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In the not too distant future, Japan is in almost all respects experiencing it's greatest time of prosperity ever. A period of peace stretches on as far as experts who predict such things can see. Medical science has advanced to a point where disease has effectively been eliminated in the country.

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The potential disaster which was the automation of almost all labour has been averted by giving every citizen a generous universal basic income, supplied by the economic boom that resulted from work being done better than any human could ever hope to.

Technology has also moved on in terms of entertainment, the most prominent example being the perfection of VR technology. This however had some large and very unintended side effects. The excited buzz of the crowd was so loud that it penetrated Junko Nishimura's apparently sound proof dressing room, not that she minded, hearing the excitement over her words from that all female crowd sent a thrill through her body. The 45 year old politician had dark hair pulled back in a loose ponytail, full D-cup breasts and a curvy milf body which strained slightly against her light gray pantsuit when she was sitting.

There was another buzzing in the room as well, of the 8 inch light peach coloured vibrator in her sopping cunt, doing little to satisfy her excitement at the events unfolding. It was no cheap bit of tech, it could move as though alive and had simple AI to aid in stimulating her, it did fill her and stimulated her clit ever so well. But even as her thick, damp thighs wrapped around it tighter to help it in it's work, the thing still left a deep longing for more.

National election were here and nearly over, results were expected in less than an hour but Junko was confident of the fate of her new party. The New Feminist Party had captured the heart of the nation in a way that left no one concerned about whether it had the experience to govern. Some outwardly wondered about how such a sudden shift in political thought could have taken place, but those in the know reckoned feelings had been bubbling under the surface for a very long time.

Support was so great that by now everyone knew that the election was a formality, all that was left to do now for the young Prime Minister apparent was mental preparation for a victory speech hitting all her themes of female sexual liberation. With a young emperor who too impotent to exercise even the mostly ceremonial power he had and with her party in lockstep, the power she was soon to gain would be absolute.

Her once radical message might now be seen as mainstream but her real objectives would have shocked many of her supporters if she spoke about them publicly, things which they thought were unfortunate side effects but which their leader had many times just about fisted herself thinking about. With the atomic bombs the West had unleashed a series of potentially race ending explosions on her people, the New Feminist Party's real purpose was to bring a race ending explosion of another sort.

Her eyes closed and a low moan escaped as the thought of it sent a pleasurable shiver through her lightly perspiring body. Undoing her trouser buttons produced a sigh of relief at the slight womanly pudge being freed and at her hand being free to slowly pump the vibrator in and out of her cunt. A brief moment of worry about those assembled noticing by her clothes that she had spent some time sitting in a pool of her own sex juices were internally bruhsed aside.

Between the light peach vibrators becoming an unofficial bit of party uniform, excitement about the party agenda and her speech, Junko would ensure there wasn't a dry seat in the house. Shortly afterwards it became official and Japan's new Prime Minister strode onstage to a deafening high pitched roar from the crowd. Projections had it that when all votes had been counted her feminists would hold 74% of seats, a greater victory even than the one expected.

Reaching the podium brought another peak in the cheering, the crowd seemed to be in a mood to cheer anything at the moment. As the roar died down it was replaced by unmistakable squelching and moaning, she had been right indeed to not be embarrassed about her level of excitement, if anything they sounded more excited than her.

Her followers were packed to the rafters in their hundreds of thousands with drones hovering around so everyone could see all the action. Peering into the crowd sent a pulse through her already over-excited pussy, modesty and formal attire lay abandoned, almost everyone she could see was openly masturbating. Many others had stripped naked to massage their tits and reveal sweaty bodies shuddering with pleasurable thoughts about what lay around the corner.

There were still those who kept a hand free to hold placards though, on display were many familiar favourites from the campaign, 'need to breed' 'white is right' and the one which she had chosen as the image for the 50 foot screen behind the stage, simply a picture of cum exploding forth from a white cock.

'Tonight we have turned on a mighty fountain of superior white cum' Junko began, orgasmic sounding and actually orgasmic shrieks came in response 'every woman will be free to bathe in or pump herself as full as she chooses' more excitement and the wonderful smell of her followers arousal rolling over her in intoxicating waves.

'We have ended the population crisis and breakdown in relationship between the sexes, which came with the revolution in VR technology giving complete sensory experience. This is the end of the tyranny over our bodies by generations of nip men, who have all but abandoned reality to expansive virtual world filled with anime girls for them to put their tiny dick in' initially even she had been unsure about directing ethnic slurs at Japanese men but the voters had taken to it with aplomb. 'Leaving the real world hopelessly overpopulated by lonely women, women who need something deeper that can't be satisfied by that junk food.


