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Ranchland - Chapter 10 Shelly Taylor struggled to stay awake as she manoeuvered down the rough gravel road. It had been a long drive from her home in Alberta Beach, and travelling at night hadn't helped any. But she had wanted to reach her destination in the early morning hours, with the hope that she'd be able to see her Dad before he had to go out on the range for another day.

With the long hours and lack of sleep though, her chances of driving into a ditch instead had increased substantially. Somewhere on this road, she'd been told, was the ranch where her father worked. Some of the farms were marked, or had a name on them.

None of the ones she'd seen had given her that courtesy, and in almost a move of desperation, she decided that she'd turn into the next driveway she came to, and get directions from someone that might know the area. Amy Morrison found herself waking in the same manner that she did every morning, with her uncle's tongue washing the depths of her femininity, driving her to the verge of another powerful orgasm.

As Ben flicked his tongue over her clit for the umpteenth time, that tell-tale tingle began to work its way further and further into her slowly waking consciousness, then exploded along every nerve pathway in her body. She inhaled sharply as her nipples became harder than she could ever remember, and as her mind turned into a blaze of bright lights, her reflexes spasmed and convulsed in rapture, and she let out a scream of lustful passion as a result.

Ben continued to lick and lap Amy's pussy, now flooded with her juices, and he fed from her sex as hungrily as his new-born son would suckle her breast. He kept her at the peak of her pleasure for as long as he could, his niece reacting to his loving for more than a full minute before her cum finally began to release her to the afterglow. "Ben Calhoun," she lovingly entreated him, "I don't know how you do that to me, but promise me you'll never stop loving me like that? Damn, but you make me feel so.

. special! Might be part of why I love you so much, you Meat-Ball, you!" Ben slowly lifted his head to greet his niece, his face covered in a combination of a huge grin, and a massive smear of Amy's girl-cum.

He loved the taste of her feminine nectar, the smooth softness of the skin of her thighs, and the woman that owned all those wonderful treats. "Mmm, good morning, my Little One" he greeted her.

"I trust you slept well again last night?" As he talked, he began to slide up her petite young body in search of her invitingly pouty ruby lips, stopping to gently run his tongue over and around each of her nipples as he passed by them, then continued until he found her lips. She pulled him to her tightly, forcing her tongue down his throat, and ravishing every part of his mouth she could access. They broke their kiss long enough for Amy to finally pry her eyelids open, greeting the rest of the day slowly, and with the happiness of knowing that she was very much loved by this man that was the father of her two children, Angela Lynn, their three-year old daughter, and Andrew Bradley, their three-month old son.

It was the realization that she hadn't fed Andy since yesterday evening that finally made that fact the deciding factor in whether or not she would indulge herself with a lazy morning. "Mmm, as much as I love to just lay here in your arms, Ben, our son must be starved.

I don't remember waking up for his two o'clock feeding. Hell, after the way you fucked me senseless last night, I don't remember a damned thing!" Amy growled, the smile on her face betraying the non-existent anger of her voice. "No, you didn't feed him," Ben said softly, "I did. That's why we expressed all that extra breast milk from you, remember?

You looked so peaceful when he started crying, that I just didn't have the heart to wake you. But after the way you made me cum last night, getting Andrew fed was a real chore. Maybe you could explain to me how somebody that small can fill up one diaper so full?

Phew! Talk about stinky! I almost buried my nose in your pussy, just to survive the little Poop's. . poop!" Amy chuckled as she visualized the scene of Ben fighting sleep while changing his son's dirty diaper, then pulled her uncle to her lips for one last kiss before she got up, and got on with her day. "You sure do spoil me, sometimes, Meat-Ball," she whispered in his ear as she hugged him close to her, "and you're not only one hell of a great lover, but an awesome Daddy, as well." "Aw shucks, Miss Amy," Ben replied with a corny accent, "it weren't nothin', ma'am." His comic reply sent Amy into gales of laughter.

She continued to hold her uncle close, giving him soft and gentle kisses over every part of his face she could reach. Their intimacy was interrupted by the thumping of little feet, as Angela came running into their bedroom.

Turning to greet his boisterous daughter, Ben picked her up by the waist, and swung her onto the bed., buzzing his lips on her naked little belly in the process. She reacted with riotous squeals of joy. "Morning, Mommy! Morning, Daddy!" she finally squeaked, once her laughter subsided.

"I a big girl!" That was her way of saying that her overnight diaper was still dry, and she received a loving kiss from each of her parents as a reward.

"Potty, Daddy?" she inquired. Ben flipped her over onto her back, then undid the pins holding her overnight garment in place before getting off the bed himself so that he could escort her to the bathroom.

"You just relax, Little one, and I'll get Andy up on my way back" he suggested to his niece. She lay back, quite content to continue being spoiled. With that, he and Angie trotted off, where Ben helped her up onto the seat, and wiped her once she was finished. Setting her down so that she could rush back to her mother, he gave her a little love swat on the behind, flushed the toilet, then returned to the children's room to get his son up, and ready for his feeding.

Again he changed Andy's diaper, then carried the infant back to his mother's waiting arms. "Shit, that's enough work for one day for this old cowboy" Ben muttered as he passed the baby to Amy, who cuddled him to her breast, then offered him a teat to suckle.

She giggled at her uncle's comment, then patted the edge of the bed as an invitation for him to sit beside her. "Don't blame me, Ben Calhoun" she admonished him. "It takes two to make one of these bundles of joy, ya know." "Oh really?" Ben quipped back. "You mean it wasn't them storks dropping off excess cargo? Damn! My Momma lied to me!" he joked. Amy chuckled happily, and rubbed his weathered face lightly with her hand. "Any idea of what causes them?" he added. "Yep!" Amy snapped back quickly.

"Something about a man and a woman sleeping in the same bed, they tell me." "Huh!" he grunted. "Maybe I should move to the sofa, or something. Many more of these little brats, and I'll be wore out before I'm fifty!" He received a resounding slap on the shoulder for his trouble. "I not brat, Daddy!" Angela corrected him firmly. "I girl!" "Girl. Brat. All the same thing" Ben muttered, and Amy slapped him again.

In retaliation, he grabbed Angie around the waist, lifting her so that she acted as a human shield from her mother, then buzzed her bare belly again playfully. He noted her proud and protruding mons innocently displayed before him, and felt a burning desire to kiss her pussy. But he'd promised himself that her sexual discoveries wouldn't happen until she showed that she was ready.

