Lesbea Freckled Redhead and blonde angels face sitting and pussy eating

Lesbea Freckled Redhead and blonde angels face sitting and pussy eating
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Lust is contagious. When the cat is away. In a small hamlet, five miles from the nearest town, lust had begun to dominate a family's thoughts. "Max, are you wanking again?" "Ohg er, yes." Why?" "You know why, I see you every day and often without much on and I get a hard-on. It has worse now that you've begun to masturbate me when you're feeling horny, I can't stop thinking about your body. I know a few guys who are having the same problem over your body.

How am I expected not to get aroused with you walking around me in either the skimpiest of clothing, or none at all, like now for instance?" I didn't think it would be a good idea to tell her that I also fantasised about mum.

Her breasts with those protruding nipples and her rounded bottom were causing me to have an almost immediate erection whenever she comes near me. "That's because it is so hot and I can't sleep, and it's nice to hear, that my body is appreciated, but you shouldn't make so much noise when you do it, mom might hear you. I said that you should tell me when you're feeling randy and I'll do it for you." "If you did that, you'd be doing it all day and every day.

Anyway mom isn't in; she never is on Friday nights so it doesn't matter if I make a noise." "You might not hear her when she comes in." "She won't be home for another couple of hours yet.

How do you manage to bring yourself off without making a noise?" "I've had more practice than you have, but sometimes I have to put a hanky in my mouth." "How much more practice? When did you start playing with your pussy?" "I was nearly fifteen. You were always asleep when I came to bed. Move over, I'm coming into your bed and then I can wank you and suck you when you cum. I know you like that and I love sucking you.

OOh! You are getting bigger. Your cock has definitely become bigger." "When are you going to let me feel your pussy? You told me that you'd let me feel it, but you've never let me do it." "MMph, I can't talk with my mouth full, just wait a minute, oohh!

Damn, you could have told me you were going to cum; it's all in my hair now." "I'm sorry sis, here, use these tissues.

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Can I feel your pussy tonight?" "No, you can't, I was playing with myself until you started gasping and grunting and it made me cum. I'm all wet and sticky down there now." "Well can I feel your tits then? I like that as well." "Oh okay then, wait until I get on my back." "Oh Jenny, you've got such lovely tits, I could spend a whole evening just feeling them, and I'd love to suck your nipples." "Max, that is so nice, You can rub my nipples 'cos I enjoy that." "Oh, who's done that to you?

I never have." "Forget I said that, I'm not going to tell you." "Have you been letting boys feel you up?" "No I haven't, it wasn't a boy and I told you to forget I said it, if you keep on about it I won't ever let you feel my pussy." I cupped and caressed her tits and rubbed her nipples, which made her sigh and moan so, taking a chance, I began to slide a hand down her body.

I managed to get as far as her mound before she stopped me. "That's it for tonight Max, you nearly had me going then, but it's too late now. Next Friday I promise that I'll let you play with my pussy and my tits as well, but I will want to suck you off." I came again.

"That was good sis, thank you." The next day, I went to the nearby town to meet some friends and go to a football match; it was awful, so we left. We tried the park to see if we could pick up any girls, no luck there it started to rain so we jacked it in and I came home.

I was on my way upstairs to the bathroom when I heard voices from Jenny's bedroom and being nosy, I went into the bathroom we shared to get close enough to hear mom saying that things had gone more quickly than she'd expected. The reason that I could hear her was that this bathroom was between Jenny's room and mine.

Both bedrooms had a door into the bathroom which was lockable from the inside so that whoever was in the bathroom could lock the other door. It worked well as long as the user remembered to unlock it before leaving. Jenny and I soon got the idea of not locking the door at all so we could go into each other bedroom whenever we wanted without our parents knowing.

It was only during the past year that we'd been using it at night so that Jenny could 'explore' my growing manhood. This was on the understanding that she would allow me, eventually, to explore her body. She would be the first to get the benefits of my learning how to please a woman's body. I was already dreaming of the day I would make here moan like the women in the porno vids did. They stopped talking so I thought they'd be going downstairs, but instead I heard some low talking and then Jenny asking mom to 'OOH!

Ohh! Do that again, please mom, do it again'. I wondered what was happening until mom said; "Take your bra' off, it is not easy to get my lips on your nipples when you're wearing that." "Ohh mom, that is so nice, please don't stop.

Mom, I let Max feel my tits last night and he rubbed my nipples. I wanted to go further, but managed to stop myself. I'll ask him to suck them like you're doing?" "Oh, I never suspected that you two were sexually active. Normally I'd advise against it because he is only just sixteen and a bit young to be having sex with his sister, but it is your body and I can't stop you doing what you two have been doing when I'm not here, I suppose it's a little late trying to get you to stop." "You will both have to be extremely careful and never tell anyone what happens in our house.

What we're doing in incest and a great many people would disapprove, but you are very sexy and I enjoy the sex with you. Your brother is turning into a hunk and to be honest, I have been wondering if I dare to try to seduce him. Just thinking about taking him into my bed and teaching him how to please me turns me on. It would be good if he was willing to fuck his mom as well as his sister, just think, he may well soon be pleasing both of us." It could be said that I'm a slut, but I don't care, I admit that I want to have sex with you both, and in my own home I will do whatever it takes to show my children what love is, and have my desires dealt with." By this time, I had my cock in my hand and I wasn't just holding it, but what I heard next caused me to shoot cum all over the floor.

"Please don't let Max fuck you until I've taught him a few things, Jenny. Give me time to get him into my bed and I will teach him how to blow your mind while he blows mine. It is a long time since I last had a good fuck. "I'm sorry mum, you must be really unhappy, but I'm old enough for you to talk to me about these things and now you can really talk to me about anything, but I still insist that I should be the one to decide when I get fucked.

I am nineteen and I'm tired of being a virgin. "By the time I think Max is ready to fuck you; you'll be begging him to do it. I don't want you to rush into having your first fuck and then finding out that the lucky bloke you chose didn't know anything about bringing a woman to the boil.

Until then, I'll keep you steaming and that way I get my pussy treated by both of you. When Max does ask you to open those thighs for him, you'll be ready to do anything he wishes." "Take your knickers off Jenny I'm going to show you what it's like to have your pussy licked and sucked.

