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Part 3 "Now that was an exciting and tasty dinner." She said with a beaming smile on her lips. Brody just stared at her for a moment without saying a word. This woman looked and sounded like his mother but who he saw was a sex goddess who could rival even the hottest pornstars in existence. "Holy fuck mom. That was so intense!" He said as he tried to get the feeling back in his legs.

"I know hey, just imagine if he caught us, how would we have explained that one?" She said as she got up from the floor and straightened out her panty. She then straightened out her dress to cover her tits and lower body. She noticed the cum on her chin and simply wiped it with her finger and licked it up as if it were the most casual thing ever. "I think that's enough excitement for us for one day don't you?

Let's call it a night." She said as she leaned forward to him to help him straighten himself out. She had trouble stuffing his cock back into his boxers as it was still fully erect but not as hard as he was per-ejaculation. "Why is it still so hard?" She asked, sounded very surprised at his libido. "I'm sorry mom.

It just that you are an incredibly attractive woman so it tends to stay hard whenever I'm around you." He said, sounding quite shy about it.

"Really? And how long has this been happening?" She asked as she lightly stroked his already drying cock. "I don't know. I guess I've thought you were hot for a long time but I started getting constant hard-ons around you after you made me lick your heels." He answered truthfully. "Oh ok. And what do you normally do when you get hard for me?" She asked as she pulled the stool behind her closer and sat on it, her other hand never leaving his cock.

She was genuinely curious about his answers but she was also fishing for compliments as this night proved to be quite an ego boost for her. "Well I…" He began but stopped himself, not sure if he should continue. "Go on Brody, I won't get mad. How can I when I'm the one asking the questions." She reassured him. "Well I usually go up to my room and take care of myself." He replied.

"And how do you 'take care of yourself'?" She asked as if trying to aid a student by finding out their situation. "Sometimes I just stroke myself until I feel better." He answered. "Ok. And do you always ejaculate this much because I noticed I swallowed quite a lot even though you had cum this morning." She asked. "It's usually not this much. I've only ever been able to produce this amount twice.

The first time was this morning and the second time was a few minutes ago." He replied, his shyness returning. "Wow, really? Was there something different about those two times?" She asked, again searching for a compliment.

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"Yes there was. The first time was because I was cuming in your shoes, the second was because you made me cum." He answered, not sure if he was being just a little too truthful. "So what you are trying to say is I'm the one who is making you cum a lot?" she asked, her voice sounding excited.

"Um. Well yes. I'm sorry mom but you are just too sexy for me to handle. I think about you constantly now and I can't stop myself." He blurted out. "Shhh. Its ok Brody, you don't have to be ashamed. You can think about me all you want now.

I'm curious though as to what you think about?" She responded. "Well it first started with simple things. I imagined what it would be like to kiss you. I imagined you letting me cum on your toes. I also imagined having sex with you, among other things." He replied honestly. Janice let go of his cock and covered her mouth with both hands, acting surprised. "Brody I'm your mother!" She said and teasingly tapped his shoulder with a playful slap. "I'm just kidding. To be honest I'm flattered at least one man in this house has those thoughts about me even though that man is supposed to be my husband.

But don't worry you aren't in any trouble. I'm quite flattered that you think my pussy is so good you want to get back into it." She said, giving him a wink. "So…can we do that?" He asked cautiously. "Do what?" She asked. "Can we have sex?" He asked, for a moment she thought he was delirious. "Oh Brody. As much as I enjoyed what we did today and trust me, my body needed it.

It just don't think we should go there. No man should ever put his dick in his own mother, it's just not right." She explained calmly. "But my dick has just been in your mouth." He protested. "I know honey and that was wrong of me.

But what I mean is no man should ever fuck his mother, it's just so wrong." She said as she watched his cock twitch. "Now it seems like you can't think clearly because of that." She said, pointing at his erect cock. "You should put that away and go to bed. Take care of it of you need to because I think we have done way too much already." She said as she pulled his boxers over his cock. Brody looked at her with pleading eyes but she showed no signs of wavering.

"Now now, you should count yourself lucky. You have already gotten way more than most boys get from their mothers." She said as she stood up and walked over to the sink. She took a cloth and wet it slightly before walking over to the chair she was sitting on. There was literally a puddle of pussy fluids where she had been sitting. She wiped it up and went back to the sink to rinse the cloth. "I think you should head to bed now son." She said, snapping back into her motherly form quickly and easily.

Brody felt beyond frustrated and started to walk away. "Oh and one last thing." He heard her say. He turned around to find her speeding toward him. She ran and jumped at him and as a reflex he caught her.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and mashed her lips onto his. She wrapped her arms around his neck and one hand held the back of his head as she planted a burning kiss on his lips. There was a loud sucking noise in the kitchen as the two romanced each other. Her tongue poked between their lips and was met by his as they began to tongue wrestle. After a few minutes she pulled away but as she did so she sucked his bottom lip and the let it go.

She released her scissor grip from around his waist and he let her go as they both heard the sound of her high heels clicking on the tile floor. "You can keep this." She said as she lifted her hand and opened it.

Her soaked red panty unraveled in her hand and stopped when it reached its length as she held it between her index finger and thumb. She gave a wicked smile and she pulled the waist band of his boxers with one hand and stuffed her panty down his boxers with the other.

"Keep it as a reminder of our fun together. And you can use it to help you take care of yourself from now on." She said as she turned away and walked toward the sink. Brody felt confused as he watched her wide hips sway and her heels clicked on the tiled floor.

