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BangBus Fucking This Sexy Amatuer Public Fucking
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I am waiting in the door frame of the motel room waiting for Alex to call me. Candy is dressed and comes up behind me showing some comforting. She tells me to trust Alex for he knows exactly what he is doing and so does his deputies.

Telling her I am it's then I explain that Savannah counted on me to protect her from anyone. Candy tells me it wasn't my fault and not to run myself down. I stand there thinking of her words and try not to think more on the issue and just hope the scum bag that took my Savannah shows up somewhere soon.

It's about 20 minutes later my cell goes off. I see the number and know it's Alex. I answer it and listen to what he tells me. I find out that the guy that Savannah is a P.I. Alex tells me he will keep him there until I get there.

Then Alex tells me once I'm there I can scare the guy a bit. I tell him that I'm on my way. We hang up and I turn to get my jacket. Candy tells me she will be there shortly. I nod my head and get out the door and to my bike. I grab both helmets and strap them down. I am to pissed to even wear my helmet. Once on my bike I back it out and turn in the direction I want to go. I start it up and peel out getting out of the parking lot and down the street. All I have on my mind is getting the one I truly love back and also take my temper out on the douche bag that took her.

Once I pull up into the police station after getting directions I park next to the P.I.'s car and notice Savannah still in the back seat. I start trying to get her out to only find the car doors are locked.

" SAVANNAH.SAVANNAH WAKE UP!" I yell with no avail She is out cold which just makes me more pissed. I walk straight up to the police station doors and walk in.

I notice Alex behind the counter and he notices me. With the movement of his eyes he points me at the punk that took my girl. Alex gives me a nod and I just walk straight over to the jerk. He notices me and starts to stand up.

He starts to walk which I don't let him. I cover the distance between him and I. I grab the collar of his shirt and slam him against the wall and start in on him. "KEYS!" I yell at him with venom " What?" He asked confused " I said Keys to your car.NOW!" I say loudly at him with anger He looks at me with confusion then looks at Alex.

" He is asking for the keys to your car. You see Mr. Livingston this is Nick, Savannahs boyfriend you so much have pissed off." Alex explains to him " You.your her boyfriend?" The P.I. asked me with a hint of fear " Yes I am, I have been for the last 5 years. Now give me your keys or your going to be dragged behind my bike. And no one will stop me." I say to him putting some fear into him " Sheriff?" He turns to Alex for help " Mr.

Livingston your the one that kidnaped his girlfriend. And if you must know that a big no no in my town." Alex exclaims to the idiot " Kidnaped what do you mean. I have a warrant for her to be taken back." The P.I.

explains with some determination " Actually you have a false document. Seems whoever made that up played you big time." Alex explains to him very well " What, he told me it was legit." He exclaims to Alex " Nope it's not, now if you could be so kind as to give me your keys. It's hot outside and Savannah is in a car with the windows up." Alex said demanding calmly The P.I. looks at both of us and slowly reaches into his front pocket and pulls out his car keys.

He hands them to Alex who turns and hands them to Maya. " Maya, Nathan go check on Savannah and bring her in. I will need her statement of what all happen before now." Alex tells them both They nod their heads and go out the doors. The P.I. is still waiting for what I may do.

Alex looks at me and winks. He knows I won't do anything to get myself in trouble. " What are you going to do now since I gave you the keys?" The P.I. asked me with a hint of fear " Depends on if my girl is ok. If you did anything to hurt her you will find out." I state to him with much anger " I didn't do anything except knock her out with chloroform." He tells Alex and I which just makes me worse " You used that on my Savannah.

You piece of shit." I tell him keeping him from moving " My client said you were a loser and couldn't do nothing." He tells me trying to shift the tide " Well does it look like I can't. I took on three idiots not long after Savannah and I arrived in town.

What makes you think I can't do anything." I tell him stating a fact At that time I hear the doors open and someone talking.

I turn my head a little and see Maya and Nathan helping Savannah inside. They get her over to a chair close to where I am. Savannah looks so out of it. Alex places a hand on my arm and motions for me to go over to Savannah. I look the guy in the eyes and tell him not to move as I let him go. He just nods as I turn to go over to my ebony love. I kneel down in front of Savannah and place my hands on hers.

