Mature mom likes anal and gives associate ally masturbate while phone having her way

Mature mom likes anal and gives associate ally masturbate while phone having her way
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Ding-dong. I dash in every direction around the kitchen tile, my special little happy dance. After all, tonight, no one's going to get mad at me for running inside the house! Mom and Dad are off at business meetings, and my brother's off at his friend's house. I probably look so stupid, springing around like this. But who cares? I'm finally alone! Ding-dong, ding-dong. I scurry to the door and yank it open. How could someone interrupt my peace like this?


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Do you remember me?" My hand leaps to my own heart. "Yes, Melodie." She's my big brother's girlfriend! With every visit Melodie has made, every dinner she's enjoyed with our family, and every kind favor she does, I've been starting to realize why Joel loves her. And not only is she really sweet, but her boobs are huge. Dang, I feel like such a boy whenever I look at her. "I'm going to be watching you for the night, okay, dear?" I hide my giggles in my hand. That's even more incredible than a night by myself!

"Sounds great, baby." Melodie raises a stylishly-shaped eyebrow. "Um, did you mean to call me 'baby'?" I grin. She's noticing! "Yeah. It's just a nice word kids say nowadays.

Hope you didn't mind." I step closer to hug her, sighing in bliss at the comfort. "I'm so glad to see you." "Aw, Valeria. I love seeing you too. I hope tonight will be fun." Fun. Nuzzling against those jumbo marshmallows on her chest, I have hopes for what that means. "Can we cuddle?" Melodie gives out a soft chuckle as we walk together into the house.

"I suppose, if that's what you want." I flop onto the couch, and she does the same. My cheeks warm at the sweetness of those soft arms around me. Now I'm curled up against Melodie, feeling the warmth of each gentle breath. I gaze into her gorgeous makeup-lined eyes and stroke that cherry-dyed hair. This is just unbelievable, being with such a beautiful lady right now. Ever since Melodie came over last, my hips have splayed and my chest exploded. They may not be as big as hers, but the boys at school still try to holler at me, so apparently my curves are in great shape.

I push them out. "You're so adorable," she says, in that husky, syrup-sweet voice. Mmm. She's making me throb. "Are you trying to flirt with me?" Uh oh. I shouldn't be flirting with a girl.

Especially not a girl taken by my big brother! Am I in trouble? Well, lying won't make anything better. "Yeah, I am." Now she's getting really close, like every inch of her skin is touching mine.

What's going to happen to me? This is scary. But it's also really hot, feeling her squished up against me. Then she says it: "I promise I won't tell anyone." The nasty pain and turmoil in my tummy suddenly stops. "You won't?" She lets out a laugh.

"Of course not, hon. There's no reason to deserve trouble for that." Her lotioned hand rumples my hair.

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"I remember back when I was your age, when I was just starting to figure out I was bi. I'm sure you know how confusing it can be, right?" "Yeah," I say. My vision's starting to blur a bit from these tears welling up. This is really hitting hard.

"Well, when I got older, I learned it was totally okay. And--to be honest--super fun." Now, as she's looking into my eyes, her hand is sliding from my hair, to my cheek, to my chin. "I just wish someone told me earlier. It would've all been so much easier." She's tilting my chin up.leaning closer… What the-- Melodie just kissed me on the lips. "Did you like kissing a lady?" she says, unable to control her delighted giggles.

"I.I did. That felt good." "I know, right? It's awesome." She cackles like she's had too much booze in her life, even though she's not old enough to drink.

"I get that society is so messed up about letting girls like girls. But I don't want you to miss out on the experience if you really want it this badly. Come on, exploring is fun." "So…" My heart's pounding. I need to get this over with. "Are we going to, um, do it?" "What do you want us to do?" Dang.

"Well, it seems like you've already gotten jiggy with girls. I thought you'd know what to do." She flips her hair over her shoulder. "Girl, I know plenty of ways." "How about we do it like they do in porn?" I mean, fingering, titty play, pussy licking--really, what else is there? Apparently that answer isn't good enough for Melodie. "Which porn?" She strides to the computer. This is wild.

Melodie's probably been fucked by Joel dozens of times. Yet she types out "" lightning-fast, like it's just a regular thing for her. What kind of stuff is she watching? But since she wants to know what I watch, I say, "I like lesbian videos the best. Especially the ones with big tits and asses." She smirks as she clicks, probably realizing that I've masturbated to her kind of body. "Here's one that I really like." After she skips the pointless acting, the dirtiness starts.

Two ladies are stripping off their bras and wiggling out of their panties. Nice bodies! Interestingly, I can hear them undressing like it's happening right here. Wait, no--that's because Melodie is getting nude. We're supposed to be copying the video right now.

So I take off everything. Standing naked out in the open like this is a feeling I've never had before.


It's thrilling. Just like the porn chicks, we spend a moment holding and stroking each other's hips.

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Standing here, touching this hot girl in her bare's heaven. I seriously thought those ladies' tits looked nice?

Melodie doesn't have blown-up balls of silicone. She's blessed with bountiful beauties, nothing fake about them. "Oh," comes a moan from the computer. It's titty-sucking time! I go for a tempting nipple, not a single thought about it.

We haven't decided who's going to act out which part, but I'll lose my mind if I don't get a taste of those. As I switch between her boobs, tonguing and slurping at them, Melodie pets my hair again. She must know how much I love that. "Mmm, Valeria. Ohh." Her pleasure sounds are so sexy.

They're not squeaky squeals or brutish grunts like those ladies on-screen. Just pure, raw cries of joy. Once I've had my way with those babies, I give them a final firm lick and pull away. "I hope you don't mind if I--" X, I click.


No more video. I don't care about those washed-up women I'll never get to fuck. All I want right now is my Melodie.

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I've never been the type to initiate stuff, but she's driving me so dirty. Lying on the floor, I spread my legs for the first time. "Wanna lick me?" "Oh, yes, please." And her tongue slides in to show me her ways. She moans into my pussy, like she's tasting a deluxe dessert. With such extraordinary licks of heat in all the right places, I've seen proof of magic existing on this Earth.

Jittery pulses rush through me in waves. My clit is thumping so hard. Oh, I'm shaking. This is breathtaking. "Melodie…" Though I can't really find words with all this bliss filling me up right now, I want to tell her thank you for the rest of my life.

How sweet of her to let me get some experience, to make me feel incredible, to-- Oh FUCK. After a little more lapping, Melodie pulls away. "Your cum tastes great, baby." "Thanks." My cheeks scorch even hotter at her sweetness. Checking the computer screen, she has an hour left until her babysitting's done. We should've already had dinner. This night sure didn't go as planned.

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In fact, that sex didn't even go as planned. But who cares? We went our own way, and the pleasure was definitely worth it. I guess that's what she meant by "exploring."