Amateur in blue dress anal fucks in fake cab

Amateur in blue dress anal fucks in fake cab
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The soccer match. "Ouch!" Mark yelped as he took a seat under the row of pine trees that surrounded his town's local park. He quickly removed the pine cone he had just sat on and got comfortable in the shade. Today had been a busy day. Every year his home town hosted a soccer tournament that invited teams from the surrounding area to compete and Mark just so happened to work for the local soccer club as a referee.

He had spent his entire weekend running up and down the field, getting yelled abusive remarks from the coaches and parents of both teams, over every call he made and Mark was exhausted. It didn't help that it was over 35°C that entire weekend and that the sun beat down on him mercilessly in his all black uniform. Exhausted, Mark removed his water bottle from his bag, took a giant swig from it and then immediately spat it out again.

Even his water was overheated. "Just one more game to go," He sighed grumpily as he lay back under the shelter of the trees. Still sweating from the intense heat, Mark decided to remove his shirt. Putting on his sunglasses, he closed his eyes and lay back down again to relax before his final game of the weekend.

It was this motion that attracted the attention of the two young girls that were walking in his direction from his right.

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A rustle in the grass and the sound of close footsteps made Mark open his eyes and through his tinted aviators he saw two beautiful girls trying hard not to stare at his topless body yet failing in their attempt. The first was blonde with curly hair that just barely brushed her shoulders. She wore a tight, bright pink, spaghetti strapped tank top that showed off her white bra underneath and blue jean short shorts that showed off her lovely tanned legs.

She had small B cup breasts and a perky little ass that Mark couldn't help but imagine holding in his hands. The second girl looked older as her body seemed to be a bit more developed than the blonde.

She was a sporty looking brunette with her hair put back in a pony tail. She wore a bright green sun dress that barley covered her figure. Her C cup breasts seemed to almost pop out of her top while her ass was just visible under her dress. Her round ass swayed as she walked, fully visible from under the thin fabric that floated in the wind.

Mark's cock swelled in his pants as he watched them walk by and smiled. He recognised the blonde as a freshman at his high school, where he was a senior, but he had never seen the brunette before. The blonde's name was. Peyton? Mark was sure her name was "P" something. Parker?. Priscilla? .Pamela? Usually he was really good with names, especially with cute girl's names, but this one eluded him.

Mark was so lost in thought trying to remember the girl's name that he didn't notice that the girls were coming back his way. "Hey there," came a voice that snapped Mark out of his thoughts. The two girls were back and nearly standing over him. "Hey there yourself, my name is Mark." He said with a smile. "My name is Brooke and this is my cousin Paige." said the brunette. Paige looked up from Mark's rippled stomach at the mention of her name and her face shone a bright pink that matched her top.

She waved awkwardly. 'Ohh, its Paige!' Mark laughed to himself, 'Where the hell did I get Priscilla from?' Once again Brooke's voice brought him back to reality. "My cousin and I were wondering, since it's so hot out, that we would go for a swim. Would you like to join us? Our place is just around the corner and you look like you could use it." Brooke's green eyes sparkled as she looked at Mark; a devilishly sexy grin was spread across her face.

Mark's heart skipped a beat and so did the buddy in his pants at the thought of these 2 gorgeous girls' in swimsuits. But then his heart sank deep as he said; "I'd love that girls but I still have one more game that I have to take care of before I'm free for the day" "That's okay!

You can come after!" Paige spoke up before hiding behind her cousin, her face even redder than before. "Don't worry, you can come right after you're done," confirmed Brooke. "It'll be lots of fun!" Brooke's devilish grin never left her face as she knelt down to Mark's level. Her soft breasts nearly popped out of her dress in his face.

"I promise," she added seductively. Then she brought two fingers to the hem of her dress and slowly lifted up the front. Mark's eyes nearly popped out of his head when she revealed her smooth teenage pussy to him. She wasn't wearing anything under her dress!

Mark's pants bulged even tighter now. Brooke noticed his tent and licked her lips. "The address is 140 Cherry Hill crescent. Do you know where that is?" Mark nodded. It was only a 5 minute walk from where they were currently. "Okay good we will see you later then! Don't bother knocking; just come straight in the front." Brooke smiled. She stood up and made sure that her dress was properly covering her. Paige's eyes were looking straight at Mark' crotch now.