He left the room shortly after. Janice stared out the window and a devilish grin crept up on her face. "That poor boy does not know what type of a ride he is in for. I'm going to rock his world something proper." She said to herself. Brody got up to his room and closed the door behind him. He lay down on his bed and tried to make sense of what was happening between the two of them. He held his mother's panty to his face nose and inhaled deeply, her scent was intoxicating and the more he inhaled, the more he felt is cock cum back to life.

Unfortunately the teenage boy was mentally exhausted at the point and felt no desire to satisfy himself. He turned over to lie on his side and fell asleep with within minutes. After what seemed like almost a week, Brody was woken up by a glimmer of sunshine flickering on his face. He had forgotten to draw his curtains the night before and as a result the sun had giving a somewhat rude awakening.

He sat up and swung his legs off the bed, with both feet on the ground he sat on his bed and rubbed the sleep from his eyes trying to awaken fully from his sleep. He stood up and walked over to his dresser and pulled a t-shirt out from his messy drawer.

He slipped it over his head and walked out of his room, headed for the kitchen to get something to drink. He walked through the living room and as usual found is dad loafing on the couch. "Hey dad." He greeted absent mindedly. "Hey son, you are up early for a Sunday morning." He said, sounding surprised. "Yeah I couldn't sleep anymore." He answered as he walked into the kitchen. He walked over to kitchen cupboard to get a glass then proceeded to open the fridge to poor a glass of juice.

He walked back into the living room with the glass in hand and sat down on the single seater. "Where's mom?" He asked as he took a sip of his drink. "She said something about going to mall or something. Hey, since when are you and the ice queen best friends?" He replied. "We aren't best friends! She is just helping me get my grades up and settle in at school. The last time I checked, that's what mom's do." He responded casually. His dad just looked at him for a few moments then went back to watching TV.

Their words hadn't even gone cold yet when they heard a car pull up to the drive way. "Well, that will be her, the queen bitch." John said sarcastically. "You don't have to be such a dick to her all the time dad." Brody said in a low voice. John was about to answer when the front door swung open. Brody looked toward the door to find his goddess of a mother walking through, the sunlight behind her only served to magnify her celestial sexual nature.

"Hey guys." Janice said as she walked in without looking at either of them. "More shopping bags?" John asked. "It's my money John, I can spend it on whatever I want." She said, sounded exhausted at having this conversation over and over again. "What the hell are you wearing? I can't believe you went out in public like that." John asked. Janice stopped in her tracks.

"Is there something wrong with what I'm wearing Brody?" Janice asked her son. Brody hadn't taken his eyes off her from the moment she walked in. She was wearing a tight, pink crop top that struggled to contain her large breasts. Her stomach had very little fat on it thanks to her regular exercising.

She had on a white pair of short that were so sheer to the point where her pink thong was completely visible to anyone who took the time to look at her wide hips and round ass. Her outfit was finished off by a pair of cork wedged high heels that had two pink straps, one across the top of her toes and the other around her ankle with a gold buckle.

The shoes showcased her pedicured feet nicely and the pink straps complimented the silver nail polish she had on her perfectly formed toes. Brody shook his head in an attempt to answer her.

"See, there's nothing wrong with way I'm dressed, Brody likes it. Don't you Baby?" She answered as she made a 360 turned giving him a full view of her toned thighs and lower legs. Brody vigorously nodded his head in approval. Janice smiled brightly. "There is something seriously wrong with you woman." John said, but Janice continued walking into the kitchen to put her bags down. As if in a trance, Brody stood up and followed her into the kitchen like a puppy happy to see its owner come home.

"Come to help your dear old mom with her bags or are you just here for the view?" She asked playfully as she looked over her shoulder and saw Brody walk in. She was bent over, packing some groceries into the bottom of the fridge. Brody had no words. He just stood there in awe of her wide ass covered in the white, sheer material that was wrapped tightly around her ass.

"Brody?" She asked as she continued packing the groceries. "Um. Sorry mom, I uhh." He stumbled over his words. Janice giggled as she heard the embarrassed teen try to come up with an explanation but fail. "I was kidding honey. My ass is here for you viewing pleasure so take a good long look." She said, slightly wiggling her hips as she finished her sentence. She was done with the task she had started but hadn't moved yet. The feel of the cool air coming from the open fridge was cooling her down as she could feel her body start to burn up as she knew her son was drinking in the sight of her inappropriate attire.

Brody stared in amazement as his cock rapidly grew fully erect and in his mind he imagined standing behind her, pulling his cock out and thrusting his hips forward so hard that his cock would tear through her clothes and slide into her pussy.

"You actually went to the mall like that?" Brody asked, genuinely curious. Janice stood up straight and closed the door. Her nipples were now rock hard from the cool air in the fridge and the thin cotton material of her top did nothing to conceal their shape and size, making it evident she was no wearing a bra. Brody wondered how her tits defied gravity so easily given their size and her age.

"Yes I did. You should've seen the looks I was getting, some were looks of shock but most couldn't stop looking. I think some kid was actually trying to masturbate discreetly while looking at me in one of the stores." She said in a light tone, it was quite clear she found it quite amusing.

Brody took in her response and it was as if her words travelled through the air, into his ears, down his body and sparked a flame in his crotch. He was beyond aroused at the fact that such a stern and proper woman could purposely dress so slutty and walk around in public for everyone to see. This just made him want her even more than he already did.

