You are taking every inch of this big dildo

You are taking every inch of this big dildo
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It was only about 10:30pm when I got out of the shower, but I was done for tonight. I had originally planned to play late since it was Saturday, but I had a very good orgasm earlier and the guilt had taken over. I checked my email. Forty-four replies. God, there are so many people wanting sex. As usual, most of the replies were immediately deleted, but I did get one back from the 'Professor'.

He gave me his phone number and address. I looked the address up at a mapping site and it is a very expensive, secluded neighborhood on a lake about 20 minutes north of here.

Maybe he really was a professor. He told me what I was doing was dangerous, that he was worried about me and that I could call him, or come to his house, any time if I needed someone to talk to, even if I didn't want to try his experimental corporal punishment treatment. It's. comforting to know someone cares about me. I mean, I know my family cares, but I could never talk to them about this. I think I may call him tomorrow. ***** It was 11pm and the quiet, lonely house was giving me nothing to do but stew in my pot of shame.

I had to get out and do something. I decided to text Ben. 'Hi. still playing your card game?' 'HI! um. I don't even know your name.' 'Ashley' 'Hi, Ashley.

No, we just started a different game.' 'A different card game?' 'No, this one is a board game.' 'Like Monopoly?' 'No, it's hard to explain.

You play a hero, roll dice, fight monsters.' 'Oh. So you will still be busy for a while?' 'Yeah, sorry.' 'OK, No problem.' Damn. ***** It was about 11:45pm when I pulled up at Ben's apartment.

I pulled out my phone and texted Ben. 'Sorry to bother you again. Don't let your friends see these texts right now, OK?' 'Uh, ok.' 'Are you still playing your hero game?' 'Yes' 'Would you like to be a hero to your friends?' 'What?' 'Your friends. You want to raise your status with them some?' 'I guess, what do you mean?' I didn't reply but walked up and knocked on Ben's door.

A tall, geeky, but not unattractive guy answered. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. "Uh." he stammered, eyes wide open. "Hi, is Ben here?"" I asked. "Ben?.uh. yeah. uh.

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Ben. you mean Ben Simpson?" "Um. yes." "Sure. uh. I'll get. BEN!!!!. BEEEENNNNN!" "What is wrong with you?" Ben asked as he approached the door.

"Uh. Ashley?" Ben said in shock. "Hi, Ben!" I said, smiling and waving. "Um. come on in." Ben invited, as the tall guy ran in to the other room, quickly emerging with another geek, slim but not as tall. "I. didn't expect to see you." Ben said, confused. Both geek were staring at me, eyes wide and mouths hanging open. "Sorry, Ben. I just missed you!" I put my arms around his neck and gave him a peck on the lips. The geeks looked at each other and made "No way!" expressions.

"I. I missed you too, Ashley." Ben replied, tugging his belt upwards with both hands and puffing his chest out a bit. "I know it's game night for you guys, but could I maybe just watch? I won't bother you, I promise! " "Uh, sure, Ashley. Come on in." Ben said, as he led me to the kitchen, "We're in here." The geeks didn't move. I could feel their eyes on my ass as I walked past them, and heard them making "Oh My God!" noises and laughing once I was in the kitchen.

I was wearing panties and a bra tonight, but my skirt and blouse were fairly tight. "Come on, guys!" Ben said, slightly annoyed at them. "This is Brad," Ben said, pointing at the tall one, "And this is Eric." "Hi, Brad! Hi Eric!" I said with pep, trying to sound cute. "Hi, Ashley." Brad said. "Uh. hi." Eric said.

"Here you go, Ashley." Ben said, scooting a chair up to the table. I sat down on the chair and looked at the table. There was a large board covered with hexagons, and little plastic monsters and things that looked like furniture and treasure chests all over it.

"Wow, this looks complicated!" "It's not really that hard." Brad replied. "That's what she said." I joked. Dead silence. "Come on guys, it was a joke." They all started laughing, breaking the awkwardness. "What are these three little people for?" "That's us." Brad said. "Huh?" "Those are our characters." Ben explained. "Which one of you is the girl with the bow and arrows?" "Um. me." Eric said. I giggled. "Why is that guy wearing a dress?" "It's a robe." Brad said, slightly offended, "He's a wizard." "Oh.