"Come on, my Princess, let's get you showered and cleaned up. Mommy's going to feed your little brother, then we'll all go have some breakfast." "Shower!" Angie exclaimed, and made a beeline for the door. Ben lightly kissed Amy's lips, then followed Angie out the door and down the hall. With their departure, Amy relaxed as Andy began to suckle her breast in earnest. In the bathroom, Ben adjusted the water before letting his daughter into the stall.

Once inside, she grabbed the bar of soap and pressed it into her father's hand, her version of a request for him to lather her. Ben complied happily, rubbing the soap over every part of her body from the neck down.

As he lathered up her little pussy, Angie's eyes became unfocused, the sensations of her father's fingers teasing her young clit sending waves of tingling enjoyment all through her little body. For Ben, the soft and smooth texture of her skin was heavenly, and the light pressure of her clitoris on his finger felt so damned good.

He became almost as mesmerized as she was. "I like, Daddy" Angela softly encouraged him. "More, Daddy, more?" she pleaded. Ben continued to massage her virginal valley, letting his finger slide the full length of her pussy's slit, and lightly tickling her puckered little rosebud.

Angela shivered deliciously in response. It was sorely tempting to try and give her an orgasm, but Ben knew that if he continued much longer, he'd have a problem himself, and his cock twitched to let him know that he probably was right. With resignation, he lifted his daughter up so that the showerhead flowed over her naked form, rinsing her entire front.

She especially liked it when the spray pulsed against her young pussy mound, and hummed with her delight. Then Ben turned her around and let the spray splash over her back, lingering so that the gentle stream of water completely erased all traces of soap from the crack of her butt.

Again, Angie moaned at the delightful sensations on her little pucker. Once she was clean, Ben quickly lathered himself, then rinsed off. Stepping out of the shower stall, he towelled his daughter first, then himself hurriedly. Now dry, he swung Angie up into his arms and carried her back to her room, where he helped her get dressed. With their morning toiletries complete, the two returned to the master bedroom, where Amy was laying quietly with her upper body propped against the headboard, her son in that twilight state between feeding and slumber.

"He's almost asleep, isn't he?" Ben asked quietly. "Umm-hmm. He had a good feed, though. You sure you fed him enough this morning, Lover?" Amy asked. "Well, by the look of his last diaper, I doubt he had room for any more.

He fell asleep just as the bottle ran dry, so I assume he got enough" Ben answered, than added, "but I'll bet the little brat didn't leave me any, did he?" Amy laughed at the remark, knowing how much her uncle enjoyed the taste and texture of her breast milk. "Oh, I think we can squeeze a few drops out for you, you old lecher.

Would you like it now, or should we wait until the kids are down for their naps?" Amy teased. Ben threw his arms up in silent surrender, then kissed first his niece lightly, then his sleeping son. "Little One, let me get breakfast started," Ben suggested, "while you take care of our youngest, okay? Besides, I think our daughter's patience is about shot. She keeps looking towards the kitchen, and that's a sign that she has an empty tummy.

. " The rest of his conversation was interrupted by the sounds of crunching gravel. Out of curiosity, Ben walked over to the window and looked out to the driveway.

He didn't recognize the car, or the two people inside it, but they were stopping at the ranch house. "Who's that?" Amy asked him. "I don't recognize the car, Little One, but there's a young girl behind the wheel and a guy in the passenger seat.

They're about eighteen, as a guess. Are we expecting anyone that I don't know about, Lover?" Ben inquired. "Can't think of anyone. I guess I'd better get up and get dressed. You go see what they want, and I'll start the coffee. Angie will just have to settle for cereal this morning, by the look of it." Amy told him.

As Ben headed out of the room, she added, "Meat-Ball, you might want to put some clothes on, before you scare the hell out of those people" "Huh? Oh. Yeah, good idea" he muttered, staring down at his nakedness. Amy giggled at his absent-mindedness. Ben pulled his work clothes on, then went to the door to greet the young couple.

"Can I help you?" he asked, as the young girl opened the car door and got out. I think we're lost" the girl confessed. "I'm trying to find my father's house, but I'm not sure where he lives, exactly. Maybe you can give us directions?" "I guess that would depend on who your father is" Ben mentioned. "What's his name?" "Taylor. Collin Taylor. I'm his daughter," she told Ben, "and this is my boyfriend, Ryan Matheson." "Hmm, then you'd be Shelly, right?" Ben asked.

She gave him a quizzical look, wondering how he knew her name. She nodded her head up and down reservedly. "Collin's gone up to the west range for the day. Was he expecting you?" Ben wanted to know. "No, I was hoping to surprise him. Maybe we should come back tonight?" she suggested. "Does. . Janice know that you're coming? I could phone her, and let her know." Ben realized that his hospitality was getting a little weak.

"Why don't you two come in and have some coffee? I'll call Janice, and we'll see if I can get your Dad on the radio." With a look of non-understanding, the two young people silently accepted the invitation. Once inside, Ben introduced the two to his niece, his daughter, and their sleeping son. "Would you happen to be Ben Calhoun?" the girl wanted to know. "Guilty as charged" Ben replied. "What lies has Collin been telling you about me?" "Well, he says that he figures you're about the best person he's ever worked for.

. and if this is Ranchland, it's the best place he and Janice have ever lived." There was a long pause before Shelly continued. "Dad also mentioned that you wouldn't mind if we moved here? Ryan want to go to Olds College for an Agricultural degree, and I haven't decided what I want to do yet.

We just graduated from high school. But I'm willing to try anything." "Well, we'll have to see what we can come up with, if you're going to move in with your Dad and Janice" Ben started, then turning to Ryan, began to inquire of the young man's interests.

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"What is it that you want to study, Ryan? An Agricultural degree won't get you much unless you've got some background." "My parents have a farm up in Onoway. My father grows barley and timothy up there, on about four sections. I guess I got hooked on feed crops, because it's all I can think about." "Hmm, I think you and I need to talk, son. I have two sections that I want to put into barley and alfalfa. Might be able to use you, getting that idea up and running.

Pay isn't much, but it'll keep you dry and fed, and maybe we'll find you some heat, later on" Ben offered. Shelly and Ryan both beamed their acceptance of Ben's offer. Just then, Amy came in the kitchen with Angie in tow. Ben made the introductions, as Amy served the coffee. "Umm, Dad says that you two are. .

uncle and niece?" Shelly asked softly, as though someone might overhear. "Am I allowed to mention that?" "Yeah, well, it sounds like Collin's told you quite a bit," Ben confirmed, "so why don't you tell us what you do know, and we can go from there. Oh, by the way, he's also told us a bit about you, Shelly. Is that something that you're comfortable with us knowing?" Ben added, as he looked towards Ryan. His focus wasn't lost on Shelly, and she seemed to relax a bit more.