Janice looked at her son and could see the look of desire in her eyes. Men had always looked her with simple lust, but Brody looked at her with a burning desire that warmed her pussy beyond what she had become accustomed to. "So what's in these other bags?" He asked, as he tried to peer into one of the bags but Janice grabbed the two remaining bags and held them closed. "Oh no, you don't get to see what in these, it's a surprise." She said, almost bursting with excitement.

"Surprise for what?" He asked, seeming little confused. "Well it is your birthday tomorrow after all and it's been a while since I've given you anything special." She said, trying to evade his question but answer it at the same time. Brody seemed surprised as it had been years since he had received anything decent for his birthday.

"Oh alright. I will try not to get too excited." He said sarcastically. "I will give you a hint though. It's not a video game, but you will have fun playing with it for hours." She said as a half-smile crept across her lips.

She could see the wheels spinning in his head as he tried to guess what it was. "Don't think about it too much, just wait for it and enjoy the surprise." She said casually as she grabbed the bags off the counter and headed up stairs to her bedroom.

Brody went up to his bedroom and tried to keep himself busy but couldn't stop thinking about what this surprise could be. He fidgeted around his room and ended up resorted to surfing the internet, looking up random topics and browsing through random sights for the rest of the evening. The next day he woke up and got ready for school.

Although it was his birthday, he had recently been enrolled in a new school so no one knew him enough to know it was his birthday.

When he arrived at school he attended each of his classes until it came to the class just after lunch time. As he sat down and began unpacking his books from his bag and as he did so the teacher walked up to him and handed him note which stated his presence is requested in the principal's office. Brody groaned out of habit as every student hated being called to the principal's office. He gathered his belongings and left the classroom, headed for the principal's office.

As he arrived he found the secretary sitting at her desk as going about her business. "Hi Brody, Mrs. Turner is expecting you. You can go through." Carla said in a casual tone. She wondered why the blinds in Mrs.

Turner's office were only ever closed when the principal had called her son in. Assuming it was a family matter she gave it no more thought. Brody walked into the office and found his mother standing at a filling cabinet off to side of the room.

"Good day Mr. Turner, nice to see you in here for something other than disciplinary purposes." She said, trying to keep things formal and keep her the excitement from bursting out of her. "Please close the door and have a seat." She said to him while looking over her shoulder.

Brody complied but as he was about to sit down she stopped him. "Not there Mr. Turner, you can sit in my chair today." She said as she faced forward and finished up the task she was doing when he had arrived. Brody was trying to figure out what was going on but his brain had one thing occupying it which was sex! He stared at his mother's ass covered in a black pencil skirt which looked a bit too tight by normal standards.

He didn't mind as it outlined her ass so clearly he could see its shape perfectly. His eyes trailed from her waist down to her ass and then all the way down her shapely legs which were encased in black stockings that were so thin and sheer the only purpose they served was to tint her legs with a light shade of black. His eyes travelled down her legs until they reached her feet which where encase in high gloss, black patent leather sling back high heels pumps.

He felt his cock growing as he imagined this same view but without any clothes obstructing it. Janice turned around and walked over to her desk with a file in her hand. "It has come to my attention that you seem to have a thing for women in high heels and stockings." She said as she arrived at the desk, speaking as if acting out some lines in a sage performance. "As a result, this has caused you to adopt an inappropriate behavior when around women wearing these items of clothing.

This is unacceptable Mr. Turner and I cannot allow such behavior to continue." She said as she placed the file on the desk in front of her with some force, causing the file to make a slapping noise on the table which startled Brody. She noticed the bulge in his pants increasing in size and gave a half smile. "As the principal of this school I cannot tolerate such behavior on these premises." She said as she walked up to him and stood between his open legs, using her knees to push his legs further apart.

"And as your mother, I'm fully aware of this problem and I feel it is my duty to resolve it quickly and efficiently." She said as she got down on her knees and sat back on her haunches between his legs. "What sort of mother would I be if just left my son to walk around school with this 'problem' occurring in his pants?" She said as she gently ran her hands up his thighs and then brushed them over his bulge as she began caressing it.

She began rubbing it with increasing pressure as she felt her inner thighs warm up. "Mom, what's going on?" Brody said, barely able to form a coherent sentence. "It is your birthday Brody and I had promised myself I would make it extra special for you. You only turn 18 once you know." She said with a warm smile on her full lips thickly layered in red lipstick, this time they had a layer of gloss over them.

She brushed over his crotch until her hands where at the zipper of his pants. She casually took hold of the zipper and slowly pulled it all the way down as if unzipping her son's pants was an ordinary thing to do. She reached into his pants and tucked her index finger under the waist band of his underwear and pulled it down until she had exposed his cock. She held the waist band of his underwear down with her left hand and with her right hand, reached in and took hold of his throbbing cock and pulled it out, bringing it into her full view.

"Now there's the monster I've been dying to see again." She said as she wrapped her soft, feminine hand around it and made a tight fist as if checking for structural strength and firmness.

As she administered her 'test', his cocked throbbed and twitched violently. "Oh!" She said with great surprise in response to its twitches.

"I still can't get used to that, it's quite intimidating." She said seeming a bit flustered. "I'm sorry." He said under his breath, she could tell this situation seemed to make him a little uncomfortable. "Oh no son that's alright. I'm just not used to dealing with such a thick cock, I just have to keep practicing." She said warmly, giving the tip of his cock a warm kiss in the same manner a mother kisses her child on the cheek when comforting them.

