Big tits brunette bends over for dick

Big tits brunette bends over for dick
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This is about a girl I dated after High School and in the Service. Back in the 60's we were dumb as hell about sex and how to take care of ladies so they enjoyed it too!

I've mentioned a friend that gave me some tips that carried over the years and for the most part the ladies whose pants I got into were impressed with my patientance and willingness to make sure they enjoyed it too.Freddie had told me to pay attention to the lady and how she responded to what I did. His first hint was "if you can't stick it then lick it" and gently rub her clitoris at first and not just jam a finger or your cock into her pussy without it being her idea.So here we go with Susan.yes I'm using names this time and again a True Story.Mostly.;o)) My "friend" Craig really thought he was a cocksman and was always bragging how he had screwed Susan and Diane, the girl down the street.

I never told him Diane and I had played "Doctor" when we were young and through High School I had no interest in her. She had monster breasts and wore a D cup bra as a freshman but this is about Susan. . We were Friday nite crusiers in the "Creek" and were disliked by the cops and I had a 61 Pontiac that was quick.big V8, 3 two's, posi, 4 speed hydro, mag wheels, headers, and big rear tires.

Craig was always pestering me to let him drive, as his ride was a 63 VW that was his Dads. Saturday nites were a bit quieter and he had Susan with him and she was acting grumpy as hell towards him. She said, let Al ride with me in the back seat and have Craig drive. I thought it over and was looking in the mirror at her and she kept giving me a pleading look to let him drive.

We stopped at the Bowling Alley at the south end of town and I told him he could drive to Mel's Drive-In (yes the same Mel's as in American Graffitti). Needless to say I was nervous as hell with him driving and when I got in the back seat with Susan she laid a lip lock on me and whispered in my ear she'd been wanting me because I wasn't an ass to her like Craig!

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She was as close to being in my lap as possible and we commenced to kissing a lot and she started moaning.We did a loop through town and when we got back to the Bowling Alley Craig was pissed and said he was headed in to call his brother to come pick him up and Susan was mine! Let me describe Susan.she was 5'3" and weighed maybe 120. She had a really nice smile with twinkling eyes, maybe B cup breasts and a nice butt.

Here sister a year younger was her twin with Blonde hair. I suspect the sister was a bleach job as her Mom and Dad had dark hair.more to be discovered about hair color and Mom.

So here we sit in the Bowling Alley with Craig gone and I'm wondering what to do.She seemed kind of grumpy and not as friendly as she was in the back seat. I asked what's up and she said I suppose your going to tell everybody you fucked me after Craig left and make me look like a slut like she had the reputation she had gotten lately while dating Craig.

I told her I was not a kiss and tell guy and what happened, even if it's nothing is nobodys business.I fired the car up and she asked where are we going. I told her I was taking her home. She got real quiet and moved across the seat to the door and rode there on the way home.When we got to her house she asked if she would see me again and I said sure but let's go in the house and let me meet your parents. She smiled really big and said Craig hadn't met her parents after 6 months of dating cause he acted ashamed of her.

I took her to the door and her Mom answered with her sister in the background. Her Mom was a looker and the twin or triplet to Susan and her sister! I did the nice to meet you and shook her hand and the sister was jumping around tittering away about how Susan had a real boy friend. Her Dad came to the door and I shook his hand and he spied my "Poncho" out in the street and he said nice ride, can I look?

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I said sure and he came out and I popped the hood and he was impressed! He asked who did the hot rodding mods and I said me! He pointed at the 66 Mustang in the driveway and said 289. 4 speed and posi. i had me a buddy for sure and said time for me to roll.Susan heard that and ran up and kissed and hugged me with her parents looking on.

I told her we could maybe go on a date next Friday nite and I would call her before. Thursday afternoon I called and her Mom answered the phone and was very friendly. she yelled Susan phone is for you and if you don't date him I will! She picked up the phone in her room and I could tell her Mom didn't hang up right away and was listening. I told her I really liked her and while I was home wanted to take her to a movie.

She asked where and I said the Drive In in Concord. I heard her Mom take a breath and chuckle. Susan said that sounds good and I said pizza before.

She squealed and I heard her sister asking questions in the background and Susan telling her shush! I showed up about 6:30 Friday nite and her Dad answered the door. He was very friendly and asked if we could take a ride in my car? I said sure and where? He said I know you guys drag race at the old militry base and I said let's get it on. Susan and her Mom asked if they could go and her Dad said no this is a guy thing!


I was a bit worried how this would go but we headed out there and did a couple runs. he was very impressed and I told him I had turned a 13.20 at Fremont and with slicks maybe a 12.80, which in the 60's was very respectble. On the way back to the house he said be nice to his little girl and don't get her pregnant! this set me back and I responded not my plan.nice guy and more on him later.

