Fisting after saline ball infusion

Fisting after saline ball infusion
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Alice and Meg Fuck 4 by Will Buster Alice was giggling as she watched Lord Elton's face show shock, anger and then shame as he was tempted by the offer of Alice. She was willing now to supply Lord Elton with her baby sister because she knew that he was now addicted to soft, virginal holes of exquisitely miniscule tightness.

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Besides Alice was herself now inflamed with the joys of insatiable lusts. Lord Elton's new whore leaned down again and licked her tongue into his ear and then gently nipped his soft lobe.

"Wouldn't you like to have our soft, moist mouths suck your cock at the same time? Wouldn't it be so much fun to eat my squirting pussy while Meg slides her tiny cunt up and down your naughty meat?" He sucked in his breath. The prospect clearly intrigued him. "Do you think you can actually talk her into it?" Alice crooned and purred as she continued to whisper her outrageous temptations. "Oh yes my sweet master. I can do that. Some evening when you come home, I'll have her under the covers here in this very bed.

She'll be completely naked and I'll hold her legs all the way back for her and you can fucking split open her virgin cherry. She'll be so nice and tight and I'll tell her to squeal and talk dirty when you make her feel good.

I'll teach her all the naughtiest, filthy, fancy tricks that you taught me. She's such a cute, little sweet heart to. You'll just love how she will scream when you put it into her little ass hole.

Just think, you can pump as much seed as you want into her because she won't be able to have a baby for a few more years. Won't that be enchanting?" He was getting hard again just imagining the possibilities. Normally he wouldn't have even considered any girl under twelve regardless of beauty or inclination. However there was something exceedingly arousing about the prospect of fucking two horny little sisters as much as he liked.

"What does she look like?" She lapped his ear again. "Well she is shorter and smaller than me. She doesn't have tits yet and her hair is lighter than mine.

It's yellow like a sun flower. She has brown eyes and dainty little feet. She looks a lot like me so just imagine her little mouth trying to work down your cock. Don't worry James, I'll show her everything and tell her what to say. Her name is Meg. Do you want me to bring her to your bed so you can fuck her full of your warm cum?" ******* A week later, Sir James entered his bed room to giggles.

He saw Alice's bare ass sticking out from the blankets and sheets as if inviting him to ravish her young body on the spot. Her little pink cunny was visible and Lord Jim was instantly hard. He got undressed quickly.

Lord Elton was middle aged but he'd kept himself in good shape only being about ten pounds overweight.

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His hair was brown and only graying a little at the temples. At this moment he was as hard as a rock.

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His stiff manhood jutted out, wobbling a little as he got on his bed. He slipped under the covers and was practically attacked by Alice. "Ooooo Jamie! I have a little surprise for you." He looked over and saw a second small head appear. Her hair was bright yellow and the little mouth smiled like some stainless cherub.

"I'm Meg! Alice told me about you. She said you wanted to do all sorts of dirty and naughty things with me that will feel good. Do you want to play with this?" She moved further and opened her legs to him, letting him observe her as she slid a finger into her pink, bald pussy. "Alice told me you want to stick your big thing in here and fuck me.

I wanna be your new whore. Alice said it would be fun to play with you and I can earn money to help the family. One good turn deserves another, eh?" She was so nubile and girlish that she had no pussy hair to speak of.

Alice was already sucking his cock, getting him hot. Lord Elton grabbed the cute little girl to him and kissed her open mouth while his cock tingled from Alice's slurping oral strokes. His fingers explored the pretty, youthful virgin all over. He pinched Meg's nipples causing the little tart to squeal and giggle.

His thumb entered her unsullied cunt while his little finger found its way into her tiny bum hole. As the new frisky young wench squirmed and giggled, James moved his face between her silky legs and began to suck and lick her pink, virgin slit.

Meg tasted fresh and smelled of lavender from the bath she'd received before climbing into his large bed. Meg chirped, "Oooo! That tickles! It feels good to! Ooo! Lick my teensy weensy pussy!" Alice got a hold of Meg's slender legs and arched them back once she'd sucked Lord Elton hard which didn't take long at all.

Alice spoke tenderly to her little sister. "Don't worry sis. He's going to stick his nice warm thing inside your little piddle hole and play with you. It will hurt a little because he's going to split your little cherry and make you a woman.

Won't that be wonderful?

You'll be a woman before you're eleven. You're a big girl now.

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Are you ready for his cock?" Meg looked up into James smoldering eyes. "I wanna play with that! So stick it in! I wanna fuck it! Mmmmmmm! You're rubbing it so nice on my little pee hole!