Immediately after her glossy lips touched and then parted from his cock, they both watched a thick bead of precum ooze out of the slit on his cock head. "Now that's something I won't be getting tired of seeing." She said excitedly as she began slowly stroking his cock. Brody was almost overwhelmed by the sight of her soft hands gliding up and down his cock with her silver manicured nails, a sight he didn't think he would see again after their conversation the previous night.

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Janice suddenly let go of his cock and began undoing the buttons on her shirt all the way down to her belly button but stopped there because her shirt was still tucked into her skirt.

She then pulled the two halves of her shirt apart and pulled the cups of her bra down until her breasts were free and rested on top of her bra. Brody swallowed as she stared at them attentively. Janice giggled as she couldn't help but notice the thrill she got from having someone so captivated by her womanly features. She brushed her hands over them, cupped them and then gave them a playful squeeze. "Mom, what if someone catches us?" He asked worriedly as his attention bounced between the door and her magnificent breasts.

"No one will catch us Brody, but if they do I will simply take the blame and say I seduced you." She said plainly.

"Why would you do that?" He asked. "Because you are my son and as your mother I'm sworn to protect you." She said quite frankly. "I wouldn't allow you to do it! I would deny everything you say and state that I seduced you.

I wouldn't let them take you away." He said, almost blurting it out. Janice felt her heart skip a beat when she heard him speak. It had been a long time since a man had put her wellbeing before his. "That's sweet of you but they would still fire me.

I don't really mind because you are a smart guy. I've saved up enough for you to go to a good college and when you graduate, you can get a fancy job and you can take care of me for a change." She said with a beaming smile as she began squeezing and stroking his cock again.

"Of course I would take care of you mom." He answered hastily as he watched her feminine hands slide up and down his throbbing cock. "I would be hoping you would because if you are supporting me and taking care of me financially, I would have to take care of you physically since you will be the man of the house." She said in a soothing voice as she concentrated on stroking his cock.

"But you already take care of me." He said, sounding confused as his brain was slowly losing rational thought due to the attention his mother was paying to his cock. "Yes but what I meant was when you came home from a long day of work, you would find a cooked meal waiting for you, a beer on the table to calm your nerves and me in lingerie with my pussy ready for you to take your frustrations out on." She said, giving him a wink and a smile.

"That sounds like the sort of things a wife is supposed to do." Brody stated. "Exactly! Since you will be paying the bills, I would be treating you as the man of the house. That means you get to fuck me whenever you want and for as long as you want." She stated, clarifying her statement. They looked into each others eyes for a few moments then burst out laughing at how serious they were talking.

Brody was about to ask another question when she stopped him. "Now now Brody, enough talk! None said we will get caught and if we do, we will deal with it." She said, closing the matter as she sat back and extended her legs from under her.

She leaned back extending her arms behind her and using them to support her as she lifted her legs and rested her feet in his lap on either side of his cock. "Would you be a dear and take my shoes off for me?" She asked politely with a smile.

Brody reached forward and held the back of one of her legs just below her ankle and pulled the strap down and over the heel of her foot before slipping the shoe off completely. "You can go ahead and take a whiff before you put them on them on the desk, I know how much you like the smell of my feet." She instructed, sounding quite proud of the scent her feet give off.

He complied by placing the opening of the shoe to his face and inhaled deeply. Janice watched his chest expand and noticed another bead of precum ooze from his cock head and run down his shaft. He placed the shoe on the desk and proceeded to repeat the process with her other shoe. Once he had finished he was beyond aroused and about to lose his mind.

He looked down and noticed she still had the silver nail polish on her toes and they were clearly visible through her stockings. He just stared for a moment, admiring them. "You like the colour?" She asked as she curled her toes and then spread them out. "The colour looks good but having perfect feet makes all the difference, I'm glad you hadn't changed it." He stated boldly. "Oh really now? Let's just see how perfect you think my feet are." She said as she wrapped her toes around his cock with surprising pressure.

Brody softly groaned as he felt the warmth from her feet engulf his cock and squeeze it with firm pressure. Janice bit her lip as she felt his cock throb between her feet, the more she squeezed the more she felt his cock expand as if it were attempting to counter act the pressure she was exerting on it. She reached a point where she had squeezed so tightly that she could feel his pulse through is cock which seemed to make her clit throb at almost the same pace as if they were connected somehow.

She released his cock and to her surprise it didn't move an inch. Now free of her grasp it stood firm and proud as if asserting its dominance over her. She loved being in control with every aspect of her life but now she finally found herself humbled by her son's cock, needless to say she loved it.

She felt exhilarated at the very thought of it. She gently wrapped her feet around his cock again slowly as if trying to soothe a vicious beast.

She began rubbing the sides of it with her toes and the balls of her feet. Brody could almost fell the skin of her feet on his cock as her nylons were incredibly thin. He suddenly grabbed her ankles and thrust his hips up to which she protested. "No Brody let go. These stockings were damn expensive and you can't go ripping them on the first day I wear them." She said in a stern tone.

"So then why are you wearing them while doing this?" He asked, sounding irritated as his hormones had taken ahold of him. "Because I know you like nylons and I know you like my feet. Since it's your birthday I wanted to dress my best for you silly, so I went out and bought the best pair I could find.

