Old doctor young guy gay porns and males very naked for group

Old doctor young guy gay porns and males very naked for group
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No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. THE VACATION: "Jacob, we want you to take a vacation before you assume your new duties as a senior vice-president in the company. You have served the company very well for the past twenty years and according to our records not taken a vacation in the last ten years. And, in your new responsibilities, you will be hideously busy for at least the first six months on first arranging your business affairs and then getting a very heavy workload up to date.

Since you have coming four weeks a year according to your employment agreement, you have forty weeks coming then. So, I don't want to see or hear of you around here until the first of the year, and by then we should have the remodeling of your new office done, your supporting staff selected and your new duties outlined.

You will get to choose your executive assistant. You might think a little about that in the meantime. Now get ready to have some fun, Jacob. I order it!" "Okay, I will gladly follow that order, but I have no idea of what to do. I haven't had a vacation in so long, that I don't even remember how to relax anymore. And I have no partner now, so I have no one to share it with either." "We anticipated that. We have first booked you for an extended trip on a cruise ship and after that finishes out we have some other ideas for you.

And as for a partner in fun, we suggest Lynn from payroll. She is on the 'fun sharing' list, though she is married. But, he is on duty somewhere out in the world.

She doesn't even know where. And he told her that he had no idea of when he would get home, so to have some fun until he did. As you know she is a light skinned African-American of about thirty two years of age, with two children.

Evidently they intend to wait until he gets a long term local assignment before starting again with that. She likes to sun bathe, swim in the pool and other things that you can discover at your leisure, I am sure.


Just bring her back in one piece, since she is the best 'piece of ass' in the company, as I can attest to." "Yes, sir! Thank you for your generosity in sharing of her," said with no small amount of humorous smarm. Smarm returned with a smile. When Jacob got home, he found a giant box on his porch, hidden from the street. It was from a well-known internet sales organization. A letter had been slipped under his door and it indicated that everything that he would need for the trip was in the box, except for Lynn.

And just as he read that, Lynn was walking up the walkway to the door and was greeted by him upon her entry. She had in her hands, two wheeled suitcases and a big smile on her face. She took him up into her arms and gave him a big welcoming kiss. He could see good times ahead with that. She left her twin suitcases by the inside of the front door and helped him to pack his things in his cases, too. She noted some of the things that the company had bought for this trip and was amused at some of the sex toys that were included.

Evidently whoever had selected them had known her well. He noticed the swim suit for him that practically didn't exist. He was guessing that hers was of a similar amount of fabric. Because he knew from the brochure for that cruise line, that on the adult tours, which they were going on, any woman over the age of sixteen could go topless if they wanted to.

And Lynn had an amazing set to show off. After getting the bags packed, she indicated that they should get to bed right away, because the taxi would be arriving very early and they would have to be ready right then to make the air flight to catch up with the ship before it left port.

She told him that they should forgo any fun that night, since they would have a lot of time for that on the trip. He graciously agreed. But, in the middle of the night with both of them frozen awake because of the excitement over the cruise, she mounted up on him and began to ride his dick up in her.

And when they were both lathered up very well in their groins, she moved to her back and accepted him up into her uncovered. And they soon came, to finally fall asleep for the rest of the night. In the morning, they just had time for a bite to eat and a quick shower.

She was just gorgeous and he was very excited to be in line to share some of that beautiful body and sunny disposition for the next several weeks at least.

But, she evidently read his mind and gave him a quick hand job in the shower mixed in with the sudsing and rinsing and managed to get them out on the sidewalk in time to catch the very busy taxi to the airport. In the cab on the way, she rested her nearside hand on this leg, just above the knee and leaned in to him as they rode along.

Damn, 'I could get used to this!" He thought to himself. They got to the airport and got through security very quickly because it was a midweek flight early in the morning. Because the cruise was in the area of Baja, California, there was no significant time difference and so they arrived at the ship late in the afternoon, just in time to get a bit of sunning before dinner. As they took their places in adjoining deck lounges, they got out their smartphones and began to work out schedules that would allow them to have a lot of time together with time also to pursue individual interests while on the trip.

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They were held in 'over the neck and shoulder pouches' and were relatively safe on board, because of the considerable security presence. Each of them covered more skin than their bathing suits put together. So, they would be getting up at six in the morning with some playtime, then a shower shared, off to breakfast, a walk around the deck (lengthened as they got used to it,) lounging and playing at the pool (with admiring looks at the older teens that had to be at least sixteen for this adult cruise,) lunch, a three hour break from each other for individual interests, some more time at the pool to compare notes of the day, dinner at the showcase lounge, a little dancing and then off to bed to see what hell-raising things that they could think of for the night with each other.