Believe me, you'll never be able to get enough of that, I'll show you what you need to know so that you are able to tell Max what to do, at least until I've finished with him in my bedroom. That's right love, open them wide and lift them up, when I lean forward I want you to put your legs over my shoulders." "Oohh, mmom, oohh. I didn't know it would feel like that. Aaaggh, Ohh mom I'm cumming I'm gonna cuUUUM.oohh.OOh.Wow, that was fantastic.

Mom, can I do that to you?" "You most certainly can, I'll take my dress and knickers off, then you just do to me exactly as I did to you and I'll cum in your face." I spurted another load onto the floor as I listened to the muttering and slurping, and I think Jenny got it right 'cos mom gasped and moaned and then; OOOHHhh fuck, that was just what I needed, then Jenny said that she'd got cum up her nose.

There was silence for a minute or so and then mom spoke. "We'd better stop now, Max will be home soon, but tonight I'll come and we can begin eating each other's pussy's in the sixty-nine position." I went downstairs, opened the front door and then banged it shut so that they'd hear it, then went into the kitchen and boiled some water for coffee.

They came downstairs separately and I made coffee for them as they arrived. Mom asked me if the match was enjoyable and I made up a story about leaving early and going round the shopping mall to keep out of the rain and to keep up with anything new. Mom said she was going for a shower and, of course, I took the chance to quiz Jenny about what they'd been doing. "Were you listening from the bathroom?" "Of course I was and now I have to go and clean my jizz of the bathroom floor.

I guess it was mom who had been playing with your tits. That's why you wouldn't tell me who had been doing it. What was it she did with you that made both of you cum?" She licked my pussy, but then she licked my clitoris bud and it was just like getting an electric shock, I loved it. I want to have more of that so you're in for a treat Max because I'm going to get you playing with my pussy every night from now on." "What did you think about mom saying that she is okay about me fucking you and that she wants me to fuck her?

It's exciting to know that mom wants to fuck with us on a permanent basis, and I admit I would love to fuck mom as well as you. Would you let me fuck you before mom gives me permission?" "Probably, I've thought about it and I guess there is no real reason why we can't learn from mom as we go. It'll be wonderful fun to fuck when we want without worrying about big mouth boys bragging that they've had me. I've seen enough porn to know what to do and I want to know what it feels like" The rest of the day and evening was spent pretending that everything was just as it had always been, but there was definitely a 'buzz' in the air, even mom seemed a little tense.

We all said how tired we were and so, by ten o' clock we were all in our respective bedrooms. All I could think about as I lay in my bed was that mom was going to be with Jenny, they would both be naked and then they'd be feeling, kissing, and licking each other. I desperately wanted to be there because I really did want to fuck both of them and soon I was going to do exactly that.

I heard mom go into Jenny's room and so I went in to the bathroom and listened to mom teaching Jenny about mutual pussy munching. I know they both enjoyed it and I had the impression that mom was the one who desperately wanted to have her pussy sucked and licked until she came.

I think that was because she made Jenny bring her to a climax three times. I had some more cleaning up to do, The next day was Sunday and mom had gone to the swimming pool in town to meet with some of her friends.

Jenny came into my bed, she shoved something under my pillow and then grasped my morning 'boner'. "I don't want to wait Max. I want you to fuck me, now. If you fuck me now I'll help you get into mom's pussy. She is really dying to be fucked so she won't struggle or make much of a fuss." "Jenny, that's rape." "I thought about this last night after we'd licked each other's pussies. I think the 'rape' will end about ten seconds after you suck her clit. It really is a fantastic sight, looking into a pink pussy as cum spurts out of it.

It tastes okay as well." "Jenny, I want to fuck you, I really do, but I'm worried about cumming inside you and making you pregnant." "Max, I have that sorted, I saw my doctor and told her that I was about to become sexually active and now I'm on the 'pill'.

I've been taking it for a month because I knew that sooner, rather than later I was going to get you to fuck me. I thought it would be better to get all the difficulties and mistakes out of the way in the privacy of our home, and that way we both benefit." "My cock is so stiff it's hurting so can I fuck you right now?" "Slow down bro'.

Lay on your back and I'll get above you. I'm going to enjoy sucking that pole and I do think that you'll enjoy your part because not only will you finally get to feel my pussy, you will be able to look inside it and taste it." I was so excited that my cock was dribbling pre-cum before Jenny was in position, but finally, finally, I had my sister's cunt inches away from my face and I could see her labial lips begin to swell and separate as I followed her instructions to lick her slit.

I stopped licking and managed to get my hands around her bum cheeks and pull them apart so that I could see inside her. I could see pink flesh, wet with her juices and tiny little muscular movements as I breathed against the gates of paradise. At that moment she sucked my cock into her mouth in one movement, this sudden and unexpected action caused my groin to jerk upward and my head to jerk forward.

My mouth clamped against her open cunt, and without any instruction I thrust my tongue into her love tunnel, I also had my nose hard against her tight little anal crease and I felt the muscle of her sphincter react to the pressure. I had seen porno vids of anal sex and read a few stories that said women really enjoyed having a cock in their anus, so that little muscular action caused my brain to go into overdrive and before I was aware of what I was doing, I had my tongue trying to force its way inside her rear passage.

Jenny almost choked as my cock was thrust against her tonsils and into her throat, and then she was trying to gasp as what was happening to her rear end impinged on her brain. I came. Straight down her throat at the same moment as she came in my mouth. We scrambled apart and took a few moments to recover before looking at each other. Jenny spoke first. "I don't think you need any lessons on sex.

That was fucking fantastic. Mom licked my sphincter last night, which was nice, but she didn't try to put her tongue in there. What you did made me cum. Not from licking my vagina, from poking my anus. That was fun." "Jenny." "What?" "Get on your back and spread your legs, I'm not waiting for anyone's permission to fuck you." I was relieved when she did as instructed, because I doubted that I could bring myself to force her. She helped me by lifting her legs up and guiding my cock to her vaginal entrance at which point she placed her hands on my hips and whispered: "Go slowly Max, take my cherry, but do it slowly.

