Order a submissive MILF for your work stress

Order a submissive MILF for your work stress
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&hellip.I went out to our lawn shed in the back yard to get something, when I opened the door…there stood my son just as he was shooting cum as he jacked off. In a millisecond I didn't close the door and leave, but I quick went in and closed the door. I'm still not sure why I did that. It was pretty dark in there as Andy scrambled to put his hardon away, turning his back to me.

I suddenly felt sorry for him.

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He had girlfriends, but didn't know a teen boys sexual urges superseded that. &hellip.He just stood there with his back to me, I'm sure wanting me to just 'go away' with his embarrassment. For some reason I put my arms around him and whispered: ("…no need for that Andy, any time you need to, you can come to my room and I'll take care of that for you.") &hellip.

I was a single mother and the sight of his hardon shooting cum went straight to the horny place in every woman's mind. It was burned in my memory and it excited me real good&hellip. Every time I thought about it, which was now all the time it seemed, I got wet. Nothing more was said but the feeling of his beating heart in my arms that day&hellip. got to me. &hellip.I left… and that was the end of it&hellip.for now&hellip.but.it was only the beginning.

My son will continue the story… -------------- &hellip.I'm Andy. I lay in my bed and recalled my favorite memory, which always gave me a good rock hardon. I lay with my girlfriend 69, and licked her pussy as she sucked and stroked my dick. She had no idea what I was thinking that made me so hard.

She 'assumed' I was engrossed in thinking about her.&hellip.I was not. I played my 'mind video' for the umpteenth time. &hellip.I started it from the very beginning&hellip. --------- &hellip.I stopped by my mom Millie's house to check on her.

She had some minor surgery and was off for a few days to recoup. I used my key and went in to find her. There she was in her bedroom, just a thin nightgown on, laying there asleep. &hellip.She had on a sleep mask I'd never seen before. My mom was a looker, and had a killer body. I paused thinking back on the many times I had wanked thinking about fucking her. Now for the very first time, I saw her with her nightgown wide open and completely naked.

Her big tits standing up perky, a fine patch of sweet looking pubic hair and those killer hot legs. &hellip.

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I just kept looking as I had never gotten to see her this way. I may never get to again. My dick was going crazy getting harder by the second. I slowly walked over to the side of her bed and sat down. She was grinning and having a dream I think. I sat by her and held her hand. She smiled and pulled me to her.

Her hand started wandering all over me and she had on a grin. I thought…'Damn, hold on mom, I'm not a part of your dream'&hellip.although I wished I was. &hellip."Mmmmmm"…she moaned. She pulled more on my hips to get me closer to her. Now I lay beside her as she pulled harder, pulling me on top of her. More.'mmmmmm's' as she started breathing harder.

I felt panic… &hellip.Oh shit…don't take that sleep mask off, I thought. She might panic to find me on top of her. By now I have a huge boner laying right on top of her pussy.

More 'mmmm's' as she wiggled her pussy on my boner. She slowly got her hands under my T shirt and started feeling my chest and back. She must have been having a sex dream, and thought I was her boyfriend or something. I really did try to think of a way to stop this&hellip.but…I didn't try very hard. I admitted to myself, I was max turned on.

I now wanted to fuck her so bad, and it would have been easy and&hellip.I was weakening to temptation. .I had on elastic waistband shorts. Now her hands were probing around them and inching them down. I was just letting this happen, with no will to stop her. After a slow pull down of my shorts, she found my boner and started stroking it. Big 'mmmm's' now, and she was breathing hard. She started rubbing my dick on her slit, getting it all wet on the head.

Slowly she worked it and in it went in her pussy. I almost shot as it went clear in. Up came her knees and she started thrusting her hips up. Who ever she thought I was, she was going fuck them, and right now.

&hellip.I'm only human, and I started fucking with her. I started feeling those big tits and was just going for it. She was fucking me, I told myself, although it was to late to stop it now.

She started fucking me with passion and moaning. I was going to cum, there was no stopping it. Damn she could fuck good. She ground her pussy down on my dick and I exploded in her. She must have gone off good too as he moaned the moan of high pleasure.

.She was tight and my dick pumped her full and beyond as she fucked more. She was a knock out of a fuck for me. My mind raced with the satisfaction of a very long desire to have sex with her. I laid down fully on top of her to enjoy the moments of high feeling.