Who's the big, strong guy with the huge. sword?" "That's me." Ben said. I looked at him and winked, making sure Brad and Eric saw me do it. "OK, you guys go ahead.


I'll sit and watch." "OK", Ben began, "I. I guess I'll move here and attack the goblin." "Well, that's mean." I said. "What?" Ben asked. "You're going to hit him for no reason?" "Uhh. he's evil." "What did he do?" "I. uh. he's guarding this chest." "So you're going to hit him and take his stuff?" "It's. he works for an evil. you just don't understand." "OK, I'll be quiet." I sat there and watched them move little plastic things around, roll dice and argue about +2 this or that until I was about to fall asleep.

It had been about 10 minutes. "Where's your restroom?" I asked, trying to suppress a yawn. "Down that hall, on the right." Ben said, pointing behind me. After using the restroom, I unbuttoned the top two buttons of my blouse and walked out of the restroom. I didn't come here to have sex, but I was really bored and decided it would be fun to tease them a little.

Right across the hall from the restroom was apparently Ben's bedroom. The door was cracked open and I could see a bookshelf full of action figures, statues and toys. They were from sci-fi and horror movies, and comic books I think. I pushed the door open and audibly gasped. Every inch of every wall was covered with shelves full of the stuff. Space ships hung from the ceiling and the cardboard thing I fucked him for was there next to two others. There was barely room to walk around in there.

I pulled the door closed again. A week ago I would have thought this guy was a completely obsessed loser, but at least he can't get arrested, pregnant or a horrible disease from his obsession. I walked back in to the kitchen and sat down, folding my arms under my breasts to push them up and leaned over the table slightly.

They continued to play their game and steal glances at my chest. "How long do these games usually take?" I asked. "Two or three hours." Ben answered. God, I can't sit here much longer. I briefly considered going to the gas station. "So, where do you guys live?" I asked.

"I have an apartment in Meadowgreen down the street," Brad said, "And Eric lives with his." "Me and Brad are getting an apartment together next month!" Eric interrupted.

"Do you have an action figure shrine as big as Ben's?" I asked Brad. "No, I sold most of it." he replied. "I bought a lot of it." Ben added. "You don't have a roommate or anything to help pay it?" "Nope, just me. Until next month anyway now that Eric found a job. We're going to move to a three bedroom." Bingo! I 'accidentally' brushed my leg against Brad's bare knee as I turned in my chair a bit to face more toward him. I could see his nervousness as he tried to continue to playing the game, with my exaggerated cleavage staring him in the face.

I let him squirm for a few minutes. "I guess I should really be going, guys." I announced, leaning over and picking my purse up off the floor. "Hey! I have an idea. You two give me your numbers and we can text sometime!" "OK." brad said. "Wait, I. this thing! This phone is stupid. I can't. here, you put your number in for me." I said, handing Brad my phone and leaning over to watch how he did it. I already knew how to do it of course. As he was trying to figure out the menu, I put my hand on his knee under the table.

He jumped, but didn't say anything. I starting sliding my hand up his thigh but only made it about half way up. "OK. here you go." Brad said, handing me the phone back. What a dumb-ass. "Wait. show me how you did that!" I asked, moving my hand faster and slipping it under his shorts. "I. I. press. this." he stammered as I cupped his balls through his underwear.

"Uh-huh." I said, gently squeezing his balls. "AND. uh then. press this. then move to here." "Ah, I think I get it!" I exclaimed, moving my hand up to his cock. He was already rock-hard. It was hard to tell through his underwear, but it seemed to be at least average size. "Here. uh. here." he stuttered, handing me the phone back. "OH! Put Eric's in there too." I added, kneading the head of his cock with my fingers and thumb while he put Eric's number in.

"Here.<cough>." he said, handing me the phone back. "Thanks!" I said, standing up and putting my phone away, "Well, you guys have fun with your game." "Bye." Eric said.

