Mia khalifa sean lawless buries his big dick in sweet arab pussy

Mia khalifa sean lawless buries his big dick in sweet arab pussy
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Cock-ringer in Thailand When I lived in Thailand I had two servants, Tina and Och. They were in the end twenties and shared all the work in and around the house.

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Tina was not especially beautiful but had a fantastic, strong body with quite big tits to be an asian. What got my attention the first time I met her was an enormous sex appeal. Such that you feel it in your groin.

Och was very handsome with a slim body that made him look nearly like a girl from behind. I soon realised that they were a couple, especially one day when I happened to open the door to the kitchen and they just were in the final stage of a big joint orgasm with her on her back naked on the table and he standing between her legs and pumping frenetically. It aroused me instantly and Tina got a special look in her eyes when she could see what happened in my shorts.

Anyhow, they were very embarrassed and apologised and told me that it should never happen again.

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Well, that could be discussed as I really wanted it to happen again, as you will see later in this story. We sat down one day and came to the agreement that both of them should always dress in black garter belts, black stockings and 4" high heel shoes and nothing else.

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They were allowed to play with each other wherever, whenever but must come to me for shooting. I promised only to be a voyeur but as I normally was totally naked they enjoyed seeing me aroused and close to shooting myself. As I like to be horny for longer periods without cuming I got so close to it one day just when they finished fucking and Och withdraw his dripping cock from Tina's cunt. I could feel the smell of sex and cum and could not help begging them to give me an orgasm.

Tina came to give me a deep kiss on my mouth as Och put my hand around his wet penis and gave me a handjob with his own hand. As I moved my hand around his cock I felt it swelling rapidly and I easily worked it up to full size again and we came to shoot both at the same time.


This was the beginning of playing with each other where the only restriction was that I never could fuck her (not him either for that part). One of the best plays we had was the cock-ringer game.

Och one day came home with cock-ringers for him and myself. They are rubber-rings built together so one ring goes around the balls and the other around the base of the penis.

When the penis is relaxed nothing happens but when it gets erected and thus enlarges in diameter a buzzing sound goes off inside the ring and a signal goes to the house alarm system so the whole house gets a terrible noise.

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As I have a very sophisticated system in the house there were different tones so Tina knew whom of the two of us were getting horny. When they were fucking or when Och or I masturbated it gave a ring-ring signal with short intervals.


Based on these toys we came to the following rules: During one month I should not be allowed to cum at the same time as they could fuck and masturbate as much as they wanted but shooting only in front of me. If they could hear my cock-ringer giving noise they had to rush to me and order me to stop playing.

Didn't matter if I was awake and getting a hard on which could happen without me even touching my cock or I had wet dreams at night. Anyhow, I had to stop as they said so and if they managed one month without me coming they should get a very good sum of money. If they lost they had to suffer one month without touching each other and absolutely not cuming. Of course we could not check if Tina did it or not. She could well finger herself to cuming but not enjoy 3 fucks a day by Och's cock.

One day Tina and I had to go to town for some business and she gave me only T-shirt and white shorts to wear. The shorts were in very thin nylon and without lining so my cock just hanged down in the left or right leg of the shorts.

The legs were short so with the cock relaxed it was just an inch left. The slightest teasing and the penis started to rise and soon getting visible by creeping out from the leg which was to the biggest amusement to Tina.

On the way from the parking the teasing from having my cock moving against the fabric at each step, after not having been shooting for 3 weeks, gave me erections and I had to stop, trying to look innocently somewhere and hoping for the cock to relax again.

We managed to get into the bank building but in the full elevator Tina backed up in front of me and putting her naughty hand behind her, squeezing my cock through the thin fabric and the buzzer went off without me being able to do anything.

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Tina was very naughty and grabbed my penis where it was sticking out through the leg of the shorts. Of course she knows exactly how far she can go and she didn't want me to shoot, as that should not give her and Och the big money at the end of my horny month.

The other people looked around to see from where the buzzing noise came but couldn't imagine from where and of what reason. When the elevator stopped we let the people out and Tine went in front of me up to the door to the gents where I went in to de-erect my tool and trying to clean up the precum that had gone through the shorts and also was on my legs.

After finishing the business I looked after that I was in front of Tina and managed to get back to the car with only a few unplanned erections from the teasing when walking. One of Tina's favourite plays is to put me in a chair with armrests, naked as always at home, playing up my cock to full size and then standing with her hands on the armrests so I can see her beautiful and horny eyes just in

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