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I speak to her and tell my love I am here. She opens her eyes and I see fear. She looks around and sees the guy that took her. She starts to panic until I wrap my arms around her. She starts to calm down feeling my body next to hers. She starts to wrap her arms around me and I feel my shirt getting wet from my guess her tears. My mind starts to wonder thinking I was close to losing my beautiful love for some stupid reason.

" Baby?" Savannah says in a soft voice asking " Yes darlin I am here shh. don't cry no one is going to hurt you or take you away from me again." I explain comforting her inner heart Savannah starts to calm down more as I rub her back. Maya asks Savannah if she needs any thing. Savannah eases back and asks for a sprite. Maya says sure and goes to get one. Nathan tells me to make sure she drinks enough to counteract the drug. I tell him I will and thanks. He says no problem and goes to do his job.

Maya comes back and hands Savannah the can of Sprite and she starts to drink it. After a few gulps she starts to look into my eyes. " Oh god baby I was so scared. He walked up to me and started accusing me of stealing and I never have. And then said he had a warrant for my arrest. I'm scared Nick lets get out of here." Savannah says starting to show tears again " Shh sweetheart theres nothing to be scared about now.

Alex found out the truth it was a fake." I tell her calming down " What. it's a fake how in the hell." She says with a bit of anger Alex walked over and sat next to her and started to explain. He told her he had it checked out and there is no such warrant out for her. That it was all a bad joke to get her back for some odd reason. She is sitting there listening and her eyes show a deep rage. I know my beautiful love and when she gets mad she gets pissed.

She asks Alex if she can look at it for a minute. I look over at the P.I. and see him flinch at her words. Seems there is something Savannah isn't suppose to see. Alex asks Nathan to bring over the so called warrant and he does, Nathan hands it to Savannah and she starts to read it very carefully.

I stand up and get in the chair next to her. She lets out a gasp and points at the part she wants me to read. What I read makes me want to leave fast, but I stay seated until she is done.

Savannah hands the warrant back to Alex and wraps her arms around my left arm. Alex asks whats wrong and I answer saying that the names on that paper are Savannahs parents. He gives us a wide eye look and then turns to the P.I. Alex gets up and goes over to him and starts in.

" Mr. Livingston you will either tell me who hired you or stay in a jail cell until you do. I already have you on kidnaping charges." Alex tells him explaining his choices The P.I.

sits there thinking of his options. I see him glancing over at Savannah and I with fear. He seems in debate with his self over the whole situation. What he says next really shocks me to disbelief. " Sheriff all do respect to my client I'll take jail." The P.I. said in a numb tone " So be it Nathan read him his rights and escort him to a jail cell." Alex proclaimed " Yes Sheriff." Nathan answered to Alex Nathan went over to the P.I. and start citing him his rights.

The P.I. just sat there and listened intently. He nodded his head when Nathan asked if he understood his rights. Savannah and I just sat there watching it all happen. I knew she was still mad at this whole ordeal.

Nathan was about to take the P.I. down a hallway when the P.I. stopped and turned towards Savannah and I. He looked at me and spoke. " The person that hired me knows her parents and another lawyer. It doesn't matter what you say or do he will not quit. And he knows exactly where you are now." He stated with a smirk " And how did he even find out in the first place. We haven't told anyone exactly where we are?" Savannah tells him out the blue " GPS on your phone he knows both of you very well.

He had a friend help find out exactly where you were. So as long as you have your phones he will find you every time and probably send others to take you back." He tells us explaining Savannah and I look at him and then each other. Alex told us not to worry for he has a idea that will help. Nathan pulled on the idiots arm and led him to his jail cell. I sat there thinking of who the lawyer could be. There was Savannahs dad and then there was Tessa my birth mom.

Then my thoughts drifted to only one that knew Savannahs parents. There were several that knew Savannah and I pretty well, I looked at Savannah and saw her eyes looking at mine. I didn't know who to trust now being at odds with my family and now this. " What is it baby?" She asked in a very concerned voice " I need to make a phone call." I answered her in a calm voice " To who Nick?" She asked me again in a stern concerned voice " I will tell you after right now I need to find out something." I exclaimed to her question " Ok but don't be long I don't want to be away from you.

I am still a bit jumpy right now." She explained to me with a hint of fear " I'll just be right out side. And besides I think Alex needs your statement on what happened." I said reminding her She gave me a weak nod and squeezed my arms. I leaned down and gave her a deep passionate kiss.

