Making The Best Of It By Kyra Rose

Making The Best Of It By Kyra Rose
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Hi guys. Here goes some considerations: - Even having good normal sex scenes and some romance, this story is tends to get darker as it goes, involving torture, extreme sex and some other stuff.

This chapter is just the introduction. - I'm not an English speaker and I know I make a lot of mistakes, but I have no one to proof-read for me in time to post, cause I'm really busy and the only time I have I write and I post, so, sorry for any mistake or error. - All the characters follows the stipulated by the site, being older than 18 years old. ***WARNING*** What follows is a fictional rape story, not made to offend anyone.

If you feel offended by kidnapping, raping, humiliation or torture of any kind, please, quit reading. Cheers, A2O ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chace McCartson - Part I Her insides were soft, warm and damn tight.

But what was really making me crazy was her shaking body. Or her hurtful groans, her screams, I couldn't say for sure. Nah, it was the way she was helpless, the way I was the master of her body. The way I owned her.

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The only two things she could do, the only things I allowed her to do, was scream and feel what I wanted her to feel. Erika's little body was struggling below mine, her thin wrists cuffed to the headboard, her face pressed on the mattress and her legs strapped bent so she was forced to be kneeling, letting her tight and perfect behind in the air for the right fit. It was perfect: the struggle, the virginal tightness, the resistance of her young entrance. It was only me and my prize, my game.

And she was only one of the many girls in my life. Just one of the many targets of my wicked desires. My damned needs. However, I don't consider myself a bad person. I just happen to know the world at its best: a place where the apt wins and the strong get what he wants. In my case, I wanted all a woman could provide, the good, the bad and the forbidden.

Eventually, I figured out that I couldn't have it all in one woman. But as I couldn't feel sorry for the lesser beings. The ones that I used, the ones that I fooled, the ones that I couldn't really love. Ok, maybe I was a bad person. My name is Chace McCartson. . The first time I saw Erika I knew she was meant to be the first.

I always thought about kidnapping a girl and having my way with her, anyway I'd like. Have her at my mercy, to do whatever I wanted, anyway I'd like to. Not that my money or my good looking couldn't achieve me that.

Being almost thirty, was already experienced in every single kinky stuff I could: menages, outdoors, roleplays, BDSM. But it never captivated me as much as thinking about raping a girl. Not only raping, maybe turning her into some kind of slave, a real slave, not just a submissive.

Just thinking about it used to make my blood boil and at the moment I met her, I knew it was meant to be her. Once I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Klavenko, a foreign salesman that came offering his work to my company. He didn't know that we dealt with logistics only. We had a contract with a sales company, but it looked like the unemployed and stupid Mr. Klavenko didn't care to do a simple research before coming to ask for a job. His simple manners, false humility and the way he talked to my secretary like he was a beggar, it enraged me.

I decided not to waste my time with the man and left for lunch, just signaling to Gabrielle that I wasn't available for him and heading to the lobby downstairs. Sitting there was one of the cutest girls I had ever seen. The way she was dressed left much to be desired, as her outfit seemed that of a granny, with a loose-fitting dress falling right below her knees, buttoning all way up the front, and a pair of boots.


But it wasn't a problem to figure that she was a hell of a tease, even being petite. Somewhere around eighteen years old, dark brown wavy hair falling long over her back, bright blue eyes and a hell of a beautiful face, even with no trace of makeup.

She had some freckles speckled over her cheeks; long lashes and a snub nose that made the girl look like a doll. Her body was slender, thin, but her young breasts were completely noticeable beneath her clothes. It was like I had found some kind of lost treasure just there, sitting in my lobby. I couldn't hold myself and I headed directly to her. "Can I help you, Missy?" I said trying to hide my predator look and even my excitement. "Thank you, but I'm just waiting for my father," she answered softly and humbly, like countryside people.

The accent… Fuck, she's Klavenko's daughter, I thought. "Oh, I see," I faked lack of interest after noticing clear traces of admiration towards me on the girl's eyes.