Now let go!" She said as she gently kicked his hands away from his crotch. Her answer seemed to calm him somewhat as he exhaled and relaxed again. With that, Janice placed her one foot behind his cock and the other in front of it, trapping his cock between her expensive nylon clad feet.

She noticed Brody raise his hips again with a pleading look on his face. "Does that feel ok? Do you like having your mom's feet all over you cock?" She asked teasing. "Oh God yes!" He replied in a whisper. With that, she began gently rubbing her foot up and down the underside of his shaft. Every now and then she would reach the top and curl her toes over the tip of his cock and then slowly slide it back down, this action caused the toe area of her nylons to become damp in a matter of second from the all the precum that was oozing out of is thick cock.

She watched him raise his hips again as if trying to fuck her feet. She loved having him in that position but she knew time wasn't on their side and she felt guilty for teasing him and keeping him on edge for this long. Most of all she felt an extreme desire to pleasure the thick cock trapped between her delicate, unusually youthful feet. "Your cock is leaking so much, does someone want to cum on their mommy's little toes?" She asked playfully.

Brody nodded vigorously as he watched his mother stroke his cock with her gorgeous foot. She smiled and began stroking his cock faster, holding it steady with her other foot.

The friction from her nylon clad foot gliding up his cock generated quite a bit of heat, intensifying the sensation for them both. Janice quickly reached forward pulled his underwear further down to expose his balls, she seemed to be developing a thing to seeing his huge balls hang freely and out in the open. She leaned back again and continued rubbing his cock until she noticed his hands tighten their grip around the arms of the chair and saw his hips rising again.

She also noticed his balls recede up toward his cock and knew he was close to giving her the reward she was looking forward to for her efforts. She drastically increased her pace which generated even more heat and this become too much for the teenager to handle as he closed his eyes, waiting or the impending orgasm. "That's it, give me your cum. I want to feel it on my feet again. I need you to soak my stockings and coat my toes in your cum!" She said, suddenly sounding frantic as she clenched her fists behind her in anticipation of watching his cock explode, and so it did.

She felt it violently pulsate between her feet and then suddenly a squirt of thick, hot cum shot out from the tip of his cock. It went shot straight up in the air and came back down, landing on her foot. She held still and continued to squeeze his cock as it repeated its forceful squirts, one after the other until the force subsided and Janice watched cum slowly ooze out of his cock onto her pedicured toes.

Brody opened his eyes and looked down at his crotch to see his mother's feet covered in his cum. It was a sight that was almost enticing enough to make him hard again. "Ok WOW! I knew you could produce a lot of cum but that was downright impressive!" She said in amazement at the copious amount of hot cum oozing all over her delicate toes.

"Mom, that was intense. I never thought I would enjoy cumming on someone's feet so much but I love it! I'm so sorry about your stockings" He said, sounding out of breath. "Really? I'm so glad you liked it that much because I thought that was incredible! Don't worry about the stockings, I bought them specifically for you lovely cock." She said, giving him a wink and a warm smile as they both noticed his cock began to go flaccid.

Janice removed her feet from his crotch and held them in midair. "Be a darling and put my shoes back on for me before your cum dries up, the last time I wore shoes filled with your cum I was in heaven for most of the day and I need to have that feeling again." She said honestly. Brody was more than happy to oblige. He picked up the first shoe and moved it toward her foot, she pointed her toes to allow them to slip into the shoe easily. They repeated the same maneuver with the other foot and when they were done she stood up off the ground and fixed her bra and shirt, tucking her breasts back into place and fastening the buttons on her emerald green silk shirt.

"Do you feel better now?" She asked, sounding like a concerned mother. "I do mom thanks, I have to say you deserve the mother of the year award for the way you have been lately." He said, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

She leaned in and embraced it, loving the feeling of having a developing relationship with her son both maternally and sexually which oddly enough seemed to go hand in hand in her hormone twisted mind. She had the notion that since she gave birth to him and his cock, it's only natural she should be the one to take care of its needs. Brody tucked his now flaccid cock back into his pants and zipped up in preparation to leave the room. "Thanks mom, this has been the best birthday ever." He said, sounding livelier than she had heard in a while.

"I'm glad you liked it but it's not over yet. When you get home, go to your room and wait there for me. I have a surprise for you." She said, giving him her now famous wink and a smile. Brody was still floating on his cloud of sexual pleasure and so didn't even bother to try and figure out what she meant by that.

He walked toward the door and left, headed for his final class of the day. The day finally ended and Brody made his way back home. With his mind replaying the events that occurred in the principal's office over and over again, he had completely forgotten about what awaited him at home. The bus arrived at his stop and he got off, noticing the drive way was empty meaning his mother was not yet home.

He thought nothing of it and walked into the house. He entered the living room and noticed his father was not in his usual spot on the couch. Being too tired to question anything or simply not being interested, he walked up the stairs and into his room where he dropped his school bag on the floor, threw himself on his and made himself comfortable as he placed his earplugs into his ears and played some music on his iPod. After what seemed like hours, Brody was startled when he felt a tap on his chest.

His eyes shot open and he searched for the culprit as his eyes adjusted to the light in the room which had changed since he lay on his bed and seemed a bit darker. He then noticed his mother standing in front of him, with his music on he hadn't heard her come into his room. He quickly yanked his earplugs out as he looked his mother over.

