Xxx storys all sex mp9

Xxx storys all sex mp9
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I felt sore all over. No woman had stayed overnight at my apartment in years. Shelly did it on accident but it felt strange. It felt strange to feel even if I mostly felt the bruises from Diane. As much as I wanted to feel, I didn't want to feel this. Shelly left the front door open so I looked down the hall to make sure no one could see me. I dropped out of bed. It took a few seconds to pull my pants on. The absurd thoughts you think at times like those. I remember wondering if I should keep a newspaper in the house so I could use it as a prop when I went to shut the door.

A spring on the door to keep it from staying open would have helped more. I shut the door and walked over to my computer. A huge heat wave threatened Greece. I closed out the browser and opened up my e-mail. Fired off a quick note to my boss saying I'd be in an hour late.

No real reason. The sun woke me up a half hour earlier than I usually woke anyway. I just didn't want to go. I didn't want to see Diane. I didn't want other people to see me in this state even if they couldn't tell. I turned on the coffee and climbed into the shower. The cold water gave me a jar. The warmth highlighted every bruise and sore muscle.

My dick felt like a pathetic skin tag dangling uselessly between my legs. The scent of coffee wafted its way into the bathroom. I sighed as the pain melded into the background radiation of my life. The next hour passed and I found myself at work. I'd missed a weekly meeting I never gave two shits about and my boss came over to fill me in on what I'd missed.

I think he mostly wanted to chat and ignore other things. "You should come to the green with us on Friday," he winked. "There's this girl at the bar who--" He looked around and whispered, "I swear to god wears her bra and pants one size too small. If she's wearing panties, they're the best damn panties I've ever heard of." I laughed.

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"I sold my clubs with my convertible." "Oh, come on, man. You've got to get some kind of life. You look like you've had a boxing match with a box of kittens." My phone buzzed in my pocket and I flinched. "Anyway, you can borrow my clubs if you want. Hell, I'll sell you my old ones. By which I mean give you my clubs and tell my wife I sold them and drank the proceeds. She'll be so happy they're out of the garage she might give me a blow job." "I'll think about it." "Oh, come on, you always say that." My phone buzzed again.

"Well, I really will think about it this time. How about that?" I smiled. He slapped my arm. "That's my boy. Who's that texting you anyway? Hot date?" He raised his eyebrows. I laughed. "I'd love to kiss and tell but not in the office, ok?" He grinned. "Alright. Now you definitely have to come to the club.

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I'll let you get back to the hot secret lover." It sounded like he didn't need to go far. I guessed he went to give Jim the same routine. I could never tell if Harry would ever cheat on his wife. Just that kind of guy. I pulled my cell out of my pocket and opened up my texts. Diane had sent both messages. The first was a picture of me holding my cock.

I looked so confused in the pic. The second message said to get my pasty white ass to the bathroom on the second floor. I turned the phone on vibrate and stuffed the phone in my pocket. I considered ignoring the texts. I wondered what she would do. I didn't really want to know. I locked my computer and walked to the stairwell.

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Claire sat typing away at a rapid fire pace. I hoped she never sent me any of her communications but sometimes wondered if she really just wrote steamy romance novels all day.

I passed her cube and turned a dark corner. I knocked on the bathroom door and heard Diane say, "Oh come on, you putz." I opened the door, stepped in, and locked it behind me.

Diane leaned back on the toilet with her hands between her legs, rubbing rapidly. It took a moment for me to realize she had tossed her underwear aside.

"Jesus," I gasped. "Don't tell me you've never seen a woman jilling off before," she closed her eyes and focused on her clit. I hadn't. Not this way at least. Her thin dark hair peeked between her fingers. I noticed my cock press against my pants and unbuckled my belt.

I let my pants drift toward the floor and then realized I would have to take my shoes off. I pulled them off and stepped out of my pants. I soon stood naked in front of Diane, who had left her top on. I walked over.

My dick bobbed in the air above her.


I realized there wasn't a good angle to fuck her from. "Don't be in such a rush," she reached her hands above her pussy. I knelt down and her gorgeous dark lips stared up at me. My knees popped and ached when I bent down and knelt between her legs.

I pushed her lips aside and rubbed her clit. She smelled musky and I caught a scent that smelled like cum.


I figured she hadn't showered since she had fucked me. Her nub felt wet and sticky. She twitched beneath my touch.


I slipped my middle finger into her, palm up, and used my other fingers to hold her lips apart. I licked up and down both sides of her lips. She tasted like salt and faint vinegar. I reached my other hand up an rubbed her breast. She hadn't worn a bra.

As long as her nipples didn't show, I guessed that worked alright for her. It definitely worked for me. A few moments later, she smacked my hand down. I steadied myself with my hand against her naked hip. I took her clit between my lips and pressed against her g-spot with my finger.