"Bye" was all she could muster as the girls walked on. Mark returned the bye as well, Brooke's pussy still fresh in his mind. His cock straining uncomfortably against his shorts, he hasn't had sex in weeks and he was at the tipping point. He needed to fuck Brooke, Paige too if she was willing. She kept staring at my cock he thought. The image of the two girls kneeling in front of him, sharing his cock in their mouths while they looked up at him with their big sparkling eyes made his cock twitch again.

His watch beeped. "Ugh!" It was almost game time. Mark began to flex his arms and leg muscles to hide his now giant boner. "Nobody needs to see that just yet." He smiled to himself as he got up and headed to the soccer pitch to earn one last pay for the day.

----------- Mark's last game seemed to last forever. He ran around the pitch half dazed thinking about the girls he was to meet afterwards. He couldn't get Brooke's tiny shaved pussy off his mind. All he wanted was to taste her, Paige too. He imagined them wearing tiny bathing suits, splashing around in the pool, getting each other all wet. The two hot teens wrestled in the water before their lips touched and began to kiss each other passionately in Mark's imagination.

He could hear the coaches yelling at him from the sidelines to blow his whistle and he snapped back to reality once again. "What are you? A fucking retard? Watch the game ref!" screamed one of the coaches from the sidelines.

Mark looked at the overweight man clutching a clipboard to his right. The man's shirt said "COACH" on his breast but his facial expression read "PRICK".

His face was purple with rage and the grip he had on his clipboard made his knuckles white as he spewed out obscenities at Mark about his apparent lack of sight. Mark blew his whistle and the play stopped. All eyes were on Mark as he approached the screaming coach.


"Hey, I realize you're upset but there is no need for that kind of language or behaviour in front of these kids." "Well I wouldn't be so fucking pissed off if you knew what you were fucking doing!!" The man screamed back at him. "Sir, its been a long day for everybody but that is no way to talk to people in front of these children.

If you don't calm down I will call this game and you forfeit." That wasn't how it worked but Mark hoped that little extra would help his case. It did not. "Calm down?! You want me to calm down?! Fuck you buddy! This is fucking bullshit.

Don't tell me how to act or coach my team! You cock sucking piece of garbage!" Mark tried to contain himself but his irritation had grown too great. "I'm not the one who's the garbage in this conversation pal." As soon as the words left Mark's lips, the clipboard left the coach's hands and was sent soaring towards Mark's face.

"Fuck!" The corner got Mark in the left cheek bone. Mark's hand went to cover his cheek as the coach came at him. Luckily the other team's coach got there first and tackled the fat coach to the ground. The fat coach swung at the man who just tackled him but missed. The new coach jabbed the fat coach in the head and he went still.

The spectators on the opposite side of the pitch freaked out and began yelling at each other. Some of the players began to cry, scared of what was happening. As the parents began to get violent themselves the second coach said "I heard everything he said to you so don't worry. I have your back but I think you should leave before things get out of control.


I'll take care of things here." "Thanks," Mark said still clutching his eye. He grabbed his stuff and took off towards home. He got about halfway there when he remembered Brooke and Paige were waiting for him in the opposite direction.

He doubled back and within minutes was standing out front of 140 Cherry Hill Crescent. He ringed the doorbell once. Nobody answered. He tried again. Still nothing. He tried the handle.

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It was unlocked so he opened the door and peaked in. Mark poked his head in the door and yelled "helloooo?" No answer again. Brooke did say to come in the front he thought so he decided to let himself in. The cool air conditioned building was a huge relief for him and he set his bag down over his shoes.

The house was dark but he could see sunlight down the hall way so he walked in that direction. Pictures of Paige's family hung on the walls. A large group picture caught Mark's attention and he stopped to look at it.

It seemed to be a full family photo at some picnic. Paige and Brooke stood near the front to the left holding each other tightly and smiling big beautiful smiles. Mark scanned the rest of the family. They all seemed rather plain but happy looking. There were two new faces that caught Mark's eye. On the right side of the photo were two beautiful women who appeared to be in their forties and they looked exactly like Paige and Brooke. 'Must be their moms' Mark thought.

He looked at the smiling blonde who had Paige's smile and the brunette who shared Brooke's devilish grin. They both wore matching green sundresses that flaunted their large breasts.

Mark's cock swelled as he looked from the hot moms and back to the girls. 'Holy fuck, these dads are the luckiest guys on earth'. Mark continued on down the hall and he found the kitchen. To the back was a sliding window door that was the source of the light. Outside he could see the pool and heard the laughter of the two teen girls. Mark opened the door and into the heat once more. Once his eyes adjusted to the brightness he saw Brooke and Paige laying out on chairs.

