knock on the door.

Will who was standing next to the door opened it. "Hey Dan, how's it going man?" "Yeah pretty good man, except those questions Jones set us. They're a bitch." "I know what you mean but Katie got it, she let me copy her answers" "Ahh, right well, that sounds like a plan I can get on board with." "Haha you'll be lucky, I had to trade in my practical write up, what have you got to offer?" "Oh just my natural charm and charisma" Dan said with a cocky smile "yeah dream on dickhead" Will replied hitting him in the arm "well, she's over there, go charm and.

charismise. that's a word right, meh it is now" he pointed over at me and turned back to his original conversation I tried to make it look like I hadn't just been watching the exchange and started to walk towards Dan.

"Hey, Dan.


Did you just get here?" I asked as I approached "Yeah just got in the door" I gave him a quick hug hello. "How are you feeling today, stiff?" I ask "Not too bad, I find it's the day after the day after that I get stiff, so I get to couple it with a hangover, woooh" "Well you're going to have a good morning, come on everyone is through here" I lead him into Alice's room where there were people sitting on every available surface, I manage to nab a space on the bed and Dan flopped down on the floor between my legs.

We sat and drank and chatted for a while then Alice can in and sat next to me, grabbing a space on the bed just as someone got up. "Hey Alice, how's your arm, Katie told me you were wimping out yesterday" "God damn it Katie, its broken, "m not wimping out" Alice complained. "Yeah you missed me beating up Katie" Dan said, with a grin up at me "Oh yeah right, I floored you, you little lair" "Sure you flooooored me" he said as sarcastically as he could ".but I did" I protest "Of course you did Katie" Alice said equally sarcastically while patting me on the head.

Getting her own back for my mocking. "I DID!" "Yeah she did" Dan admitted apparently serious but then put his hand up to block my view of his mouth and said in a very load whisper "no, she didn't" "OK then, come on we have set of pads round the house, put 'em on I'll floor you again" if I hadn't been pissed I would have probably thought that sparring pissed wasn't a very smart thing to do.

As it was I was pissed and didn't see any problem with sparring in my condition. We squared up on the landing which was quite spacious for a landing, although a little small for a boxing ring especially with the ring of people who had crowded round to watch. He was bouncing on the balls of his feet and looked ready to fight, until he lost his balance and stumbled sideways a few steps to the amusement of all watching.

I decided to take the advantage and go charging in and managing to sweep his legs from under him causing him to fall heavily to the floor. It would have looked relatively impressive had I not fallen over on top of him. "Hey no fair I wasn't ready" he complained as we both got up. "Bah cry-baby, just upset you got floored by a girl." "You floored yourself too" he reminded me "Still counts" "Nope, again!" he demanded We squared up again and bumped gloves to start the match.

His fist punch was more of a drunken flail, coming in sideways with no real power behind it, I took it on my guard and lost balance because I was drunk and stumbled sideways. I ducked as his next punch came round and managed to get I shot in on his stomach before jumping backwards out of reach.

we stumbled about for a while throw random punches and neither of us really gaining an upper hand until more by accident than anything else he tripped over my foot and landed on the floor for a second time.

He rolled over laughing as I jump on top of him straddling his waist and land a few light punches on his face. "Say I win, say win" I demand. "Ok ok you win. Now get off me" "Say I'm the champion of the world" "Fine you're the champion of the world now get off" it was then I felt why he wanted me to get off, he didn't want me to feel his cock which I felt slowly getting stiffer under me.

I blush and cough embarrassed as I quickly get off him, conscious of the crowd of people watching who hopefully missed the blush, and the slight bulge present before he stood up and pulled down his jumper to cover it.

The crowd melts away and we are left alone. "Errm if you want to take you stuff off just come to my room" I said before realizing what I had said "PADS, I err meant pads.


If you want to take your pads off, we can just leave them in a pile in my room" We walk into my room and start taking off the sparring pads.

"Errm about . err the erm" he said "Yeah I know what you mean" I interrupt his prolonged pause "Yeah that, I'm sorry it just kinda happened" "It's alright I get it, I was sitting on top of it. It's .understandable" I was unsure how much to read into it, did he want me, or was it just someone sitting right on it.

I didn't know what to think. "Yeah thanks" "it's ok" I go for a hug to show him I don't feel weird, he paused for a second before leaning in to hug me, being careful to not bring his crotch close to me. "Wait. is it still.there" I asked. He blushed bright red "errm" I tried not to giggle at his embarrassment.

"It's ok; do you want to stay in here till it goes down?" I asked hoping to get some alone time with him "Yeah thanks" he said sitting on the edge of the bed "It's ok it's my fault, I'm just too damn sexy" I grin giving a near perfect imitation of his cheeky smile. And flopping down next to him on the bed. "Oh I blame myself, girls just can't help but climb all over me when they get the chance" he replied "I seem to be managing ok right now, but I'll try to keep myself under control in the future" I say, my voice laden with sarcasm.

"Hey I never said it was a bad thing" he said with his usual grin "Oh yeah?" quick as a flash I whip my leg over him so I'm sat on his lap facing him "you like that?" "Do you hear me complaining?" With that I just leant in and kiss him.

Pushing him back down onto bed so that I am lying on top of him. I could feel his erection twitching beneath me and grind against it gently while we kiss. his tongue invaded my mouth running over, exploring, every part as mine danced around it. I started to unbutton his shirt exposing his toned body beneath. I ran my hands over his body exploring it, each feature giving me joy to trace out and feel.