As it happened a lot of times before, she had fallen for me. I'm a 6'2" (1,88m), wide shouldered and slightly muscular man; I have light brown hair always cut in a modern fashion, always short, and green eyes. My face is composed of straight and somehow harmonic lines; my features remind those of a feline, which suited my predatory personality very well.

I'm easily more than 10 years older than her and yet it didn't stop her from blushing scarlet. She looked to the ground completely ashamed after spending some good time analyzing me, never establishing eye contact, seconds before the sound of furious footsteps came from the stairs behind us. It was Klavenko.

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"Excuse me," he said in a short manner while I looked at him with my hands in the pockets of my black blazer. "Erika, on your feet. We have to go," he hissed in an even rougher tone to his daughter. She curled a little and stood looking to the ground. "You are Mr. Klavenko, aren't you?" I said interrupting him, using my characteristic inexpressive look. He raised an eyebrow at me and nodded.

"Here, there's my card. Call my secretary tomorrow to schedule a meeting in a proper moment." He gave me a wary look, "Who are you?" "I'm McCartson, senior executive and proprietary.

Call Gabrielle, my secretary, tomorrow and make an appointment. I have to prepare things before making any offer," and Mr. Klavenko looked astonished, the exact reaction I needed. I just turned on my heels and headed outside without looking at them again. He had bitten the bait. I really needed to prepare myself to that appointment. To find a way to kidnap his daughter while he was there, of course. It all worked exactly as I expected.

Klavenko called the day after and made an appointment to see me. Gabrielle, perfect as always, took all the data about the man, as usual, like she was collecting it to send it to our investigation agency. Something I'm used to do before employing someone.

Two hours before the time appointed to our job interview I was already waiting on the corner of the street in a black van with my friend Roy. He was an old friend that, when I rose up to power, to richness, I brought him with me, even that our tastes and acquaintances differed severely after all those years. We used to hang out a lot when young, when he was known for being connected to every single cartel or outlaw group of our city.

Still was. And better, I could ask him to do anything for me that he would do it without a question. When I told him the plans for today he just laughed and said "You bastard. Never tired of some freaking weird stuff, aren't you?" And no other word about it. They lived on a poor condo just outside downtown.

It wasn't hard to find as Roy had friends on the surroundings. Forty minutes before the meeting Klavenko left and, as I was hoping, he left his daughter at home.

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If he hadn't we would have to deal with him before capturing her. Lucky bastard didn't have to meet Roy and his heavy weight punches. I waited for twenty minutes then called Gabrielle. "Is Klavenko already there?" "Yes sir, he just arrived," she answered. "I'll be late for a while, but it'll not take too long. Keep him there and if I take more than thirty minutes send him to Andrew and ask him to call me, ok babe?" "Sure Chace," she said gently then hung up.

"Was that that brunette hottie you used to fuck?" Roy asked grinning. "I didn't used to. I still do once in a while. Gabrielle is a real fun," I answered. "You dog. Can't I borrow her?

I would really enjoy fucking that hot ass of hers." "Nah, no way. She's a damn good secretary; I don't want to lose her. Services." Roy punched my arm and swore at me, but everything was solved when I offered him a three thousand bucks whore instead. If it was another employee it would have been no problem, but Gabrielle was special to me. Two minutes later we were in front of Klavenko's apartment, both dressed in orange as courier delivery guys.

I was wearing sunglasses and a cap too, waiting beside the wall and holding a large plier as Roy rang the bell. "Yes?" her voice sounded ten seconds later.


"Delivery to Mr. Klavenko." "Hold on a second" she said and we could hear her unlocking the door.

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When she timidly opened it we could also hear the security chain we were already waiting for. "We weren't expecting this. Do you have any doc." She started and before Erika could finish her sentence I signaled to Roy, who forced the door open while I cut the chain with the pliers in a single attempt. She had no time to react. Three seconds and Roy had already used his taser on her and was holding her, keeping her teenage body from falling.

We had no trouble at all putting her, with her legs and arms folded and properly tied, inside the courier bag and leaving. Soon we were parking on my private spot at the garage of my business building. "Did you inject the tranquilizer?" I asked Roy. "Just did.