"It's okay, Mr. Calhoun. Ryan knows about me, and about Mom and Dad, too" she assured their hosts. They spent the next two hours sharing their background, and discussing the whole subject of incestual relationships. By the end of that time, everyone seemed to be a lot more comfortable with the subject, and with the concept that Ranchland had inadvertently become an oasis for people caught up in the various results of such activities.

"I'd better call Janice," Amy volunteered, "because if she finds out you're here, and that I didn't let her know, she'll skin me alive." With that, she made the call, and invited Janice and her two children over for morning coffee, but kept the news of Shelly's arrival to herself. Within ten minutes, Janice walked in the back door, both Tanya and Jason, her two children, in tow. As soon as she spotted Shelly, her face lit up with happy excitement.

"Shelly!" Janice screamed enthusiastically. "Why didn't you tell us you were coming? God, your Dad's going to be so thrilled to see you! How long can you stay? Can you stay with us, or have you got somewhere else lined up? How's your. . how's Cynthia? Oh, and who's your young man?" There were more questions, but Shelly lost track of the list of them, at this point.

"Sheesh!" Ben muttered. "You're worse than the Spanish Inquisition, Janice!" He smiled warmly at the woman, then got her a cup and filled it, making sure that the cream and sugar on the table were still in adequate supply. Shelly tried to fill in the answers to Janice's questions as best as she could, her glances alternating between the two Taylor children and their mother.


Finally, she could hold her curiosity no longer. "So this must be Tanya," Shelly smiled at the young girl child, "and that's Jason, right?" Janice beamed with the realization that Shelly would recognize her children. She confirmed Shelly's theory. Turning to Ryan, Shelly informed him that the two were her half-sister and half-brother, a look of pride on her face at being related to the two offspring.

"This is Ryan, your. . " She caught herself, and instantly changed her introduction. "He's my boyfriend. Would you like to say 'Hi' to him?" she invited. The two siblings tentatively accepted the idea, then let Ryan weave his magical personality into their presence.

Soon, they were laughing and giggling as he spent inordinate amounts of energy entertaining them, adding even more when Angela joined in to the fun. Both Amy and Janice made an unconscious note of Shelly's change of direction when she introduced Ryan to the kids, and the two women exchanged quizzical glances, but didn't pursue the question any further.

There was something about this Ryan Matheson that caught Ben's attention, but he couldn't identify it consciously. Whatever it was, he felt that the boy was a lot closer to Collin's daughter than just her boyfriend, and probably lover. Something about him reminded Ben of someone he knew, yet he couldn't have told you who, for the life of him. He studied the young lad's face for several minutes before relegating that nagging feeling to the back of his mind.

Then he invited Ryan to a tour of the local fields and pastures, implying that there was a good probability that the two could seriously discuss the feed grain idea that Ben had, and Ryan was enthusiastically interested. As they made their way to the East sections where Ben envisioned his feed grain operations, it dawned on him what seemed so familiar about Ryan.

He was left-handed, as was Shelly. He'd unconsciously noted that when they picked up their coffee cups. There was only one other person that he knew of that was also left-handed; Collin Taylor. Ben thought he recognized some of Collin's facial features in Ryan, as well.

The question burned in his brain, and he just had to find the answer. "Ryan," Ben started, "you and Shelly are relatives, aren't you?" Ryan's face betrayed his shock, not at the question, but at having been found out.

There was an element of fear in his expression, too. His initial reaction was to deny the truth, but he'd learned a long time ago that they'd eventually be found out anyway. Lying would only make things worse. "Umm, yeah, we are" Ryan confessed.

"She's a cousin of some sort. It's complicated, and I don't understand it all myself. But how did you know?" "Little things, really. I can see some of Collin in your face, in your mannerisms, and in your attitudes. If I look long enough, I'll bet I find some of Shelly in that mix, too." There was a long pause before either one spoke.

"Ryan, are you really serious about learning grain farming, and about moving here?" Ben finally quizzed. "Yeah," Ryan responded after giving his answer some deep thought, "I am.

Well, about the grain farming part. I was hoping that Shelly and I being related wouldn't come out, mostly for her sake. But now that we've been found out, I guess we'll have to look somewhere else to set up." The dejected tone in his answer was unmistakable.

"Why?" Ben wanted to know. "I thought you might have been told about the people that live on this ranch. Or hasn't Shelly's Dad filled you two in?" He left the conversation in Ryan's control for a moment, curious to find out what the boy knew, or how he felt about the truth.

Finally, Ryan committed to sharing his limited knowledge. "All I really know is that Shelly's Mom and Dad are brother and sister. Oh, and after this morning, you and your wife might be uncle and niece. But that's about all I know, for sure" Ryan volunteered.

Ben thought for a few moments before offering any further insights. "Ryan, this place is a veritable grove of incestuous people," he stated, "and all we're trying to do is help each other get through the daily struggles together. I know all about Collin and his sister, and about Shelly. As you say, Amy and I are considered to be related. But on top of that, we have two brothers that live together, in more ways than just one, and another couple that are also brother and sister.

In their case, the incestuous relationships have worked themselves into a third generation, but they've all learned how to deal with that in a happy and productive way. So, if you're interested, my offer still stands, for both of you." Ryan's face showed a look of happy relief, and not more than just a little gratitude, both for the offer of employment, and for the acceptance of Shelly and him.

They two men returned to the ranch house to find Amy puttering around in the kitchen by herself, busy baking cookies and other treats for the kids. She seemed quite happy to be left in peace and quiet. "Where're the kids?" Ben asked. "Gone over to Janice's to play with Tanya and Jason. Janice and Shelly seemed to have a lot of catching up to do, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up on some of the kitchen chores that I've neglected for entirely too long.

I know how much you love chocolate chip cookies, so I baked you a batch or three" she smiled as she filled him in. "Ryan, why don't you go over to Taylor's and see if you can keep those little guys occupied? I think Janice and Shelly would appreciate a helping hand, right about now. I need to talk to Ben about something." When he was gone, Ben turned to his niece, then pulled her into his empty arms and kissed her passionately.

"You just wanted to be alone with your horny old uncle, didn't you, Miss Minx?" he whispered in her ear, as he broke his kiss. "Mmm. Your Momma didn't raise no dummy, that's for sure" she retaliated. "If you lock the door, I'll meet you down the hall?" she invited. In less than sixty seconds, Ben was on his way to join Amy in the bedroom. When he arrived, she was down to her bra and panties, and the sight of her young body started his blood to boil.

Even after two babies, she was still a slim, trim, and very attractive woman. Closing the bedroom door, he whisked over to her, wrapping his arms around her waist, even as she entwined hers around his neck.

