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Milf veronica avluv on gangbang double young old cumshots
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NOTE: I wrote another story by this same title. It was number 264 and there is no connection. I guess I just like the title. Fbailey story number 545 Caught In The Act I am a bachelor so needless to say I let my dishes build up before I wash them. Running out of spoons and bowls is usually the sign that it is time.

However, in this case I saw Jamie my beautiful neighbor out in her backyard. She was wearing a black cotton summer T-shirt without sleeves and a white pair of shorts that were not quite short enough. It was the first time since the weather started warming up that I had seen her looking that good.

So I got out my digital camera and started doing dishes. She turned ever so nicely so I quickly dried my hands, picked up the camera, and fired. God damn it to hell, I had not zoomed in and the damn flash went off. I quickly put the camera down and looked up at her. She was still working away at whatever it was that she was doing.

I decided to put my camera on zoom and wait. Why wait I just picked it up and held it as close to the window as I could get it. I aimed it and pressed the button. I had glare from the sun and my window was filthy dirty. Damn it again. I put the camera down out of the way and did the dishes for real.

A few minutes later Jamie knocked on my backdoor and came in. She asked, "Were you just taking pictures of me?" Since I had been caught in the act and the fact that she had just picked up my camera, I said, "Yes…but none of them came out. Damn it." Jamie asked, "Why?" I said, "I was in too much of a hurry, the flash went off, there is glare from the sun on my window, and the damn thing is dirty to boot." She smiled, patted my head, and said, "Poor baby, are we having a bad day?" I said, "You could say that and to top it off you caught me in the act." Jamie said, "Well, suppose I change all of that and make the rest of your day better." I replied, "I'd like that.

What do you have in mind?" Jamie handed me my camera and said, "Follow me. Then you won't need telephoto, flash, dirty, sun glare, or windows. The only thing between your camera and me are my clothes…and I control them." I asked, "Where is your husband?" Jamie replied, "Well, Ted is taking the kids to the playground for the day, he owed me that much.

We are not married but he is the father of my two youngest children. So here I am all alone." We had walked from my yard into her yard and over to where she had been working.

She was planting seeds in tiny trays like cupcakes. She went back to work and I started taking pictures of her from several angles.

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I took some nice ones of her face and then from behind I got some very nice shots of her ass. Well that did not go undetected. Jamie asked, "How would you like me to place my butt so that you can get what you're looking for." She had said that in the most seductive way possible. I could not help myself I responded without thinking, "On my face." I knew just as soon as I had said it that I was sorry.

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Jamie giggled and said, "Okay but just a few and then I think we had better go inside. How about your place so I won't smell my place up when we make love." We were going to make love?


My day had definitely gone from bad to better. Jamie peeled her black T-shirt up over her head and stood there for me. Then her white shorts came off and she stood there for me. Finally, her panties came down. She stood and then she said, "Apparently I need a place to sit.

Is your face sill available?" I got on the ground face up and held my camera over my eyes. Jamie walked over me and squatted down closer and closer to the camera as I took pictures. I moved it above my head and just sort of aimed it at the connection that was about to be made. I got my first taste of her pussy and I knew that I wanted more…lots more.

Jamie took the camera from me and started taking pictures. I could see what she was doing but I wouldn't know the results until later. She drove her clit into my nose until she had an orgasm. Boy did the taste in her pussy ever get better! I loved it. Jamie stood up grabbed her clothes and handed me my camera. I followed her to my back door taking pictures along the way.

She walked inside and right up to my bedroom. She sat on the bed and asked, "What would you like me to do for you?" I asked, "What would you be willing to do?" Jamie giggled and said, "I haven't heard that question in a while. Let's see. I used to be a waitress, then I was a stripper, and then for a very short period of time I was a hooker. Then of course I became a mother three times. In all that time I'm not sure that there was anything that I did not do. Men of all ages have seen my body, touched my body, and gotten into it.

Two girls and a boy have come out of it. Then just about everything that could fit inside me has been inside me and I mean everything. I had a man put over a hundred of his tools in my pussy, another all of his garden tool handles, and I even had a farmer shove a hundred ear of corn up my pussy.

I was even fucked by a German Shepherd once before a Dog Show so he would be calm for the judges." I said, "Holly shit and I was going ask if you would let me watch you pee." Jamie laughed and said, "Oh. No I can't do that." She laughed and said, "I'm only kidding, of course you can watch me pee.

Should I do it in your toilet, squatting over your kitchen sink, or standing up in your bath tub?" I asked, "Kitchen sink?" She smiled and took that as my answer and back down we went where she took a chair, climbed up on the kitchen counter, and then squatted down over the sink and waited for the go ahead. I took another chair and sat in position right in front of her, I lifted my camera, and said, go.

It was incredible to watch. She spread so wide that her knees were completely opposite of one another, her outer pussy lips opened up on their own, and a small stream started to flow into my sink. It was not the full force splashing that I had heard in the past. It was just steady and then it stopped. Jamie asked, "Are you ready for the big finale?" I said yes and watched. Jamie pulled her knees around so that they were spread about shoulder width.

That closed up her outer lips. When she let go I heard that familiar sound of forceful splashing that I had heard in the past.

The stream sprayed out and made for a wonderful picture.

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It didn't last as long as I had wished but Jamie said that she could pee again in a while if she drank something. I offered her a beer, she giggled, and took two. As we drank our beers Jamie posed in various places and in various positions for me. She should have been a model in her past too. Then it was time to pee again. That time she picked the toilet and full flow.

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I got ready, said go, and got four pretty good pictures. She wiped right there in front of my face and then flushed. Jamie then asked me if wanted to make love to her before she went home. She didn't ask me to fuck her, she asked me to make love to her. She had mentioned that her man has not made love to her in over a year, they have sex, but they no longer make love.

This was my chance to shine. I said yes, and then I helped her up onto my bed. She positioned herself right in the middle. I got on one side of her and rubbed my hand all over her body as I kissed her.

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I was doing to her everything that I had learned over the years from other girls that I had been with. I had her skin tingling, her lips trembling, and then I started in on her clitoris.

I used my lips, then my fingers, and when she could take no more I used my cock. I entered her and felt a connection.

My lust at first sight had become love at first entry. Making love was a lot like being in love. That wonderful feeling started building up and up. I think it started in my toes then jumped to my head on its way to my penis. Then it entered her in a billion sperm swimming from me into her. My swimmers were strong so I hoped she as well protected, otherwise I might be the father of her forth child. I could certainly enjoy that.


Jamie said, "Oh my God, that was exactly what I needed." I said, "You were exactly what I needed too." Jamie asked, "Can we do this again?" I replied, "Any time that you want too." Jamie asked, "What if I want too every day?" I took her into my arms and I kissed her. Then I rolled over on top of her again and entered her. Once again we were one. She wrapped her legs around me as well as her arms, she pressed her pelvis up into me, and then her pussy muscles started contracting around my cock.

She was stimulating me and before long she was milking me with her pussy too. All I did was just lay in her arms and enjoy her making love to me. Sex only got better and better. Then I asked her to marry me. She replied, "Lets wait and see how this works out. I come with baggage, I have three children, and I have a live in boyfriend.

Why couldn't you have asked me four months ago when he left me?" I replied, "I was not aware that he had left." She said, "If you make love to me every day then you will know when he leaves next time.

Then my answer will be yes. Can you wait for me?" I said, "I waited for you for three years without sex. With sex I can wait a lifetime." Jamie said, "We really are soul mates…lets not wait.

Is your offer still good?" I replied, "Yes it is. Will you marry me?" Jamie kissed me and said, "Yes. Yes, I will." The End Caught In The Act 545