She slid her arms around my neck and returned the kiss. At that moment I heard the doors open and Savannah and I broke our kiss to turn and see Candy coming in.

She came over to us and hugged us both after we stood. She asked if everything was okay now and Savannah answered saying yes and no. She said the yes was because I got here just in time and the no was that her parents signed a false warrant. And that someone seems to want us back in Alabama anyway they can. Candy's eyes went wide and she hugged Savannah again saying bless her heart.

Alex told Candy he needed Savannahs statement and wondered if she could come with them. Candy asked why I couldn't and I explained to her that I needed to make a urgent call to check something out. She gave me a look and then nodded, but said she wanted to talk to Savannah and I later.

I said no problem and gave Savannah another hug and kiss then proceeded out the doors to make my phone call. I went over to my bike and sat. I pulled my phone out and looked for the number I needed. Once found I dialed it a second later it started to ring.

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I was seated with the handle bars behind me and looking at the street. On the fourth ring the person picked up. " Hello." The man said " Hello back." I said in a calm tone " May I ask who this is?" He asked me in a wondering tone " Yeah you couldbut you wouldn't claim me." I said with a bitter tone There was silence on the phone and then he spoke again.

" Nick?" He asked me in a startled voice " Yes it is." I said letting him know " What is wrong why you calling us?" He asked in a non calm way " Oh maybe because the P.I. you sent took Savannah and tried to claim her warrant., but to let you know it didn't work." I told him sarcasticly " What warrantwhat are you talking about. Is she alright are you alright." He asked acting like he cared " Don't play dumb with me. I know you are the only one that knew Savannahs parents good.

I know you knew another lawyer that could file for a warrant. Now tell me the truth." I exclaimed to him with a spit of anger " Nick I have no idea what your talking about. Come home and we will talk about it." He told me in a calm manner " Oh I will be coming home and when I do there will be hell to pay.

Now tell me the reason you sent the P.I. after Savannah." I was telling him on the verge of yelling " Nick I am absolutely telling the truth I have no idea what you are talking about. If you don't believe me then talk to Tessa she is right here son." Gray said to me talking himself out of it " Wow you really can't tell the truth fine then." I said in a smart ass way to Gray I heard him pass the phone to Tessa telling her who it was.

I heard her say our son which gave me a warm feeling for some fucking way. I heard her get on the phone and start speaking. " Nick son are you there?" She asked saying son " Yes and when did I start being called son.

When I was there that day it was nephew." I say to her coldly asking " Nick, you are our son please believe that." She states to me in a pleading way " I do but one day doesn't make up for 19 years now." I tell her sadly " I know Nick, So what's this about a warrant." She asked me changing the subject " Well some P.I.

was hired by someone from down there to track Savannah down and bring her back there. And the only people I know is in my family. He said the person knew Savannahs parents and another Lawyer and you the only other lawyer I know." I said to her sternly " What, you think we would do something like that?" She stated with a bit of attitude " Well yes I do just to either get me away from Savannah or get me to come back down there like this." I state to her in a accusing way " Nick, that is un called for we had nothing to do with it." She says then stops " So your telling me you had nothing to do with the warrant and hiring a P.I., but sounds like you know who did." I say stating my observations " Nick we have no knowledge of any warrant, and we didn't hire anyone either.

YOU are OUR son we would never do anything to hurt you or Savannah." Tessa said to me trying to be a mother I was silent at that moment. I didn't know what to believe any more from Her or Gray. I just sat there on my bike deciding if I should hang up. Like before I was not getting the truth from either of them. " Nick are you there, hello Nick, please talk to me I'm your mother don't stop talking.

Tell me what I must do to have the son I had so many years ago and wanted to hold in my arms." Tessa asks me pleading for me to answer I just kept quiet not knowing what to believe at this point. I wanted my true parents to be in my life, but all these years they hid a secret that never was told to me.

They acted like a Aunt and Uncle all this time. " Son please, this is hurting me not able to hear your voice now. We use to be so close." She started to say until I cut her off " Use to be is the word, you were my Aunt not a mother.

I am still hurting finding that paper and feeling anger. This past year my feelings for family have been numb. The only ones that help me get by are Savannah and my friends. I knew I wouldn't get any truth from calling." I stated feeling so depressed " Nick I." Was as much of Tessa said before I hung up on her I placed my cell phone back in my inside jacket pocket and just sat there watching the cars drive by.