They smiled when they saw him. "We were beginning to think you weren't going to show up" Brooke teased. "What? And miss an offer to swim with such lovely ladies like yourself? No way!" The girls giggled.

Mark observed the two teens as they baked in the sun. Paige wore a white string bikini that had soft pink flowers on it. She chewed on the straw of the fruity cocktail she held in her hand. Brooke wore a bright blue bikini that was a little bit too small for her again.

Her breasts seemed to be squished by the fabric. They both wore their hair up and both girls' nipples could be seen poking from the fabric. "What happened to your eye?" asked Brooke.

"It's all black now." Mark touched his eye and winced. "It's a long story," he replied. Brooke got out of her chair and touched his cheek. "Paige, he needs ice. Go grab some." Brooke commanded and Paige scurried off into to the house to retrieve the ice, leaving the two alone. Brooke looked into Mark's eyes and gave him her devilish grin again.

"You know, you look really sexy with a black eye," she said with a smirk "and here I thought you couldn't get any hotter." She pressed herself against his body and Mark placed his hands on her waist.

She was a full head shorter than him and when she looked up at him she licked her lips. Mark smiled back and played with the laces around her bikini bottoms. His cock began swelling in his pants again. "I've been thinking about you all afternoon," he said, "this just didn't come fast enough." They both leaned forward and kissed hard on the lips.

Mark took his right hand and pulled Brooke's face closer to his while Brooke felt her hands all over Mark's body. Brooke broke off the kiss first, her hands on Mark's chest. "You know, Paige told me about you.

She fantasizes about you a lot and I want to help her with those fantasies. What do you think? Are you game?" She smiled devilishly at him again. "That sexy look of yours is very dangerous," Mark teased, "and once again, how can I refuse?" "Good because now I want you to fuck me too!" Brooke quickly kissed Mark's mouth then they both stepped back.

Paige had returned with the ice. "Here it is!" said Paige as she handed it to Mark. Her gaze shifted downwards. Mark was sure she was looking at his bulge again because she blushed. "Thank you Paige," Mark said.

"I really like your swimsuit, it's very pretty." Paige looked up at him and gave him a smile, "Thank you! Pink is my favourite colour!" She looked at the ground before speaking again.

"What did you do to your eye?" "I pissed off a coach and he threw a clipboard at my head." Mark said nonchalantly. "You probably should have ducked then," teased Paige who seemed to be getting more comfortable. Mark laughed and agreed. Paige smiled at Mark, obviously pleased with herself that she had made him laugh.

The heat of the sun and the heat of Mark's hands made the ice melt extremely fast and it began to drip down his arm and soak his referee uniform. Brooke noticed this first and suggested Mark take his shirt off. Paige instantly went red. Brooke winked at Mark and he slowly removed his shirt. Mark had always been an athlete and kept his body in top condition.

He had a distinguished six pack abs and strong arms. He was very proud of his body and got many compliments from the girls in his grade. Brooke bit her lip as she watched Mark take his shirt off, her eyes looking all over him.

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Paige let out a soft squeak and got even redder, her eyes also trained on Mark. "Finally, that shirt was driving me nuts all day!" Mark commented and threw his shirt onto a chair.

"Do you have any sunscreen I can borrow?" Mark laughed, "I don't want to burn!" Brooke looked at him with a knowing smile and Mark winked this time. Paige turned around and handed him a bottle of her own lotion. "You can use mine if you want!" She said rapidly. "Thanks again," Mark smiled. He put some lotion in his hand and began to rub up and down his right arm. Then his left.

Then his chest and stomach. He glanced up to see both girls staring at him while he rubbed himself. "I'll need help with my back." Mark smiled as he held the bottle of lotion out to the girls. Brooke got up first but stated she needed a refill on her drink and walked towards the house. Mark watched as her ass swayed in her tight bikini bottoms that barely left anything to his imagination.

That left Paige alone with Mark now. Mark laid face down on Brooke's lounge chair and pointed to his back. "Please?" He asked again closing his eyes. "Okay," was her response and she lathered up her hands with lotion and began to caress his skin. Her soft hands on his back made Mark's cock continue to swell up against the chair. The feeling was driving him nuts. "You are really strong!" Paige said as she rubbed the lotion over his back and shoulders.