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Are you taking her to that mansion of yours?" "Yes I am. I've bought that place for this." "Are you going to talk to her father?" He gave me a sadistic grin. "Yes, and you better make me an alibi. Contact that cousin of yours and make sure the people on the warehouse saw me leaving there twenty minutes ago. After the turmoil is gone, I'll keep Klavenko working for me." "Why? Are you crazy?" "Just some sort of compensation for the incredible gift he just gave me," and I grinned. Roy laughed, but then he said "Am I wrong or are you turning soft?" "Soft?

No. Maybe I just want to ease my conscience a little, because I'll have a lot of fun with this girl. Or maybe I just want him close enough so I can keep him on a short leash and be posted about the searching." "It means you'll kill her." "No, it means I'll probably keep her." "You're a sick bastard," he laughed. "Yeah, I know that." We put the sleeping girl in the trunk of my black Mercedes SL64 AMG she was so little bent up in that bag that she actually fitted there and I headed upstairs, to my company that occupied three floors on that building, while Roy left.

Klavenko was already talking with Andrew, my associate, when I came in. He looked at me completely lost, probably asking himself why the hell did I send that guy to him. But I just brought Klavenko to my office and waved at Andrew, indicating that I would explain everything to him later what I wasn't doing for sure.

A short conversation after, the confident and poor bastard really thought that he was qualified to the job I gave him. I made sure that Gabrielle watched everything. When he left, practically setting off fireworks, she approached me in her brown blazer and black pencil skirt, swaying those wide hips, with a really glad face towards me. "Are you into charity now?" She asked smiling. If I could answer I'd say it was an exchange, a job for a daughter.

Gabrielle was a really nice and beautiful girl, a brunette with shoulder length hair, with a fringe falling to her eyes and a fucking hot body, with a thin waist and wide hips, firm and generous boobs and thighs extensively worked out. The only girl that I fucked while working for me and that I kept working for me.

Probably the only girl that is around me and that I really like. I had other hot girls working for me, but they're usually dumb, shallow and they serve only to be fucked then trashed out.

She on the other hand was smart, always showed to be a good person, a workaholic that unloads her frustrations working out in a gym and it took me months to make her quit her professional ways and going to bed with me. What we occasionally do now. We just didn't hang out more often cause I tend to fuck everything up, being rough and demanding much more from the girls that are with me than I should really do, so I keep a certain distance to not fuck everything up with her.


No, no. Well. Maybe," I smiled back "Why? Do I get a bonus if I am?" I asked taking her by the waist and pushing her to me. She giggled then gave me that shy but sexy look that I loved "Yes, I think. That's very nice of you. Actually that's unexpected of you. Anyway, are you free tonight?" She asked with that delicious seductive gleam on her chocolate colored eyes. Fuck Gabrielle asking me out, what a twist! "I can't meet you tonight.

I have some personal matters to take care of and that will take me all weekend," And as soon as I noticed her enthusiasm fading I added "But I could certainly enjoy some good company right now." She shook her head, "It's Friday, I have lots of stuff to take care of here and if I don't finish things up today I can't study for my doctorate.

I don't want to be stuck here for a good part of the night," said my always professional secretary. But as I know, just bullshit to not fuck in the office. After all, that was the same girl that had already refused a car, an apartment, a director job.

Just to keep being my right hand and doing things and achieving things on her own. "It's Friday and your boss wants you sitting on his lap right now, so he can congratulate you again for being that exceptional professional you are," I said grinning.

She crossed her arms in embarrassment, hiding a smile with her hand and blushing. "Not here, Chace, please." I pointed to the door, "Lock it," then tapped my lap, "Then sit here, it's an order, Miss Cohen," I said while sitting on my huge executive black leathered chair.

She smiled and did what I said, closing the door then walking back to me, 5'8" (1,73m) of a goddamn sexy brunette coming for me, knowing that I wanted her. Gabrielle sat on my lap sideways, crossing her marvelous legs and not losing time. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me, what I reciprocated readily. Her voracity made me happy, cause I knew that she missed me.