She grit her teeth and pressed my face against her crotch. Her button grew harder than I had ever felt a nipple grow. The twitches in her legs grew. Diane pulled her legs together and squeezed them against my head. I felt the heat rise in my head. Her body felt almost cold around me. My hand involuntarily slid off her hip and I braced myself against the toilet with both hands.

She grunted and squeezed my head in a slow throbbing pulse. "Good boy," she said. Diane held my head between her legs for a minute longer and then let me go. I stretched out on the floor. With her, even vanilla stuff turned a bit scary. She hopped off the toilet, grabbed her phone, and pressed a button.

I didn't hear the click I anticipated. She set the phone back on her pants and pushed me onto my back. Diane climbed on my cock and sat up. She stayed still. I knew better than to move. A key clinked against the lock and I panicked. If someone found us in here, I'd be out of a job and probably never able to get another job. I didn't have anywhere to go, though, and Diane flashed murder in her eyes. I stayed perfectly still. I saw Claire walk in from the corner of my eye and held my breath.

She might be nearing retirement but I didn't think her sight had gone enough to keep us safe. "Oh, he is lovely. I wish I'd gotten a chance to see his member in person though," Claire giggled. She locked the door behind her. Diane grinned and slipped off my dick.

The old woman smiled and sighed. "Old enough to have some character, young enough to get as hard as a rock." She reached down and grasped my cock. "Good thing I'm getting the other end. I don't think he's going to last that long." "Probably not," Diane smirked. "I gave him a pretty good head start." Claire pushed her shoes off and shimmied her underwear off. I had seen "granny" panties before but I didn't think anyone actually wore them anymore.

She grabbed my cock again and brushed my nose with her underwear. I found myself fascinated with the idea of smelling her but simultaneously afraid. I held my breath for a moment and then inhaled. Her underwear smelled like laundry that sat in a drawer too long. It had an unmistakable scent of wetness and a hint of urine. Diane pulled her hand gently away from my dick. "Don't get too excited, Claire. I drained him pretty good last night." "Aw, poo," she left her underwear on my nose and lifted her dress off.

Her breasts pressed against a bra that showed off little if anything. She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Her breasts were big and swung haphazardly.

Her nipples seemed to have a mind of their own. She pulled the underwear off my face and dropped them on my dick before grabbing her right breast and pressing it against my mouth. I sucked her nipple and tasted a little aloe lotion. I reached up and cupped her boob. "Oh, you're far too gentle. You've got to help a girl out, you know." Claire grabbed my hand and grasped her breast tight.

I took the hint and held on like her breast was a football. I nibbled at her nipple, brushing my teeth against her areola. She reached her other hand between her thick thighs. I hadn't managed a glimpse of her pussy yet. It held a wild fascination. I had never imagined seeing this much of her. That one last secret place enchanted me.

The idea of it had my cock in pain. Diane flicked my balls hard. I winced. "I know he's your conquest, Dee, but really?" She laughed. "You'll thank me if he lasts long enough." She flicked both of my balls at the same time, harder than I would have imagined she could. I flinched. "If you say so, dear. I think I'm ready," Claire said. "Ok." Diane squirmed back on top of me and slid my dick into her pussy. Claire pulled her breast away from my hand and crouched over my head.

I stared straight at her grey and hairy cunt for a long moment while she grasped both sides. She lowered herself onto my mouth. She tasted surprisingly sweet. Her labia were so soft I could barely tell she had any. Her bush pressed against my nose and itched. I stuck my tongue out and searched out her clit. Her breasts hung above my head and blocked out most of the light. She twisted her hips side to side, pressing harder against my face.

She moved her hips a little higher and pressed her clit against my tongue. I focused as much pressure as I could against the little nib. Claire gasped. Memories of every hushed bit of gossip I'd heard her telling others washed over me. I felt myself blush. Diane moved slowly against me, squeezing my cock in an insistent rhythm. Claire thrust insistently against my head. She squeaked with every push. "Oh, Mike. You've got one hell of a tongue." The heat of embarrassment hadn't left my face yet.

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Sweat from her belly combined with the sweat already gathering on my head. She grabbed my hair in her hands and pulled her weight onto my face. Claire pressed my head hard into the tile floor. My head ached and I felt starved for air. Still, I reached up and massaged her ass. "Keep going, dear. That's quite nice. But if you stick your finger in, I'll shit on your chest." She had the biggest ass I'd ever had my hands on. I kneaded for all I was worth as her wetness made its way down my nostrils.

"Alright, Dee. Are you going to let me fuck your toy?" Diane laughed and smacked Claire's ass and caught a few of my fingers in the process. "Yeah, I suppose." She slid off me and sat beside the door. Claire leaned back and I could see her smile between her breasts.

