Mary echte anal Orgasmus

Mary echte anal Orgasmus
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I had been Giada's solace during the last two years of her bad marriage.

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Today her divorce is final and she is free to be with me. Giada's divorce is final today, she steeled herself against the idea of going home to an empty apartment once again. " Giada!" I called out, she looked around, surprised at the sudden outburst. She thought that all of her "friends" were at her ex-husband's apartment. That's where they always seemed to be.

So who.? Through the throng of people, she finally saw me rushing toward her. As my familiar face approached her, her spirit lifted. " John!" she said, hugging me as I came closer. " I'm so glad you came!" I grinned and returned the embrace. " You know I wouldn't miss it," I said.

" Do you want to talk about it?" I asked.


" No, maybe later." she replied. I followed her home in my car, and helped her bring her things inside. The mood is set, the phones turned off, the lights dimmed down. Candles flickered in the darkness, outlining the meal.

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She smiled softly at me across the table, the black dress plunging in between her breasts, hugging her curves, tantalizing me. She kept crossing and uncrossing her legs, making my eyes follow the moment.

She loved the fact that I can't be unaroused around her. The fact that she made me this way. She, herself, though is not unaffected. I wore a simple blue shirt and a pair of dark jeans. I looked fitter than what she remembered; maybe it is because of the light or maybe the fact of the atmosphere. Whatever it is, she feels her eyes drink me in, and feel the heat between her legs. We smiled, chatted, talked about everything from her restaurant to the future. She is comfortable and reached over to grab my hand, circling her fingers over my knuckles before dragging her fingertips up my forearm and back down.

A smile lit up her face as I looked at her dangerously and she pulls her hand away. She repeated the action again, moments later, this time lingering to trace down my arm. Her eyes sparkled in the candle light and she knew she is playing with fire.

However, she took a drink of her wine and licked her lips tantalizing. She wanted me to crave her, to drive me crazy like I had done her so many times. Pushing back the chair, she got up on her heels and walked over to me, swaying her hips, watching as my eyes drag down to them, lingering on her breasts.

She leaned down in front of me, meeting my eyes with her own, letting her breasts spill forth from the dress material. My eyes move down to the milky globes back up to her eyes, my eyes darkening with lust. Her hands trailed down my chest, down towards my erection pressing against my jeans, skimming over the big bulge, to my thighs where they rested.

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She leaned in and placed her lips on my skin, kissing down my neck, biting and nipping as she came to the collar of my shirt. Her hands traced teasingly up my thighs, up to my cock and press firmly and rub through the material of my jeans.

She unzipped my pants and cupped me through my boxers.

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She rubbed teasingly, building up the sensation as she nipped along on my neck. Then, as I started moaning, she stopped and stood. Taking a couple of steps back before I can grab her, she gave me a wicked grin and moved towards the coach, swaying her hips as she went. She knew I was following the sway of her ass and knew that her thighs are slick with her wetness but she still wanted to torture me. Hearing the scrape of my chair, she turns and looks over her shoulder at me.

I walk forward, my form all predator, hunting the prey that is her. She has other plans and when I'm close enough, pushes me onto the couch so I'm sitting. Slowly she dances to silent music, running her hands along her curves, going down till she reaches the bottom of her short dress.

Slowly, teasingly, she moves it up, inch by inch. Watching me follow her movements, she knew that this is her night more than mine. The dress came off to land somewhere unknown to her. She stood in a little red and black thong, a lacy garter belt above the thong in the same colors. Thigh high stockings are attached. The black and red lacy bra didn't hide the fact that her nipples are standing to attention.

She licked her lips at me and turned, leaning down to her heels and looking over at me. She follows my eyes as they took in her ass, thighs, and legs, before she slowly rose up. Stepping over to me, she starts to dance again to her silent music, giving me a lap dance. She had fun with this torture of me, not knowing when at last I would take control. Straddling me, her hands went under my shirt, grazing her finger nails against my bare hairy chest. In one movement the shirt is gone to join the dress.

She nipped and sucked as she kissed my chest. Her hands move to the button on my pants and undid them quickly. Standing up, she moves the pants off my legs and tossed them. She kneels down on her knees and licks her lips as she looks at my cock.

The pre cum glistening in the candlelight and she slowly traces her tongue over it. I walked them through the house to the bedroom where I sat her down carefully on the bed. I took off her heels, unsnapped her stockings, pulled off the garter belt, and off came the bra.

After she is naked in front of me, I kissd and nip at her skin, though a bit harder than what she did to me. I play with her breasts and tease her clit slowly, loving playing with her.

