Stunning brunette fucked in the ass after a drink

Stunning brunette fucked in the ass after a drink
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I sit on my couch, watching Phantasm with the young woman from Chapter 1, who still hasn't put any of her clothes back on, not that I'm complaining. The movie is just as awesome as I remember it, but I look outside to see my dog that I don't have, floating around sulkily.

I don't bother pausing the movie, because I've seen it so many times, but I let him back in the house. He walks around for a bit, approaches the lady on my couch, and starts licking her feet. Not being a particularly avid fan of this dynamic, I offer the lady a bottle of Germ-X and tell her she should sanitize her feet because my dog eats shit.

She pulls away from my dog that I don't have and he looks at me with that face that says, "BRUH," and I do it right back at him.

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Then the lady turns and puts her feet on my lap, asking me to sanitize them for her. I put a little bit of Germ-X (it's actually just generic hand sanitizer, and I'm probably committing some kind of felony by using it as foot sanitizer) on each foot and massage it in, continuing to rub much longer than needed, but she's not complaining. In fact, she moans quietly and smiles, leading me to believe she's digging it. I'm enjoying myself, totally perving out over this girl's feet, rubbing from heel to toe, they're just awesome feet.

Then, out of nowhere, she asks me, "Do you eat ass?" "I don't know." "Come on. Real niggas eat ass." "I guess I can. I've never done it though." "Eat my ass." "Say please, you fuckin' savage." "Eat my ass, PLEASE." "But can I trust your ass?" "I cleaned it before I came over, I promise." She kneels on the couch, leaning against the back, sticking her ass out.


I sit on the floor and stare at it, hypnotized. It actually looks very clean, for a butthole. This girl is trustworthy, and I like that, but I don't want to make this easy for her. "I don't know man, I'm feeling kinda iffy." "PLEASE, I really wanna try it." "I'd have to watch you clean it, just to be sure," I say, looking at her all seductively and shit, even though I'm basically asking her to let me watch her scrub her asshole.

Fortunately she's picking up what I'm laying down. "Fine," she says, smiling. She walks to the bathroom and I follow with excitement. We get in the shower and she runs the water to warm it up, because you know that shit comes out colder than a motherfucker.

When the water's hot she turns on the showerhead and gets herself all wet. "You better watch closely," she says, squirting some body wash into her hand.

She drizzles some of the soap across her wet titties and says, "Take care of those for me, please." "UUUHHHHH," I say as I rub the soap around on her chest. She laughs, but I'm literally speechless. They're incredible already, just being soft and well-shaped but soap and water are a real +10 Charisma for titties.

I look and see that she is NOT washing her butt, and is instead pleasuring herself with one hand and running her fingers through her hair with the other hand. However, I'm sure you understand that, at this point, I cannot be expected to give a damn.

I gradually work my hands down her body until I have one soapy hand between her legs, going to work, and another soapy hand going around to her ass to try and tickle her butthole or something, I don't really know what you're supposed to do back there and I don't feel comfortable trusting anyone who claims to know.

Whatever I'm doing seems to be working though, because she's moaning, and moaning is always a good sign that you're doing something right. Unless you're a Ghostbuster, because then moaning might mean you didn't catch the ghost you were supposed to catch. It also might mean there's another ghost you didn't even know about or something like that.

Because ghosts moan, y'know? Anyway, I've grown particularly fond of this butt, and would like to get better acquainted with it, so I turn her around and kneel down so I'm face-to-butt with her. At this point, she decides it would be the funniest thing in the world to throw that ass at me, and she shoves it right in my face. The ass is not exactly fat, but it is soft, yet toned, a very athletic ass. Athletic ass. Assletic. Whatever.

Anyway, the force of this butt knocks me backward and, being in a slippery shower, I slide forward, knocking her down as well, and she falls right onto my stomach, knocking the air out of me.

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The impact knocks a shampoo bottle off of a small shelf and it hits me on the forehead. She's able to get up pretty quickly, laughing once again, but I'm still lying on the shower floor, gasping for breath like a fish out of water. She sees this and stops laughing. "Oh my God, are you ok?" "Nuh. nah. NO." "I'm so sorry!" "FuuuUUUCK. yoooUUU," I say, starting to catch my breath. I kick the knob to turn the water off and stand up, staggering out of the shower, grabbing a towel and drying off.