It was just a little bit later that I heard a cell phone ring. I checked mine and it wasn't the one. I looked at the P.I.'s car and heard it again. I got of my bike and stood by the driver door of the car. I heard the ringing tone again and opened the car door. I listened again and found the P.I.'s cell phone and looked at the screen.

It showed Unknown Caller. A thought came to me and I slammed the driver door and ran into the front doors of the Police station. I noticed Nathan returned and was behind the counter. I spoke his name and he got out of his chair and came right over. I told him the cell phone was in the P.I.'s car. I also explained that it rung a few times then quit. I guess he caught on to what I was going to suggest and took the phone and went back to his desk. He connected the phone to his computer and started messing with his mouse.

I noticed he was clicking on a few icons and then had a smile on his face. He came back over and told me the next time the cell phone rang he would notify me of the caller and their where abouts. He said he has the phone on a tracking program. I told him thanks and I would be waiting. Nathan said no problem that he truly understood and added that it will probably take a while for them to try and call again.

I told him no worries, but once he had the information to let me know. He said he would and went back to his desk to do some paper work.

I went to sit in a chair to wait for my Savannah hoping she was doing ok. I took my cell phone out and saw I had a few messages. One was from Tessa she was telling me she was sorry for the last thing she told me about hurt. The other was Shelby my real sister telling me she wanted her brother back. I looked at Shelby's message and the word brother filled my heart with a warm feeling.

I must of been so focused on the message that I didn't notice Savannah, Candy, and Alex standing in front of me. Savannah asked me if everything was alright. I looked up and told her yes that things were ok. She asked me about the call I made and in answering I explained the person said they had nothing to do with any of this.

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She asked who I talked to and I thought for a moment took a deep breath and answered saying Gray and Tessa. She took a few steps and sat next to me with a arm around me. She looked at my face and started in telling me she doesn't think it was them. That they wouldn't try this to hurt us. I responded by telling her deep down I just had to know.

Savannah replied saying she understands my feelings on that thought, but added to just give them two time. I just looked into her eyes and gave her a smile. We all talked for a little while longer. Alex suggested we stay somewhere else just in case the person that sent the P.I.

gets a notion to send someone else. Candy spoke up suggesting Savannah and I stay with her until we were ready to leave for home.

Savannah and I sat there thinking of the idea. Alex stated that might be best as Candy lived near him and he could be close if someone did try anything.

Savannah and I just nodded our heads and agreed to stay with Candy. Alex also said he would have use some new cell phones the next day. He told us that new phones would help and for us to leave our old ones with him.

He stated that if anyone does come they would be questioned throughly. Savannah and I nodded our heads as we said our goodbyes to Alex and the others. Seems Candy packed our stuff as she had our bags in the back seat of her car. Savannah and I followed Candy to her home. We stayed with her the rest of our time there in Missouri. It was Monday evening when I pulled up in front of Savannahs parents house. The sun was still up since it was 7:30 p.m.

Both of us were off my bike and walking up to the front door. I noticed a unfamiliar car in the drive and pointed it out to Savannah. She shrugged her shoulders telling me she had no idea who it belonged to.

She turned the doorknob and we both walked in with me shutting the door behind me. We stepped into the living room to be welcomed by Rick, Kera, Dwight, Yvonne, and some guy I have never seen before.

Rick and Kera stood up and came over to hug Savannah. Dwight also got up and came over to me and we gave brotherly hugs. Yvonne went over to Savannah who was standing there with both Rick and Kera. Yvonne gave Savannah a hug and a kiss on the cheek. They all asked why didn't we call first. Savannah explained that there was a reason and for them to all sit down. They asked what was wrong and that was when Savannah pulled out a piece of paper. She took a few steps to where they were sitting at and handed it to them.

Both started to read it as Savannah sat on the end of the couch next to Yvonne. I noticed the guy glancing at Savannah and at that moment I started to have a uneasy feeling.

He noticed me watching him and he stopped eyeing Savannah and back at the t.v. that was on. Rick and Kera had wide eyes when they were done reading the paper which was a copy of the warrant that Alex gave Savannah to have. Savannah stood up and started speaking with a calm voice at first.