I broke the kiss and start kissing his neck then down between his pecks as my kisses work lower I undo his belt and unzip his jeans pulling them down letting him kick them off his feet.

My kisses finally reached his exposed member. It was nice, thick long and vainy. I also noticed he had shaved himself as I kissed the smooth skin round the base of his cock before slowly kissing up his length. It was as I was kissing the bell end that I suddenly had a thought.

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I shot up and quickly locked the door and closed the curtains. My room looked right out onto the street so the people over the road would have had an excellent view. I turned back to look at him, "sorry, just didn't want to be disturbed" "Good thinking" "Now where was I" as I walked slowly back to him I pulled off my tank top and dropped it to the floor quickly followed by my bra.

I dropped back to my knees in front of him and started to kiss his bell end again. I slipped it into my mouth and started tracing circles round it with my tongue. He ran his hands through my hair as he let out a light moan. I started to pump his shaft with one hand and fondle the balls with the other while continuing to play with his bell end in my mouth.

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His moans are indicating that he is loving it as is the taste of pre cum which is mixing with the saliva in my mouth. I start to move down his shaft my lips slowly enveloping more and more of his shaft; I moved both my hands to his balls to clear the way. When I got about half way down I stop and slid back up running m teeth gently over the top of his cock and my tongue tracing a wavy line along the underside.

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I slid back down as soon as I reached his tip, this time taking in a little more; I bobbed up and down, slowly taking more and more of him into my mouth. I was about to take him down my throat when he grunted "uhhg Katie, I'm about to blow, uuuuuugh ooooooooh yeah" his cock twitched in my mouth and then pulse after pulse of sticky cum burst into my mouth. I tried to hold it all but some started to leak out the side of my mouth and so I started to swallow, I swallowed it all and his cock was still dribbling out little spurts of cum which I licked off.

", Katie that was fucking amazing" I left his cock and came up to sit next to him on the bed using a finger to wipe up some of the cum that had dribbled onto my chin before inserting the finger into my mouth and sucking it clean while looking into his eyes. "Fuck your sexy" he said as he lent in to kiss me as he did so his hand slid down my body and fumbled undoing my jeans and then slid his hand over my pussy rubbing it through my underwear.

I helped him pull down my jeans and underwear to give him full access as we kissed he slid his middle two fingers in and started finger fucking me vigorously. he breaks the kiss and kisses down my neck onto my breasts he gently nibbled on my nipples sending waves of pleasure through me, I'm in heaven and I was angry when he stops but then I saw he was moving south and I soon feel his warm breath on my moist pussy lips. His fingers start playing with my pussy again, running up and down my slit as his tongue starts to flick my clit making me moan and squirm.

He slid his fingers in again curling them round and gently pulling them out then sliding them in again, this time rather than sliding them in and out he kept them inside massaging my pussy walls making them shiver and convulse.

I wrap my legs round his head pulling him in closer. He starts nibbling my clit lightly. This drives me wild, sending me over the edge. My fingers dig into the covers on the bed scrunching them up in my fist. My back arches up off the bed and my breathing comes in panting bursts. The pleasure rolls through my body like waves of heat, making my muscles contract involuntarily.

I'm unconsciously making all kinds of grunts and moans until I finally flop back down with a huge expiration of breath.


He climbed up on top of me; I could feel his manhood pressing at my entrance. I reach down and took it in my hands guiding it so the tip slid into me. I clenched round it gripping it tightly with my pussy. His eyes glazed over and I could tell he was enjoying it. I slowly relaxed the grip allowing him to slide his full length into me; he slid in right up to the hilt and stop there leaning in to kiss me. Not breaking the kiss he started long slow thrusts speeding up just at the end of each thrust to really ram himself in deep.

Each time he did that he made me give out a little involuntary moan of pleasure. He broke the kiss as he started to speed up and my moans turned into on long continuous sound. I buried my face in his shoulder, nuzzling into neck.

My hands were gripping tightly onto his back my grip getting tighter and tighter as I approached my peak again. I was teetering on the edge not quite going over not quite getting release from the boiling surge of lust in my loins. He finally pushed me over the edge when his lips locked around one of my nipples and his tongue started rapidly flicking it.

I moaned loudly into his shoulder as once again my body was overcome by waves of pleasure and my pussy convulsed violently round his cock.

as I slowly came down from my lofty heights he continued to pound into me although he was flagging a little, he had kept up an impressive pace for at least a quarter of an hour. I decided that I needed to pay him back. I put my hand on his shoulder and pushed him over rolling with him until I was on top "because you seemed to like it last time I was on top" I whispered in his ear making him chuckle a little as I straightened up and slowly started sliding up and down on his shaft.

My hands were on his chest which was shiny with sweat after his exertions on top of me. I stopped sliding up and down on his cock and started grinding it in circles in my pussy, giving him a little show by biting my lips flicking my hair and trusting my chest out towards him and letting out a long sensual moan. This seemed to do the trick as he groaned and his cock jumped inside me pulsing out cum.

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his eyes rolled back into his head as his orgasm overcame him. I kept him inside me as he slowly went limp, I held myself just above his body, my breasts resting on him as we kiss passionately for a long time. When I finally got too tired to hold myself up over him I rolled off and lay in his arm as he pulled the covers over us. I snuggled back into him and fell asleep in his warm embrace.

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His hot breath on my ear and his sticky cock nestled in my ass.