Big boob african mask milf takes a big cock

Big boob african mask milf takes a big cock
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My trip to Disneyland. A couple weeks after my encounter with Nicole and Jasmine, my schools band took a trip to Disneyland along with the chorus.


I was super juiced because we got to miss two days of school. And I was also excited because Kendall was going. Kendall was this amazingly hot sophomore she was about 5'3, white, light brown hair, cute face, nice ass, and the most amazing DDs I had seen in awhile. We sat next to each other on the bus and kind of talked/flirted the whole bus ride down. About three hours into the bus ride I fell asleep and started dreaming about her. We were at a beach and we started making out.

Then I abruptly woke up. I was obviously aroused by the dream and Kendall could tell.

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When I woke up she was staring right at my cock threw my jeans. Then she looked up and abruptly changed the subject but she knew I caught her. The rest of the bus ride was pretty uneventful so we all checked in to the hotel once we got in. Crazily enough our hotel rooms were right next to each other.

We had a couple hours to kill before our evening rehearsal so we all decided to jump in the pool and the hot tub. After a couple of minutes in the pool Kendall came out wearing a sexy, skimpy red string bikini. It gave me a huge hard on so I ran to the hot tub before anyone noticed. The hot tub was pretty full and I got the last spot.

When Kendall came over to get in one of my friends told her there was no more room.

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She replied "Its ok ill just sit right over here." Then she walked over and sat on me. The hardon from early had not gone away and her sitting on my lap did not help. When she sat down she gave out a quiet moan and started grinding back and forth. She started slowly at first but slowly increased speed. I thought I was about to bust right then and there but right before I was about to come she abruptly got off me.

She then turned around and whispered "Meet me in my room at 1230. come alone." And she left.


The rest of the night I couldn't wait for 1230 to come. I messed up a ton of times during the rehearsal that night. Finally mercifully 1230 came and I snuck out of my room and into hers. I opened the door to find her laid across the bed in that same tight string bikini she was wearing earlier. She said "You obviously liked what I was wearing earlier." As she stood up and walked over to me.

We locked into a passionate kiss. She removed her top and let out her beautiful tits. I moved from kissing her to sucking on her areolas.

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I started circling them with my tongue and she let out a cry of pleasure. I started moving south kissing her stomach and then I finally I got to the grand prize in her panties. I pulled them down and saw the most glorious pussy I had ever seen.

I started exploring her as she let out moans over pleasure until she came to a glorious orgasm. After she said "OK my turn." She pulled my dick out and started sucking me.


She started just sucking the tip then started taking in more and more. After 5 minutes of trying she finally got a deep throat.

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She then stood up and bent over. I walked right over to her and entered her. She let out a loud moan and said "Yes!!! Fuck me!" I repeatedly pounded her for 5 minutes until she switched it up and started riding me.

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Those glorious tits bouncing up and down while she rode my cock was the greatest thing a man could see in life. Soon she was close to cumming yelling out "OH GOD YES FUCK ME YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" as she came over my cock.

I pulled out of her and started furiously masturbating until I came to a amazing finish all over her face and tits. We kissed a bit then I went back to my room fully satisfied. And to think, this was only the first night of the trip.

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On day two we see what happens when Liam goes 2 a play.