"Surprise!" Janice said to him as she stood next to his bed dressed in a way Brody had never seen her dress before. Her eyelids were accentuated by dark eyeliner and her lipstick was bright red with a layer of lip gloss over it, a style she seemed to be adopting quite quickly. She had on a thin ribbon choker around her neck, its colour matching the black corset she was wearing with red lace trimming and stitching.

The corset however had a twist to it being the bra area was completely sheer in contrast to the shiny silk material of the rest of the corset. This have him a clear view of her full breasts covered in the sheer material that looked like it was about to burst as it struggled to contain her luscious, full tits.

Below that she had on a matching thong which was so thin, the string almost disappeared between her thick, round ass cheeks. The sheer black stockings she had on had holdup bands that were red and matched the style of the corset except they had a dark seem running down the back of her shapely leg. The outfit was finished off by a pair of 5 inch black high heels with thin black straps, allowing her gorgeous, perfect feet to be almost completely visible. Of course her wearing open toe high heels and sheer stockings meant her silver polished toes were constantly available for her son's viewing pleasure.

Brody just stared at her with his jaw on the floor, completely amazed that the woman in front of his was his stuck up mother. "Do you approve of your mother's choice of outfit?" She asked, putting on a coy act.

Brody first nodded like an idiot and then gave a verbal response. "Holy fuck mom, you look incredible! I could even go as far as saying you look way better than any model or pornstars I've ever seen!" He said, his words almost bursting out of him. Janice could tell he was being sincere and smiled as she blushed, her cheeks turning almost the same colour as the red accents on her corset. "I haven't really worn lingerie before so I'm not sure how it looks. I told the lady at the store I need to seduce my man because it's his birthday and she helped me pick this outfit.

Do you really like it? Are the shoes ok?" She asked as she gave a playful twirl in the spot she stood in. Brody noticed her tits bounce inside the bra and her ass jiggled as she moved. This made his cock hard enough to cut diamonds with as he marveled at her perfection. He grabbed the crotch area with force as he shifted on the bed and threw his legs over the side, resulting in him sitting directly in front of her.

"Your outfit is perfect mom, but i can tell you now that it's you that makes the outfit look so hot!" He answered "And what did you mean by 'your man'?" He asked before she could speak again. "Well…" She said as she stepped closer and lifted her right leg up high. Her regular yoga practice gave her some incredible flexibility, allowing her to raise her leg and place it on his shoulder as he sat on the bed. Her knee was resting directly on his shoulder as she bent her leg, allowing her to pulling him forward bringing his face in line with her crouch as he was slouched over.

"You have turned 18 today and you are an adult now, which means I can do adult things with you, very filthy adult things. That also means I will be doing things to you that I would do to my man therefore that makes you my man. Is that ok with you?" She explained carefully as she held the back of his head and pulled it in, pressing his face into her silk thong covered crotch.

He nodded his head in response and mumbled a muffled yes. The vibrations went straight up her pussy escalating her arousal to a whole new level. She moaned as she caressed the back of his head and he brought his hands up to cup her thick ass cheeks.

She thought for a moment about the act she was about to proceed with but quickly brushed aside her morality and the consciences of following through such an act, she was committed to following through with her plan. With that she removed her leg from his should walked over to his closet.

She opened the door which had a mirror in it that spanned the length of the door and was directly opposite to the bed.

She walked back over to her son, got down on her knees and began unzipping his pants. "I'm sorry but I just can't get enough of your cock!" She said as she pulled it out of his pants. As usual it was firm and hard, ready for her to play with.

She leaned forward and arched her back, giving him a wink as she stuck her moist tongue out of her mouth and licked his shaft from bottom to top. Brody watched her lick his cock but then noticed the mirror as well and then realized she had done it on purpose because in their current seated position, he could look in the mirror and have a clear view of her wide, round ass while she had fun with his cock. He admired how the red string sat comfortably between her milky ass cheeks but it was so thin he could see her asshole peek out on either side of it.

Every few seconds he would notice her pink asshole pucker and then relax as if it were winking at him. His gaze returned when he felt a warm, wet sensation on his scrotum and noticed she was lovingly licking and gently sucking each of his balls as her left hand held on to his thick shaft. She moaned as she reveled in the taste of his teenage balls which had a slight hint of sweat on them. She returned to licking his shaft before swallowing his cock completely.

"Oh fuck!" She heard him gasp as her nose touched a soft tuft of his pubic hair as she had his entire cock in her mouth and down her throat. She released his cock and came up for air for a few minutes before return his cock to a cozy spot in her throat. Brody looked in the mirror and noticed a patch of material on her silky black panty began to glistening exactly where her pussy was.

She gasped as she came up for air. "Oh my gosh I could suck your cock the whole day. It's just so yummy!" She said between breaths as she gasped for air. "Mom you are driving me insane. When do I get to taste you?" He asked, staring in the mirror at her magnificent ass. "I'm sorry honey but you won't be tasting my pussy today." She said as she stroking his shaft which was now thickly layered with her saliva.

She looked up and saw the sadness in his face and decided to clarify what she meant. She released his cock and stood up in front of him. "You won't be tasting my pussy because you are about too fuck it." She said plainly as she gently placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed him back on the bed, straddled him. Once she had him lying flat on the bed, she leaned forward and reached between them and took hold of his thick shaft.

"Look in the mirror baby, I want you to fully understand what we are about to do. I know this is your first time and I want you to stop me if you are uncomfortable with this." She instructed him and he quickly followed her instruction. Looking in the mirror he watched her hold his cock under her with one hand and with the other she reached back and pulled her thong to the side, revealing the pussy he so very much enjoying looking at and eating.