"Thanks, I do my best." Mark heard a very soft "Oh my God yes you do," escape from Paige barely audible. "There! You're all done! No sun burns for you mister!" "Thanks Paige. Do you need help with yours?" Paige blushed again.

"N-no, that's okay thanks, I just did mine." "Liar." Brooke had returned with 3 drinks in her hand. "You were complaining earlier about how you could never reach the hard spots." Paige gave Brooke an embarrassed, angry look and Brooke just laughed back at her. "Here let me help you." Mark said as he took the bottle of lotion and got off the chair.

Paige was still sitting on the other lounge chair and Mark knelt behind her. He lathered up his hands and rubbed her shoulders as Brooke watched them expectantly. Paige sucked in a breath when he touched her. He caressed her shoulders and then down her back and arms. When he was ready to move on he told her to lay face down and she obeyed immediately.

He began to caress her hips in circular motions, being careful to slip his finger tips slightly inside her bikini to tease her. Every time he did she produced her soft squeak of enjoyment. Mark worked down to her thighs. He spread her legs apart and saw that her white bathing suit was wet where her pussy was. He rubbed her right thigh then the left. Being careful to come within a hairs reach of her soaked pussy and just gently grazing the fabric enough to tease her.

He moved on down her legs and looked up to see Brooke sitting in a chair watching them. She had one hand grasping her tit while the other silently rubbed her pussy. Seeing the kinky teen touch herself was all that Mark could handle. He grew extra bold and worked his way up Paige's back. He began to rub her shoulders once more then reached down and kissed the back of her neck. She squeaked louder this time but didn't protest so he kissed her again.

He kissed her neck then continued to kiss her down to her shoulders. Then back up to her neck her eyes were closed but he could tell she loved every touch. He kissed her ear. Then her cheek.

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Then the side of her lips. When their lips touched she raised her head and they locked lips. She forced her tongue in his mouth and he fought hers back with his. Mark sat her up and laid back on the lounger and pulled Paige on top of him.

Their oily bodies rubbed against one another. They continued to kiss and Mark's fingers looped themselves around her bikini bottoms, teasing the young girl even more with each touch. Paige's hands searched all over Mark's body feeling his every muscle.

Mark's cock was now at its limit. He needed to get out of his shorts or else he felt like his dick would snap in two. He removed his hands from her bottoms and rubbed them across Paige's stomach and up to her breasts. He held her breasts in each hand and began to caress them as the girl moaned. He sat her on top of him and fondled her while she moaned. Mark looked over at Brooke who was still in her chair but now completely naked and moaning with pleasure as she slid two fingers in and out of her pussy.

Brooke opened her eyes and saw Mark looking at her. She gave him her look and got up and walked towards him and her cousin who still seemed oblivious to her surroundings. Standing behind Paige, she undid her bikini's top knot with one pull. Feeling her top fall down, Paige opened her eyes in shock to see Mark smiling up at her.

He let go of her breasts and let the fabric fall. Her lovely round nipples were clear to him before she clumsily covered herself. She turned to see Brooke standing behind her naked. "It's okay Paige. Just let it happen." Instructed Brooke. She straddled Paige from the back and slowly removed Paige's hands from her breasts, exposing them. She undid the last knot on Paige's top and then tossed it aside.

She kissed Paige's shoulders like Mark had done and then slowly worked her way up to her mouth. "It's just like what we used to do when we were younger." she said, "except way hotter!" With that Brooke kissed Paige on the lips and they began to make out passionately. Tongues in each other's mouth.

All Mark could do was watch in disbelief as he had two hot teenagers naked on his lap kissing each other. His cock strained against his shorts and he felt Brooke's wet pussy. She felt it too and began to rock her hips back and forth on it. "My my what a nice cock you have Mark. I bet he wants out to play too." Cooed Brooke between Paige's kisses. "Oh fuck yes he does!" Said Mark exasperated. He was ready to explode. Brooke slid off of Mark and tugged off Mark's shorts.

His cock sprang out and slapped Paige's ass, finally free. Brooke gasped. "Oh my God it's even bigger than I had hoped!" Brooke exclaimed. "This cock deserves to be sucked right now!" She took his cock in his mouth, trying to fit the whole thing in but couldn't.

At 7.5" long Mark was also very proud of his dick.