" So explain to me why both my parents signatures are on that warrant." Savannah asked them staying calm " Savannah we didn't sign no warrant for your arrest." Rick stated to her being a bit shocked " ARREST!" Both Dwight and Yvonne said loudly " Yes arrest, the other day a P.I. caught me off guard and used chloroform to knock me out and placed me in his car. He goofed up by going to the police station to claim the warrant.

The Sheriff knew who I was and retained him until Nick showed up and scared the P.I. for his keys to get me out of the P.I.'s car." She explained to them all then added" So again how did your signatures get on that warrant." They both looked at her and then at each other.

After a few silent minutes Rick spoke up. " Savannah truthfully we didn't sign any warrant. All we were asked to sign was a piece of paper as a ok to see where you were and if you were alright." He replied to Savannahs question " Who was it that you went to that would send someone to search or track me down uh tell me." Savannah said getting upset with them both " We can't really tell you, he didn't want anyone to really know hun we are telling the truth.

We never meant for you to get hurt or taken like that honest." Kera explained to Savannah Savannah sat there and took in all that they said to her.

She kept looking at their eyes to see any hint of truth. I guess she believed them, but me there just seemed to be something being hid. We all started to talk when they introduced the guy. His name was Galvin Upton, he was 29, 6'0, 176 lbs with short black hair. He worked for a big company in town that was into helping companies straighten their finances out. He was dressed in nice slacks and a polo shirt. Savannah seemed turned off by him introducing me as her boyfriend.

He nodded at that and gave her a smirk. After a bit of talking Kera told Savannah she needed to talk to her in private and it wouldn't take long. Savannah said ok and stood up. Before she followed her mom Savannah placed her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss in which I returned deeply. She broke the kiss looking into my eyes and telling me she loved me and she would be right back. I told her I loved her and said I would be waiting right here.

I watched as Kera took her daughters arm and led her up the stairs and out of sight. You know they say a lot happens in a years time well guess it did for the next thing that happen through me totally off guard. Rick stood up and took a few steps towards me and started to speak to me. " Nick you know we care and love you, but the past year Kera and I have been thinking." He tells me and I nod then he adds " We want the best for Savannah and want her very happy." " As do I Rick and what are you trying to say to me?" I ask him not liking where this was going " Nick it's very hard for me to say this, but Kera and I feel that you should of took that job offer your uncle gave you.

You would have a good job and be able to take care of our baby girl." He tells me in which makes me stunned I look at him and then at Dwight who has his eyes on the t.v.

like he is not wanting to hear what is being said. I look back at Rick and just feel a sharp pain in my heart. I let out a sigh and stand up and look him square in the eye. " You know why I didn't take Karl's offer. Even you told me that it was wrong to. And that my uncle was sick in the head as to the other part of the offer.

Why have you changed your mind?" I asked him getting upset " I still agree with the other part, but still it was a good job.

All I am saying is Savannah needs someone that can support her and the kids she has someday. Right now we don't see that in you. I am so sorry Nick, but we are just looking after our daughter." He tells me giving me some rehearsed acting bullshit " And what about Savannah you think she just going to give in to this bull crap. You think she will just get over me." I stated to him feeling my temper start to kick in " She will in time Nick she will have her family to help her out and her friends and." He trails off at the last and looks over at Galvin At that moment I understood why he was there.

I felt so hurt that Savannahs parents would stab me in the back, and also hurt that Dwight wasn't even standing up for me. Yvonne looked at me with sad eyes then looked down at her hands. At that moment I knew neither Dwight or Yvonne would speak up.

And Gavin was just watching the t.v. with a smirk on his face. " You really think Savannah will choose him over me. The one man that has been with her the past 5 years and knows her better then anyone." I say pointing at the smirk smiling douche At that moment Gavin stood up and stepped over to where Rick and I were standing.

He stood close looking me in the eyes. " Seems she doesn't have a choice now does she. Her parents want the best for Savannah and she will have the best in me." He says telling me with a big grin " You really think your better then me?" I asked with anger in my voice " Yes because I have a job what do you have besides a bike that was probably given since you haven't worked." He exclaimed in a smart ass way " Takes more then money to keep a woman interested in you.

And what I see you haven't got anything on me in that department. And to let you know I saved up to buy my bike you douche monkey." I stated to him coldly " Nick that was uncalled for. Gavin is just stating his opinion as you have yours." Rick tells me with a stern voice I look at both of them with cold stares. Again neither Dwight or Yvonne speak up. They just keep looking at the freaking t.v. screen. I look at Rick who is standing there making sure I don't get by him to see Savannah.