As he pressed his lips to hers, he felt her tongue brush across his upper lip, then return to the opposite corner along his lower one. The passion of her demands flooded his soul, and he yielded to her request for more of him. Soon, their tongues danced back and forth, twirling and twisting as their lustful passions soared higher and higher. Ben's hands migrated slowly from Amy's waist to her milk-laden breasts, his fingers seeking and finding her growing nipples.

Gently grasping her teats, he lightly flicked his fingers over them, revelling in the sensation as they hardened and grew with his touch. Amy had two responses, one a deep and loving moan for the feel of his touch, and that growing presence of something warm and wet as her breasts expressed some of the nutrients they contained. The sweetness of her lactate called to him, and he replaced the fingers of one hand with his lips, continuing to tease and twist her nipples.

She pulled his head tighter to her chest, and moaned a little more, and a little louder. The feel of his pleasuring lips on her body enticed the moisture between her thighs to begin flooding her vulva, in anticipation of the man she loved so dearly. Easing his niece down onto the bed, Ben began to trace a pathway from her breasts to that tunnel of love that lay between her silky smooth thighs, with an extra emphasis on her pussy mound. As his tongue began to search her folds for the knotting nubbin that was the centre of her pleasure, Amy held her breath in anticipation, then inhaled sharply as he lightly flicked over his target.

Amy responded by raising her hips, begging him to explore her deeper, and more thoroughly. When his tongue began to roam between her clit and that gateway to lustful heaven, she groaned louder and louder with each stroke of his tongue into her love canal, grabbing and pulling his head tighter to her sex, her legs now resting over his shoulders as she openly pleaded for him to lick her more and more.

As the tingling in her love button grew, she squeezed him tighter to her with her legs, trapping the source of her desire for climax in a desperate bid for orgasmic relief. Ben had clamped his lips on Amy's clit, and was sucking it gently while teasing her knot with his tongue, even as two fingers of his one hand slid in and out of her vagina.

He felt her begin to buck more and more, indicating the immanence of her cum. He perceived, rather than identified, the fluttering of her vaginal walls, then felt her pussy muscles begin to contract and release on his fingers, and the delicious initiation of a spasmodic trembling as her climax started, grew, then engulfed her very being. As she reacted to his attentions, he felt the flow of her juices wash over his face, and his tongue extended into that place that was its source.

His lapping at her walls renewed the tingling in her clit, and Amy felt another strong wave of orgasmic bliss begin from her very centre. She screamed lustfully as she surrendered to the waves of pleasure commanding her body. Relaxing from the lusty onslaught, Amy opened her eyes to the sight of Ben's face glistening with her juices, reminding her of a young child that had devoured a large slice of watermelon, and she couldn't stifle the laughter in her heart.

"Ben, you should see yourself. You look like a sex-mad fiend. You're covered in juices!" she exclaimed. "Pussy juice," he muttered," it's not just for breakfast any more." Fortunately, his niece didn't hear his comment, and was too lost in her love for him to wonder what he'd said. "Come here, you sexy, cum-covered Meat-Ball" Amy begged.

"I need you, need to feel you filling me with that gorgeous cock, spraying my insides with your precious seed. God, Lover, I want you deep inside me!" Her urgency overshadowed everything else in her mind, as she tugged her uncle's hair in an effort to reposition him so that she could take his cockhead into her entrance. As Ben winced at the pain of potentially losing more hair than a man his age should be missing, he slid up into Amy's waiting arms, kissing every part of her skin on the way.

When he reached her ear, she turned and lightly shared the taste of her own juices, finding the slight acidity of it to be very erotic. She was about to comment, when she suddenly felt her uncle's cockhead parting her inner lips as his cock entered her hungering love canal. The feeling of completeness almost made her scream in delight, but Ben's lips on hers reduced that to a delirious howl of ecstasy. Attaining her full depths, Ben began a series of long and slow strokes, from the very depths of her, outwards until only his purple helmet remained inside his niece, then back in until he was once again pressed tightly on her pubic bone, his groin scraping against her clit, while his shaft spread her labia lips as he exposed her engorged nub to his skin passing over it.

The combination excited Amy's wanton desire even more, and soon she had her legs wrapped around his waist, in an effort to capture and hold her man deep inside. Now completely at his niece's mercy, Ben was subjected to the combinations of her wetness, her inner heat, and her passionate need of everything that he was to her. With each stroke, his tempo increased, and Amy's hips lifted and fell in rhythm with his thrusts. Soon they were both lost in the heat of their passion. Amy began to feel that deliriously delicious tingle in her clit that signalled the beginning of her flight to Nirvana.

It became more intense, then began to spread through her groin, down her legs, and up through her breasts. She began to tremble with its anticipation from the rest of her body. Ben felt Amy's vaginal walls begin to flutter on his shaft, followed almost immediately by her cunny muscles clenching and relaxing, drawing and pulling him deeper into her heated chamber.

As his balls lifted, and the base of his shaft felt the pressure of his accumulating spunk getting ready to spray the inside of Amy's cunt, he rammed himself to the full depths of her and remained fully inserted as the first string of his cum exploded from his cockhead.

That was the impetus that Amy needed, and she began to loudly mewl, rising to a full-pitched scream of ecstatic surrender as her inner vision became a blur of flashing bright light. The flagellations of her vaginal muscles pulled and twitched on that sensitive spot just under Ben's purple helmet, inducing him to spew stream after stream of his boiling hot baby batter, coating every part of his niece's most feminine place. They both hit that orgasmic peak just as the phone rang, but of corse, neither one of them were conscious of its insistent ring.

By the time they'd peaked, and were beginning to glide down to that post-coital afterglow, the phone had quit issuing it warning alarm. Ben allowed himself to roll onto his side, taking Amy's soft and smooth body with him as they remained joined. His cock slowly relaxed and became flaccid, then slipped out of her cunt, dragging a white trail of his excess spunk as it withdrew.

He felt its flow as that trail succumbed to gravity, working its way down and over his thigh. Still in the afterglow, he held her tightly against him, feeling the pounding of her heartbeat in syncopation with his own. Finally, he was able to breath, focus, and speak coherently, even as that closeness held him to his lover. "God, Little One, I don't know what it is that you do to me, but don't you ever stop" Ben whispered.

"I came so hard that I could swear I heard bells ringing." "Meat-Ball," she whispered back, "you're a goof! Must be why I love you so damned much. But those bells you're thinking of might have been the phone, because I heard them too" She kissed his face softly and gently before she added, "But then again, maybe not? You sure made me cum, hard and long, like I haven't cum before." "The phone, huh?" Ben croaked.