Their absence in the election process is evidence in itself of their almost total retreat from public life. Piracy evading bans and these yellow men's desire to give their drops of watery semen to a cocksleeve and an image beamed into their head instead of the aching cunt of a woman have made all other measures pointless.

But they have only awakened something deeper and ancient, it isn't wholly their doing.' 'I want to share with you the real story of one of the women we have saved, which I think can serve as an example to the nation. And I hope our *cough* collective excitement in this cool night air isn't producing too much steam for you to see' she didn't mind that no one laughed at this attempted joke, mainly because it was a real concern that she was only trying to play as a joke.

The giant image behind the stage changed to a video of a lavish room of wood and leather. A petite young girl with free shoulder length hair, glasses and a school uniform sat in a big comfortable chair.

The drone which was filming her did a good job of capturing her innocent beauty. 'Tell me about yourself' came Junko's voice offscreen 'My name is Tomoko and I'm 18' came the short, nervous reply. 'Do you want to get married one day, Tomoko?' 'yes' 'and have children?' 'yes' it was always this way with those not yet in the fold, the feminist leader knew what was beneath the surface and that the girl would open up.

'And do you want your husband to have a little yellow cock or a big strong Aryan one?' Tomoko eyes opened wide and she said nothing.

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'One of the very first steps of feminism is women speaking openly about their sexual freedom, this is why we're speaking to normal women like you' came the offscreen voice. Tomoko nodded 'I want a little yel-' eyes widened again 'uh, uh, uh, a Japanese cock- husband!' she shifted in her seat, embarrassed and looked down so no one at all saw the smiling face behind the camera.

'Do you support the harsh border control measures targeting white men?' the girl nodded vigorously to this question and said 'we have to have sex with Japanese men or there won't be any more Japanese people' the girl was flustered and skipping straight to the arguments which had been fed to her.

'I didn't ask you that' the older woman gently corrected 'n-no I know but that's the reason, if the border was open then uh, it's possible that maybe not as many people might want a yellow husband' the young girls head lowering again 'who told you that?' came the further inquiry 'school' she answered.

'Do you like VR games?' came the next question, grateful nodding yes from the girl, happy to be talking about a different subject 'Yes, I've seen by your gaming profile you like VR games, your favourite by far seems to be a particular strategy game' the grateful nodding ended 'where Japan is double crossed and invaded by the Nazis, but you always lose. This is not for lack of a strategic mind, your ability to devise mass industrialized breeding of the native females impressed even me.

Thank you for those sights of our countries females being treated like farm animals by white supremacists by the way.' Tomoko jumped at feeling her own pussy twitch at these words, she was ashamed to notice she was becoming aroused 'And yet even with mods to give the Nazis horse cocks' Tomoko somehow managed to turn a deeper shade of crimson than she already had 'even with an invading army that struggles to run, you cannot win' finished Junko 'uh-huh' the seemingly mousy but deeply perverted girl squeaked in reply.

'You have no reason to be embarrassed' motherly now 'I know deep down you agree that women can't stay sexually frustrated forever, and the danger of excessive breeding causing whites to outnumber us is an unfortunate side effect which we must bear.' 'You have a whole nation of sisters who feel exactly like you -well maybe not exactly like you but along similar lines- who have fallen in love with white cock. For whom the VR experience isn't enough, women who aren't content with that stuff that pleases the simple minds of nip men.

You need the emotional connection with a real white man, who will make your belly swell up with his children and breasts swell with milk. So you can nurture them and breastfeed them -or be milked like a farm animal-' Tomoko was meeting her interviewers eye now, with a dazed expression and moistening cunt beneath her pleated skirt.

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It was all true, she had tried to want yellow cock but there was something deep within in her than longed for white, trying to satisfy her fetish through technology had only given her more extreme fetishes. 'These men are masculine, they're not satisfied with a 3D image of a cartoon bearing their seed. And have you ever taken a rick dick?' a shake of the head 'I'm sure you've heard about that sissy thing though' involuntary nodding 'Of course, everyone knows how small it is but many young girls don't know the full extent of the problem.

Years of underage 24/7 porn over-consumption before they even turn 18 inevitably leaves the adult nip with erectile dysfunction. Imagine that limp, useless, discoloured thing trying to pleasure you, 4 inches when standing proud and not even able to achieve that'.

Tomoko wasn't very political so only knew second hand about their persuasiveness of the feminist party, she didn't think even seeing it firsthand would prepare her for someone to reach into her soul and pluck out feelings she hid even from herself though. 'Don't you think women should have the freedom to choose whether they want Jap sons or white sons?' asked the woman 'I don't know' almost a whisper 'I think you do, I think you want nothing more but are afraid of a social consensus that doesn't exist, I think you're a little yellow slut who wants Nazi cock' the girl's eyes welled up.