I'll tell you when you can speed up and push." I was surprised at how tight my sister's vagina was. She was so tight I could hardly get my cock into her tunnel, but slowly, helped by the slippery juice inside her tunnel I began to penetrate my lovely sister's body. Jenny gave a little cry of pain as her hymen tore, I felt the slight resistance give and then she asked me to pull out of her.

I wasn't pleased, but I did as asked and then she pulled a cloth out from under my pillow and cleaned her blood from my cock.

"I won't be a minute." She went and washed her thighs and pussy and very soon, I was back inside her boiling hot, and soaking wet, vagina.

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This time I had little difficulty in penetrating her. "Max, go faster, fuck me Max, faster. All of it Max, give me all of it. Fuck me." She wrapped her arms around me and then her legs were around my waist so the she was clinging tightly to me. Our first fuck lasted about fifteen minutes, if we hadn't both climaxed earlier, I doubt that it would have lasted five minutes, so we both had a happy face when we went downstairs and had a coffee.

"Max." "What?" "If I provided a little 'encouragement', could you manage to do it again?" My cock twitched. There was a beautiful girl, in the nude, breast thrusting up and away from her body, asking me if I could manage to fuck her again. Of course it twitched; and of course I was never going to say no. "Believe me sis; I think I could manage that. Turn around and bend over the table, I think that taking you from behind will provide all the encouragement I need and this way I can get a good grip on your tits." Five minutes later I was thrusting into her gorgeous body.

my hand were having a problem in deciding if they wanted to hold her hips to prove thrust assistance or to grope her full, rounded breasts. It appeared that Jenny wanted my hands on her breasts because she clamped her hands on mine and made me use my own hips to thrust my erection into her and slam my groin against her soft bottom. That's when we saw that our mom was standing in the doorway. There was no way that I could stop what I was doing and I think that Jenny was relieved that I didn't stop because a minute later she wailed her way through an enormous orgasm and her cunt muscles almost squeezed my cock flat.

Mom stood and watched as we separated and then surprised the both of us." "That looked as though I don't have to do much teaching. If he can make you squeal like that in a standing position he could probably blow your mind if he did that on a bed. Max, she very definitely climaxed, but you didn't, come here." I went to her, penis in full erect mode and almost fainted when she dropped to her knees, grasped my cock and guided it to her mouth and swallowed it until she had it all the way down her throat.

Next, she began to push a finger against my sphincter until I felt it begin to open. She held her finger there and sucked my cock out of her throat. As she pulled her head back to retract my cock from her throat my sphincter opened and her finger was sucked into my body. I swear she didn't push it in, my body pulled it in. Mom removed her finger, looked up at me and smiled. "Now or later?" "Now, please mom, now." She stood up and without any delay to tantalize or excite she removed her dress and underwear.

I almost came on the spot when she freed her breasts from her bra' so that I could see them in all their glory, and as I had my first sight of her prominent nipples, I moaned and reached for her. She took my hand and told me to be patient because soon they would be available when I wanted them and then I was behind her, enjoying her broad bottom swaying from side to side as we went upstairs.

I had a hard time keeping my hands of her, but I knew I'd have it all shortly. "Max, I want you concentrate on putting your cock inside me, don't go for my tits or do anything else or you'll cum before you've fucked me and I do want you to fuck me." She lay on her back and opened her thighs so that I could see her pussy.

It was larger than Jenny's and already slightly open with some liquid oozing from the slight opening between her already puffed up labia. I thought I would slide into her cunt with ease, but although she was not as tight as Jenny had been, it was a snug fit.

I expected to shoot my load the moment I entered her, but she wasn't about to let that happen and she controlled me so that I came to the boil five times before I was allowed to pump a load of semen all over her tummy. "That was lovely Max. Really, I enjoyed it. From now on we will do that often." "Was that the first time you fucked Jenny?" "No, it was the second; I did it a little earlier this morning." "Did you cum inside her?" "Yes, but she's been on the 'pill' for a month" "Thank goodness for that, I'm going to have to start taking it again." "I feel fantastic.

Yesterday I was desperate just to have a feel of Jenny's pussy and today I've fucked her twice and also fucked my mom. Incest it may be, but it was consensual." We showered and found that Jenny had already done so and then made lunch. After lunch told us that she wanted to have serious talk with us and to tell us the truth about one of her activities. That got our imaginations running riot, but we weren't even close to what she was about to say.

"We have been extremely lucky: I have a very close friend called Linda. I met her when she joined our little book club that I go to on Fridays.

She was new to the village and didn't know anyone except the postwoman, who told her about the book club and so Linda came to the next meeting with the Anne, the postie. I began chatting with her and we have become firm friends. We soon found that we were kindred spirits, we are both divorced for one thing and have very similar tastes in lots of things.

When we met she was having a bad time because she'd recently divorced her husband. She sold their house and was fortunate in being able to buy a house here; it's the one at the end of this row. Linda told me that one Saturday, while she was out shopping; he tried to get into their daughter's bed.

She had been a student nurse then and was sleeping after having just been on ward experience on a night shift. She fought him off and then told her when she returned home. She wouldn't stay in the house with him so she left home and moved into a flat in town, which she shares with two other nurses. I have to confess that we have become more than just friends. I haven't been going to the book club for some weeks; I've been going to bed with Linda. I'm not going into the how and why; it happened, but we're happy that it did.

Linda didn't want to go home to an empty house today when we left the pool, so she asked me if she could come home with me for a couple of hours. I said yes of course she could, as I would be happy to have her meet my children. I would love to know what she thought when she saw you fucking your sister as if it was nothing unusual.

She was still for a moment and then whispered that she would definitely love to meet my children, but that this was probably not a good time. She said that she thought I was a very lucky woman." "So how come you think we were lucky?" "Because she promised that she would never tell a soul, but an early introduction to my children would be appreciated.

She asked if she would be welcome to visit us because what she had just seen put a new meaning on the phrase 'friends with benefits'. Then she left." After that little bombshell we discussed matters that had to do with the way we behaved for the rest of our lives. The first significant change to our lives following the discussion took place when mom asked Jenny if she would like to share her bed instead of being in her small bedroom.