My tongue exploring her how and delicious mouth. I haven't been with her for eight days now and look at the result. She never let me have her at work and today. I ran my hand over the smooth skin of her thigh, caressing, stroking, and avidly reaching further. She stopped kissing and kept looking me in the eyes while I groped her inner thigh, rubbing all the way in and, soon as I got to that warm and precious place she closed her eyes and slightly opened her mouth, letting out a sweet moan.

My fingers were exploring her over her panties, beneath her pencil skirt. My index finger carving the fabric and groping her slit, stroking her most sensitive place, establishing a rhythm that, soon as she opened her eyes and a marvelous smile came to her face, I knew was just right for the occasion.

I kept touching her, feeling her panties getting soaked wet while we kissed each other voraciously. When I stopped she looked at me a little confused. Only when she threw me those puzzled looks that I remembered how young she was. She was only twenty-two years old. "Stand in front of me babe," I asked and she obeyed, her legs trembling in arousal.

"Lift it up," I said pointing to the skirt and so she did. I grabbed the edges of her sexy black panties and pulled them down. Her pussy was waxed as always. Since the first time I told her I liked it that way, she never let me down.

I whistled appreciatively, "Look at this. You're so wet that I can see it running down you thigh," I grinned. "Stop that!" She giggled slapping my shoulder playfully. "C'mon, let's take care of this," I said standing up and lifting her, grabbing her marvelous behind firmly while she was looking into my eyes, carrying her to my desk.

I laid her there and she smiled, blushing, then she helped me bending her knees and spreading her legs, exposing herself to me. Her petals had that beautiful tone of red and I could clearly see her clitoris. I bent over her and started licking her. I loved her smell. She tried to keep control, trying not to moan so loud even knowing that Andrew was already gone and that we were probably alone on that floor but, she was as always so thoughtful. It just made me focus more on my job, licking and nibbling, sucking her love button.

I always loved to make her break her limits. Gabrielle had only one boyfriend before me and, for the last two years she had been seeing only me. There were times when we spent two or three months apart and, as she told me, she spent this time alone. And I believed her as, apart from the feelings I was sure she felt for me, she was a goddamn workaholic, full of morals and limitations.

That I broke one by one. I had made her do me a blowjob under my desk, I fucked her on the roof of the building she lives, I had fucked her glorious tight and big ass. This coming of a girl that was completely practically new to sex and completely focused in anything but sex.

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I just learned that I loved to make her exceed her limits and, today it wasn't any different. When she was already with her eyes closed, arching her back and controlling her moans, trying the best she could not to be so loud, I stopped again.

She just looked at me breathing really fast and kinda lost, while I took her in my arms and headed to the big glass wall of my office. "W-What are you doing, Chace!?" She asked startled. "Just taking you to an interesting place," I said and I put her down between me and the glass, just in front of the avenue and another office building across the street. I pressed her against the wall and she looked at me scared. "No! No, Chace!" She squealed while I turned her to the wall of glass and lifted her skirt, making visible her perfect legs, waist, that flat stomach and her smooth and soaked wet pussy.

I laughed and held her when she started to struggle, reaching for the apex of her legs and burying two of my finger inside her, moving really fast, moving roughly. She curled a bit and couldn't stand erect as her legs were trembling, I forced her to bend a little more and, freeing my dick, I started to force myself inside her.

She wasn't struggling anymore, she was just trembling and whimpering. I had won. She bent a little more and I slid inside her tight pussy. "Aagh. Ohh. C-Chace. Oh m-my, Chace." She started moaning, and then she squealed when I tore her social white blouse open, buttons flying everywhere, and I pressed her against the wall, fucking her hard, feeling her twitching insides and her wetness flowing out of her, "Agh!

Guh. HUUUH!" She groaned and groaned while I assaulted her loving pussy, my chest pressing her against the glass wall, one hand holding her tight and the other freeing her beautiful breasts from her bra, making them squeeze nude against the mirrored surface. "C-Chace, they'll see me!" She whimpered. We could see people moving in the next building and cars moving down on the street.