Variations were in order per day, but this would be the regular schedule to help coordinate their actions. She reached over and took his hand in smiling with them agreeing on this. There was always the fear that he would insist that she be with him every minute. But, she detected an interest on his part on some of the gussets of the young girls in the pool. And, she was likewise interested in some of the young guys, too.

So, there would be plenty of time for mutual fun and separate fun during the cruise. On their first dinner of the trip, they enjoyed the floor show, this one a 1940's type band with a girl and male singer of the type that was popular back then.

They were fine looking, skilled singers and very affectionate with each other. Also, they found out about a smaller dinner theater that was banned to anyone under twenty-one. It had a very erotic stage show and the audience was allowed, even encouraged to play in any sexy manner that they wanted. And the security enforced a climate of acceptance with each of the couple's activities, but no raping at all.

She asked that they enjoy that the next evening, and he promised that they would. That night, in private talk as then gathered together in bed, she asked that they work up in complexity and kinkiness as the days went by, to keep it fresh every night. And he agreed, because he knew that others were going to be worked into the fun, too. And besides, even 'plain' fucking her would be a true pleasure for him. He hoped that it would be for her, too.

So, since they had already engaged in a 'quicky' the night before leaving, she suggested a regular husband/wife encounter to start the accelerated activities off to a nice start.

They decided to do it as a role play to increase the fun. (He had a totally unfounded feeling that this might be an audition for him or a recruitment by her, but kept it to himself.) So, she wore a granny kind of gown with a bra and plain panties underneath.

He wore a men's night jammie set and no shorts underneath. When he crawled up into bed, she looked over to him and with a bored wifely sneer said, "Ok do your worst, I am yours for the next few seconds." So, he took her into his arms and caressed her through her gown, she softened a bit at that and then when he began to seriously kiss her, the attitude returned. But she accepted the kissing, until his tongue became operative in her mouth.

"Oh, Gross!" and then she rolled away. He reached over and pulled her back, to be on her back, and moved right down to begin to kiss and suckle on her clit, slit and opened pussy hole. She at first acted as she resented this, but after a few minutes, she began to murmur and moan over it. With that she motioned for him to get on his back and she assumed the 69 position with her actively playing on his dick with a powerful sucking action.

When she felt him up to sufficient hardness, she rolled to her back with him moving up on top of her. He then reversed himself and she grabbed the cock that she had personally enlivened and fed it into her hot and slimy pussy hole for the finale.

He slipped right into and up into her pussy vault and with this, she began bucking up on him even before he began the pumping down into her. But, he soon caught up with her enormous energy output and with her, "Fuck me you retard! Get that dick up into me and breed me with the girl that you have been promising for two years.

Finally be of some use to me, besides being a cum bucket for you." "NOT THAT I MIND THAT AT ALL!" And so he with a, "This is for my lovely woman," finally delivered the goods up into her with her screeching refrain, "Finally in the right place! Not in my mouth or ass as usual.

But, because you gave me what I want, what would you like in return now?" "Up your ass and in your mouth in the morning, dear." "Well, we will see about that, now go to sleep and no funny business later on. I will give you something in the morning for being a good man, tonight." And with that they fell asleep, each with big smiles on their faces.

In the morning she awakens first and after a bathroom visit with freshening up, added, she woke him up with, "Okay now, HUSband! I am going down to the bottom of the bed. You come down and take me up the ass and then finish with you up into my mouth. You better enjoy it to the full, because only God knows when you will get this again!" So Jacob, as the harried husband, schlepped to the bottom of the bed and moved to take his dear wife up her ass.

She was very accommodating this time, since she had gotten his semen up into the right place at the right time of the month and so might actually get the little girl that she had asked for in between the five boys that she had dropped for him. And she was showing some enthusiasm also, because he was doing an especially good job of moving up into her.

He pounded up into her for several minutes to get really hard and also near to erupting with his cum. When he felt that he was near, she read the signs, too and so moved to having her head hanging over the side of the bed while being on her back.

With this he moved his dick to being in her mouth aiming towards the top of her belly button. After only a few thrusts into her oral cavity, he erupted with his first load of the day and she turned over and swallowed it whole down to her stomach. She then took him into her arms and gathered him up for a great big cummy kiss to start their day of fun.

The morning of the first full day on the cruise started with an email from her kids staying with their fathers' parents. Since it was springtime, they were still in school, but left a loving message for their mother before they left to ride the school bus. Their grandparents lived only a half a mile from her home, so they could still go to the same school, just with a different bus.

The school was very good in accommodating this. Lynn and Jacob decided to start things out on this day with following the preplanned schedule to the T this day. So, it started with a breakfast, eaten light as most meals would be on the cruise. The food is really good on them, and you can put on several pounds without even trying if you aren't careful. Instead of gaining any, they wanted to each lose a couple, though neither of them were in serious need of doing so.