The second was that I would have visiting rights whenever the door was not shut.


That was certainly okay with me. "Max, Jenny tells me that you were playing around with her rear entrance yesterday. Have you been thinking of making a habit of that?" "I hadn't been thinking about it at all, but it was there, and I believe that some women like having it licked and stroked, and that some even enjoy being fucked that way.

I just had an urge to see what happened if I pressed it." "Here this, If you ever want to do anything to that part of a woman then you get her permission first, but be prepared. You will ALWAYS wear a condom of your going to fuck her that way, you will always have some suitable lubricant to hand, and you will NEVER do anything to woman's rear passage if you don't know that she is clean and healthy. "Promise me, Max." "I promise mom.

Have you ever had your anus fucked mom?" "A long time ago, I was young and horny and didn't know what I was in for when I said he could fuck my bottom. Mom heard me scream and damned near killed my dad. He never came to my bedroom again. Mom did though." "Mom! Are you saying that you fucked with your parents?" "Jenny, my dad fucked me twice, he tried for a third time with anal sex, after that I slept with mom and he slept alone. The idea was that she'd protect me. What she didn't know was that I knew a lot more about sex than she did, but I taught her all I knew and she was a much happier woman after that." "Is that why you've been so eager to get into Jenny's knickers and into my boxers come to that?" "In a word, yes." I went to stand behind mom and began to open her blouse.

She leaned back so that my task was easier and faster. I had a bit of a struggle to lift her bra' up and off her breasts, but it was worth it when I was finally able to roll her nipples between my fingers and thumbs and feel them harden and expand.

She was breathing a little heavier than before, but when Jenny pushed a hand up her skirt and pressed a finger hard against the fabric of her knickers to press on her clitoris, she began to pant. "Here or upstairs mom?" "Upstairs." "Come on Max, let's get her on her bed and strip her, I want to taste her cunt juices." "Before you do that you'd be wise to get your kit off as well, because I am going to fuck you while you make mom cum." We rushed mom upstairs and almost ripped the clothes off her unresisting body.

I had lied a little to Jenny because first I wanted mom's nipples in my mouth and nothing would stop me from having that happen. I knelt facing her feet with her head between my thighs so the she had a good and clear view of my genitalia, then I used my hands in a tactile attack on her tits and nipples. Jenny had pushed a pillow under mom's hips when she first climbed onto the bed and mom had opened her thighs, and lifted her legs, in readiness for the pleasure she was about to receive.

Jenny was already eating mom's labia, the sucking and slurping sounds mingling with mom's moans and gasps when I backed off a little way so that I could lower my face to her breasts and take one of those hard, erect protuberances into my mouth.

I sucked on it as I probably had when I was a baby in her arms. I nibbled it and gently ran my teeth across it before giving the other nipple the same treatment. My cock was throbbing and I could no longer ignore it so I moved off the bed, stood behind Jenny, and admired her pert bottom. Jenny had two of her fingers in mom's vagina when I lifted her hips up and prised her buttocks apart. That enabled me to insert my solid bar of rampant cock into her vagina and once again fuck her from behind.

It was wonderful, I held my sisters hips and pumped my cock in and out of her warm and clinging vagina. Each time I thrust forward her face was pushed hard against mom's pussy, and as mom grunted and gasped with the sensations she was receiving, I was watching her breast bouncing and swaying. Mom closed her legs around Jenny's waist and brought her knees closer to her head, which meant that Jenny moved forward and was then able to suck mom's nipples, which I think, was the purpose of the move.

It also allowed me access to both of their pleasure zones. I had to take advantage of this opportunity. Two wet vagina's one above the other, this was beyond my fevered dreams. I unplugged myself from Jenny and then knelt to lick and kiss her sphincter as I probed my mom's vagina with one hand and pressed against her sphincter with a finger on the other hand. Both of them responded. I had a finger in their respective anal passage and both of them responded by cumming.

Mom spurted cum all over my hand and Jenny spurted her cum over my face. I backed off, grabbed Jenny around her waist and hauled her onto the floor, spread her legs and entered her. She wrapped her legs around me to make sure I stayed there and urged me to fuck her to another climax.

She came again after a few minutes, but I kept fucking her because I was still rampant and she was gorgeous and willing ,and mom had a finger in my anus and this was pure lust let loose. I took my sister through four climactic upheavals before she asked me to let her rest.

I pulled out of her swollen pussy lips and was immediately pushed onto my back and mounted by my mom. She grabbed my cock, guided it into her cunt and then lowered herself down its length. When her labia pressed against my groin she rested for a moment and then she rode me I grabbed her tits and mauled them as she pumped herself up and down my shaft. Her eyes were closed and the sweat was pouring from her body, but I knew she was in an ecstatic paradise of lust, and I spoiled it because I reached down and found her clitoris.

I merely touched it, but she exploded and screamed out as her unexpected climax hit her. When she'd stopped shaking and her vaginal walls had unclamped from around my cock, she slowly lowered her body forward to lie on top of me.

I put my arms around her and clasped her buttocks. Pulling them apart, I pressed a finger against her sphincter and again it opened and allowed me to invade her rear passage. Just as I rammed my groin upwards to shove my still hard cock back up mom's vagina, my hand was pulled away from mom's anus and pressed to Jenny's left breast as she inserted her own fingers into mom's anus.

She finger fucked mom's anal passage as I cock fucked her vaginal passage and I was able to feel Jenny's fingers as they pressed against the membrane wall between the two passages. Mom was bucking and groaning as she was taken towards another orgasmic explosion, and after a stream of exhortations to: "Go faster; harder, fuck me, oh fuck me, fuck me." Then she shouted that she was cumming.

"Mom. I'm going to cum as well; can I fuck you all the way?" Jenny removed her fingers as mom yelled: "Don't cum inside me Max; please get your cock out now, please. I got it out, but I pushed the head into the now vacant opening of her anus and pumped my cum into her anal passage as hers squirted from her pussy.

When we'd both done ejecting our cum, we parted and all three of us lay on the bed and fell asleep. We had a late dinner, and a quiet rest of the evening in front of the TV, but I don't think anyone actually watched the film.