Ben stood up to walk me to the door. "It was. uh. nice to meet you, Ashley." Brad said. "You too." I replied. As Ben showed me to the door, I looked back at Brad. "Text me sometime." I said with a quick wink.

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"Sorry about this." Ben said, "My friends are kind of. we look forward to game night." "Don't worry about it, Ben. I'm sorry to crash your game.

I was just bored." "You can come over any time you want." "Thanks, Ben. You're a sweet guy." I replied, kissing his cheek. "Maybe. uh. maybe we can work something out about the apartment?

Maybe. tomorrow? "OK, we'll see. Text me." I answered as I walked away. "Bye!" he said. I looked back and caught him watching my ass. ***** I arrived home just as I received a text from Brad.

I was surprised it took him a whole twenty minutes. I let him sweat for a bit as I got in my nightgown and put some food in the microwave. 'Hi, Ashley' the text read. 'Brad! How are you?' 'I'm good. You?' 'I'm fine. Eating some soup.' There was a long delay. 'So, what was that all about?' 'What was what about?' 'You know, the thing under the table.' 'Oh, that. I don't know.

I was just being friendly.' 'Is that how people people greet each other on your planet? :)' 'LOL' 'So, seriously, what was that all about? It took 10 minutes before I could even stand up in front of them.' It was late and I was tired, so I decided to just come out with it. I wanted a place to go tomorrow and if Brad didn't work out, I needed time to work something out with Ben.

'Are you still with your friends?' 'No, I'm home.' 'Ok, you want the brutal truth?' 'Yes.' 'I'm addicted to sex.' 'OMG!' 'Calm down, Brad. That doesn't mean you are getting any.' 'Oh.

Then why did you do that?' 'To get you to text me.' 'Why?' 'Because I want to work something out with you.' 'Like what?' 'I need your apartment.' 'Huh?' 'I need your apartment to have sex in.' 'Uhh.' 'I can't bring people back to my place.

I need a safe place that doesn't cost $100 a night.' 'So, you want to bring guys back to my apartment and have sex with them?' 'Well, not just guys, but yes.' 'OMG!' 'Did you just come on yourself? :)' 'Almost. :)' 'So, what do I get out of it?' 'Exactly what you think you'll get out of it.' '!' 'I need your place from 4pm tomorrow until the next morning. Can you stay at Ben's or something?' There was a very long delay.

'I want to watch.' Damn. I don't think I can do it in front of someone. 'No, I don't think I can do that, but I'll suck your cock.' 'I want to watch, and then you suck me.' 'I keep it very dark. You won't be able to see anything. How about if I suck your cock when I get there tomorrow, then again Monday night after work.' 'My dads a hunter.

I can get his night vision goggles.' My initial reaction was that this guy is a pervert, then I thought about my life lately and decided not to be judgmental. It also occurred to me that it would be good to have someone else there for safety. Even if he is a skinny geek, he could at least call the cops or something. 'OK.' 'Really?' 'Yes. But you can't tell anyone about this, especially Ben.' 'I won't' 'Promise?' 'I Swear.' 'OK.

Give me your address and I'll be there tomorrow about 3pm' 'Um.' 'What?' 'I thought maybe since. what you did tonight.' 'Just say it Brad. You can talk straight with me.' 'I thought since you got me going at Ben's maybe you should seal the deal.' 'Tonight?' 'My balls are aching.' It was 2am and I was really tired, but I did kind of owe the guy.

'Ok. Give me your address.' ***** I got dressed again, packed up my laptop, some extra clothes and some things I thought I might need tomorrow, and headed over to his house. I made a stop at a 24 hour drug store to grab a couple other things and made it to his house about 3am.

Brad opened the door, but stood behind it, poking his head through the opening. "Hi." I said. "Hi. uh. come in I guess." he said, opening the door enough for me to come in. I walked in and looked around. The place was pretty bare. There was a fairly large couch, a coffee table, one end table with a lamp on it and a TV. No decorations, knick-knacks or anything like that, but he was a guy, so I guess I shouldn't expect much of that. "This place will work just fine." I said, turning to look at him, "You have WiFi, right?" "Oh my GOD!" I said as I saw him.