I tie the towel around my waist and put my shirt on, then I go back out to the living room and sit on the couch as my dog that I don't have laughs at me. The girl comes out and sits next to me. We sit in awkward silence for about thirty seconds. "I'm sorry about that," she says. "I didn't mean to hurt you." I think about it a little bit more. An attractive young woman stuck her ass in my face. I have absolutely no reason to be mad about anything.

I should've kept my balance. That shit could've been hot. "Don't worry about it," I assure her.


"That could've been hot if I didn't fall. I guess it was pretty funny too." "Well are you gonna eat my ass now?" "I don't know, dude." She slides off of the couch and kneels on the floor in front of me, right between my legs. She opens the towel and grabs my dick. "Please?" "Um." She puts it in her mouth and starts sucking and moaning and fingering herself with her other hand, making her moan more, which feels quite nice.

My phone rings. I check to see who could be calling me, and it's my friend, Jessica. I answer it. "Hey lady." "Can you come over? I'm home alone and it's boring." I ponder this for a second. The words almost sound like, "Come fuck me," but the tone doesn't, which makes sense, because she's dating a good friend of mine. I'm fairly certain she legitimately wants to chill, so I tell her, "Yeah, I'd love to." I ask if I can bring my other friend, the girl sucking me off, and Jess is cool with it, probably because she doesn't know that this girl is sucking me off.

I hang up the phone and let my new friend know where we're going. She stops sucking. "What the fuck, man?

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You still haven't eaten my ass!" "I might do it there if I think you deserve it." She groans. I don't know what this lady's deal is, but she really wants her ass eaten. I doubt I'll ever fully understand it, so don't try to.

She climbs back onto the couch, straddling me once again, but not letting me penetrate her. She's really warm all over, but her pussy is like a radiator.

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She rubs it against my tip, ever so lightly, while looking me in the eyes with a mischievous grin. She's trying to tease me the way I'm teasing her, I think.

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I try to play it cool but I don't even know how I haven't cum again this whole time. It's a fucking miracle, I guess. She gets off of me, lays down on her back, puts a throw pillow under her butt, and sticks her foot in my face.

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She gently rubs it around and it's so soft, I'm about to lose my cool. She slides her toe across my lips and I kiss it, no fucks given. She pulls her foot away. "If you want my feet, you're gonna have to eat my ass before we leave." "DEAL," I say, grabbing her ankles and burying my face in her soles.

I continue rubbing and kissing for a minute or so before I start kissing up her leg, or is it down, because her feet are elevated? Towards her pussy, whatever. I then eat her out for a few seconds and then she hooks her elbow under one knee and pulls it up to her chest, bringing her ass up, opening her cheeks and exposing her thoroughly-cleaned butthole.

In a savage frenzy of frenzied savagery, I lick all around, tickling her anus with my tongue as she rubs her pussy in rapid circles and panting with increasing intensity. "Oh. oh. oh my God. oh my God!

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I'm gonna-" she doesn't even finish her sentence, instead just screaming like a maniac. On my tongue, I can feel her butthole quivering in unbridled ecstasy. "If this bitch farts, I'm going to punch her in the throat," I think to myself, but suddenly I feel a gush of hot juice on my forehead.

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She's squirting, I realize, and I'm glad that the towel is here and my eyes are closed. I don't know how grossed out I should be, but my tolerance for nastiness is pretty high, so I don't worry about it.

She's still screaming, and I honestly love the sound of it, so I just keep on licking, because that shit is like music to my ears, but after some time my head starts to hurt again, so I have to quit. She lays on the couch while I go to wash my face and change into yet another shirt. "THAAANK YOUUU," she sighs.


I tell her it ain't nuthin' but a G thang and then I go get dressed and feed my dog that I don't have, telling her to hurry up and get ready so we can go to Jessica's house.

She catches her breath for another few seconds before getting up. When we're both ready, I get out my magic carpet and unroll it in the driveway. We both get on and fly over to Jessica, who comments on how long it took us to arrive. Not in a bitchy way, just observing. I tell her we had to stop for a train but obviously she ain't dumb enough for that shit, seeing that I have a magic carpet. "I fucked her," I whisper to Jess excitedly as we enter the house, which is really grand and eclectic.