Mom and Jenny had to go to work in the morning, so it was a fairly early bedtime and I noticed that Jenny still went to her own room to get some much-needed sleep. It was early July and I was on my own all day because I attended a small public school and we were now on our summer holiday break until September.

Mom and Jenny came home at six o' clock and I'd already prepared everything except fry the steaks so we were soon finished with dinner and the necessary washing up. "Jenny, Max. How are you both feeling after yesterday?" "Mom it was fantastic, you've been very understanding and non-judgemental about Max and me fucking while you were out and then allowing us to do what we wanted with you was all we could ever have asked for." "Are you two sure that you want to carry on having sex?

Have you really thought about the implications; you have your whole lives before you so you don't need to rush into sexual relationships just because it's fun and available now." "Mom, we wanted to do what we did and we want to keep on doing it." "I had to ask." "Would you let me fuck you right now mom." "Yes, if you asked me." "I just did, I've been steaming here all day and I couldn't stop thinking of how it felt to enter you. Let's go upstairs and ruin your bed." As we left to go upstairs, mom asked Jenny to let us have at least half an hour." Mom was ready; she stripped and I watched her breasts spring out from the restraint the had endured all day, then she removed her knickers and lay on the bed with her thighs open and raised them so that I had a clear view of just how ready she was.

Her labia were already slightly parted and there was a clearly visible trickle of her vaginal lubrication oozing from her body. I had been stripping as I watched her and so, without any preamble, I knelt between her inviting thighs and allowed her to guide what she wanted into where I wanted it to be.

We fucked, noisily and joyfully. My groin was slapping against her pussy lips, my cock head was hitting her cervix as she loudly urged me to greater effort and speed even as she 'oohed' and 'ouched' her way to a wonderfully loud and violent climax. I was surprised that I still hadn't cum and said so. Mom immediately pushed me off her and knelt on the bed. "Get it in from behind, come on Max, and fuck me from behind, hurry up love." After I entered her I was more interested in the sensation of her soft buttocks slapping against my groin and the desire to ram my cock up through her teeth.

I lasted about five minutes before gasped out the news that I was about to cum. "Put it in my bottom son, come on, move it." I was taken by surprise, but I managed to get my cock into its new burrow and without thinking, because I was beyond coherent thought, I shoved my cock into my mother's anal passage.

She squealed loudly as I erupted inside her rectum. She was cursing and crying, bucking and jerking, but then, suddenly, she asked me to keep going as long as I could manage. I think it was the eroticism that kept me going and kept me stiff enough to fuck my mom this waybut because I had already decided that I would fuck her anus, I made hay while the sun shone and we both came again as Jenny sat in a chair and masturbated.

Back downstairs after showering, mom said: "What did I say about not indulging in fucking an anus without certain preparations and precautions?" "Oh I remember mom, but you told me to fuck you from behind and then you told me to fuck your bottom, so I did. I enjoyed every second mom and it was obvious that you did.

You told me to keep fucking you and I'm still not sure how I managed to do that, but I'll always be grateful for being allowed to do it." "I think that what I said was to 'put it in my bottom'; I meant shoot your load in there so it didn't spray all over everything. No matter, what's done is done, have a really good wash. It's partly my fault because I forgot to give you something when I came home. Mom left and returned with a parcel.

"I bought a few things during my lunch break. Here you are." What I unpacked was a huge box of condoms, six spray cans of lubricant (two each it seemed). There were four vibrators, two large and fat, two shorter and slimmer and four sets of handcuffs. "I think that lot will brighten up our free time activities. I collected a lot of funny looks and two invitations when I bought them.

I'm off to have a relaxing bath, then bed. Jenny, don't be late coming up, it's my bed tonight so don't wear anything."" "Max, would you use the first condom on me tonight, before we go to bed." "I will if you warm me up while I watch the sitcom in a few minutes." "Jenny made me strip and then sit on a straight backed and armless chair. I insisted that she did the same just so that I could enjoy the sight of her breasts and her tantalizing bottom, which, I now knew, I would be physical enjoying later on in the evening.

I sat down and my sister immediately straddled me, grasped my already hardening cock and guided it to the gates of paradise then lowered herself and began to fuck me.

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I went for her tits and tormented her nipples until she began to gasp and grunt. "Suck them Max, please suck them and bite them, make me cum." I sucked them.

I bit, nibbled and squeezed them and then I tried to push a hand down to her clitoris, but I never made. Jenny shoved her tits forward, the nipple of one of them was in my mouth at the time, and grasping the back of my head she pulled my head towards her as she climaxed.

I love breasts, but that almost choked me. She sat on me until her senses were more or less recovered then she stood up and went to the toilet.

On her return, she knelt before me, took hold of my erect penis and began to manipulate it. She stroked it and rolled it between the palms of her hands until it was so stiff that it hurt.

She placed a finger on the end of my cock and began to lick up and down my shaft then she placed her mouth against the shaft and gently nibbled it from base to tip. When she reached the tip, she lifted her head and then lowered her face and in one smooth movement, her hot mouth took me in and took over half my length into her in one gulp.

She paused, took a few deep breaths, and then, inch by inch; she took the rest of my cock into her body via her throat.

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I had my groin pressed against her nose for a couple of minutes and then she lifted her head back until my shaft was out of her mouth.

Now she began to give me what she knew I wanted, she used her mouth to fuck me until I had to stop her before I came. She didn't try to tease me because she realized that the next part of this evening would be a one-time affair. I couldn't repeat the effort that I had expended with my mom. "Now?" "Oh yes, now. I want your bottom just as much as you want me to have it. I think the difference is that I will continue to want to fuck it, but you need to find out if it is as good as it seemed to be for mom.

Am I right?" "Yes, clever you, now come and do it before I change my mind." She was on her knees across her bed, Head down on a pillow, backside in the air and arms underneath her. What a mind-blowing, cock stiffening, sight that was. I made her open her thighs as far as she could comfortably manage and I left her like that until I had managed to roll a condom on and then spray it, and her sphincter with lubricant.

I teased her back door until it began to respond to the stimulation and allowed my finger to enter her. Jenny said it felt pleasant and that she was getting a thrill through her vagina.

