Shemale cutie stuffs her big ass with a dildo and wanks

Shemale cutie stuffs her big ass with a dildo and wanks
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It was Saturday and I was feeling horny, Grant was away for a few days, at a all male orgy with his mates and I needed a fuck, so I called a lady friend Rose and asked her if she was game to go clubing with me, she knows we often end up getting fucked when we go out, so she quickly said yes.

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I got myself cleaned out, shaved my pussy and found a nice sheer dress to put on, with heels and nothing else, save a small handbag, and waited for Rose to arrive. She looked stunning, a mini and short top showed off her body well, we should have no trouble geting laid tonight, as I drove us into town, we stopped at a pub for a drink the guys eyes all over us both, I kissed Rose a few times and got a lot of looks, but I knew where I wanted to go.

We took off to the swingers club, single woman are let in free, esp if they know you, and that we love to take on any number of guys too.

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Rose was met with a kiss, 4 or 5 of the guys that knew us from before quickly took us into one of the group rooms, our clothes came of as they began to play with our bodies, the first cock went up my ass as more guys explored my tits and pussy.

Rose was on her knees with two cocks in her mouth and a guy fucking her, after we had taken a few loads of cum, we went into a 69 to put on a show for them, licking out thier fresh juices from each others holes. While we ate the guys took turns fucking us in any hole then feeding us their cum covered cocks, then slipping them back in to fuck us some more, I took a couple of loads while Rose had one fill her ass with hot cum, then they lifted me off her and sat me on two new cocks.

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By now the group room was full, naked guys stood aroud waiting for a empty hole to fuck, a few woman also looked in, but most only play in the private rooms with one or two guys, Rose and I had our share of cocks to choose from and more. We both took turns riding two cocks at the same time, with others face fucking us, every time we had a pussy or ass full of cum, we fed it to one another.


I saw Rose with two cocks in her ass, I was on my knees next to her, as they both filled her with cum, my fist went right up her ass when they pulled out, and I gave her a couple of good anal orgasm as I worked my hand around inside her body, then told a guy to slide his cock in with my fist.

Rose went wild as we worked her hard, my hand covered in cum, moved freely inside her as I played with his cock as well, the cock jerked and spewed more cum inside her, as we both pulled out, I licked the cum from my hand then turned sucked his cock clean.

My ass was fisted by a guy and a cock went in with him, Rose sat over my face feeding me more fresh cum, I licked her pussy and ass clean, then saw a nice big cock make its way up her butt, quickly flooding her with more white seed, she pushed that into my mouth as his cock dropped out.


Between us we took care of all the guys that wanted to fuck us, we even kind of raped a lady who wandered in at one time, she had stood watching Rose and I play, so being kinky and game for any thing, I got Rose and we worked on her, holding her whilst we ate her pussy and sat on her face, feeding her from our cum filled holes, her partner fucked my ass whilst I sat on her face, then we both watched as his load dripped out over her, I turned and licked them both clean.

I saw a guy move in behind her, his cum covered cock aimed at her butt, he pushed his cock in, she let out a low moaning scream as he went balls deep, her mouth pushed against Rose's pussy, he then began to work on her flat out, her partners face was one of total disbelife, as she now pushed back onto the hard rod fucking her butt.

The new woman had a strange look on her face, one of pain but also lust and sexual excitment too, then she let out a loud grown and bucked back pushing the guy in her ass over a bit, as both shuddered wildly, his cum filling her bowels.

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She fell forward as he held her hips, his cock still emptying it load inside her ass, they both collapsed in a heap, the partner, going over kissing her and whispering as he did, then with lust filled eyes she looked as us and said wow, that was a first for me, then we realised, that was her first anal fuck, but she sure enjoyed it. After that, we all carried on taking the guys as they wanted to use us, Sue, now enjoying being fucked in the ass as well, was going wild, her partner unloaded at least one good load of his cum up her butt while another guy enjoyed her pussy, her first dp.

Then just to shock Sue some more I got Rose, as Sue was laying down being fucked, we both lifted her arms, and sat down with her fisting our butt's, Sue's face was one of pure bliss, my anal orgasm causing me to grip her wrist inside me.

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Her partner face fucked us both watching his wife taking a guys cock in her ass, and her fisting two woman, his cock didn't go soft with all this new found sexual fun going on before him. Rose and I rode her arms whilst two more guys used her now abused and probably sore ass, then we let her up, her partner turned her over, slide his cock in her butt and shot several more reams of his cum deep inside her, with that Sue sat up, she was covered in cum, Rose and I took turns licking her body.

Sue slide her fingers in our holes and ate the cum from them, then she shocked her partner, scooping a load of cum from her ass, she feed it to him, making him eat his own cum, the look on his face was priceless, then Rose took it further, sticking her pussy in his face and rubbing her cum soaked holes around on him, I did see his tongue dart into her pussy a couple of times, so he was getting turned on by it too.

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The room was fairly empty now, most guys having blown more than a few loads in us were going home, Sue introduced Gary, as we talked, she said she had never thought of doing anal, but once it happened found she enjoyed it a lot, Gary said he was blown away with the way she changed tonight into a sex slut, but liked it. We exchanged numbers and told them we would love to meet up again for more fun and maybe a private orgy with biguys playing too, Sue said she had always wanted to see bi guys fuck, or suck cock, Gary was less interested in the bi side but wanted to meet us again, so said he was ok, as long as he didn't have to try bi, Sue laughed saying she had done things for him tonight, so it might be his turn next time.

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