She let her panty rest on off to the side of her pussy and brought her hand to rest on the bed next to his head to steady herself. While she attentively watched his face for reaction, Brody stared at her pussy as it glistened with wetness and hovered less than a few centimeters above his cock which was now throbbing and leaking precum like a faucet.

She slowly lowered her hips and Brody watched his cock part her pussy lips as the head of his cock began to enter her now dripping wet pussy. "Feel free to stop me Brody, there is no coming back from this." She paused and cautioned him. Still staring in the mirror he noticed a few beads of pussy fluid oozing out of her pussy and run down the shaft of his cock. Brody gave no verbal response but simply held her hips and pulled her down. Janice watched her son closed his eyes and his mouth fell open as she slowly sat down on his cock.

It felt like minutes passed before she bottomed out and her thighs touched his. She was now firmly sitting on him with the entirety of his cock buried inside his mother. "Does this feel ok?" She asked, her concerned mom-voice returning as she sat up straight rested her arms on his chest.

He nodded his head with vigor before speaking softly. "Oh my God yes! This feels better than anything I've ever felt in my life. Your pussy is so tight!" He said in a whisper. "Oh no honey I'm not tight, you are just really thick!" She said as she moved her hips from side to side, trying to adjust to his size. His cock was stretching her pussy to extents she had never experienced before, such extents that stopped just before the border between pleasure and pain.

"So does being 'my man' feel ok?" She asked as she moved her hips from side to side again. "It feels good, great actually! I would die a happy man if this was the first and last pussy I ever felt in my life." He said, lightly thrusting his hips up for emphasis.

Janice felt him push deeper inside her. She knew it was too soon but felt she couldn't wait anymore. She slowly raised her hips until just the head of his cock remained inside her before dropping her hips, impaling herself on his cock. She clenched her jaw as the sudden stretch of her pussy now sat right on the border of pleasure and pain.

"Ohhh fuck." She whispered as bottomed out again. She tried wiling herself raise her hips again but somehow felt paralyzed due to having an abnormally thick cock in her pussy. She felt irritated because she wanted to quicken her pace but couldn't. She suddenly felt like she owed her son a good fuck on his birthday and she would be damned if she couldn't pay that debt. She bit her lip as she thought for a few moments and then the light bulb in her head lit up.

"I have an idea." She said as she forced herself to raise her hips one last time as she got up and off of him. She stood on shaky legs as she got on her hands and knees on the bed. Brody looked confused. "Get up and get behind me." She said hastily. Without question he got up and stood behind her, his weapons of ass destruction pointed toward her stretched pussy. She looked over shoulder to line herself up with him and then pushed herself back slightly until the head of his cock was inside her.

Her arms shook with excitement. "Ok Brody now I need to be stretched a little more so we can both enjoy this. I need you to slide in and out of me at a slow and steady pace until I tell you to stop, ok?" She instructed as if teaching him a topic while helping him with his homework. Brody nodded his head, held her hips and began slowly sliding his cock inside her until she felt his hot balls rest against her clit. He slowly pulled out and repeated the process.

Janice bit the bed spread and groaned as she felt her son stretch her pussy beyond its limit. Brody stopped mid motion to check if she was ok but before he could ask she pushed back on his cock and began fucking herself with it. Determined to get her pussy to the right size for him, she clenched her fists and increased the pace of which she pushed back onto his cock.

Soon she was moving faster and faster and the pain in her pussy diminished until all she felt was the sweet sensation of his thick cock caressing the inside walls of her pussy. He held her hips tighter and began trying to match her thrusts but they were a little out of sync.

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Janice began to get impatient as she had just started to enjoy herself. "Ok stop! Lay down on the bed." She was now barking orders as opposed to giving instructions. The woman was desperate for sex at this point.

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Brody pulled out of his mother and followed her instruction although he felt a little irritated by her attitude. She quickly straddled him and lowered herself onto his wet cock. She bottomed out and sat up straight again as her head fell back. "Oh God yes, that's it, finally." She said as she began slowly rocking her hips back and forth. She felt his cock had gone even deeper this time but she had been stretched enough to accommodate his size comfortably.

Brody laid back and admired his mother's womanly physique as she slowly rode him. He watched her tits jiggle through her sheer corset top and couldn't help but feel like the luckiest teen on earth at the moment. "Ah, yes. That more like it I knew I could handle this cock." She whispered her call of victory as she increased her pace. Suddenly she found herself raising her hips and slamming herself back down on his cock. Brody looked in the mirror and watched his glistening cock stretch his mother's pussy as it came in and out of his view.

"Oh mom, you feel so good." He said as he held her waist tightly. "Ah, uh. This is the second time in your life you are stretching my pussy, only this time it feels so fucking good." She said as she dug her manicured nails into his chest and further increased the pace at which she rode him. Without warning Brody gripped her tightly and his body stiffened, Janice knew from the look on his face what was happening.

"You can cum inside me all you want but don't you dare go flaccid, your mother needs you to fuck her good and proper." She said as she now rode him hard and fast.

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Brody let out a silent scream as he felt his balls tighten and his cock began to pulsate. Janice was surprised as she felt his cock swell and get thick inside her, much to her delight.