Once my finger was nearly all the way inside her anus I began to bent it and twist and turn it as I simultaneously finger fucked it. Jenny twitched and moved her rear end around and told me that it was turning her on and she now wanted me to fuck her vagina, but she knew that I had to keep doing what I was doing because now she was really looking forward to feeling what it would be like to have my cock in her bottom.

It wasn't long before she got what she wanted. I know it was painful at first, her back passage had never experienced anything as long or as thick as my cock and although I kept using the lubricant and easing myself very slowly in and out of her bottom she experienced a lot of discomfort. She was determined to see it through to what could be the bitter end and her fortitude paid off. "Oohh Max, keep that up. Yes, that speed. OOhh wow that is fucking marvellous, I'm getting little electric shocks through my cunt and it's.

Fucking roll on, faster Max fuck me faster. OH, OH, fuck; faster Max, faster. Her hands had now found her pussy and her clitoris and she was giving everything in that department a thorough massage and as I reached my maximum thrust output she let a top 'C' rip through the house and she climaxed.

The pressure generated by her muscular contractions on my cock was painful, but I was in heaven because it was pulsing and she literally masturbated me with her inner anal sphincter. Mom came rushing into the bedroom and helped separate us without hurting Jenny.

All Jenny could say was, fucking hell, mom that was awesome. I came, and he was in my bottom. "Would you do it again?" "Yes I bloody well would." "Well my lovely daughter, it gets easier with time and patience, and for some women it is a real turn on and lot of fun, as long as you keep it for special occasions, with special people." "Now take a shower and go to bed." "Are you happy now Max? You've fucked both of us and now you've had anal sex with both of us.

Do you think you're man enough to keep doing it with us, or are two horny women too much for your young body?" "Mom, you keep on being horny, I'll keep my end up, literally." "Oh that's good to hear. Now, I have a hot daughter to see to, goodnight son, have a restful day tomorrow, please" "Goodnight mom." Our sexual activities over the next couple of weeks were much reduced.

We had revelled in the opportunity to rut, but common sense had prevailed and now we had happily settled down to having sex at a much less frequent and frantic rate.

It was now part of our normal family life, to be enjoyed as and when we felt the urge. Three weeks after we'd found that family sex was fun, mom was firmly convinced that she was no longer feeling any symptoms of stress from her work or her private life. So when the 'phone rang at lunchtime on the Friday and mom told me to set another place for dinner because she had invited Linda to dine with us I sensed that mom had decided to find out if Linda really was interested in joining in with our sex lives.

It wasn't to be a special meal. She had ordered a variety of dishes from the Chinese restaurant in town. They always delivered everything in heat retaining containers and they would be delivered at 6:30pm. We knew from experience that it would arrive at that time. Then she told me the reason. "Max, open the windows in Jenny's room, it hasn't been used since, well, you know when. I have a feeling it might be needed tonight." "Mom.

Does Linda know anything about the 'domestic' side of this invitation to dine with us?" "She's been hinting about meeting you two, She hasn't actually said, but I think she was turned on by what she saw and it has been simmering inside her ever since.

This would seem to be the perfect opportunity to find out what she'll do if faced with an obvious offer to join us. You must remember that we are already half way to having her join in with us because I know how much she enjoys sex with me and I find it unlikely that she could refuse a chance of experiencing Jenny's charms.

I don't know what she thinks about sex with you, but she is obviously aware that there would be some expectation of your involvement. We will deal with that when we're sure that I have not misinterpreted her interest. Keep in the back of your mind that she has an unattached daughter who is living away from home because of what her father did.

He is no longer on the scene and I fancy that Linda might be thinking of asking her to move back with her, probably using financial savings as a lure. Linda may well want to know how best to find out that, if her daughter does move back in with her, she would be amenable to a sexual overture from her mom.

Linda said that although she is a normal, attractive girl, she has never had a boyfriend, she's intelligent, has a woman's body and might just be willing to be seduced if it occurs at the right moment, and by the right person. As we know, when a crack appears in any defence, it can soon be prised open." I told Jenny what the evening was intended to reveal and she immediately took a shower and returned wearing a short, flimsy skirt and a loose blouse which I knew from experience was very revealing if she leaned forward.

She tended to lean forward a lot if she was wearing it because what she wore underneath it was the flimsiest, lace bra' imaginable and I knew to my cost how expensive it was because the last one she had got ripped by yours truly in his haste to remove the bloody thing, and she hadn't been resisting. I lifted her skirt and saw a piece of material, which could hardly be described as 'clothing', but the illusion was served. Mom and Linda arrived with our dinner and normal conversations took place, but the mood changed immediately after all the kitchen chores were dealt with.

Linda stood in the middle of the living room. She was half a head taller than mom was and about a head taller than Jenny and me. She told us that she had something to say that would possible answer the questions that we must have about her.

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"You know that Megan and I are involved in a sexual relationship, I want that to continue and although I haven't asked her, I think that she feels the same way." "Oh Linda, of course I want that." "I know you are having an incestuous family relationship; please believe me, your secret is also my secret. I wish that had been blessed with Megan's forthright and pragmatic attitude to life because if I had, then my daughter might never have left home. This next part is about my situation. I want you to accept me into your lives.

I was a lonely, unhappy woman until I met Megan, but once I became aware of just how fortunate she is and how deeply you all love each other I wanted to experience that sort of love. I don't know if my daughter would ever contemplate having sex with me, but I am determined to find out. I think you can help and advise me on the best way to do that, without driving her further away from me. That is for later, what I want now is to ask a direct question of you Linda and also of you Max.

Deep Breath and." Jenn stepped forward and stood in front of Linda, her blouse was unbuttoned just a little lower than was the norm, and because of the height difference; Linda had the pleasure of looking straight between Jenny's gorgeous breasts. "Linda. May I say something before you say anything else?" "Jenny, she swallowed, this is hard enough as it is I." "Linda, I am trying to make this easy for you.

If you will go upstairs with me, right now, I'll show you just how welcome you are, but I have a warning for you. We have only recently started to have sex within the family group, so actually having group sex with someone from outside the family is a steep learning curve for Max and me. We are excited at what we've been doing and now we are excited and nervous about this next step. We hope to enjoy what is going to happen to us and hope that you will enjoy what we do to you.