His cock was fully hard and trying to burst out of his shorts. "It won't go away." he said, embarrassed. "Hahahahaha!" I laughed. "It doesn't seem that funny to me." he said, reluctantly smiling. "You poor thing.

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I did that?" "Yes." "I'm so sorry!" I said, "Let's take care of this right now." I took his hand and walked him over to the couch, squatted down and pulled his shorts and underwear down together. His cock sprang out and bounced a few times. It was actually a pretty nice cock.

Probably six inches, maybe a bit more, and circumcised. "You sit down and relax." I said softly, pushing him down to sit on the couch. "Just lay back. I'll take care of you." I picked up his feet and pulled his pants the rest of the way off, grabbed his knees and spread his legs. I slowly caressed his thighs, working my way down.

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"Oh shit!" he cried. As my hands reached his balls, I lightly rubbed them. "Are they still hurting?" I asked. "Yesss!" he grunted. I bent over and kissed his balls several times. They were very tight and recessed up in his body. I started to lick them, slowly rotating my tongue in circles.

"Shit! Please." "What?" I asked, raising my head to look at him. "Just do it. please!" I lowered my head back down and immediately swallowed most of his cock. "Ahhh. Shit! Shit!" I started to raise my head, slowly, softly working the underside with my tongue. I gradually lowered my head, gobbling his cock along the way until it was buried deep in my throat again.

It was on about my third trip down the length of his cock that he exploded. "SHIT! OH SHIT! OOOHHHH SHIT!!!" The warm semen splashed down my throat as I wasn't expecting it quite yet. I jerked my mouth about halfway back up his cock to give me some room and quickly swallowed the first load.

I started jerking his cock, just in time for the second load to fill my mouth. "OH SHIIITTT! Mmmfffff!" The poor guy must have had a gallon of come built up. It just kept coming. I've swallowed every drop so far, but I couldn't keep this up much longer. "Oh.

Shit." he gasped, finally relaxing his body. I made one more trip down his cock and then back up, running my tongue along the underside to draw out the last bit of come. I looked at the large bead of semen on the tip of his cock, licked it off and swallowed it. "Oh my FUCKING GOD!" he said. "Did you like it?" "Oh God! Are you kidding me?" He started to stand up, then jerked in pain a little. "Ah!" he gasped, grabbing his balls. "You OK?" "They still hurt a little.

It will go away in a few minutes. I hope." he said as he began to limp away. "Where are you going?" "To get a towel and clean it up." "Clean what up?" I asked, feigning ignorance. He looked at his crotch, down at the floor, then at me, shocked. ".I think I'm in love." "Hahaha!" I laughed. At least, I hoped he was joking. ***** I woke up on Brad's couch about noon. We had talked until almost 6am.

It turns out he's a really nice guy. He isn't nearly the geek I thought he was. Well, he's still a bit of a geek, but I think a lot of it is to fit in with Ben and Eric. He told me about his only girlfriend. They met in 10th grade and were together until she died in a car accident when they were 20 years old. They were engaged, but had not set a date yet. I almost cried as he told me about it. I think he almost did too. He has not dated since she died, and he's 26 now. He's not a bad looking guy; he could get dates if he wanted them.

I think he is still not completely over his girlfriend's death. How do you ever get over something like that? After we talked for a while and he worked up the courage, he asked me about my addiction. I was pretty vague and didn't want to talk about it much. I just told him that I really, *really* liked sex, and that I did it with strangers so people I knew wouldn't think I was a slut. He was very non-judgmental about it, but expressed concern for my safety. I asked why he wanted to watch me while having sex.

His reply was "Have you looked in a mirror lately?" but he later admitted to having a bit of a voyeurism fetish. When he was 13 years old at summer camp, he wandered across two counselors having sex in the woods and masturbated while he watched them. It's odd how one event like that can affect you for the rest of your life. He told me he had an early morning paper route until he turned 16.

He would sneak behind the houses of some of his female customers and jerk off while he watched them take showers or get dressed as they got ready for work, and sometimes the teenage girls as they got ready for school. He claims to have seen every female in the neighborhood under the age of 60 naked at least once.