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"I know that, babe. Let them know how perfect you are," And I fastened my pace, feeling her getting tighter around my dick.

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Great she was getting ready to come. "That's it, come for me babe, come for me." "N-No! No. Agh! No, Chace! Aaaaaagh! Don't! Don't do this," She half groaned and half complained while getting completely stiff, forcing herself against the wall when her muscles started to contract. Then she came. I kept thrusting fiercely making her groan loudly, probably echoing through the whole floor "GUUUUUHHH!

AAAAAOAAAAHHHH!" Her magnificent body struggling with her own sensations, spasming and contracting with me inside her. Then I came, jolting inside of her, lots of cum flowing and being spilled to the floor as I abruptly took myself out of her.

She was trembling all over when I took her in my arms again. As soon as the thrill of that perfect moment started to worn off I subtly got terribly worried.

I had lost control completely and maybe I had gone too far. Maybe knowing that later this evening I'd be doing whatever I wanted to a girl made me exceed myself with her, with my Gabrielle.

Fuck. I rushed with her to my executive chair and laid her on it kneeling in front of her, my arms crossed over her tights, caressing her, and my chin over my hands, just watching her every move, while she was gasping, recovering from the struggling, from the fight, from her orgasm and, maybe, from all the shame that she must have felt. "Are you ok?" I asked, almost a whisper. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes, they were teary.

She looked seriously at me and then said, "I'll stain your chair." I grinned, "I don't care about the chair, or the carpet. "Do you care about me?" She asked, a little and shy smile starting to show up. Her trembling decreasing. "In my own way. Yes." I assumed. "So stop doing these kinds of things to me!" She roared… But at that moment I knew that everything was fine. "I can't believe you did this to me," she said sounding angry, but I knew her well enough to know that she was ok with it.

"I'll pay for your blouse and call my personal cleaning team," I laughed. "Your personal. What the fuck!?" She giggled. "Watch your tongue when you're around your boss, young lady," I scolded playfully. "Fuck you!" She laughed. I stood and bent over her, one hand on her nape and the other caressing one of her exposed breasts, my thumb gently circling her brown aureole, while I kissed her. Even after the rough way I treated her, she was comfortable with me.

But I know that's not for her, and that something like this is soft, compared to what I can and want to do, always. If I wanted to keep seeing Gabrielle, Erika had to suffer. "Can't you really stay with me tonight?" She asked temptingly. "I can't, really," I say apologetically. "You are not going to see another girl, right?" She mocked me and, after the initial surprise, I decide what to respond. "Actually yes, I am going to see another girl." "Oh, really?" She added trying to keep the mocking tone but failing miserably.

"Yes, but I don't like her, I don't have any interest for her and I'm going to do totally different things to her," I said grinning. I said the true, at least partially and, as always, Gabrielle knew that it was better for her not to get involved in things I don't share with her. So, always smart, she changed the subject. "Oh. So you're interested in me?" "Of course. I've never seen an ass so beautiful as yours." "You dog!" She says slapping my shoulder again, indignant, but laughing, and I knew for sure that she was fine.

I laughed with her, but I resumed, "So, since you're ok, I'm going." I say closing her blazer and standing up. "I'll take you to dinner on Monday, ok?" "Dinner?

Really!? Like a date??" She lights up in a smile. "Yes, after eight months of fuckery, I think it's time for a date. Then I'll fuck this gorgeous body of yours again," I laugh. "Jesus, why do you always have to spoil the moment?" She scolds, still smiling. I politely kissed her hand and she giggled sweetly. Then I left. In a hurry. Maybe having someone to do everything I want, anytime I want, I can try something less casual with Gabrielle.

After all, as soon as I have Erika in my basement I'll have anything I want when it comes to sex and still have Gabrielle to make me company. Maybe this can work. Anyway… Poor Erika, I just turned down a really good offer only to have my time with you.

When I got my hands on you. Poor Erika. --- Next: Erika's rape at the country house basement. Do you like it? Want me to keep writing? So vote and comment!