Gavin stands there with a grin thinking he is all that. " I see there's no changing you mind then." I said telling Rick who took my words " No there's not, Nick I think it's best if you leave now before Savannah comes back down.

Again I am so sorry for all I have said." Rick tells me looking all sad which a part of me felt it was a act " Yeah I am so sure you are. Can you at least tell her one thing for me?" I ask him feeling hurt over this situation " Yes." He replies with a curious voice " Can you just tell her that I will always hold a place for her in my heart. And I will love her always." I tell him asking " I will Nick, I hope you find happiness yourself." He tells me like I never did I did have happiness with Savannah always did.

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I looked at them all and none of them even looked at me. I started for the front door as Rick followed me. Once at the door and was about to turn the doorknob I heard Savannah scream No. My heart ached to go to her, but I knew Rick would stop me and have Dwight and Galvin help him.

I opened the door and didn't look back. I went to my bike and grabbed my helmet and put it on. I noticed Savannahs helmet and grabbed it. I traced the two hearts that was on the top. My eyes started to water as my heart felt broken. I turned to see Rick and Dwight standing on the porch.

Dwight noticed the helmet and that was when I saw his face sadden more. I stepped behind my bike and opened the hood on the trailer and grabbed my bag. I closed the hood and placed Savannahs helmet on top.

I then unhooked the trailer from my bike and let the tongue drop to the concrete. I glanced up at them one last time not saying anything then got on my bike and lowered my viser. I started up my bike and revved it up a few times. I raised the kickstand and kicked it in gear and peeled out. I was down the street when I looked in the right side mirror and saw Savannah outside holding her helmet. She was screaming for me which made my heart ache so much worse.

A fucking year and things changed so much. Why did her parents change and who helped change them. I kept riding down the road feeling numbness flow into my heart.

I didn't know where to go now as I really had no home. If I went to Karl's and Gail's it would be like they won. Then the only place I knew that I could go was Gray and Tessa's. Even though I was at odds with them I needed a place to sleep. My body was so wore out from all the riding I have done in the last few days.

I turned down a street that led to the one place I knew would welcome me, but a part of me didn't want to even go. I felt my anger start to begin again as the wind was blowing thru my hair. I kept my eyes straight and never looked behind me. It's been four days since the day Savannah's parents took upon themselves to break her and I up.

It was around 3 p.m. when Gray came into the room that was designated as mine until I found my own place. I was on the edge of the bed when he came over. My head was in my hands thinking of all that has happened. He asked me if I was alright.

I told him not really, but I will be at sometime or another. I haven't told Him or Tessa what all that happened the days before. He gave me a nod then asked me if I could follow him as he had something he wanted to show me. I told him if it could wait until later. He said nope and to get up and follow him.

I let out a sigh, stood up and followed him out of the bedroom. Once we were outside I followed him to the garage next to their house. He raised the garage door and walked in with me following him. The garage was big that he had 4 beautiful bikes parked in it, I mean beautiful. There was a Honda Shadow, a Kawasaki, a Sportster, and a Trike.

We past the first three and stood by the Trike. He had a smile and then spoke. " Nick this is a 2009 Gold Wing 1800, this trike was custom made to my specifications.

I named it Spirits Star." He tells me with a smile " Nice trike Gray why you showing me anyway?" I asked him stating about the trike " Because Nick I am giving it to you, before you start thinking any bad thoughts I am not trying to bribe you or anything.

It's called trading straight across for the bike you been riding. You have had that one for awhile now and it needs work. I heard the way it sounded the other day its wore out." He tells me explaining to me I gave the trike a look over while listening to all he said.

He was right about my Vulcan it was starting to sound bad back firing every once and awhile. The trike had a lot of chrome in the right places. The gas tank was painted with a spirit following a star up into the sky. The back was wide and the tires were new. The very back behind the seat was the name Spirits Star. I was admiring Spirits Star extremely. The front was extended out a bit for a tall rider.

Gray suggested I get on it and see what I thought. So I did and the feel of the trike was perfect. My eyes went wide when I looked at the area above the gas cap. There was a picture painted of Gray, Tessa, Shelby, Lisa, and a baby.