She climbed off me and held me down by my shoulders. She reached her left hand down to my cock and guided it between her hairy lips and into her thick pussy. Her tits brushed against my chest while she adjusted her position. She pulled my hands up to her tits and I held them tight. She slid slowly up and down my cock like she was polishing silverware with her crotch.

Her belly pressed against mine. Claire ground against me saying, "Oh yeah," every time. My cock grew tense and painful. "That's right, my beautiful boy," she reached down and put her hand on my cheek. "Come for momma." I realized then that she was more than old enough to be my mother. I closed my eyes and came. She rode against my cock harder and faster until she grunted and pressed her chest against mine.

I opened my eyes and she starred into them, face to face. Then she kissed me once, stood up, and wiped her crotch with a wad of toilet paper. Diane slid her panties and capris on. She pulled her shoes from behind the toilet and strapped them on. Diane helped Claire hook her bra back on and Claire slid her dress over her head and gave herself a once over in the mirror.

She stepped into her shoes and followed Diane to the door. They left me to clean up the rest by myself. I locked the door when Claire walked out. It took five minutes of scrubbing my face with damp paper towels before I felt somewhat presentable. From the neck up, anyway.

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When I looked down, a few of Claire's long grey pubes stared up at me. I picked them out and tossed them in the toilet. I couldn't tell if I still smelled like her so I gave my crotch a good rub down before I pulled my underwear and pants on. That's when I found her underwear still on the floor.

I didn't know what to do with them so I stuffed them in my pocket and put my phone on top of the pile so I wouldn't forget and accidentally pull them out the next time my phone buzzed. I felt tempted, if only for a moment, to step into her cube and drop the underwear in her desk drawer without saying a word. I doubted that would turn out well.

I walked past her cube like we never did anything at all and our most intimate experience together was me eating one of her famous cupcakes. Back at my computer, the email had piled up in my absence. "Where have you been--Oh, god. You look like hell, Mike." "Yeah. I think it's food poisoning." "Why don't you head home. Take the rest of the day off." "Sure thing, boss." I hit send on my last email of the day and walked out of the building.

The dull throb of the bus engine lulled me to sleep in a few minutes but my phone buzzed. I jumped in my seat and then reached for it. I wondered what Diane sent this time. I unlocked the phone and opened my messages. A picture of Claire's clit stared up at me. She had taken it from her desk chair and I could make out some of the fliers she had tacked to the back of her cube.

She held her lips apart and her little pink clit stood out firm. She put a caption on the picture. "Bet yr glad u took my panties now ;) We should get 2gether some night w/o D Im not so rough XOXOXO." I didn't know how I felt about that but the bus slowed to a halt and I got off at my usual coffee place out of habit.

The lunch crowd had tapered off. Two baristas scrubbed tables in a frenzy while the one behind the counter slowly processed orders for the three people in line ahead of me. I let my eyes rest on some bottle of peppers no one ever intended to open and my mind went blank for a few minutes. The barista had to wave to get my attention. I ordered some coffee and sat down with it.

I couldn't guess how much time passed, but Gabriel wandered in and jumped back in surprise at seeing me. "Hey there, Gabriel." "Oh, Mike," she frowned. "Do you spend all your time here?" I could see red under her eyes and puffy bags like she'd been crying.

"No, just had a rough day at work and my boss let me off early." "Oh," she sat down. "Is everything alright?" She didn't say anything for a minute and I wondered if she would. Tears rolled down her face and she cried. "I don't think I can take it any more," she sobbed.

I reached for her arm. The first time I had touched her but it felt so melancholy. "What's wrong?" "My papa, he beats me sometimes. I never know when it's going to happen. I thought it was over now that I'm older but he beat me again today." That explained her long sleeves. I stood up and moved to the seat beside her.

I hugged her tight. "I'm sorry, Gabriel. Is there anything I can do to help?" She cried for awhile without answering. "Not unless you know a place I can stay." It took a moment for me to realize what she had suggested and a moment longer for me to realize that I did have a second bedroom in my apartment. I didn't want to seem like a lecherous old man.

I gave it some thought. It would be hard to keep up with Diane if Gabriel moved in. That wouldn't be such a bad thing. I didn't know how Shelly would react. I might find myself with no bed mates at all but the way things had been going. "Gabriel, I have a spare room in my apartment and you can stay there. It would be your room and I have a lover I guess so I don't want you to feel like you'd have to do anything you were uncomfortable with--" "Oh, Mike," she sobbed.

"I know you're not a pervert.

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I don't want to impose--" "You wouldn't be imposing. I don't use that room for anything." It took us a few minutes to arrange some details. I didn't want teenage boys visiting my apartment. Hell, I didn't want men visiting at all. We set some ground rules. She headed home to tell her mom and grab some things and I headed to the apartment to make sure the room wasn't a total sty.