He says he quit peeping when he woke up late one day and delivered the papers as it was already starting to get light. He went to check on his favorite peep target and could see several dozen trails of dried come on the siding beneath her window. He left early on his route the next morning with a bottle of soapy water and a sponge, and spent the next two weeks paranoid that the cops would be knocking on his door at any moment.

We had a good laugh at his story. That was the last thing I remember talking about. I must have fallen asleep soon afterward. ***** I spent the afternoon replying to emails and browsing ads.

Brad went to his father's house to get the night-vision goggles. He returned about 4:30pm, carrying a gym bag, and spent the next hour or so drilling holes in the wall between his bedroom and the living room, and camouflaging them. I was still a little nervous about him watching me, but it also made me feel even sluttier, so my emotions were quite mixed. "I think that should do it." Brad announced. "Got your little pervert hole all ready to go?" I joked.

"You should talk." "By the way," I began, "there'd better not be a video camera in there. I will literally kill you!" "I wouldn't do that to you." he replied, "Besides, it's not the same on video.

I can see all the video I want on the web." "Or *any* kind of camera!" I continued. "Ashley. I promise. Nothing." "OK." I said, relieved, "So, what would you like to see tonight?" "What?" "I'm taking requests. What do you want to see?" "Uh.


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I don't know. uh." "Yes?" "I don't care. You pick and surprise me." "I was thinking I might be in the mood for some big black cock." "Ashley!" "What?" "You think that's. uh." I could see his shorts beginning to bulge. "You really need to get that thing under control." "Sorry." "So. big black cock. I'll see what I can do." "So listen, Ashley, seriously." he began. "What?" "We need a word. Something you can say if you think you might be in trouble." "Buffalo." "Huh?" "Buffalo.

I'll say buffalo." "Why buffalo?" "I have no idea." "OK." "So if I say 'Buffalo' what do you do?" "Uh. I don't know. call the cops?" "NO! No cops unless someone is trying to kill me!" "Ashley, are you sure about this?" "Yes. The danger is part of the fun." "Ashley.

I just. I don't know if I can do this. It's too dangerous for you." "Then I'll go to their place." He stared at me for a few seconds. "OK." he agreed, "At least I can keep on eye on things if you are here." "And I bet you will." I said, smiling.

"OK, I've got it," Brad began, "If you say 'Buffalo', I'll make some noise, slam a door, whatever." "Why?" "Then you tell them it's your husband, and that they should leave." "I'm not sure that will work." "You have a better idea?" "I guess not." "Worst case, I'll come out and we'll both tell him to leave. I might be thin, but I'm not a complete wimp." "I know." ***** There was a knock on the door about 8:30pm.

We had moved the couch so you couldn't see it until you came in an closed the door. It also gave Brad a better view through his pervert hole. All the lights were off and the blinds closed. It was completely dark except for a small candle in the corner that gave off just enough light to see outlines of the furniture. "Come in!" I shouted. The door opened, a rather large, muscular figure stepped through it, and then shut the door. "This the place?" he asked.

It was obviously the black guy I had texted. "I'm over here on the couch." "I can't see shit." he said, feeling his way over to the couch. "You eyes will adjust." I said, reaching out and touching his leg.

"You as big as in the picture?" "See for yourself." I ran my hand up his inner thigh, my hand hitting a bulge not far above his knee. I gently squeezed the bulge, and massaged it all the way up to the base. I looked over to where I knew the hole in the wall was and mouthed "OH MY GOD!" to Brad. "I guess you are. Let's do this." I unbuckled his pants and pulled them down. He wasn't quite as big around as the black guy at the gas station, but it was just as long.

I don't think I could swallow even half of this thing. I have no idea how much I can take up my pussy, but was determined to find out. "Oh my." I whispered, trailing off. "You think you can take alla this?" "Not a chance." "I'm used to it.

I won't break you." I picked it up with both hands and put the head in my mouth. It was heavy. A sudden feeling of embarrassment fell over me as I thought about Brad watching me. I glanced nervously over toward the hole in the wall.

