Fkk cap dagde caravan fuck wife and friend

Fkk cap dagde caravan fuck wife and friend
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My second encounter with Tel After meeting Tel for the first time and being fucked by him i kept in touch with him online, and he popped in to the chatroom some nights to watch me on cam.He said he enjoyed watching me show off my cock and tight ass all dressed up and that i was his little slut and he had a surprise for me at the weekend if i could come round his place.

I said that would be no problem and what did he have planned for me.He said not to worry its just my next lesson and i would enjoy it.I wondered what he had in store for me and hoped he was going to fuck me again maybe a little more gentle this time though and play with my cock too.i agreed to be online ready in chat at the arranged time awaiting him.

I'd been in chat for around half an hour when a private message popped up, it was Tel, "are you ready slut?" he asked. I replied yes i was and he said "good well i shall expect to see your tight ass and mouth here in half an hour slut" and logged off.I sat for a minute or so feeling the aniticipation of getting more cock as i had noticed i was thinking about cock, taking cock in my ass and mouth on many occasions ove the last few weeks and it was a little worrying but also incredibly arousing for some reason.I left my place and headed for tels place my mind going over last time i'd been there,It was only my second taste of cock and it had been served hard, deep and without mercy,both my holes had been fucked ruthlessly very diferent than the first time i"d been fucked.Tel had used me like a cheap slut to pleasure his cock onlyhe didnt want to play with my cock or suck me etc i was just a slut with holes to fuck to him.

I arrived at Tel's and knocked, after a moment the door opened and Tel appeared smiling and said "come in" i entered and stepped through the short hall into the front room to be faced with another guy who was smiling. As i stood thrown off balance and surprised at the presence of another person Tel said to the other guy "nice looking little slut isnt she" the other guy replied "yeah she is".

turning to me tel spoke " well take your coat off and turn around slut, show my friend here that ass and thighs". I stood there for a moment still shocked and then took off my coat so i was stood just in my dress ect and turned round leaning forwards so my skirt raised and my ass was on show.

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"thats it slut good" said tel " mmm hitch that skirt up a little more slut show us that tight ass" i raised it up further and spread my legs a little, "she's got a nice tight little slut ass and mouth that just love cock Phil" said Tel. Phil came closer standing behind me and ran his hands up my thighs to my ass before reaching around the front into my panties , "MMmm you naughty kinky little whore, so you shave that slut cock of yours do you " whispered Phil into my ear as his hand roamed my crotch area encircling my perfectly smooth cock and balls and grabbing my cock slowly wanking it making it begin to harden."yeah" said phil "she's got a nice shaved cock by the feel of it dirty little whore' and smiled at Tel before sitting back down and sipping a drink.would slut like a drink asked tel?

so i said yes please hoping it would at least calm my nervousness a little and sat down.

Tel returned a moment later and handed me a glass "vodka and coke" he said and i took it saying thanks.we sat in silence for a moment and then Tel introduced me to Phil who was his friend who helped Tel train some of his sluts sometimes phil was in maybe his late 30's early 40's reasonably fit and average looks and he seemed a nice enough guys as we talked a little.he was married but liked cock too and would help with any guys tel found that wanted to learn to take cock.

he was not a dom guy but more your versatile giving and taking whereas tel was definitely dom only preferring to fuck sluts but not recieve cock etc as we chatted about what we liked or were into i started to feell a bit more at ease and tel refilled my glass before sittng back down "so are you ready to be put through your paces little whore" said Tel, yes although what you mean i dont know" i replied tel finished the last of his drink in one go and looked at me hungrily "well your going to suck my friends cock while i watch and then mine too,then we're going to share your slut holes between us for our enjoyment you slut and you will take it and more, obediently enthusiastically and be thankfull for it like a good little sub fuckslut should be ".

hearing him speak to me like that calling me a slut and that they were both going to make me pleasure their cocks was making me rather turned on and i realised i had my legs open showing my thighs and panties so i slowly spread them a little more hoping they would get a better view of me.

"drink up then slut its time for cock" said tel and he stood up as did phil and began walking to his bedroom.i still had around half a glass left and took a deep breath before taking a large mouthfull ,harsh would be about right i wasnt a big vodka fan and from the taste it seemed as if all the vodka had settled at the bottom but another mouthfull and it was all gone leaving my throat burning but i felt warm horny and good. i headed for the bedroom to find Tel and phil waiting naked cocks hanging limply between their thighs and felt mine begin to twitchi began to feel a little ashamed realising that i was hard and wanted to suck these 2 cocks rather badly .looking at Phil i saw that his cock was quite less thick in girth than Tel's but about the same lenght maybe a little more.

"right take that skirt off slut and come kneel down and suck our cocks now" said Tel i slipped my mini dress down over my thighs to the floor and stepped out of it putting it to the side on the floor and walked forward unsteadily before kneeling down in front of them and taking their cocks in my i slowly wanked them both i felt really horny and raised phils cock to my mouth my tongue extending to caress the tip and shaft before running down the lenght to his balls and then back to the tip lowering my mouth down onto it and taking as much of his length as i could down my throat and then slowly moving up and down deepthroating him slowly.

as i deepthroated him i slowly wanked tel's stiffining cock in my hand.

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after a few minutes i swapped to tels cock and repeated the processwanking phils by now fully stiff cock and playing with his balls as i sucked tel' now i was really horny and feeling great the vodka had removed any nervous feelings i had and i was feeling good if not a little drunk but i'd only had 2 glasses so put it down to not being used to vodka.i sucked them both 2 or 3 times while i wanked and played with the others cock until my knees began to ache and then asked if i could kneel on the bed and continue.