Lynn was for example a staggeringly gorgeous woman with a spectacular body even after birthing two 'chillins.' They made a very fine looking black and white couple as they quick walked around the deck until they had a mile and a half on her pedometer. Then hand in hand they moved to the pool area to admire the scene there. Lynn was reading one of her novels, a classic one.

And Jacob was catching up on some of the preparations for his new position and staff. He was beginning to think of whom would be the new executive assistant for him and a nearby lady seemed to be rising in his estimation. As they soaked up the shade under their sun covers, their eyes couldn't help but notice the young bodies bouncing around the pool.

She looked in Jacob's eyes and got a smile and so she knew that he would not be controlling of her, just enjoying of her and let her have a little other fun, too. So, since he nodded to her, she took the opportunity and moved into the pool, while he took care of her possessions left with him there.

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She in the pool was very intimidating to the girls as a rival for masculine attentions, and with the boys as perceived to be beyond their abilities to attract. A couple of older guys tried to move in on her, but she sent them packing, because if she wanted 'experienced,' she already had a superior partner for that.

But, a young couple about in their middle teens, at least sixteen, seemed to be not traumatized by her and in fact they were infatuated by her on sight. So, she moved over to them in the water and to their delight took them into her arms and played with them in the water for several minutes to the angst of the rejected older guys. Jacob was on guard at this point least there be any drama over it, but he noticed that security was right on it and they warned at least one guy to back off, the lady had her choice of whom she wanted to play with.


And with this, Lynn gathered up the two kids and moved off from the pool, evidently to the cabin. And he would find out later to what, since the cabin had been 'videoized' by them for them each to enjoy not only their own fun, but the fun that each of them had with others.

When they went into the cabin, it was obvious that the two kids were very surprised to be invited into her private space. And the audio indicated that she invited them to get comfortable, as she doffed her bikini bottom right in front of them. With wide opened eyes they copied her nudity and three naked bodies moved to the bedroom bed. As they gathered up on it, the two kids mentioned that they had just met that day, and that they were relatively inexperienced in intimacies.

Lynn's answer to that was, "No time like the present!" So, she took the girl into her arms to love up and invited the guy to play with any revealed orifice that caught his attentions. So, when the two girls, Lynn on the top moved to the bottom, he began caressing the younger girl's back and ass.

While Lynn was sucking on the girl's v.j. she moved his finger to the young girl's ass and with some lubrication installed it in her anus. The girl flinched with this and then moved on to continued oral on Lynn. From her position, Lynn could see that the girl was still a vaginal virgin, so she pulled the boy's head down and whispered up to him, "Up the ass or mouth only." He nodded and after loosening her anal opening somewhat, entered up her ass with his modest sized dick, just the right size for that.

The girl murmured at that for several minutes and then the boy emptied up into her and backed off to get his strength back again. When the two girls rolled over for Lynn to be on top, she invited the boy then to do the same to her, and he was ready by then and gave Lynn a climax with his modest but energetic dick up her ass, too.

Then they laid back together and took a brief nap. When they awoke, she sent them off to their further pool fun and she moved to retake her place next to Jacob.

Jacob just nodded when she retook her lounge and his hand, and the other guys got the message that she was taken. There were no further problems for them on the cruise after this. She then put him up to gathering up some fun for himself while she humorously watched and so he moved to the pool and the guys scattered before him, and the girls too.

Except for an identical twin duo of the age of seventeen as he learned later. After a few minutes of them bouncing around him in the water, he asked if they might want to take a walk with him. Since, the cruise ship had such vigilant security they felt comfortable in walking with him and he led them to the cabin, too.

When they entered the cabin, they were astounded at its size and luxury. They gathered themselves up on the couch in each other's arms and so Jacob invited them to get more comfortable. They got the message and after deciding to stay on not make a run for it, they took off their bikinis to be bare. With that, Jake took them into the bedroom and on a giant bed already inaugurated by Lynn and her little two friends, he gathered up the twins for some fun, too. So, he chose one of them to gather into 69 with and with the twin on the bottom, the other one played with his ass as he played with the bottom one's pussy.

With both his ass and dick being sucked on, he came into the bottom one's mouth rather quickly. And so he then moved to his back and had the one that was on the bottom face sit him and the other one to plant her ass hole down on his dick to preserve also her virginity. The two twins then got real active and both of them came very hard. And Jake enjoyed the vista and the feelings but was beyond cumming again at that point.

But, in closing he gathered them both up into his arms and gave them big hugs and commendations on their sexiness and beauty. When they left, they both had big smiles on their faces. And later when their parents found out about this, when they came to recognize Jake's concern for their virginities, they decided that he would be better for them in their fun, than someone that didn't.

So, they gave a provisional okay on their continued fun with him. These two couples were the ones that Jake and Lynn played with on the next two weeks, and they rotated back and forth with them. On the last night of their passage, all four of them gathered with Lynn and Jake and had a rousing love fest that evening.