Oooooo!" Slowly Sir James pushed his cock into Meg's miniscule opening. It stretched as he slid in further. The little foxy wench was already wet and that helped. Alice chuckled, "Go Meg! He's gonna fuck your little cunt! So do what I said and grip him hard with your piddle pussy! He likes that." Suddenly Meg cried out as he split her maiden head.

"Oh God!

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It hurts sis! It's too big! He's splitting me!" James held still, letting his cock luxuriate inside the white hot tightness of fresh, very tiny pussy. Alice spoke softly to Meg who was still moaning from the new pain. "It's all right meg.

You see, he's holding still until you're ready. You'll like playing little whore tricks on his cock very soon. I fuck him all the time and I love it." After a few minutes, the fullness in Meg's little fuck hole actually did start feeling good and she began to squeeze him hard with her newly pierced pussy.

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James leaned down and slipped his large tongue into Meg's welcoming small mouth. Alice moved Meg's legs around his waist but they weren't quite long enough. Meg was only a bit over four feet tall. The clenching teeny pussy was driving James to distraction.

He had to fuck her and fuck her hard. Gradually he withdrew and then lunged in deep again. This time Meg gasped but a smile of delight lit up her virginal looking face. Alice laughed, "Fuck her virgin cunt my lord! Oh yes! Fill that little pussy full of your warm seed! Fucking put it to her!

Look at my hot baby sister go! God she's such a little slut!" To Lord Elton's amazement, little Meg was taking to sex like a duck to water. Her mini-fuck hole was gripping him with vicious little jerks. He gasped, "God's wounds! You fuck better than Alice for Christ's sake! I can't believe it!" Meg giggled as her cunt began to reach climax. "She told me how to fuck! I gotta grip it until you squirt me full of baby cream! Oooooooo! Ooooooo! It feels funny!

What is it?" Alice held Meg's sexy looking ankles harder. She could feel the shuddering from Meg's young body. "You're having an orgasm sis. It means you like to fuck and you need his cock. Keep gripping him hard and milk his dick like a nice little slut." Inwardly, Lord James was shocked by the depravity of the two sin sisters as he would soon call them.

He held Meg's belly with his hands and lunged into her. His cock was hot and urgent. It itched to jolt cum into this hot little pre teen piece! Faster and faster his stroking frenzy progressed. The little bitch was actually fucking back, gripping him hard and arching her back to meet his penetrating driver.

Alice was kissing James now while still holding Meg's sexy legs in place. Her soft tongue entered his mouth and slithered all over, letting him know that she wanted to be savagely fucked next. She guided his hands to her small tits and the aristocrat lost it. With a howl, he felt his dick explode like a gunpowder blast. The tingle in his prick instantly became the exquisite pain of a ball blistering release! He jolted ropes of baby batter into Meg's throbbing little pussy pouch.

Meg squealed with glee! "He's wetting me! He's wetting me! He's fucking a baby into my cunt hole sis! Fucking fill me." Alice looked down at her little sister with a big grin on her face. Meg was gasping hard with an open mouthed smile. The cute little pixie slut actually enjoyed fucking and being fucked by the much older man. Alice instructed, "Now sis, suck his cock for him and clean him off.

All good whores need to do that. He'll like it and it tastes good. " Before Meg could say anything, still in the afterglow of fulfillment, she found his wet staff slowly being guided into her mouth. Instinctively she sucked on it. Meg remembered that Alice had told her to lick it with her tongue to. Suck! Slurp! Muffled Giggle!

Suck! Messy sounding slurp! Suck! Pop! Meg watched with interest as her new patron removed his cock and started playing with Alice. After Alice sucked on his bone for a few more minutes, the Lord of Kingston manor was rock hard and raring to go. He maneuvered Alice into the doggie position and then he shoved it into Alice's little shit hole and lambasted it with powerful vicious thrusts.

Meg couldn't believe it. How could Alice take all that meat up her little ass hole? It looked so dirty to. After all, that is where you let that gooey stinky stuff leave you and he was pushing his cock into that smelly hole and fucking her.

Meg's eyes opened wide when she realized that Alice was enjoying it. Alice whimpered between screams of exquisite sex pain. "Fuck my ass Jamie! Fuck it hard! Did you like fucking my tiny sister? Does she fuck nice?" "Yes, you little vixen! I'm gonna fuck the pair of you sore! Now rim it harder slut!

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You know how!" Alice pushed her face into the pillow. Her rear end was in the air because she was lying on her bare belly and he was pounding her from above, right into her baby shitter. Again and again, Alice screamed from primal ecstasy as climax tore through her young body in unstoppable waves.