"no" said Tel " i want you to let Phil lay on his back on the bed and then i want you to get on top, lower yourself to sit on his cock and then i want you to ride it like a good slut for me whore.


Phil layed down on the bed so i got on top of him and felt a hand on my ass as Tel rubbed a big wad of lube to my hole inserting and circling a finger deep in my tight ass before puling it out and letting phil guide his cock to my entrance."thats it slut now sit on it and show me how a good slut likes to ride cock you whore" said tel i started to lower myslef onto phils hard cock feeling it sread my ass slowly and then when the tip was in me i sat down as far as i could go all in one fluid movement.his cock seared into me deep filling my tight little ass and making mine twitch it felt good and not at all painfull and i started to rock my hips back and forth letting his length come out and then back in deep to the hilt.i was amazed how horny it was making me feel riding phils cock with tel watching,calling me a slut and telling me i was a filthy whore who was gonna take both their cocks at once.

as i started to increase my strokes and pace tel held a bottle to my nose and ordered me to inhale very deeply in one nostril and then again in the other which i the popperz hit me a huge rush sent a shive down my spine and a started to ride phils cock with renewed vigour raising myself until just the tip was in my ass and then all the way back down really working the full lenght of his rock hard cock and enjoying it much indeed.after another few minutes phil was nearly ready to pop and said he needed to rest a moment so Tel ordered me to get up off his cock and lay on the bed as it was his turn to stretch my little slut ass with his meat.

I clumbsily got up off phils cock letting him get up and stood up briefly before wobbling and falling on to the bed,my legs didnt seem to want to work and i was feeling quite drunk by now on the vodka and struggling to raise up off the bed.thinking of the cock on offer was still turining me on.

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i rolled onto my back and lay there looking vision was a little blurry as i felt the matress move i could see a cock knelt above me waitingso i slowly reached out a hand and on the second attempt guided it to my mouth.

as i was laid down on my back and drunk i couldnt move along the length but the cocks owner sensed this and began to thrust it in and out my mouth slowly face fucking me as i laid there unable to move.judging by the feel of the cock in my mouth and the relative gentleness of the thrusts i guessed it was phil fucking my mouth and throat he started slowly and shallow and gradually and then built up a little but not to an uncomfortable degree.

"hows that slut mouth feel to your cock phil, good?" asked Tel ,"yeah mate" replied phil "she's definitely got a nice warm wet willing mouth and ass that likes cock" as i lay there with phil ploughing my mouth with his long cock i felt a hand touch my shoulder and phil pulled his cock out momentarily after my head had been lifted up and i'd taken 2 deep lungfulls of popperz phils cock returned to my mouth again."yeah thats it mate fuck that slut mouth good, yeah harder than that, this slut likes it balls deep and hard dont you slut?" my head was spinning and i couldnt reply with a throat full of cock but i didnt care i just wanted to be fucked .as phil continued he increased his stroke and speed until he wasgiving me his entire length hard down my throat.


"fuck yeah mate thats what i'm talking about dont hold back fuck that hole,this slut likes it rough dont you you little smoothcocked cockwhore.phil was balls deep in me every thrust filling my throat with his cock when i heard a whisper in my ear, "i made sure you would be fun tonight and our slut when i made your drinks they were about 90% vodka with a little added rohypnol so you would be easily manageable and obedient and ours to use and do as we please with, awake or unconscious we're going to use you good slut, do you like that thought?" now i knew why i felt very drunk and unable to get up but didnt care " "right then you little whore its time for my cock too, keep taking that cock of phils in your slut mouth and spread those slut thighs wide i'm gonna fuck you in the ass good and spitroast you with him cockslut.

all i could do was lay there and spread my legs as phil fucked my mouth, as he did i felt Tel's cock at my ass before sinking deep into it and starting to fuck it. tel lifted my hips up so he could feed his cock deeper into my ass and then he was in balls deep and pumping hard ramming his cock in and out of my ass while phil worked my throat hard.

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after a while they swapped places and continued fucking me as i lay there on my back taking them both and feeling totally powerless and a slut. after a while longer both cocks dissapeared and i was rolled over onto all fours ,"thats it slut now we're really gonna stretch and work those slut holes of yours good fuck yeah" both cocks reaappeared and then they were in me, phil again in my mouth and throat and tel's in my ass.they both pumped me each end thrusting and tel seemed especially forcefull really fucking me in the ass hard his balls slapping my slut ass and the force of the thrusts forcing me forwards on to phils cock forcing me to take even more of it in my mouth.

as they fucked me i ground my ass down onto tels cock and opened as wide as i could taking them all "yeah you dirty little slut i knew you were a filthy cock hungry little whore reallyyour loving it arent you ?

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yes your mine now to use and do as i please with slut, do you her me ". i lay there and just let them fuck my holes hard, i couldnt help but admit i was his slut and was loving every minute of it too after a while quite although how long i dont know as at least twice i was awoken by the aroma of popperz rousing me they both were nearing coming and soon enough Tel's cock sped up even faster before twitching and one final deep thrust into my ass as he came in me and then a few moments later phil's cock exploded too down my throat, as he came i struggled to swallow almost choking as he pumped my mouth and throat full of come.


they fucked me at least twice each i could remember but things were a bit hazy although verypleasurable, By the time i spoke to Tel the next week online he revealed they had fucked me 3 times each both filling my ass and mouth with come and that i'd been their slut while i was unconscious too as they had taken pictures and film of me being spitroasted by both their cocks while i was passed out, seems i'd been there for about 12 hours while they fucked and used me like a slut.

i was beginning to like cock a lot and starting to feel quite the slut after being fucked by Tel and Phil, i wondered what would be next in my training and re-education and couldnt wait to find out .