"Somebody must have a camera hidden in this room. There's no way that it could have been a mere coincidence" He inhaled deeply, then let it out slowly before adding, "I like the idea of it being a part of our orgasms. Think I'll stick to that story. That okay by you, Little One?" "Mmm" was all she said, as the blissfulness of sleep conquered her tired body. Ben thought he heard her moan in restful slumber, but he couldn't be sure if it was real, or a part of the twilight between day and his own journey into unconsciousness.

Several hours later, Ben awoke to the realization that his niece still lay with her head on his chest, and he sought her with his lips, kissing whatever part of her he made contact with first. She moaned contentedly, then tightened her grip on her uncle's midriff. "Hi, my Little One," he greeted her return to wakefulness with a soft voice, "I think we fell asleep. What time is it, anyway?" "Mmm, time to make love again?" Amy moaned hopefully, before she lifted her head to gaze at the bedside clock.

"Holy shit, it's almost five o'clock! Poor Janice is going to be beside herself if we don't go and get the kids!" She was abut to leap out of bed, when Ben pulled her tightly to him, sought and found her lips, then demanded her surrender to his lips, his tongue, and the continued sharing of their souls.

"The kids can wait a few minutes longer" he insisted, as they broke their kiss. "Their Old Man needs his niece's loving body to hold, and her warmth, long before he's inspired to get his fat, lazy ass pulled away from this small piece of heaven." Amy kissed him lightly, but quickly, then began to pull herself up and out of their bed. "Come on, Meat-Ball, time to get on with the few minutes left in the day.

I can't believe we slept the whole afternoon away.

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. . but that was the best afternoon I can remember since Andy was born. We'll have to do that again, and soon" she crooned.

"Good idea, Little One" Ben concurred. "How do you feel about tomorrow afternoon?" Amy chuckled as she nudged her uncle's muscular body towards the edge of the bed. "Oh, just get the fuck out of this bed, before I curl up in your arms and stay there until sunrise!" she commanded him. "If we don't get moving pretty soon, Janice is going to be over here. . " There was a light tapping on the bedroom window, and both Ben and Amy moaned in unison. Amy grabbed her housecoat, then went over to look out the window, and her curiosity was satiated by the sight of Janice Taylor getting ready to knock again.

"See what I mean?" Amy commented to Ben, then waved Janice to the back door. "Told you she'd be banging on the door, or something. I'll make up some excuse, then be back to get dressed. In the meantime, would you do something about that bed you messed up, please?" Ben pointed a finger at his chest, shrugged his shoulders, the accepted that the mess, like a lot of other things around their house, was something that he'd have to take responsibility for.

As he watched Amy's swaying hips floating down the hall, he told himself that it was a small price to pay, considering how much warmth, love, and happiness she'd brought into his life. Amy unlocked and opened the back door, to be met with Janice's disapproving face, and the stern look that was unusual.

"What the hell have you two been up. . " Janice took a deep breath, and the smell of sex permeated the air. "Never mind. I think I know. Call it an 'Asked and answered' question. Must be nice to spend the whole afternoon sleeping with the boss!" Janice teased. Amy chuckled, then invited her neighbour in. "Janice, would you excuse us while we grab a shower?

I think your nose has betrayed our afternoon's delight, and it might be a good idea to cover my tracks. . and his, too" she said, the obvious trail of Ben's cum slowly weeping down the inside of her leg just above the knee. Janice giggled, then nodded her ascent, grabbing a coffee cup and filling it from the pot. She took a sip, wrinkled her nose up at the cold flavour, then put the coffee in the microwave. Fifteen minutes later, Ben and Amy joined her at the kitchen table, their sheepish grins betraying their afternoon's activities.

"Lucky for you," Janice mockingly scolded, "I still had some of Jason's formula for Andrew. Oh, and you owe me a couple of diapers, too" she sternly informed the two, her grin betraying her envy. "When Collin gets home, I might have to steal him for an afternoon, too. But the kids are all fed, and Ryan's settling them down. Maybe I should keep them overnight, and let you two sex fiends get it out of your system?" "If you try that," Ben growled lightly, "you'll be stuck with kids for the rest of whatever.

There's no way I'll ever get enough of this girl, and I hope she never gets enough of me, either." With that, he reached for Amy's hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "But if you really want the kids for the night, it wouldn't break my heart, Janice." "If I didn't already have a house full of bodies, I'd keep them in a heartbeat, Ben.

Speaking of a house full, is there any chance of somewhere a little more. . private, for Shelly and Ryan? Even an old broad like me knows that they want their privacy, and the only place we have for them, right now, is the hide-a-bed in the livingroom. Not much of a love palace for a couple of horny teenagers. By the sounds of what Shelly and Ryan were talking about, they'd really love to call Ranchland their home. I'd love to see them here, and I'll bet that Collin would, too.

I can feel the love between them. Pardon my bluntness, but we may have another Jim and Beth Allison on our hands, and knowing Shelly like I do, it couldn't happen to a nicer couple." "About all I have available, at the moment, is the old bunkhouse.

If Ryan and Collin can give me a hand over the weekend, maybe we can set something up for them that will give them a place to call home, until we see how they work out, and I can get another house put up for them" Ben volunteered.

Janice downed her coffee, then leaned over and gave Ben a kiss on the cheek. "You are a sweetheart, Ben Calhoun, you know that? I don't know what Collin and I would do if it weren't for you two. We feel so lucky to be living here, and part of this ranch. How about you two just finish off the evening, and give me a call when you're ready for the kids to come home? I'll get Shelly and Ryan to help me pack them back.

Collin should be home soon, and he and Shelly have a lot of catching up to do. I have a feeling it's going to be a long, late night at our place" Janice gushed, then the twinkling of an idea slipped into her mind. "Hmm, maybe I should try and copy Amy's seven o'clock alarm sounds? I think I could get Collin interested in that, and it sure wouldn't break my heart!" "Don't knock it until you've tried it," Amy retorted, "but be careful, because it can get damned addictive!" "I'm doomed!" Ben mumbled.

The thought of both Janice and Amy screaming out their morning orgasms, in stereo, was more than his system was prepared to tolerate, on a daily basis anyway.

But he smiled at the thought of Collin coming to work with Janice's juices still smeared on his face. God, would that man ever get a ribbing if he did! An hour later, and the crunching of gravel announced that Tim, Josh, and Collin had returned. Ben glanced out the kitchen window to make sure that's who it was, then returned to the spectacular meal that Amy had put together for the two of them.