She squirmed and held me tight. Her pussy was so warm and felt so good. I may never fuck her again, but I got to once, and it was awesome…beyond any of the girls I had ever fucked.

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My brain was spinning with a high that can't be described. She slowly got weak and fell asleep holding me. &hellip.I had to get out of there hoping she wouldn't wake up and go crazy or something. I carefully slipped off of her. She lay there looking so content&hellip.I quietly left her house. &hellip.I began to worry. What about all my cum in her. She'd have to know some man had been fucking her.

She knew I said I would stop by this morning. What the fuck was going to happen. &hellip.Nothing happened…at first&hellip. -------- I (Millie) listened&hellip. &hellip.I heard Andy leave as the door closed. I lay there feeling his cum in my pussy with my fingers.

Wow…I had wanted to do that for ever. Yes…It was a trick on him. &hellip.The mask dream thing worked perfectly. &hellip. When I heard him come in that morning, I was masturbating thinking about him and I having sex.

I used him to think about, to get me off real good. Now that his dad was gone, the thought just made me hotter. Sometimes I would set his picture between my legs and fantasize we were fucking so good.

I had taken the picture one night as he came out of the shower with a big hardon. He was just standing there drying his hair when I snuck the picture shot. .I quick pulled back into my bedroom and later printed it out. I had kept it hidden from his dad. When no one was home, I would take it out and masturbate while looking at it. It's been 3 years now, and I only dreamed that we would ever have sex. These naughty thoughts I always kept to myself and no one knew&hellip.well&hellip.one person knew.

My girlfriend Dee. &hellip.She too had sexual feelings for her son and one night we compared notes. These are feelings moms sometimes get, but is rarely talked about. &hellip.A few drinks and Dee and I came out with it one night. She admitted that her boyfriend caught her and her son going 69 late one night in her sons bed. The boyfriend left right then and never came back.

Her son and her were still so hot for each other they fucked all night, that night.

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They didn't fuck again. Dee has been trying to fuck him again for months now, but he feels the 'taboo' thing and uneasy. He felt he was the cause of her boyfriend leaving her. &hellip.It was Dee that had read about a woman putting on a 'sleep mask' and faking a dream to fondle her son.

Later, her son put on a mask too and the fact they couldn't see each other somehow neutralized any guilt feelings. &hellip.She had to try it. Last time I talked to her, she said now her son was taking the bate.

They both wore sleep masks and he had felt her up one night, just recently. &hellip.I lay there with a pussy full of my son's cum and I hesitated telling Dee that I finally got my son to have sex with me.

Because of her son's reaction, I had planned how to handle my son if he didn't want to have sex with me again. I felt the sleep mask was the key. He was just a stranger in a sex dream, that's all.


Fuck the guilt thing, we fucked so good, let's continue and do even more. &hellip.A week went by and I let 'time' set in my son's mind.

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We talked on the phone just like normal. No mention of our fucking, but I knew my son, he wanted more of the hot sex we had. &hellip.I was right. He came over one warm Saturday afternoon&hellip. for no reason. We were on the same wave length for sure. We both yawned and stretched. We agreed that a nap&hellip.sounded good.

I suggested we nap together in my big bed. He smiled big and said: "Mom, you always have the best ideas." I led him into my bedroom. I took my time undressing down to my bra and panties. "A bra and panties nap, …a…to keep cool." I said. &hellip.He pretended not to stare at me, but I watched him eyeball me when he took off his T shirt. He had on thin baggy shorts. We lay down and that's when HE suggested I put my 'sleep mask' on to nap better.

I smiled and reached over, I got my mask and handed him a 2nd one, for him to wear. The look on his face was priceless. &hellip. We put on 'our' sleep masks now. My heart began to race. Something was happening in his mind as we faced each other.

I waited. (Andy…) &hellip.This was a mind twister. I felt the heat from mom but my mind said she could be any woman. Women I wanted to fuck, but didn't or couldn't. It opened up new feelings of grandeur. I was being forced to imagine who I was with.

Mom was just one of a lot of women I'd fantasized about. I really kind of felt uneasy about fucking my own mom, so my mind made her into my 'perfect woman'. The perfect face, hair, lips, tits, pussy, legs and on and on.

&hellip.I began to go for my perfect woman. Half dream, half fantasy, but real feeling all over hers and my body. I reached out…… (Millie…) &hellip.Soon he held my hand and massaged it.