I pull her up off the bed, standing behind her, I let her soak in the heat from my body, as I look up and down her luscious body. I press myself against her and lightly trace her curves, her breasts, and pressing my fingers against her clit. I tease her more, circling her with his two fingers as my other hand played with her nipple.

I hear her moan softly and mew as I changed the pressure. Pressing her against the bed, I let her head fall back against my shoulder as I continue to assault her, going faster with my fingers sliding into her and pumping.

When I feel her close to the edge, I stop. She gives a growl and I smack her lightly on the ass which she gives a small squeak.

I caress her body from head to toe, continuing to tease her as I did. I enjoyed watching her squirm. Moving her away, I grab my cock, stroking it as I watch her look at me with lust and desire in her eyes. My eyes move to her lips which she bites in between licking them.

I feel myself growing harder and finish stroking myself faster than I intended. Lifting her up, I place her against the wall and myself, thrusting into her swiftly. She moans, I groan, and for a moment all I can do is feel her pussy squeezing my cock. Trusting faster, I move in and out of her, feeling her orgasm growing faster than I wanted.

I groan, slowing down and teasing her breasts with my mouth. I stroke her curves, cupping her ass, as I thrust into her slowly. When her pussy walls clench at me and she pleads for me to go faster, I complied, slamming into her. She screams out my name as she came explosively around me.

I groan as I came panting against her in the aftermath.


Slowly, I picked her up carrying her to the bed and laid her on the bed. I lay down behind her, feeling her snuggle into me and drift off to sleep as I watched her. Slowly, I fell asleep content.

As I climbed out from under her, Giada rolled on to her side, with one leg straight, and the other bent at an angle that showed her legs, ass, and pussy very nicely. I climb on, straddling her straightened leg, and crawl up towards her body. I kiss my way up her torso, until I feel her hot, pussy hairs brush along my hard shaft. Reaching down, I place my cock at her pussy, and slowly slide it in. Holding onto her hip, I push the entire length of my hard pole into her, causing both of us to moan.

" Oh yes!" Giada groaned. " Oh damn! That feels good!" Sliding into her at this angle did feel great, and I slowly start to fuck her grasping pussy. I reach up and took one of her tits into my hand, squeezing it, and slide the other hand down to her ass. I start fucking her harder and faster, and Giada starts to get more vocal. " Oh yeah! Fuck me!" she said loudly. " C'mon baby, fuck me good!" At one point, I stop thrusting and slowly slide my cock out of her hot hole.

I slide the head of my shaft up and down her wet slit, slapping it against her clit, and down to her ass. Giada yelps when I cock-slap her hard little clit, and then she groans when I slide my cock back into her pussy. Sliding it out, I slip it down towards her ass. I rub all of the juices on my cock onto her asshole, and Giada groans louder.

" Oh, baby, that feels so nice!" she moans. I place the head of my cock against her ass, and when I start to push, she reaches down and told me, " No! I've always wanted to try anal, but there is no way I'm making that big cock the first cock in my ass!

My pussy and mouth are filled enough by that thing." Smiling, I simply slide my cock back to her wet pussy, and slam it all the way in. Giada yelps, and then starts moving her hips along with me. I place my thumb at her asshole again, and again, she pushes back against it and it slides in.

" Oh, yeah!" she moans. " That's good! Fuck me!!!" I start to fuck her faster again, and with all of her wiggling, my thumb is soon buried in her ass. " Oh, god, yes!" she yells as I fuck her harder. " Fuck me! Fuck me good! Oh, god, make me cum again!" I slide my thumb in and out of her ass as I fuck her pussy as hard and fast as I can. Soon, Giada is groaning louder again, and I hear her breathing getting short.

" Oh, yeah! Fuck me baby! Make me cum!" she yelps. " Oh god, I'm gonna cum!" I'm stroking the entire length of my shaft in and out of her pussy, and my thumb in and out of her ass, when Giada exploded. " Oh my god! Yes! Oh damn! I'm cumming!" she yells. Then, she starts to moan softly, " Oh my god! I'm cumming so good!!!" It didn't take long before this had me ready to blow.

" Oh, baby, you're gonna make me cum!" I told her. " Oh, yeah. Cum for me," she whispers. " I want to feel you cum inside me!' Seconds later, I feel my balls start to churn.


" Oh, yes!" I groan as I blasted my second load of the night deep in her pussy. " Oh, my god!" Giada groans." I can feel you shooting your cum in my pussy! I can feel your cock throbbing!" We both soon collapsed on the bed as we tried to catch our breaths.

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After we lay there for a few minutes, Giada looked at me and asked, " How long are you going to stay?"