He was tempted to warn Collin about the arrival of his daughter, but thought better of it. If it was him in Collin's boots, he'd love that kind of surprise, too. Besides, he had the whole evening to spend with his niece, and no one was going to interrupt that, with the possible exception of Angie and Andy. As they finished their meal, Ben cleared the table, loaded the dishwasher, then invited Amy to sit with him on the front veranda.

"Remember that first night you arrived here, Little One? The thunder and lightning scared the hell out of you! But I thank God for that night. It changed my life in ways I'd have never dreamed were possible" Ben reminisced. "I wasn't all that scared, Ben," Amy confessed, "but I didn't have seducing you in mind until you held me in your arms. Once that happened, I never wanted you to let me go. Still don't", and she clutched his bicep, curling up in his warmth and remembering all the times they'd shared over the last four years.

"If anyone had told me that night that you and I would be living like this, I'd have told them to go fuck themselves. But it's been like a dream come true, living here with you, working the ranch, raising your children, and having you for the centre of my world. I love you, Ben Calhoun, more than I'll ever be able to tell you." With that, she leaned up to his lips, kissing him hard and forcefully, her tongue demanding that his dance with her. He felt powerless to refuse, and even less disinclined to do so.

They stayed in each other's embrace for several minutes. "I'd take you back inside and ravish your body, Little One, but we have kids to think about. Oh, and if I remember correctly, it was kisses like that, that got us into this parenting stuff in the first place, wasn't it?" "Ben," Amy asked cautiously, "do you ever regret having children?

Our lives were so much less complicated back then, and we had all the time in the world to be together. I miss those times. That first trip you took me on, when you showed me the whole ranch? I'll remember that until my dying day! How much I wanted you, how much you wanted me, all the ways you took my young body and pleasured it. . " "And that damned sunburn I got? Shit, if it hadn't been for you, I think I might have died that day!" Ben reminded her. "Yeah, I remember that!" Amy chuckled softly.

"I remember you screaming at me to not dive into the stream, right after you fucked my ass so thoroughly. I had your cum running out my asshole like a fucking river, too! God, you must has spurted a quart of your cream into me! But I loved it, and I loved giving myself to you.

I loved you, too. . but not as much as I do right now" Amy said softly. She kissed Ben long and hard again, then added, "Sure you don't want to come inside with me?" Hmm, there's an offer too good to pass up. Call Janice, and see if she can still handle Angie and Andrew for the whole night, would ya?" Amy kissed her uncle once more, then got up and went in to the phone.

Ben heard her side of the conversation. "Hi, Janice. It's Amy. Is your offer to look after the kids for the night still open?. . you're a sweetheart!. . yeah, we were reminiscing, and, well, you know how these things are. . yeah, he's out on the front veranda. . sure, no problem. I'll get him for you." She walked out onto the porch, then passed the phone to her uncle.

"It's Collin. He wants to speak to you." Ben took the handset, and spoke into it. "Hello?. . Hi, Collin. What's up?. . I can't see why not, seeing as I took this afternoon off. How'd you make out with those west ranges?. . Shit! You're kidding?. . How about my bulls? Did they get through the gap?. . God dammit! How many do you think got bred?. . oh Hell! We'll have to see if we can identify them, then mark them, and keep an eye.

. he-he-he-he. . he didn't, did he?. . Geez, that sounds like a pick-up bar, not a cattle herd! Quick thinking, though. . ha-ha-ha-ha. . Yeah, but let Tim know that if I find those numbers in his little black book, I'll. .

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. Hey, that's not a bad idea. I'm not sure how many posts we have left, but if you're interested, you could run up to Olds and pick up a couple more bundles. Take the trailer and the F-650. You might want to take Ryan with you, and drop him off at the College, so he can look into what he needs for that degree he's interested in.

Maybe take Shelly, too. If she's going to move down here, she may as well get to know the place. . yeah, you too. Oh, and if you can convince her, tell Janice to put a muffler on it tomorrow morning. What we don't need is both her and Amy announcing the morning at the same time. . no, she was over here this afternoon, and somehow, she's got the idea in her head that you're going to wake her the same way I wake Amy.

. well, now that you mention it, she does taste good, first thing in the morning!. . oh yeah, trust me, you'll love it!.

. yeah, okay. Talk to you tomorrow, Collin." With that, Ben hung up and chuckled to himself. "What's so funny, Meat-Ball?" Amy quizzed. "Looks like you and I might have started a trend. Janice has it in her mind that she wants to wake up on Collin's tongue, same as you do on mine! Can you imagine the racket that's gonna happen around here, every morning?

She's already a screamer, and if she cums as hard getting eaten as she does on Collin's cock, we're never gonna hear the end of it. .

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literally! "Ben Calhoun, you're b-a-a-d-d!" Amy giggled, then joined him in a roaring belly-laugh. She returned to her seat beside her uncle, and clasped his bicep again, then leaned her head on his shoulder. "All we need is a good 'flashy-bang' storm to make this night complete, don't we?" she spoke softly to him. He squeezed her with the arm he'd put around her shoulder, then kissed her lightly. "What we need to make this night complete is for me to tuck you into the spare bed, so you can sneak back into our bed later.

God, I still remember waking up to your lips sliding up and down my cock. You felt so good that I was torn between just letting you suck me off, and taking a peek to make sure it was you, and not some stray critter from outside!" "Mmm, yeah, I remember that, too.

How I wanted to taste you, feel you in my mouth, taste your cum! My pussy was soaked! Even now, thinking about it, I'm getting really wet!" Amy paused, her far-away look indicating that she was remembering something else, too. "Meat-Ball, remember how many times you took me up the ass?

Shit, I was so afraid of getting pregnant, too, and that was the only way I could think of to have your cock deep inside me. You have no idea how glad I was when the Pill kicked in!

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I think I was on the way back from Grassland, and my cunt kept oozing with the thought of having you deep inside. It's a good thing my pussy lips don't talk, or they'd have told the entire State of Montana, "Hey! Guess what? We're going to Alberta, to get fucked! It's about time, too!' I never did check the truck's seat for wet spots, but I'll bet I oozed half a gallon! And then you finally did fuck me, and it was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to me!

It seems to get better and better every time we make love, though." "We sure have had one hell of a great time together, haven't we, Little One?" Ben asked. "But there isn't one single second of it that I regret. Well, maybe one. If it was up to me, I would have found you a couple years earlier, like when you were eighteen." "Umm, I found you, remember?" Amy corrected him. "When I was eighteen, I wasn't ready for you yet. I still needed my Mom and Dad, back then.

If your sister never left you any other legacy, it was her that prepared me for the life that I live now. I doubt it was her intent, but it was all the things we talked about that made it possible for me to survive her death, and to take the chance on coming all the way up here. We owe her for all that, because if it had been any other woman besides Mom, I don't think she'd have been as insistent that I look for you if anything happened. In her own way, she left me for you, and you for me.