I pretended to be half asleep but shifted, putting one leg over his. &hellip.We slowly scooted closer. I felt it. His hardon tent touching between my legs&hellip.I got a wave of warm tingles moving thru my body. I could feel the wetness increasing in my pussy. &hellip.I whispered: (".whew, it's hot.") and started taking off my bra. &hellip.I don't know if he was peeking or just sensed I was taking my bra off, but his hardon got real ridged now.

I took his hand and held it between my tits as I pretended to try to nap. &hellip. That was all he could take, and his hand began to move around on my tits. I moved my pussy closer and pushed his hardon between my legs. I could hear his breathing and feel his pulse in his hardon between my legs. Soon I felt his hand wandered around inside the waist band of my panties. My hand began to do the same to his shorts. Slowly we inched each other pants and panties down.

.We just reached down and took them clear off. I lifted my upper leg up and pulled his hips so his hardon now slipped deeply between my legs. We both began to slowly move our hips back and forth causing my legs to stroke his dick. Now…he got all turned on as did I. We started kissing our necks and feeling us all over. He paused for a second, then slipped his body down and opened up my warm legs.

I felt his kisses on my pubic hair as I ran out of breath. I was so tense that when I felt his tongue go up my slit, I moaned and pushed my pussy hard to his tongue. Oh god&hellip. he knew just how to lick my pussy as I started to tremble.

I hadn't had a man lick me for over two years now, .I had forgot how hot that is. I moaned and lifted my pussy up to his lips with each long lick.

I pulled on him to come up and put the big hardon in my waiting pussy. He came up…but…he kept coming. He came up to my tits and then my mouth. Now my trembling hands came up and stroked that big warm hardon. I wanted to look at, but I kept the mask on. I teased the head with my wet tongue. Now it was his turn to twitch with each lick. He reached back and fingered my clit.

I began to stroke him as he kept going deeper in my mouth. …It had been a long time since I gotten to suck on a man. Andy's dad had been sick for long time and then expired. Now I had my turn with a kind of 'back up' and I was so hot for this. I wanted his cum shooting in me so bad, I sucked with all the passion I had. My pussy was dripping as he fingered it…… (Andy…) &hellip.I recalled my 'perfect woman's' sexy ways that just couldn't match any other woman I'd ever been with.

Not being able to see anything, her touch and feeling me, got hot me so hot, I didn't even have time to say 'I'm cuming'. I jammed my fingers in her hot pussy and grabbed her G spot and massaged it as fast as I could.

She moaned loud with my hardon deep in her mouth. &hellip.We felt the blast of my cum shooting deep in her throat. My hips jumped with each shot. She moaned without stopping and her body shook as she climaxed on my fingers. Her juices shot on my hand as she raised her pussy up and shook. Her body thrashed with ecstasy as she swallowed with moans.

&hellip. "Oh My God…".I blurted out. Something was straining from the mass of pumping cum out my dick.

She wouldn't stop or let go, jamming my dick in deep. My 'perfect woman' had become a sex animal with me. I had to lean over or fall over it took so much out of me. … &hellip.We lay there moaning and gasping as we both shook&hellip.I just remember rolling over, drifting away and lost consciousness…… ----------------- (Millie.) &hellip.I was so dizzy and happy all at the same time.

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He had such a warm sexy dick to suck on. I made it last, by holding it tight in my mouth. I savored his warm cum&hellip.finally getting more that I had dreamed about for so long. My darkness only intensified my high. I loved feeling his twitching body as he jolted on and on&hellip. my tongue slowly twisted all around his still thrusting hardon&hellip.

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&hellip.I thought…'.thank you sleep mask…you'll be kept close by… forever'… --------------- &hellip.A 'stranger' comes to my house a lot now.

The minute I hear his car in my driveway, I immediately close my eyes, sit and wait, as he has instructed me to do. The 'stranger' comes in and puts my sleep mask on me. We never speak a word. He carefully leads me to my bedroom and undresses me.

When I feel his face…he has on a sleep mask too. You couldn't even guess what he does to me…but&hellip.

I can tell you this… that my pussy is kept sore. Why?…well… 'someone'… suggested he bring a couple of his 'stranger' friends with him. They wear sleep masks too&hellip. A sore pussy is a good thing&hellip.