Be warned, Max is a lot more insistent on who leads than I am and he won't waste any time before he demonstrates that side of his temperament. You've just kicked over a hornets nest and it's going to be a long night." As she spoke, she unfastened her skirt and stepped out of its folds as she unbuttoned her blouse and passed it to mom. Linda's face was a picture and bright red. "Are you shy Linda? Are you so modest that you won't take your clothes off in front of us? If you wish to share in our family pleasures Linda, then dropping your knickers without embarrassment is going to have to become second nature.

I want to see your breasts before we go upstairs and I know Max will be interested, he has a thing about breasts." "Don't fight it Linda, you told us how you felt and what you hoped to experience, now it's up to us to bring that about. My lovely children will do what you want them to do, but they will also do whatever they want to do with you, except that, if having your backside is contemplated, Max will ask permission first.

Now go and enjoy my daughter while my son and I enjoy each other. "I'm not shy Jenny, and neither am I modest, just inexperienced and nervous. Linda took her dress off to reveal that she wore lace panties, which had to have come from the same shop where Jenny bought hers. Her bra' needed to be made of stronger material to keep her breasts in check, but it took no time at all to remove. Jenny cupped one of the uncovered mounds and sucked a nipple. "Oh I am going to enjoy you, come on." Linda was obviously beginning to feel comfortable in our company and becoming more relaxed because, instead of meekly following Jenny, she came to stand in front of me.

"Please forgive the short notice Max; I have to know what you've got between your legs before you're in a position to put it between my legs." To applause from Mom and Jenny, she pulled my tracksuit bottoms down and then my boxers. My cock sprang to attention, but she didn't touch it, she stared at it and then said: "My god Megan, you could have told me about this on that first visit, I would never have left.

He is the youngest male I've ever checked out, but he's also the best equipped, this would unsettle any girl's equilibrium." Jenny grabbed Linda's arm and told her not to check me out in her time. They left so I asked mom if she meant what she'd said about 'enjoying' her son. She smiled and took me by my cock, which was still in the horizontal position, and led me upstairs so that we could hear Linda discovering what talents Jenny possessed.

Mom and son made love. We took each other's offerings slowly and gently for over an hour, and neither of us climaxed. Mom whispered in my ear that she was having a lovely fuck, but she wanted Linda to have everything I had to give.

"I want to hear her shrieking when you bring her to the boil." Jenny made Linda cum three times in that hour and then loudly asked if I would care to swap mom for Linda. Mom giggled and pushed me off her as she told me to hurry up and shower because very shortly, three females were going to commandeer the two showers.

I did and had the wine snack items and/or hot beverages ready for the appearance of three, bathrobe-clad females. Linda has long legs and she was wearing a shorty bathrobe, borrowed from Jenny's wardrobe. Jenny used to wear it when she was in a teasing mood. It turned me on then and it was having the same effect now. We sat around the table and listened to Jenny tell us what Linda liked to do in bed.

Mom said that she'd never done a couple of things that Jenny described so of course, Jenny promised to demonstrate them and then she and Linda could practice with each other. The conversation stopped when I asked Linda to remove the bathrobe. I was sitting opposite her and I was dying to get a great deal closer, and soon. She took it off and then fondled herself. That was like a red rag to a bull, and she knew it.

I stood up and walked around the table, but I didn't go to her. I went to the sofa and pressed the button that caused it to unfold and become a bed. The moment Jenny saw me head towards the bed she went to the small sideboard and opened the front to get some of the sheets and pillows that were stored there, then she and mom covered the mattress with the sheet.

Now I went to Linda, felt her big, soft breasts, and rolled her nipples until they stood erect. Mom and Jenny went upstairs as I told Linda that I wanted her to lie on the table so that I could eat her pussy before I wore it out. She had smooth, hairless pudenda and when I applied my mouth to her labia and sucked them into my mouth, I realized just how sexy and erotic a bald cunt was.

Between slurps and licks, I asked her to tell mom and Jenny how much more erotic and seductive it would be if they were to have the same treatment. Her pussy was open, it was running with lubricant from her vagina and her clitoris had risen under my tender licks and sucks, but I had one more task to perform before I fucked her, I used my fingers to extract as much liquid as I could from her vagina and applied it to her sphincter.

I rubbed and gently pressed that little doorway as I applied her body's own lubricant to her rear entrance. "Do you remember mom telling you that if I contemplated having your bottom, I would ask your permission?" "Uhg,Oohh, yyess." "She was telling you the truth, I will ask you for permission to fuck your bottom, but at the moment I'm merely loosening everything up and oiling the hinges, so to speak.

That means I'll only use my fingers and I don't intend to ask your permission to do that." "Jenny didn't ask either." So, my sister had beaten me to it. Ah well, that means I probably won't have any trouble getting this door open, otherwise she'd have stopped me already.

Linda's bottom was in constant movement, up, down side-to-side, and rotating. She never stopped as I sucked her clitoris and licked into her soaking vagina and my fingers moved in, out and around inside her anal passage. She screamed. She actually screamed that she was cumming.

She swore, she swore like a trooper, but she held my head pressed against her pussy with her legs wrapped tightly around my waist to ensure that I wouldn't go anywhere until she had completely exhausted her knowledge of Anglo-Saxon profanities.

Because of all the flesh and cum being forced into my mouth, I had difficulty breathing, but she was sweet and fragrant and she would never again, be short of sexual release. Mom and Jenny were sitting in the armchairs watching this take place.

I'd seen them come back into the living room shortly after I'd begun my treatment of Linda's back door and I was grateful that they had remained silent throughout the proceedings. "Now for round two Linda.

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Get on that bed and I doubt that you've forgotten what position you should adopt if you want my cock inside that beautiful pussy. Linda's thighs were magnificent and I spent a few moments stroking them as I climbed onto the sofa bed and knelt between them.