She yelled, "I'm ccccuuuuummmmiiiinnnnggggg! Ooooooo! Jesus fucking Christ! Aaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh! Fuck my shit!

Fuck!" Elton couldn't believe that he was about to cum again so soon. The little bitch's tight anus was such a thrilling treat. It was depraved. It was dirty. It was so much fun. He yearned to spurt his seed into the tiny aperture that his cock was stretching to the fucking limit. Yes he would spray that rimming pucker and fucking fill her.

His balls erupted and he screamed with exaltation. "Shit! Fuck! What a horny little slut! God! Keep fucking you whore! Yes!" His lusty fluids poured into Alice with all the power and violence of a garden hose. Jets of his hot semen squirted in surging pulses down into Alice's soft guts.

Alice loved the texture of that warm wetness and she quivered again with her own orgasm as Jamie finished inside her. ******** Some time later, Lord Jim lay back, watching the two blonde sisters greedily sucking his dick.


They were actually French kissing each other as they lip fucked his cock from the hairy root all the way up to the sensitive crown. Their tongues moved like little velvet snakes up, around and down while their spit kept him lubricated.

Eventually when he was rock rigid and itching like a bastard he re-mounted little Meg once more. "I've got to have your pussy again, you sinful little pixie. Grip and fuck me like before! Yes!

Like that you foxy little minx!" Meg snickered, "Oh Jamie! You fuck so nice! Am I a good little whore? Are you gonna keep playing with me?" He slammed his massive pole deeper into her even harder. "You hot vixen! You're not going anywhere! I'm gonna fuck your pussy for years! God! You're so damned tight and you fuck so ardently! I can't believe you learned so quickly! Oh Meg! Squeeze it harder! Play on my dick you horny little minx!" Any further pillow talk was interrupted as he ground his tongue into Meg's mouth.

Meg's hands and fingers were doing some exploring of their own. The little plaything fingered his balls and anal rim, discovering new pathways to stimulate her new Lord's passions. Alice snuck in behind and started gently sucking Lord Elton's balls.

He quickened the pace and Meg squealed her joy into his mouth and still the romp went on. Meg was ecstatic. Lord Jamie liked her and was going to keep her. That meant she was a good little whore.

She would fuck and suck on his dick every night.


By God she would do better than her cute sister to. Meg gripped him with staccato clenches even harder and she felt him tense. Meg knew what he was going to do. He was about to launch more of that warm stuff into her little hole.

Sure enough, seconds later, she felt that hot, sticky baby milk spurt and wash into her writhing little slit. When he released her mouth Meg chuckled. "Very good my lord. Please, fuck me all over again. I like how it feels when you squirt off into me." ******* Much later, Meg was sleeping beside James. The little pre teen harlot looked almost like a little kitten. She was bare-naked and curled up almost in a ball. The corrupted pre teen waif slept soundly with both exhaustion and contentment from hours of steamy love play.

Alice looked into Lord Jim's bloodshot eyes. "I hope you enjoyed my sister my lord. I spent a lot of time with her to get her prepared for you." He gently stroked his hand through her dirty blonde hair. It was still damp with sweat and God knew what else.

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"She's remarkable Alice. Truly remarkable. You know, normally I don't bed someone as young as her. I probably shouldn't have but you're such a convincing temptress and I don't think you would have brought her to me if you hadn't thought that she wouldn't like it or be ready for it.

I tried to be gentle with her, but it's hard with such an aggressive little wench." Alice crooned, "I know she liked you inside her. I can tell. Are you willing to give her the same arrangement you have with me?" "Absolutely Alice.

Obviously you and Meg are too young and of the wrong social status to be my own wife but I can assure you with a proper letter of recommendation from me along with a modest dowry, I'll get you and Meg excellent matches when the time comes.

I give you my word on that." "I know you will sweet Jamie. That's one of the reasons I brought Meg to you. You're considerate and a man of your word.

Besides you are making us both very happy. We just love the way you take us and fill us with your love. I only wish I were a lady of quality. I would make you all mine." He held her smooth, naked body close to him letting her tits press into his hairy chest. "Well love, you should know that if you didn't enjoy my amorous attentions, I would not force either one of you. It's no good if the girl isn't willing and eager." She whispered into his ear. "I'm eager now Jamie. Stick it in and fuck me some more.

Please? Pretty please?" She gripped his cock with her hand and guided it into her sloppy cunt. It was still oozing a constant trickle of cum that he'd shot into her but a half an hour past. She smothered his moans with her luxurious kiss and they soon lost themselves in a festival of the senses.