And in the morning, the two couples of kids in tears gave their farewells to Jake and Lynn with memories that would last a lifetime. Over the next two weeks, Jake and Lynn contained themselves to each other with a little fun in the pool with the kids, too.

Also, they increased their walking distance to three miles each morning and were looking really fit with the exercise. In their third week of the cruise, they finally took up the adult only restaurant lounge and made quite a show of themselves alternating between one of them sucking off the other's privates and then rotating the one on the floor under that table.

By the way, the tables had very short cloths, so everyone with a line of vision could see the show with them.

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Even the couple of singers who were playing intimately with each other came down from the stage to Lynn and Jake's table and called out the action as it developed for the other's enjoyment. It turned out to be inspiring of the others in presence, too. And because of this, the restaurant's manager asked them for whatever they wanted to return regularly while they remained on the trip, and L and J said that they would think about it.

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It took another week and so J and L sent a message to the restaurant manager and asked him to inquire of the couple of singers on the stage if they would like to fuck with them on their table during their show for everyone to see. He sent back a reply very quickly that they would be happy to do so. So, at the next meal that they attended, when the meal was finished and the remains were moved away, the couple came down from the stage and introduced J and L as the couple who had stirred things up quite a bit the last week and that they were going to interact together that night.

So, since the guy singer was Japanese and unusually tall for one and the girl was Thai, the four of them made up an international fuck fest for the enjoyment and inspiration of the others in attendance and came to be a cause celeb for many years, with pictures of it and a video with blanked out faces to inspire future attenders of that special restaurant.

J and L could have stayed on the cruise ship for as long as they wanted, but they wanted some alone time to gauge their feelings for each other. This would be important if she became his executive assistant, because of the closeness that they would have working together.

Sex wasn't required for the position with the boss, but usually expected as those kinds of bosses usually didn't have time to search out overnight pussy regularly. So, at the end of the first month of nine, they left the ship with the crew sad to see them go, and caught a plane to Hawaii to spend some lone time together. On the second night in town on one of the small islands, they wandered into a small café that had a lot of memorabilia of the famous Hawaiian singer, Israel IZ K.

He had never heard of him, nor had Lynn. But, when his music came over the small café's sound system, they were both astounded at the gentleness and comfort of his voice in a song that has been sung by so many, but never as well as he did. With this music still ringing in their ears, he moved up to the bar and bought a brochure that told a lot about him. When he saw his picture he was amazed again. He weighed in at seven hundred pounds and handled the ukulele like a small stick.

Amazing how he could handle the Uke in a gentle strumming manner with those huge arms and hands. And then on the T.V. screen up on the wall, a video of him performing "Over The Rainbow" which quickly had both He and Lynn heart stunned came a couple of pictures of him that presented him like the God of Hawaii.

And boy did he look the part.

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And at the end of the song, it showed his ashes being spread on to the sea, evidently by his daughter. And the people were cheering, not crying at the loss of such a cool person, because they knew that his music and humor would last forever, or at least as long as his videos lasted, to inspire the love of many for centuries to come.

Only his body had given up. They with ducked heads ate their wonderful meals and then paid. The cashier sent them off with the admonition that theirs was a very common first reaction to the hearing and seeing a local legend. The timing of this turned out to be fortuitous, since that night, Lynn got an email from her in-laws informing her that their son, her husband was deceased from the activities that had kept him away from those that he had loved so much for so long.

They said that the informing authorities offered no information at all over the facts of the case. And that they as his relatives were turning their backs on any efforts for that authority in their efforts to comfort them. The family would have their own memorial for a lost loved one, and Lynn could connect to it over the internet without having to leave her assignment. They would not attend the official government ritual for him, nor have anything ever to do with them. Lynn gathered herself up to Jake that night and let out several year's worth of tears and sorrow for the loss of a fine fellow that she hadn't even known for the last two years of his life.

Jake asked if she would like to leave early to be with the family, but she let him know that her place was with him now, and that the family understood that with no resentment at all. With these days of comfort and ease, they became even closer than before and with her husband now deceased, she felt free to extend her heart to Jake in with a look towards their futures. When they finished their stay in Hawaii, they returned home with their CDs of Israel IZ and settled back into their homes.

They met often to work on the plans for his new department and she officially became his Exec. After three months of the initial activity of this pair in their new jobs, they got married to the delight of her in-laws to her having a man who would be home with her at night. They continued on taking care of their grandchildren, since Jake and Lynn were so very busy and life went on. And they were comforted with the presence of their lost son's children in their home. Lynn went off of the 'fun sharing list.' With both of them confined in their play from then on with each other.

They also later had another two children to round out their brood, with the older two remaining with the grandparents and visiting often. The two younger ones were accorded full presence in the grandparent's lives, too.

They were very good people.