I'm not sure why as I knew I couldn't see him or the hole. I took as much of his cock as I could manage, probably about five inches, and held it steady with my left hand at the base, while my right hand moved along with my mouth.


"Fuck yeahhhh!" he moaned. I sucked this huge cock for a what seemed like an eternity. I lost track of time as I was caught up in the moment; the feel of the firm, slick head rubbing the roof of my mouth, the wrinkles of the soft underside sliding across my tongue.

I desperately wanted to swallow it whole. and damn it, I was going to try. I went down on it as far as I could, again about five inches, tried to relax my throat, and then forced my head down another inch or so.

I started to gag, but didn't give up or pull my mouth back. My stomach retched twice and then settled. I continued to move my right hand to keep him stimulated, as I paused until I thought I could take a little more without vomiting. After about 15 seconds, I was ready. I gulped down another inch of his cock. "eerrrrrggggggggaaahhh!!!" I gagged, almost losing my lunch. My eyes started watering, tears streaming down my face. "Holy shit, girl! Don't hurt yourself!" he exclaimed.

I wasn't defeated yet. I bobbed my head up and down, just about an inch or so, trying to train my gag reflex. I know a lot of people can do this. I can do it too. I was already close to seven inches. I tried to force my head down another inch. "EEERRRRGGGGGGAAAHHHH!!!!" I had to pull my mouth off and catch my breath.

I panted several times, wiped the tears from my eyes, and put it back in my mouth. "Daaayumm, girl! Ain't nobody ever took that whole thing!" he said, bending over and pulling me up by my arms, "You gonna hurt yourself." I decided I should probably lower my sights a bit; maybe start with something a bit smaller than Cockzilla.

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He spun me around to face away from him and grabbed my waist. I swear it seemed like his hands almost completely encircled me. He could easily break me in two if he wanted. I felt vulnerable, and a little scared. He gently pushed my head down toward the couch, bending me over at the waist, and lifted my skirt. "Oh God!

Please. careful!" "I ain't gonna hurt you, girl." he assured me, "I done this before." I felt the head of his cock press against my pussy. I had a mental image of me splitting in two. I felt the head slowly penetrate my wet cunt. "Ah." I sighed, "That didn't hurt at all." "It ain't in yet." he replied, as he started pushing his cock in to me, very, very slowly. "Aaaaahhhh! Easy.

easy. STOP!" I panted, "Give. give me a second." I put my hands on the back of the couch to brace myself. "OK, go. Slowly!" I felt my cunt stretch to it's limit. It felt like someone was driving a truck up my pussy.

I spread my legs wide, trying to ease the discomfort. "Yaaaaaah!!! Stop! I can't. can't take any more!" "Just relax." he said, "It's in." "All of it?" I grunted. "Naw, girl, but as much as you can handle." "Easy. Ahhhh! Easy." I pleaded as he began to slowly pump his hips. I have no idea how much of it he actually had in me, but it felt like about three feet.

He fucked me for a good two minutes before it stopped hurting. "Fuck, girl, this is some tight pussy!" "Please, don't worry about me, just go." It was still too uncomfortable.

There was no way I was going to have an orgasm, but that was OK with me. It was early. I heard him moan and gasp as he filled me with semen, but I was concentrating on holding myself up and waiting for it to be over. "God damn!" he said, pulling his cock out of me.

"You are some fine woman!" "Sorry, I guess I wasn't quite ready for this." "They never are, girl." he said, as he pulled his pants back up, tucking his cock back down his pant leg. He walked over to the door, opened it, and turned around. "Thanks." he said calmly. "Um. you're welcome." He walked out and closed the door. I went over, locked the door and turned the light on. Brad came walking out of the bedroom.

"OH MY GOD!!!" he yelled. "I know, right?!?!" I replied. "Holy shit, that thing was huge!" "I thought he was going to split me in half." I looked down at his crotch.

His cock was desperately trying to break out of his shorts. "God, Brad!" "What did you expect?" "I thought you'd masturbate or something." "I already did. while you were choking yourself on it." "You are one horny bastard." "So, is it time for you.

I mean, for us to." "Not even close." I said, heading toward the restroom to take a quick shower, "I'm just getting started."