Susan and I headed out and I was surprised that she was wearing a dress?? We had a pizza and headed to the drive in.At first she sat on the passenger side and I asked if she planned on sitting there all nite?? She blushed and moved over next to me. While at the pizza place she had gone to the ladies room and came back with her skirt well above her knees.

When she scooted over her dress rose up a couple more inches.yup I was looking and getting hard.

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When we got to the drive in I asked what she wanted from the snack bar? She asked if she could go with me and I said of course! She latched on to my arm and rubbed her breast on it all the way. Apparently friend Craig would not take her out in public and I was scoring points like crazy at the pizza place and the drive in.we saw many friends there who said glad to see you guys together.

We got back to the car and I asked her to get in first.more room on the passenger side. She got in and scooted across the seat and her dress rose further and I saw the bottom of her girdle.remember this was the 60's and they were in fashion.oh well.first date.

The movie started and I put my arm around her shoulder and she snuggled into me with a sigh. She looked up at me and said I sure was different and Craig would have been trying to undress her by now and the fight would be on to keep him off of her!

I kissed her lightly and she put my hand on her breast and said take it slow.we commenced to fog the windows up completely by the second feature and I found her nipples through her blouse and bra and she was really getting turned on and lifting her butt off the seat.I started to carress her thigh midway up and she started really panting and french kissing me.this was the ultimate in swabbing tonsils and I stopped and asked her if I was pushing to fast?

She smiled and said you will run into a barrier soon and I said I saw her girdle earlier. she said it was staying on tonite and I said how about the bra??

She said have at it and I unbuttoned her blouse and reached around the back to unclip it.her breasts fell out and they were the perfect suckable size with puffy nipples and areolas.I started sucking on one and playing with the other and she really started to moan and continued lifting her but off the seat. I started rubbing her thigh again moving my hand up to the leg of her girdle.she took hold of my hand and placed it on her Mons and said as long as the girdle stayed on she would be happy.

I was hard as a rock and felt her hand on the inside of my thigh and she moved her hand up to my cock and started rubbing. I was busy rubbing her pussy but the damn girdle was industrial for sure and though she seemed to like the rubbing I had no idea what I was feeling. This went on till the end of the show and though I thought I smelled her pussy I wasn't sure.

I took her home and walked her to the door. Her Mom opened the door and she was smiling but I noticed she grabbed Susan breasts feeling for her bra and Susan said it's in my purse. She them lifted her dress feeling for the girdle and smiled when she found it in place but she mentioned it felt damp. I blushed a bit and she gave me a hug and said good boy! I told them I was headed into the Service and would be gone 6 months.

Susan and her Mom both started crying and I told them I would stay in touch by phone and mail. I called weekly and wrote at least twice a week but 4 months into it her phone was changed and she quit writing. I thought I'd go nuts but finally got leave and I headed home. I had sold my Ponchoreally bad decision as it was one of the original "Tin Indians" and car guys will know why that was so stupid!

I borrowed my Dad's Chrysler 300, 440 with Dual Quads, and headed to Susan's. As I turned the corner I saw her Mom's Galaxie sitting out front but no Mustang?? I knocked on the door and her Mom answered.

She turned white as a sheet and grabbed me in a hug screaming my name and balling her eyes out. Susan and her sister came down the stairs screaming my name jumped all over me after her Mom turned lose. She grabbed my hand and said let's go to my bedroom to talk. Her sister followed along and told her Mom that she would chaparone.both were wearing flannel PJ tops and pants and the rear view didn't show any panty line!

She grabbed me and threw me on the bed and layed on top of me with her sister on the side of me rubbing her tits on my arm and pussy on my leg. I kind of froze up but they said if they were in the room together and the door closed Mom wouldn't bother them. I asked what about when your Dad comes home and they both got very quiet and the tears started! Susan buried her face in my neck and through the sobs and tears told me her Dad would never be home again.he had went for a ride in the Mustang and committed suicide at the old military base two months ago.

Needless to say I was shocked and pushed her off me and layed her on her side to try and kiss the tears away. Her sister was still clinging to my side and rubbing me.

Susan got up and went in the bathroom not closing the door to clean up and pee. I saw when she pulled her pants down she had no panties on and she reached for a wash cloth and wiped her pussy facing right at me.

Her sister said more than two wipes is playing and she just stuck her tongue out. She came back out and sat on my lap and looking very serious. She said she had something else to tell me that would probably drive me away. My hardon started to wilt and she said she had gone on a date a month ago and the guy raped her. She said when her broke her hymen she bled alot and she made him bring her home. He just left her on the porch crying and bleeding.

Her Mom found her and put her in the tub with warm water until the bleeding stopped. Her Mom was very understanding and took her to an OB-GYN for a check up and put her on the pill which was very new at the time. Susan said she figured she was dirty and broken and I would not want anything to do with her.

I turned her around where she was sitting facing me and her legs outside mine. She scooted as close as she could get with clothes on and I started rubbing her breasts and rolling her nipples through her PJ top.