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Jumped the gun, thought Junko as she rose to draw the upset girl into a hug which managed to put the schoolgirls face in her exposed cleavage, and allow the woman to grind her bare dripping slit against the girl's bare leg. The drone that was filming them had shifted modes now away from interview and was capturing all the action 'All I want to do is set you free' the woman said 'o-okay' said the deeply confused girl she was grinding on.

A deep kiss was the reward for this reply and a moment of resistance gave way to pressing her body up against the feminist leader.

Her own cunt juice were running down her legs now, joining the older woman's as the screen faded out. The crowd had worked themselves in to quite a frenzy by the end of the video, every one with walls clamped down hard on pale phalluses within them, wanting to filled to their deepest place by the real thing. Like junkies their bodies were frenzied seeking what they craved but wasn't there.

Crowd effects only added to this, each ones lust was multiplied by seeing the lust all around them.

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Heads were by now empty except for all things white: babies, cum, milk and cock. Junko found herself when her cue to begin talking came with her with breasts exposed and trousers around her ankles, desperately humping her podium. She made a mental note in bold, ten foot high letters to actually remember to do the things she was talking about doing and not just fap over talking about them, this atmosphere was almost so much too handle.

The combined heat of the crowd's sex was burning her face from the stage and the sweet smell of their sex was just as intense, the Prime Minister wasn't sure if she really was beginning to feel drunk with it or if that was her imagination. There was no more cheering, the crowd perhaps subconsciously figuring out that generating the physical force all could feel from their arousal and allowing only moans to escape was a stronger way to show approval.

Junko fought through the pleasing fug and brain fog however to find her voice and deliver the finale of that video segment, which she hoped her audience could still remember 'That was one month ago, the girl I spoke to has since been helped by us to fully accept her sexual liberation and she's here tonight'. The screen switched to a shot of Tomoko in the crowd. She was still in her assigned seat but her eyes were unfocused with no awareness of this achievement.


Her body was limp, drenched in sweat she was panting with tongue hanging out in her efforts to find enough oxygen in the thick air to maintain her state of excitement. She was so close in this moment to being the farm animal in heat that she longed to be but for one key detail. This wasn't only lust though, in an earlier more thoughtful moment she had realized that being here covered in covered in the physical manifestation of excitement for what she hoped would be her masters.

It hung in the hot, almost liquid air and squirted on her from the excited cunts all around, this was the closest thing to a religious experience that she had ever had. The desperate thrusting of her small against the vibrators pleasuring all three of her holes and nipple clamps, all with a mind of their own, and the mini orgasms she was experiencing periodically almost looked like a seizure. Her fantasy was completed by the remnants of an SS uniform which Tomoko wore, now mostly torn off to better pleasure herself.

The sight of herself in armband and cap on the screen managed to register in her overheated, oxygen deprived brain though. Doing the only thing that occurred to her to do, she gave weak sieg heil and attempted to mouth white power around the enormous thing fucking her mouth.

It managed to penetrate into the minds of many of the crowd too, those who could walk made their way to her to rub their body against hers as a show of approval. In this moment of brain activity, the full magnitude of what was happening hit the newly minted Nazi.


The females of her country had been convinced to happily, orgasmically sign up to be exterminated by the thought of those glorious cocks, it was now inevitable that her people would cease to be but they saw it as an acceptable downside.

They would all be flooded with half white babies, their sons would hopefully be aborted and their daughters with be flooded with quarter white babies, on it would go until the master race reigned supreme. This was the future which her fellow women were rubbing up against her over, too drunk with the thought of it to speak.

Almost half the country knew she wanted to be bred out of existence by white supremacists and approved of her. Tomoko's whole body went stiff and her eyes rolled back in her head as this thought brought her to the biggest orgasm of her young life. From the outside it really did look a seizure, with all limbs thrashing and drool flowing from her mouth.

On the inside she was calm though, disconnected from what her body was doing. A pleasant feeling of being underwater radiated out from her sex to leave her feel like she was floating. She was aware of a tingling that was working it's way up her body too, as it reached her mouth it became the most guttural moan that those present had ever heard a human produce.

At the time her pussy gushed with a similarly inhuman squirting orgasm which forced the vibrator wedged in her cunt out and continued like a hose long enough for some women to lower their mouths to it. She fell unconscious as her orgasm came to an end, the fists of the women satisfied her gaping hole which was clenching in a desperate want to be filled. They were past caring if that orgasm had left her dehydrated.

If Tomoko had been conscious though she wouldn't have cared either, she would only have hoped lack of oxygen and air would kill plenty of brain cells. People needed brains, not baby factories.