That's the one thing about my Mom that I'll always remember." A small tear trickled down Amy's cheek, and Ben leaned over to kiss it away, then brushed his niece's lips softly.

He would have commented, but there was a big lump in his throat that got in the way. But it heralded the beginning of a night full of remembrances, including all the ways they'd made love, with almost as many visits to how they did so.

Shelly and Collin sat at the kitchen table, while Ryan slept soundly on the hide-a-bed.

He and Collin had spent hours talking, getting to know each other. Collin had become quite comfortable with the fact that Ryan was his daughter's lover, and he could see it in Ryan's eyes as to just how much he loved Shelly. The fact that Ryan and Shelly were cousins hadn't come up, and Ryan had decided that it wasn't his place to break the news. But just like Ben Calhoun, Collin had made notes on the behavioural and physical similarities between this young man and members of his own family.

And like Ben, Collin had his suspicions. But years of Jim Allison's influence tempered his instincts. He'd talk to Shelly before making any kind of judgement on this young man that held his daughter's heart. "Ryan," Collin started, "you love him, don't you, Princess?" "I do, Dad" Shelly had openly admitted.

"He's the most wonderful guy I've ever met. . with maybe the exception of my own father. But Ryan understands me, knows all about me, and loves me, in spite of my background.

Besides you, I've never felt so comfortable around a man as I am with Ryan." Shelly paused to gather her thoughts, then continued. "Did you ever meet Great-aunt Vicky? I think she was grandma's sister." "No, I never did, but I heard about her. She and her family moved to Ontario, I think. Had a couple of daughters, too, if I remember. Why?" Collin filled in. "Well, one of those daughters moved back to Alberta. She's about your age, or maybe a little older. They live up by Onoway.

. and she's Ryan's mother. The Matheson's don't know about you and Mom, and Ryan and I have decided that they don't really need to find out. But we did a little genealogy, and I guess Ryan's my cousin, or something.

I never told Mom about it, because I thought she'd have a shit-fit. But somehow, I feel that I can tell you, and you won't judge either one of us. That's what we wanted to find, here at Ranchland. Somewhere that we can be who we are, and still be in love, building a life together." Again, Shelly paused, then went on. "Dad, I want to have Ryan's babies. Not right way, but some day, when we're ready, when we're finally settled in a place that we can both call home.

Does that shock you?" "No, Princess, not really" Collin said softly, yet sincerely. "I had my suspicions about Ryan when I talked to him earlier this evening, that we might be related.


There are things about him that remind me of myself, of your Mom, and of your grandmother. We all have the same face shape, the same hair colour, the same stride when we walk. . and we're all left-handed. So this isn't a shock, Sweetheart. But I'll warn you that, if you do try to make a go of it, you're jumping into a shark tank.

The world's not ready for these kinds of unions yet. That fact cost me my sister, and it may cost you a mother, one day.

I will promise to do whatever I can to help and support the two of you, but there's some one I want you to talk to, before you do anything." "Jim Allison?" Shelly cut in.

"Who told you about Jim? Janice? Or Ben?" Collin wanted to know. "Mr. Calhoun mentioned it to Ryan, and we pried the details out of Janice." "It figures" Collin said in a resigned tone. "That woman never could keep a secret. But I'm a little surprised at Ben being that open. He must really trust you two. Oh, and never, ever, call him 'Mr. Calhoun' to his face. If you do, he's likely to turn you over his knee and paddle your ass until it's redder than a branding iron.

Around here, he's 'Ben', and he'll drill that into you. Okay? Might want to let Ryan know, too, or you'll never have those babies you want." "But as for Jim, Ben's right. Jim is a different kind of person, and living proof that this kind of a relationship can work. He and Beth have been at it a long time, and he'll give you any information that you want or need. Hell, if it weren't for Jim, you and I wouldn't be having this conversation. Your Mom left Olds, and I wanted to die, literally.

It was Jim Allison that kept me from going through with it, with trying suicide, and it was Jim that introduced me to Janice, in a way. He spotted her in the college library, and just started pestering me to take her out. I think I did it just to shut him up, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. He's been my best friend since I was about fifteen, and he still is. In fact, it was Jim that got me this job, and convinced Janice to move here, too.

So promise me, Princess, that'll you'll talk to him? I'll introduce you to him tomorrow, if you two are planning on staying." "Thanks, Dad. I really would like to talk to. . Jim. Is he another one that doesn't like to be called Mister?" Collin chuckled softly.

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"No, only Ben Calhoun is a stickler for that. But Jim would be more comfortable if you called him by his given name." Shelly leaned forward and kissed her Dad's cheek. "One more thing, Dad. I guess you've figured out that Ryan and I are having sex. I'm not ashamed of it, and neither is he, but Mom always drilled it into me that I was never to have boys in her house.

I guess she figured out that, if I was going to fuck the guys, I'd do it wherever I could find. Back then, it was all a joke, and we'd fuck just for the hell of it. But with Ryan, it's different. I want him, and I want to give myself to him. I just wanted to find out if you and Janice have the same feelings about us making love that Mom has." "I'll have to double-check with Janice, but I don't have a problem with it, Princess.

There's not much privacy in the livingroom, mind you, but I think we can work something out. Ben wants to modify one of the old bunk houses, so that you two will have a place that's your own. I'll hazzard a guess that, if you and Ryan are still here this time next year, and Ryan has the feed grain sections going, he'll put up another house just for the two of you.

But for now, just ry to keep yourselves under control while the kids are around. Tanya's becoming quite inquisitive about her body, and about sex. We're of the opinion that it's up to her as to what she wants to explore, and how. We try to be as open and honest as we can, but short of her watching us make love, she's still a seven-year old girl, and I don't think she really needs all the information just yet.

Understand what I'm trying to say?" Early the next morning, Janice Taylor awoke to the tingling sensations of her clitoris being lapped, licked, and sucked. How long this had been going on between her thighs, she had no idea, nor did she really care. What she was aware of, though, was that she was about to cum, and cum hard. As the sensuous explosion began to gain momentum, she felt it pass through and capture her breasts, her thighs and legs, and intensify in her belly.

With a speedy reaction that seemed to demand her complete attention, she barely managed to grab her pillow and clamp it over her mouth as a muffler before the blaze of mind-numbing lights engulfed her very consciousness, and she screamed in a delirious confirmation of the orgasm that had become the first focus of her day.

This one was intense, more so than anything from recent memory. Janice surrendered herself completely to its propagation, letting this unexpected climax sweep her to the very peaks of Nirvana, then hold her there for its almost two-minute duration.