Tessa was holding the baby in her arms. They all had smiles on their faces. I looked up at Gray and saw him notice my eyes.

He nodded saying that was the best time of their lives. He continued saying after that they all felt like a part of them was missing. Gray went on saying that every chance that got to babysit me they would try and be as close to me as they could.

I sat on that trike listening to his words. I felt a ache in my heart that started to warm. I guess it was knowing they were hurting so much all these years that got me to start thinking. He handed me the keys and asked for mine and asked if we had a deal. I looked down at the picture again and saw the family that truly was mine. I thought of the good memories we shared and knew this could be a start at being a family. I reached into my front left pocket and pulled my old bike keys out.

I looked at them for a few seconds realizing this would be the last time I would ever see them again. I handed the old keys to him and he gave me a big smile.

It was hard at first to let my old bike up with the memories of Savannah and I, but if I was going to get over the hurt this was a start.

Gray suggested I give Spirits Star a test drive for she was made for me. I asked him if he was sure and he responded saying yes and to be home before 7 p.m. for supper. For he also told me Tessa will yell if I am late.

I let him know I would return by then. Spirits Star rode like a dream. She had the power and fire as the streets became a blur. I was amazed at how she handled sharp turns and stopped on a dime. I was giving Spirits Star a good test drive down the highway and back into the city. I didn't know what time it was, but decided to start back to my parents house. I came to a stop light that was next to a fancy restaurant.

Glancing over at the building gave me the shock of my life. There was Savannah, Dwight, Yvonne, and Galvin. They were all dressed in nice clothes.

Savannah was dressed in clothes that she never had worn before. Dwight and Yvonne were the same in clothes they never dressed in before. They were all laughing and smiling as they walked towards the door. There was a honk behind me telling me the light was green. I put the trike in gear and pulled into the parking lot. I pulled up staying where they couldn't really see me. I guess my hiding spot wasn't all that good for at that moment Yvonne noticed me.

She stared at me intently for the next thing she did was tap Dwight on the arm. He turned to see where she was looking. Yvonne pointed at me saying something. His eyes went wide as I started to leave the parking lot. I sped my way home feeling crushed at what my eyes had seen. In all the years I had known them three they never liked dressing like they were. I stayed focused on the road for that moment and knew I had to get away again. But this time they would not know.

I would make sure of that, if they wanted to start being stuck up let them, because that wasn't me. The ride home was quick as I took the back way not giving them the idea of catching up with me that is if they tried. I walked into the house ignoring everyone and up to my room. I found my bag and packed what clothes I had. I looked at my cell and seen I had a text from Savannah. Asking if that was me on the trike and why didn't I stop and have dinner with them. I thought was she really serious as I reread the message.

I didn't answer the text and turned my phone off seeing it was 6:30 p.m. I grabbed my charger and my bag and went back down to the living room. There was Gray, Tessa, Shelby, and Lisa. Tessa asked me what was wrong and why I had my bag. I told her I had to get away from here. That I saw something a little bit ago and just need to get the hell away. Shelby asked what I saw and so did Lisa. I told them that I wasn't in the mood to say. Gray stood up and stepped over to me. He placed his hands on each of my shoulders and looked into my eyes.

He just stared into them for a few minutes and then hugged me. I felt my arms move and wrap around him. Tessa, Shelby, and Lisa all gasped at what they saw. A father comforting his son for the very first time. They all three stood up and came over to us.


I felt arms being placed around us. My mother and sisters held onto us tight. At that unbelievable moment I felt loved.

I couldn't explain my feelings still being at odds with them, but deep inside I felt this was a start for us. My father, mother, and sisters that were my family accepted me like ever before. The years before seemed to not matter any more. The years before seemed to erase from my mind and a new set of memories were replaced. Gray broke his hug which made the others do the same. He reached into his back left pocket and pulled out his wallet that was connected to a chain.

He opened it up and pulled what looked like 5 100 dollar bills. He then handed them to me an told me to take them. I told him he didn't have to. Gray insisted saying it will give me a start until I got around people that had odd jobs that I could do. I looked into his eyes and he was right.

I placed the money in my left pocket and told him thanks. He replied saying I was welcomed. Tessa came up to me and placed her arms around me and told me if there was anything I needed to call and they would be there to help me out or send a few members to help me.