She stopped crying and her sister said I could rub her breasts like that and she would stop crying too. Just then we heard her Mom call out to us and we headed down stairs.

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Susan's nipples were really erect and her Mom mentioned I must have been doing a good job cheering her up. She said if we were going to have sex she didn't want it in the back seat of the car in a drive in.

She said we could go back upstairs and close the door without the chaparone. Susan said thanks Mom and her sister started to cry again.


Susan said she should be patient and her time would come later. We headed back upstairs and she wagged her butt side to side. When we got to the room she asked if she should undress and I said let me. I layed her on the bed and unbuttoned her top and pulled it off. She reached out and pulled my shirt off.

I started massaging her breasts and nipples again and she started lifting her hips off the bed. I asked her if she would let me kiss and lick her pussy?

She said why and I told her if we were going to make love it means kissing all over. She squirmed and cupped her pussy with her hand and said she gets very wet when she fingers herself and I might not like the taste. I told her let me be the judge of that and I leaned down and blew through her pants covered pussy. She squealed and said wow that's hot but feels so good!

I started rubbing her and could feel the wettness building between her lips and when I found her clit and started rubbing it her eyes rolled back and she climaxed hard.

She was soaked through her pants and got up and went to the bathroom to get a towel. She asked if she should wipe her pussy and I said absolutely not! That was mine to lick and suck up. She walked back to the bed and stood in front of me and her breasts were just right to suck on.

I worked back and forth and rubbed her pussy more.she asked please take my pants off and put your finger in my pussy. I pulled her pants own and found her pussy hair was very soft and the lips of her labia were very puffy. The hood over her clit was sticking out and I put my fingers on both sides and started rubbing.

She was rocking her pelvis back and forth and humming a low pitched moan in time with her thrusting. I slid my fingers down her lips and entered her pussy and she was very tight and VERY wet! I had her pussy cum running down my arm and told her I need to suck that up. She said whatever I do please don't stop and I laid her back on the bed and spread her legs.

She said are you putting your cock in now and I said not yet and leaned in to start licking and sucking. She grabbed my head and I thought she would push it inside her. I was licking her deep as my tongue would reach and her pussy seemed to be pumping her cum out in a steady stream. I pulled up and started sucking on her clit while rubbing her G spot and reaching around rubbing her back door lubed with her cum.

I thought she was having an apoplectic siezure with her orgasms coming in waves and then she went limp. She laid there for a minute or two with her hips lifting and falling. She smiled and said now she knows what all the talk is about having a super orgasm. Just then her Mom stuck her head in the room and asked if we were OK? She could see my face was all wet and the towel under Susans butt was soaked.she went across the room to get another towel and brought it over to put it under Susan.

She leaned down and french kissed me and said she tastes so good! She reached down and zipped my pants down and pulled my cock out. She said it felt like I already orgasmed and I said precum. she said I should slip right in but Susan needs to be on top for her to have control.

I said works for me and laid on the bed and pulled Susan on top. Her Mom left and I saw her Sister outside the door with her hand down her pants and pulling on a nipple as the door was closed. Susan took hold of me and started rubbing it between her pussy lips and everytime across her clit she would jump.

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She was smiling and looking down at me and at her pussy. She slipped the head in and slowly let herself down until our pubic bones touched. I could feel it bump her cervix. she said it felt like I was all the way to her throat and she needed to go slow. She leaned forward and rubbed her breasts on my chest and that caused her clit to rub on me.

She slowly moved back and forth and started to pick up speed. I could feel the cum rising in me and told her she should pull off if she didn't want me to cum in her. she just smiled and said let it go.her pussy clamped down on me and she came one last time with me letting go the biggest load of my life. I think we both passed out but remember rolling over on our sides with me still in her pussy. I woke up feeling something warm on the head of my cock thinking I was still in Susan's pussy but looked and her Mom had me in her mouth cleaning me up.

It felt really good and I let another load go which she swallowed. She said thanks as she left the room and I went and pee'd a gallon! I climbed back in bed and pulled Susan into a spoon with my cock rubbing her pussy. She reached down and put my head in her pussy and said carefull she is very tender. We fell asleep like that and slept really hard. I woke up later and I felt something tickling my nose. I opened my eyes and saw a pussy over my face and thought it was Susan??

Looked and smelled the same with a bit less hair.guess who?? The Sister was there and said she wanted her pussy eaten like I did Susan. I asked if there wasn't anything she had seen or wanted.she said she didn't want her cherry broke.yet! I heard a gasp come from the door way and Susan's Mom was standing there with her hand in her pants and pulling on a nipple smiling. I thought what the hell and started licking softly from her taint to her clit and reached around to her breasts and playing with her nipples.

She started rocking back and forth and the 4th time I licked her clit she moaned approval and said right there and had a strong orgasm.

She fell off me and I saw her Mom smiling in the door way sucking on her fingers. What a weekend and 10 days more in my leave time.