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"What a beautiful cock," Brooke choked out. Paige watched as her cousin sucked on Mark's dick. She wanted to try it too. Mark looked up and saw her watching. "Would you like to try too Paige?" He asked. Paige blushed again but nodded at him shyly. Mark smiled, "I have an idea." "You won't need these though," as he undid Paige's bottoms, "come turn yourself around and show me your cute ass." Hesitant, Paige looked at Brooke who caught her eye.

She stopped bobbing her head just long enough to give her a slight approving nod before continuing her blow job. Encouraged by Brooke, Paige turned around and Mark now had Paige's wet pussy in his face. Paige's face was now inches from Mark's cock too. Paige's pussy was dripping wet and Mark began to caress her clit.

Paige's body lurched at his touch. He used slow circular motions to build her up then he would stop right before she came, teasing her again. Brooke looked up at her cousin and kissed her on the mouth. Her break smelled like cock and pre-cum.

"I'm going to teach you how to suck a cock now." And she guided Mark's cock into Paige's mouth.

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"Tighten your lips around it then suck in." Paige did as she was told. "Play with the tip with your tongue too. Just remember, no teeth unless they ask for it okay?" "No teeth please." Mark said and the girls both giggled. Paige began to suck on Mark's cock while Brooke tugged on his balls. He had waited all day for this and now that it was finally happening he wanted it to last as long as possible.

Mark focused on the young pussy that was dangling in his face. He needed a distraction from the two hot mouths on his dick so he reached his head up and tasted Paige's pussy with his tongue.

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He felt her body quiver in delight. And he licked again. He tasted her pussy juices and he stuck a finger inside her while he massaged her clit with his tongue. It didn't take long until Paige was moaning with pleasure and losing focus on his cock.

"OH MY GOD!!" Paige exclaimed as the first orgasm ripped through her. Then the next. And the next. Her entire body shook and Paige's body tensed up as she orgasmed uncontrollably to Mark's tongue and fingers.

Brooke watched her cousin orgasm and moaned in delight then continued to suck Mark's dick.

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Paige turned around and kissed Mark's face which was covered in her own cum. She licked it off eagerly. "That was incredible!" She cried, I've never cum like that before in my life!" "You're welcome then," chuckled Mark as Paige collapsed in his arms. "Don't relax too much yet; Paige," Brooke cut in, "you're going to sit on his lovely cock next!" Paige looked at her cousin in a daze but smiled and kissed Mark again. "I want to make you cum now." Brooke held Mark's dick as Paige eased back and sat on top of it.

Slowly she worked her pussy around his giant cock. "Oh my God it's huge! It's bigger than your toys for sure Brooke!" Paige exclaimed. Paige then began to bounce up and down on Mark's cock. Moaning and squeaking with pleasure. "Now it's my turn to cum like that too!" Brooke said. And she stepped over Mark and put her own pussy on his lips.

Mark sucked inwards and Brooke gasped. He found her clit and sucked again before flicking it with his tongue. Brooke moaned "You're pretty good at this!" She said between breaths. Paige continued to bounce up and down on Mark's dick and Mark put a finger into Brooke's pussy. He slid it in and out again before adding another.

With the second finger inside her and Mark's tongue rubbing her clit Brooke grabbed her cousin's face and mashed it against hers. Kissing her violently, biting her lip and tugging her hair. Both girls kissed and massaged and pulled on each other's tits and this sent both of them over the edge. Mark felt Brooke's pussy clench up around his fingers and he fucked her deeper until she came. When she came she ejaculated cum all over his face and chest in great bursts. Each orgasm produced more and more cum until she went rigid like Paige had.

Watching her cousin cum made Paige cum too and her pussy clasped onto Mark's dick and she screamed as she came again. The girls got off of Mark and knelt beside him. "Your turn hunk! Cum on our faces!" Ordered Brooke. Mark didn't need a second invitation and got up. He began stroking his dick over the two young girls who were eagerly looking up at him to cover their faces with his cum. It only took a few pumps of his dick to cum and he sprayed Brooke's mouth with cum, then turned to Paige and got her cheek and forehead.

"Agh!" He cried as his previous daydreams became reality and he finally got to cum. "You have really tasty cum!" said Brooke as she swallowed her load. "Here let me help," Brooke turned to Paige and licked the cum off of her face. With the cum still in her mouth, the girls kissed and Brooke shared Mark's cum with her. "Mmm that is good," agreed Paige. "Let's clean him up and then go for a swim!" Brooke suggested and both girls licked Mark's dick clean. Then they jumped into the pool for a swim.