Only when that invading tongue eased off its attack on her now-gushing sex did she become aware of who its owner might be. Finally prying her eyelids open enough to see who was between her legs, she caught sight of Collin, his face drenched and covered with the juices that her cunt had expelled. His tongue, now adamant in retrieving some of those juices, lapped around his mouth for as far as he could extend it, and his face reflected the delight of her addictive flavour.

She reached into his hair, holding his head tight to her lower abdomen, attempting to communicate her thankfulness for his actions.

"Oh My God, Sweetie!" Janice exclaimed almost breathlessly. "Where did you learn that trick? I love it!" she unabashedly confessed.

"Morning, my Precious" Collin welcomed her into the day. "I think that's what we hear the results of, whenever Amy howls in the morning. Thought I'd try it for you, and see how you like waking up to a gushing pussy.

Personally, I love the taste, and the excitement of seeing you cum like that." "Holy shit, Sweetie! That's one hell of an intense way to start any girl's day! No wonder Amy wakes the dead every morning! You can wake me up like that any time you want!" Janice squeaked, her post-orgasmic bliss still holding her in its grip. As Collin raised himself to return to the sanctity of her arms, she couldn't miss his throbbing and straining hard-on, and the sight set her juices flowing once more.

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"Lover," Janice pleaded, "I want to taste you, too. Come sit on my chest, so I can feel you between my tits." As he slid up and over her body, Collin slid his cockhead up and down Janice's slit, lubricating his shaft in the process, then arranged himself so that his strained manhood accessed her cleavage.

She pushed her mammaries together, trapping his meat between them, and as he began to pump his cock between her tits, she lapped the tip of it with her tongue, making him wetter still. The feeling of him rubbing against the soft smooth skin of her breasts excited her in a way that she couldn't remember experiencing before. "Yes, Sweetie," she growled, "fuck my titties! I want your cum all over my face, my chest, my tits!" She changed the angle of her tongue so that it snuck under Collin's purple helmet, tickling and teasing that sensitive spot just below it.

Collin was in seventh heaven, and between her tongue licking him, her pendulous breast's pressure on his shaft, and the incredible sight of his cock poking and prodding itself towards her waiting, hungry mouth, he was soon approaching his point of no return within minutes.

"God, Precious!" he warned her. "I'm gonna cum! Feels so good, your tits on my cock, your tongue licking me! I wanna see you swallow my spunk!" His words excited his wife even more, if such a thing were possible, and she began to lick his cockhead furiously every time it got close enough to her mouth. With every slurp, she bathed the underside of his helmet, then let her tongue swipe over the opening of his hole, driving Collin half insane with the need to ejaculate the building mass of semen gathered at the base of his cock.

Collin's first string of his steamy spunk spewed up and out of his cock, spurting itself up Janice's chest, and coating her chin, she immediately extended her tongue and opened her mouth wide, feeling the next two streams splash against the back of her mouth, then begin to drip off her tonsils and into her throat. She was torn between swallowing his seed, and making sure she didn't miss one gooey glob, as her husband continued to twitch and squirt his cum all over her face.

Between the third and fourth strings of cum erupting from his trembling manhood, Janice leaned her head as close to Collin's cock as she could get, and clamped her lips over his cockhead, applying suction to him while he filled her mouth with more spunk. She held him there, pushing his hips with her hands to encourage him to fuck her face until he was empty. Only when she had taken all his cum from his shaft, then swallowed it all, did she finally relax her lip's hold on his manhood.

Running her tongue around the ridge of his helmet, she coaxed the very last dribbles from him, then began to slurp on his shaft that she now held with one hand, and ensured that she cleaned off every last glob of him. "God, Sweetie, I love the way you suck cock" Collin growled contentedly. "I may have to eat you every morning like this, and let you suck me off, too. That was the most incredible orgasm" he intoned.

"I wonder if Amy sucks Ben off after he eats her?" Janice quizzed quietly. "I have no idea" Collin responded. "Want me to call her up and find out?" Janice chuckled softly, then pulled his slowly deflating cock down to her waiting lips, kissing the tip warmly, sensuously, and lovingly. "No" was all she muttered, then kissed his cockhead some more, finally releasing her grasp when his weight on her chest began to get overly uncomfortable.

He took the hint, and raised himself up and off her, then stretched out as she folded into his waiting arms, encouraging him to cuddle and caress her until the afterglow finally subsided completely.

As they lay there, holding each other comfortable, a loud mewl was heard coming from downstairs, its sound and volume increasing like a symphonic crescendo. "a-a-a-h-h-A-h-A-H-A-HH-AAHHH!" ah", "aH", "AH", "AAHH!" Janice raised her head to look questioningly at her husband. She saw the happy smile on his face that told her nothing. "What the fuck was that?" she demanded. "I think my little girl just had a cum" was all he whispered, not wanting to break the spell his daughter had woven into his soul.

"What makes you think that?" Janice wanted to know. "Because that's exactly the same sound my sister made whenever she came hard. God, I haven't heard that sound for. . nineteen years? It used to thrill the hell out of me then, too" he confessed quietly to Janice.

She just curled up a little tighter, and a little closer, understanding the joy in his heart at the idea of his daughter loving her guy as much as she loved her husband, and as he loved her. Amy let Ben's slowly-softening cock slip from between her lips as they, too, heard the ecstatic expression waft over the homestead. He had licked and lapped her sopping pussy until she had flooded him with her juices, and she had gotten up later in a pretext of relieving herself.

When she returned to their bed, she had attacked his semi-erect manhood, sucking and slurping on it until he was once again fully hard, then had bobbed her head up and down his length until he had involuntarily pushed his hips up, thereby jamming his straining cock into her throat. His meat had twitched and danced there, sending rope after rope of his curdling cream into her waiting, hungry belly now she looked into her uncle's eyes with that expression of curiosity on her face.

"Janice?" she asked quietly. "Probably Shelly. That's not Janice's tone, nor her style, and it isn't Beth's, either" he opined. "I wonder if she just got eaten, or fucked" Amy quizzed.

"Not sure," Ben answered, "and it's none of our business anyway. But, if I'm right, we have two new residents here at Ranchland. I sure hope we can get used to all this quadraphonic orgasming, first thing in the morning, though. Between you and I, Collin and Janice, and now Shelly and Ryan, we should be able to wake every body in the local graveyard!

But we'd better be careful, or this place is going to start looking like a kindergarten, full of incestuously-conceived little children! And there's a thought to start your day, Little One." Amy didn't say a word, but the smile on her face said it all, and the hug she gave Ben only emphasized her happiness at the thoughts.