"Oh my gosh, you were just built for sex weren't you." She said with a smile as she milked his cock with her tight little pussy. "Oh fuck it feels so warm! That's it, fill your mother up with your cum." She encouraged him as she kept her pace steady. Soon she felt her own orgasm head straight for her like a freight train. "huh huh huh huh I'm cuming too. Your magnificent cock is about to make your dear old mother cum so hard." She screamed as she fucked herself in his cock with added force.

Brody watched his mother shake as her orgasm took control of her while his own orgasm had subsided. Her body trembled and twitched and she felt as if her pussy was melting all over the thick cock she was sitting on.

After what seemed like hours, her orgasm finally began to recede. "Oh my gosh, that was the hardest orgasm I've ever had my life!" She expressed between gasps. "Mom&hellip." Brody spoke but she cut him off.

"Who would've thought I could even fit something that big in my tiny little pussy." She said as she gave a playful bounce in his cock. "MOM!" Brody spoke again. Janice snapped out of her ecstasy bubble and looked at Brody's face, only to find him staring past her with panic across his face.

Janice turned around slowly to see her husband standing in the door way. "You…fucking…whore! Your own son!" He said as he clenched his fists. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine he would come upstairs and find his wife having sex with their son. "How could you? Have you no shame?" He asked, bombarding her with questions. Janice sat still for a bit but could feel Brody's pulsating cock was still hard and ready for more.

This made her think with her pussy and not her head. "Well it's really quite simple. You hadn't touched me in years and I was horny. I offered and he took what I was offering unlike you." She said as she began slowly rocking her hips back and forth. "Are you fucking serious. You are sick!


I'm calling the cops and putting an end to this!" He stated as he dug in his pockets for his mobile phone. "Well that's up to you. You can either call the cops and get both me and your son locked away, or you could join us.

I have another hole free you know." She said as she stopped rocking her hips, leaned forward and arched her back, giving him a full view of her stuffed pussy and puckered asshole. Brody looked up at her in shock, he knew she had adopted a new attitude but this was something else. "You are going to burn in hell, you are really sick!" He replied, his anger rising to new heights. "Oh please, I can see the bulge in your pants and you always tried to get me to have a 3 sim, well now here is it." She responded.

John noticed for the first time during the conversation that he had a raging erection. He tried to think in his frustration but that proved quite difficult for him. "Well? What's it gonna be?" She asked as she licked her middle finger and covered it in saliva, reached behind her and slid it in and out of her tight asshole.

John grew frustrated as he felt himself walking toward the incestuous couple. He approached them undid his pants, freeing his cock from its bounds. His cock was just above average in length and average in thickness. "Yay, daddy has come to play with us." She said sarcastically. In truth, she felt like a filthy whore right now and decided she might as well get the most out of it since she did indeed feel like she was heading to hell after milking her son's cock and letting him fill her womb with his incestuous semen.

Janice reached to the side of them and grabbed a bottle of lube that she had placed on the bed earlier when Brody hadn't noticed she had come in, she had a backup plan in case he couldn't fit in her pussy, she knew the asshole can stretch a lot wider and luckily for her it hadn't come to that because she knew it would be painful but had committed herself to pleasuring her son one way or another.

She handed the lube to her husband. "Come on then, we don't have all night you know." She said, urging him as if this were a life or death situation. John smothered his cock with the lube while mumbling his frustration at the situation, then bent his knees slightly to compensate for the being lower on the bed.

He placed his cock against her asshole and without mercy pushed hard until her asshole gave way and let his cock slide all the way in. This caught Janice by surprise and she squealed out loud. Neither of the men moved and waited for her to give the green light.


Janice quickly adjusted to the sensation of having her lower body so full on both ends. "Well isn't this cozy? This is my idea of how we should be spending time as a family." She giggled, trying to lighten the mood. The two men were feeling awkward in the situation but neither wanted to back down and give way to the other as they both lusted after this sexual goddess, and so they both began to slowly slide their cocks in and out of her holes, moving in tandem as they both felt her holes tighten up.

Janice found herself loving the feeling as both holes where getting pleasured at different paces meaning she could relish each one equally. "Holy fuck this is intense!" She said as she stayed completely still and let the men use her holes to make themselves and her feel good.

The room was filled with grunts and moans as the 3 of them were entangled in a forbidden act. John reached forward and squeezed her breasts while Brody reached around and grabbed a hand full each of her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, as if creating a clearer path for the cock that was pounding it.

Janice didn't move, instead she clenched her fists tightly as she felt the strongest orgasm begin to build up. It was too much for her to handle as she suddenly felt her husband's cock pulsate and fill her ass with cum shortly followed by her son's cock repeating the same procedure, flooding her womb with cum for the second time that evening. This coupled with the sensation of hands touching and grouping every inch of her body sent Janice over the edge.

She screamed loudly as she held the bed covers and shook uncontrollably, both men felt her sex holes forcefully clamp around their cocks and she rode the hardest orgasm she had ever felt. She went silent as she felt wave after wave of pure, undiluted pleasure ripple through her body as if it were going to collapse.

After what seemed like an eternity of pleasure, she finally came back down to earth, the 3 of them unwilling to move and lose their positions of ecstasy. "Oh I don't know about you two, but this was the most fun I've ever had. Maybe I am crazy and sick but this is the closest all of us have ever been as a family." She said. Before any of them could say anything she spoke again. "I will just say this: if either of you or both of you want sex, as the woman of the house it's my duty to take care of your needs.

Just keep that in mind the next time either of you get an erection."