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Ena Sweet enjoy blowjobs on hard thick two cocks
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I sat in front of my vanity mirror, brushing my hair.


I was so excited for my date with Drew, the boy I had been crushing on for weeks. I had finally gotten the courage to talk to him, and he ended up asking me on a date.

I eagerly accepted, and we made plans. *knock* *knock* *knock* I heard him knock, and smiled brightly before giving myself a once over.

My half bleached, half black hair was perfectly straightened in the front, expertly spiked in the back, my makeup was precise, and my outfit was the best possible mix of sexy and cute. I was wearing a cute black and green plaid skirt and a tight white collared shirt with a small gold cross necklace.

*knock* *knock* *knock* I raced down the hall, almost tripping as I skidded to a halt in front of the door.


I opened it and smiled, blushing a little as he checked me out shyly. "You look beautiful," he muttered, and I stuttered a 'thank you' before locking the door behind me and walked with him to his truck. "I thought we'd go to my house, I made dinner and rented the newest Final Destination movie," Drew said, holding the passenger door for me.

I bite my lip, holding back a huge grin. "Sounds wonderful!" I gushed as Drew got in and began the drive. We chatted about school, and when we arrived he got out and hurried to open my door for me. He had the dinner already cooked, and started the movie before serving me. He cooked steak and mashed potatoes, which was scrumptious. When asked what I wanted to drink, one of the options was vodka and cranberry juice and I agreed.

We ate, I got a couple refills of my drink, and watched the movie, and somewhere in that we cuddled up together and stayed like that til the end of the movie. As the credits rolled, I rested my head on Drew's lap, tiredly cuddling up. Drew's hand went to my hair, softly petting it as he put some other movie on from Netflix. I fell asleep, blissfully tispy and tired. I woke up maybe an hour later, feeling something hard against my head.

I yawned and opened my eyes, seeing that it was Drew's penis, pushing against the fabric of his jeans. My skirt had rode up when I laid down, and my white cotton panties were showing. I got up and looked at Drew, who appeared to be asleep. "Drew? Wakey wakey!" I giggled, still intoxicated, and kissed him on the cheek. He stirred a little and I kissed him on the lips softly. He woke up, a little groggy at first, and blushed. "Shit, did I fall asleep?" he asked, and I nodded, laughing softly.

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He glanced at his crotch, and his blush darkened. "I, uh, I should drive you home," Drew muttered, getting up and trying to adjust himself. I shook my head and slipped off my shoes. "Let's playy.hide n seek!" I cried out excitedly, a plan forming in my head. He smirked and nodded. "Alright, but after that, I'ma take you home, you should sleep this off," he replied, then covered his eyes, beginning his count to twenty.

I ran to his room and pulled my shirt off, taking a picture of my discarded shirt and sending it to his phone. I heard it go off, and hid in his closet.

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"Holy shit," he muttered, and I heard him jog down the hall into his room. "Hey, hun, where'd ya go?" Drew asked, and I giggled, which turned into loud laughter, giving my hiding spot away. Drew opened his closet and I handed him my bra, still giggling.

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He took it, staring at my bare breasts before gentley pulling me out of the closet. He pulled his shirt off and we stared at eachother, before we both moved towards eachother, me getting on my tip-toes to kiss him eagerly, my hands going to his bare chest. "You're so freaking hot," I muttered, and kissed him with even more desperation.

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I wanted him to know how bad I wanted him. I pulled him towards his bed, and we fell onto it, me on top of him. His hands went to my lower back, and my hands went on each side of him, holding myself up.

"I don't wanna do too much, not when you're drunk," Drew said breathily in between kisses. I was happy he was so.mature, but I wanted to touch him, taste him. "We won't, I promise," I whispered, sliding my hands down his chest, softly scratching him. He shivered, and I unbuttoned his pants, sliding them down.

He half-heartedly tried to block me, but he obviously wanted to see what I'd do. I slowly began to wank him off, gripping his hardening manhood softly and moving my hand. He moaned softly, and I smiled, giggling.

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I kept stroking, moving my lips to the tip to kiss it, then suck it. I took the head in my mouth and started sucking it, flicking my tongue in different patterns.

"Shit.you need to s-s-stop.it's been a bit since I've.oh god.I'm getting close," Drew groaned, and I pulled away, laughing. "Let's take a little break, sugar," I said, "we can continue this on our next date!" I smiled up at him, and kissed him softly.

"I really respect that, seriously. Want me to take ya home?" Drew asked, smiling as he got up and pulled his pants back on. I nodded and put my bra and shirt on, brushing my hair back. He walked into he kitchen and opened the fridge, pulling a rose out and handing it to me.

"Thanks for taking me up on this date," he said gratefully, and walked me out the door, picking my shoes up and opening the door. "Oh, it's rocky out here, lemme carry you," he said, picking me up and walking me to the passenger side of his truck. He handed me my shoes and got in the driver's seat. On the drive home, I slid my shoes on and spent the rest of the time stuttering and blushing about nothing.

I was starting to sober up, and couldn't believe what I had done. When we got to my house, Drew walked me to the door and held my hands, kissing me sweetly before leaving, thanking me again.

I was in love.