I stroked her tummy and her vulva, moving in ever-increasing circles until my hands were brushing against her breasts. At that point, I stopped the movement and concentrated all my attention on her breasts. They were firm and round, with cherry red nipples, which were just begging to be sucked, rolled and nipped. At least I hoped they were begging for such treatment, because that was the treatment that they received. It did appear to meet with Linda's approval because she began to moan and sigh as her hands moved to cup them.

She pushed them together so that I could do everything that I was doing with minimum of effort. Her mind was still in overdrive because of the sensations it was receiving from her nipples when it realized that my cock had suddenly arrived on the receptors in her vagina. Linda's groin lifted up to receive the full force of my groin travelling towards hers, she yelled as They met and my cock head reached her cervix.

She had no respite, I had her thighs against my shoulders and my arms outside her legs, and she was going to be there until I decided otherwise. I fucked her, I rammed my cock into her as fast and hard as I could until she wailed, yelled and swore. Then she orgasmed. I could feel cum, and other liquids, squelching as her vaginal muscles forced the passage walls to suck at my shaft. I slowed, but I didn't stop. I kept a stead, slow rhythm as I lowered my hands down to her bottom and reached her anus.

My shoulders were pressing down against her thighs and pinioning her to the bed, her buttocks had been forced apart and that little doorway had already been oiled and opened once today. This was the second time, except that this time my cock was in the primary tunnel and it would remain there until she agreed to the request I intended to make. I was going to ask her, softly and politely, to be allowed to put my cock in her anus either tonight or at the very latest, tomorrow afternoon.

I didn't need to apply much pressure against her sphincter before it began opening. As I slid my cock into her vagina, my finger entered her anus; it was retracted as I pulled my cock back down her tunnel. Soon I had a good rhythm going and Linda had both passages being treated to sensations that possibly, she would wish to repeat. Either singly, or in tandem. "Max, please, take your finger out and fuck me; quickly, I want to feel that orgasm again, but I need to go to the loo." "I'll fuck you at whatever rate I wish.

I want this to last at least another thirty minutes or so." "I couldn't manage that Max, I've never had so much sex in one night and I really do need to go to the loo." I kept fucking her as she jerked and struggled. Then I realized that I might have bitten off more than I could chew.

My own moment was arriving. "Okay Linda, I'll be good and let you go to the loo, but then you come back here and use your mouth, or I will put you back on the bed." I quickly released her and she scuttled to the downstairs loo. I sat on one of the dining chairs and on her return, Linda did as I had asked. My cock entered her mouth, and after a wonderful two minutes watching my mom's friend and lover swallowing my pride and joy, my balls blew gout of semen straight into it.

She almost choked, and had to spit it out, all over my stomach. We went upstairs and showered together, partly because both of us were still shaking, and partly because I had never done it before. I tried to apologise for the poor ending to our coupling and said that I hoped I hadn't discouraged her from continuing. Linda said that she wished to apologise for having to dash to the loo. She laughed and told me that she had actually enjoyed everything that I had done to her, some things had been new and completely unexpected; but because Jenny had given her a warning, about what I would probably do to her, somethings had been expected, but had still surprised her.

"I want more Max, but not necessarily all at once. Mom and Jenny we in bed with the door closed so I persuaded Linda that because I had 'forgotten' to close the windows in Jenny's ex-bedroom, she would be much more comfortable in my bed.

I know she was comfortable, because I tested that claim twice during the night and found her to be extremely comfortable, and willing. She was also demanding, and insistent, and I was absolutely tired out at the breakfast table.

Mom asked Linda if she was okay with what had been asked of her and when Linda told her the salient points of her time with me I received a kiss from my loving mother. She was fondling my flaccid cock as she kissed me and when it responded, even I was impressed. Mom smiled and said: "Oh, look at this, its' still alive." and straddled me. She guided my steadily stiffening cock to her pussy and manoeuvred it into the entrance of her vagina then Jenny joined in.

She stood behind mom, and reaching around her, fondled her breasts and tweaked her steadily stiffing nipples. I put my arms around mom's waist and, as she moved up and down my now, rigid, shaft, I reached Jenny's pussy and found her vagina to be wet, and willing to have a finger inside it.

"Come on Linda; mom panted, make it a foursome, find out what Jenny likes." Linda found out that Jenny enjoys having her sphincter kissed and licked. She also discovered that Jenny much appreciated being anally finger fucked as her clitoris and vagina were being assaulted.


Between us we brought Jenny to the brink of an orgasm. Jenny appeared to want more of what she was having and therefore took steps to achieve that end. She left mom and me and shuffled to the sofa bed with Linda still embedded in her playground. Jenny knelt, Linda felt, and then Linda took Jenny to the brink of an orgasm. Before she could complete the final thrust, mom left me in roughly the same state as Jenny, removed Linda from her current partner, and then became mom's partner alongside Jenny, who was still kneeling.

I had what she liked and she had what I wanted so I solved both problems and fucked my sister. I looked across at mom and Linda and saw that Linda was accepting mom's attentions with her eyes closed and a smile on her lips. We gathered round the table and had brunch, because it was too late for breakfast and too early for lunch. Linda was full of praise for her treatment, and we were insisting that she stayed for the weekend.

Mom said that she thought we might have to devise a roster to decide who would be with whom, when that would be, and where it would be happening. Both Jenny and I said we thought that that was far too formal, and it removed the element of spontaneity.

We won the argument and our sex lives were casual and haphazard from there on. During the following week, Linda attempted to contact her daughterbut the three nurses had moved to another address with leaving a forwarding address.

It took mom a further week to track them down by contacting the hospital admin and claiming that she had information that would be advantageous to her client's daughter. That evening; Linda; her daughter Susan, and Gina, her daughter's lover, had a long conversation during which Linda learned that the two nurses were committed to each other. They were grateful for her offer of moving to her house, but they much preferred the house they were living in because it was the property of Gina's mother.

She was the third nurse and she was also their occasional partner. After Susan had left the family home she had taken a while to get her life in some order because of the pressure from her training course. After she had met Gina and they had moved into her mother's house, she had tried to contact Linda, but her mom had already separated from her father and sold the house.

Susan had no idea where she could have moved to. Mom commiserated with Linda later that night and I think she cheered her up when she said that perhaps at Christmas time we could invite them over for a meal.