Bound spread eagle pussy whipping

Bound spread eagle pussy whipping
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Sally We were on holiday in Devon. Every one else, my wife, kids and our friends and their children wanted to go into town shopping. The weather was not good (another British summer) and I preferred to finish the book I had started that morning. There was one other dissenter, our friends 8 year old daughter, Sally who was complaining of a pain in her stomach.

As their car had broken down on the way there we were restricted to trying to go out in the one remaining vehicle, ours, and that made for a very cramped journey. They all looked at one another and a consensus was reached, I'd stay and Sally would too. They put her on one of the sofas, wrapped her in a blanket, said goodbye to me and she and all got into our ageing Hillman Minx While the kettle boiled, I watched the car make its painful way out of the caravan site and when the kettle clicked off.

I made my tea and curled up on the other sofa. Looking over at Sally was still and so I picked up my book, sipped the tea and settled down for a good read. Time passed and I had completed a good few chapters of the book, glancing up occasionally to make sure Sally was ok. On one occasion I noted she was looking at me with a pained expression on her face.


'Are you ok?' I asked 'No,' She replied 'my tummy hurts' I smiled. 'It's probably just wind. Would you like me to rub it for you?' 'Yes please.' She said, threw off the blanket and padded in a 'this hurts' manner to where I sat.

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I lifted her onto my lap and she laid across me with her head on the arm of the sofa. She was wearing a short, cotton shift dress and I laid my hand on her tummy and caressed it with light circular motions. After a few minutes I asked 'Is that better?' 'A bit' came the reply I moved my had to her thigh and slid it up inside the dress so that my hand rested on the skin of her tummy.

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I resumed the gentle massage. 'Better now?' 'Yes, that's nice' she said and smiled for the first time.

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'You want me to stop now?' She shook her head. I did not want to stop. Her skin was soft and yielding, her tummy flat with none of the fat that was to develop later.

I could feel stirrings in my loins and my cock started to harden. This would have been a very good time to stop. I didn't. I looked from her face to her middle. The dress had ridden up with the movement of my hand and her little pink panties were available to my view. I moved my hand down and slid my fingers under the waistband and continued to caress her little mons venus. 'How is that now?' 'Nice.' She had her eyes closed.

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The feel of her hairless crotch was super and my cock continued to harden. I took my hand out of her knickers and moved her a little further down my legs to give my penis room to move. 'Is that enough?' I asked. She shook her head. I jockeyed into a position which allowed maximum comfort and supported her head and legs. Putting my left hand under her shoulders I used my right to encourage her to spread her legs a little. Then I replaced it under her dress and back under the waistband of her knickers.

This time I moved it further down so I could push my second finger into her crack. It was warm and soft. 'You like that?' I asked. She nodded I found the little roseate bud of her clit and gave it a gentle massage.

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A little sigh passed her lips. 'Your tummy doesn't hurt any more, does it?' I asked. She looked at me, grinned, shook her head and closed her eyes again.

Taking that as a signal, I slid my middle and second fingers into her now moist vagina, feeling the beautiful heat and tightness of it. The biggest surprise was how moist was this little chamber. I slid my other arm out from under her and reached for my zip. My penis was getting very uncomfortable in the confines of my jeans and underpants.

I fished in and winkled it out and it stood proudly up from between my legs. My cock's not big, 7" when happy and not a large girth. I slid my hand up and down the length. I felt her hand push mine out of the way and her small fingers clasped round the shaft. Instinctively she massaged up and down it so I returned my attentions to the investigation of her little cunt.

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As I moved my fingers in and out of her she pushed her hips toward me and she kept stopping the massage of my cock. I wrapped my hand round hers and used it to wank me while I continued the ministrations on her vagina.

When I was about to come, I moved my hand out of her vagina and back to her clit, to rub it gently and yet with vigour. She gave a little gasp and her body shook. At that point my cock exploded and gouts of thick, white semen splashed over her dress. Having come down from orgasm I was mortified.

I had violated an 8 year old entrusted to my care. She was grinning from ear to ear so I just smiled at her and said nothing. Her dress needed to be cleaned so I moved her off of my lap and got a damp cloth from the sink.

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Thankfully, the pattern on the dress was going to hide any remnants of semen as long as it dried before the others came back. I looked at her as she stood in front of me. 'Don't worry Uncle John, I won't tell anyone' she said. I said no more, but reached under her dress and as she did not protest I pulled her knickers down to her ankles. She stepped out of them and stood in front of me her legs just apart. I put my hand between her legs and my fingers into the still moist hole.

My cock was hardening again. I sat her on the sofa and unzipped my jeans pulled out my now hard cock, moved between her legs and placed my penis at the entrance to her vagina.

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'Shall I?' I asked. She nodded and I pushed it into her just a couple of inches. The feel of her tight cunt on my cock was stunning. Slowly and gently I pushed it in watching as It disappeared bit by bit into her reddened cunt. Her lips were pressed tight and, when about 5" had slipped into her, she winced.

I judged that was enough and began slow rhythmic thrusts, never going in deeper than I thought would be comfortable for her. The feeling on my cock was exquisite. Her vagina was tight and soft and, as the look on her face had relaxed to one of intense concentration, I judged she was enjoying it too. With this much intensity I was never going to last long and after a few minutes I came, emptying my load inside her.

My cock subsided fast and out with it came a lot of semen. We went into the bathroom and cleaned up. I cleaned her cunt as best as possible. Did not want tell-tale semen stains on her knickers for her mother to find. I made us both a drink, tea for me, squash for Sally. And we sat on a sofa, me reading my book, Sally with her head in my lap. And that is where the others found us on their return. 'Ah' said her mother 'how sweet?' Sally looked up at me and grinned.

Epilogue I watched Sally grow into up, literally. She happily showed me the buds of her tits as they grew and I was just as happy to fondle them. She was a little more shy of the hair that sprouted between her legs as she went through adolescence but I got regular, good looks.

I never fucked her again, well, just once. But that is another story