I told her I would has I returned her hug. I gave them all a look and then spoke. " Could you all do me a favor and not tell anyone I left. I don't want anyone to know?" I asked them stating my favor " Yes we promise not to say anything son." Gray said responding to my favor " I mean if anyone walks up to you while your out or comes here. Please don't let them know just say I don't want visitors or I am out somewhere." I told them in which they agreed " Son you just go and do what you have to.

I did the same when I was around your age." Gray told me comforting me " Thank you I really appreciate it." I exclaimed to them " What if Savannah comes here and asks for you." Tessa asked me breaking the hug " I doubt she will, but if she does tell her the same that I am not seeing any visitors." I answered with a sad smile " It's that bad sweetie, what happened four days ago son?" She asked me very concerned " I don't really want to talk about it." I replied feeling the hurt again " Nick you need to tell us what happened this is not like you to keep secrets." Tessa said to me smiling " I know it's not, but when your heart hurts from total bullshit you have to keep it inside mom." I said to her letting the mom part slip She covered her mouth and her eyes started to water.

I guess my calling her mom gave her hope. " You.You called me mom." Tessa said with a bit of shock " Yes I did it just slipped, but you are my mother." I responded to her with a small grin " Nick you don't know how long I have waited for you to call me that.

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I love you my darling son." Tessa exclaimed to me with a few tears and a smile I hugged her again and Gray even hugged us both. " You be careful son and come back to us one day. Take as long as you need, but come back so we can be a family once more." He said hugging us tight Once outside I went to my new ride and placed my bag on the back.


I didn't have any straps to tie it down. I looked over at my old bike and went to get the ones I had on it. Once I had them I went back to my trike and strapped my bag down and made sure it didn't move. I got on my trike and sat there. Shelby and Lisa followed me out to see me off. Lisa held my helmet for me.

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Shelby came up to me and started to speak. " Nick you are my little brother that I have missed all these years. And I don't ever want to lose you again. Promise me you will come back one day. Promise we can do what a brother and his Sisters do and that is grow up around one another. Because I want you to walk me down the aisle one day." Shelby was exclaiming to me with tears " Aww sis I will come back.

I just need to clear my head and think things through." I responded to her making a statement " called me sis." Shelby said catching on to what I called her " Thats because you are and so is Lisa. Tonight was a start to this family healing. I may be at odds with our parents, but I know it has been hard for them all these years. And they have had to live with some kind of agreement, but tonight showed me you all are MY family that I truly need." I tell her and Lisa who is standing on the other side of me " Brother I want you to have something that I hope will help you and guide you back to us." Shelby tells me taking something off her neck then added " Grandma gave me this years ago and it has helped me.

She said when I felt lost or broken to hold it tight and think of what matters most to me and have faith." She handed me a necklace that had a cross on the chain. I took it and looked at it. It was a gold and sliver cross with the word love on it. I looked up at Shelby and saw tears and a smile. I motioned for her to put it around my neck in which she did and then gave me a hug and kiss on my left cheek.

She backed up and turned toward the house and ran inside. I asked Lisa if she was going to be ok. Lisa said she took it hard when she found out the truth as she did. They always wanted their brother back one day. I told her they do except I had to go again. Lisa said she understood and had me promise also to come back. I said I would and she stepped up to me and gave me a tight hug saying she loved me.

I said the words back to her returning the hug. She broke the hug and handed me my helmet. I place it on my head and strapped it to my chin. She patted me on the back and she too ran into the house. I looked and seen Gray and Tessa looking out of the bay window watching me get ready to leave. It was weird at first but cool. I started Spirits Star up and she was purring like a kitten. I waved to all of them as I saw Shelby holding Dad ( Gray) and Lisa holding mom ( Tessa).

I kicked Spirits Star in gear and started off down the road. This time I was alone, but not alone in my heart. My heart was filled with the love of my true family still at odds a bit with my father and mother but still loved. Where ever the road took me this time I was going to enjoy the scenery this time and work odd jobs that I found with all I had in me.

I thought of the last time I left being last year and remembered the growing love between Savannah and I. I still loved her, but that love was locked up and never to be seen as I knew things wouldn't be the same.

I breathed in the evening air and rode down streets that would by pass the side of the city that Savannah lived on. The streets would take me north to places unknown to me. As the city limits sign came up in the distance I said bye to the old me and just kept going living with the thought that times change, but new starts can be good also.