Horny girlfriend moaning and performing live for her boyfriend LEAKED)

Horny girlfriend moaning and performing live for her boyfriend LEAKED)
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This is a fabricated story with fabricated characters, only the places the characters go are real. This is fabricated. None of this really happened. All of the tags will apply in later time and if they are not your cup of tea, I suggest you not read it and/or post crude comments about my work.

This chapter is short, but other chapters are to come.

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My Family- Chapter One: Arrival I lived in Chicago, Illinois and this summer, my cousins from Sweden were coming to do an all-American road trip and of course, my brother and nanny were dragged along. I know how you guys like a solid description, so here's one early. My name is Alyxandre, but most people call me Alyx.

I'm a boy of course, weigh about one-hundred, twenty pounds and stand at a tall height of six foot, one inch. I am pale as fuck and I have curly black hair that reaches past my ear lobes.

I'm thirteen, one year older than my little brother, Zack.

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He's about five foot, one inch and ninety-two pounds, also pale and has short brown hair, which is straight as a line and blue eyes. My mom, who really isn't important to the story, is my brother's height and two hundred pounds with brown short hair and my nanny, who also isn't important, but she is about the same weight as my mother, but is a few inches taller and has long purple-ish hair, which she dyed of course.

All of us, but Zack, have chocolate brown eyes, though mine tend to get darker when I get angry. So, since the Swedes had already gone to Texas, where my grandparents lived, we had to fly down there with a three week's worth of clothes.

When we arrived, though, it was almost one in the morning, but I still decided to sneak around and what I found was absolutely breath taking. My grandfather was in his den, fucking my sixteen year old cousin, Andre. They were quiet of course and it was dark, but I could hear my grandpa whispering things to my foreign cousin. "Oh yes, baby, I'm close.

So close.

Squeeze that cute little ass for me baby." My grandpa hissed as I stood by the door, my cock aching to get free. I'm bisexual by the way, just to throw that in there.

"Yes, yes, yes." Was all I heard out of Andre's mouth, probably the only words he knew at the moment. "Åh Gud, farbror hårdare! Jag är på väg att komma!" Were the words I heard and later learned that it means "oh god, uncle harder! I'm about to come!". I kept watching the dirty deed go down and I was gripping my hard cock through my jean shorts, hearing my grandpa and cousin's climax, hearing the breathless cries and then the panting as they finished.

I was about to turn and leave when I felt someone behind me and I turned, seeing Tomas, Andre's father. I swallowed hard at the sight of the man's face and scrambled out from the corner I was looking from and into the little house I was living in for the week we were in Texas. I was breathing hard when I heard gasping and moaning from the bathroom door and I knew it was Zack from our escapades when we were little, so I let him be until he was done jerking off or doing whatever the fuck he was doing.


After he came out, red faced and breathless, I rushed in, locked the door and pulled down my pants, not wearing any type of underwear. I sat down and started to beat my six inch, rock hard cock, grunting softly at the images in my head and the fantasy images of my grandpa pounding into me while my sexy, blonde haired and sun kissed cousin either sucks me off or lets me suck him off.

I finally came after what seemed like hours, but I couldn't get Tomas's face out of my head, wondering why he hadn't said anything before. I pushed the thoughts from my head and collapsed on the small bed that was provided, falling into a deep, deep sleep, dreaming of my sexy cousin.

Chapter Two: Confrontation It was awkward in the morning when we all had to get up and go to breakfast in the huge dining room, but I sucked it up. Tomas was the only one giving me weird looks, but only him was fine. Lets describe my whole family, shall we? I have My grandma and grandpa who are both in their early seventies. My grandpa is completely bald, had a beard and is skinny as a rail and my grandma is almost the complete opposite.

She is probably over two hundred pounds and has a full head of curly brown hair, just like mine, though mine is dyed black.

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My aunts and uncle are Mona, who is taller than me, skinny, pale and has black curly hair with a single blonde streak, Janna who is short and kind of chubby with glasses, short blonde hair and is a bit tan. My single uncle is Tomas who is way taller than Mona and I and who has blonde hair and stormy grey eyes with glasses and is a bit thicker than Mona and I, but its not at all fat, I later learn, its all muscle.

Then there are my cousins, Sanna, Andre and Victoria, or Vicky, Sanna and Andre being Tomas and Janna's kids and Vicky being Mona's daughter. Sanna and Vicky are almost like total opposites. Vicky is a tall-ish girl with long blonde hair, nice tits and curves and a nice ass. She is curvy, but not at all fat and she has her belly-button pierced. Sanna on the other hand, has short brown hair, just brushing her shoulders, skinnier than Zack and medium height, small tits, but a nice ass and piercings on her belly-button, all along one ear and a few on the other as well as a tattoo on her left ankle of a cross.

Andre, Sanna's brother, is about Zack's height, skinny as him, has blonde, shaggy hair [think Justin Beiber before he cut his hair] and blue eyes to die for, with a four pack to match and from what I saw last night, a nice cock.

All three of them are sunkissed and it looks perfect on them, especially Andre.


Sanna is nineteen, Vicky sixteen and Andre fifteen. So as I walked up to the house and into the kitchen/dining room, I realized I was just in my pajama pants and probably had morning wood. I cursed myself and thought about dying puppies to make it go down and good for me, it did, but what I didn't know was that the whole teenage group of Swedes had seen it and were, I guess, impressed.


I sat down and ignored my babbling mother and smiled at my Auntie Ronda, who has a body to die for, for a forty-something year old woman. She has a killer tan, huge tits, probably 40Ds, a nice large ass and has awesome curves. If we weren't family and she was a few years younger, I'd bang her. She kissed my cheek and offered me some cereal, which I declined because I really didn't eat breakfast, so I just took some coffee.

"God, so what are we gonna do all week? Just sit around here and do nothing?" I asked my mom, which made her finally shut up and looked at me, stunned.

"What did you just say to me?" She hissed and I just gave her a raised eyebrow, sipping my flavored coffee like a boss. Literally, I looked like a man running a company.

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"I asked if we were gonna do anything exciting." I repeated myself, giving her the "you-deaf-woman?" tone. My mother glared at me hotly and I smirked and looked up when I saw a shadow, staring up at Vicky's nice tits. "Here, we got you gifts since you got us some for when you visit Sweden." She said, her sexy accent getting to me, making almost all the blood in my body rush to my cock. Surprisingly, she had the best English.

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I threw her a cute smile and took the bag, and watched as she handed out other three for my brother and my mom. "Thanks Vicky." I murmured and I heard her giggle and saw her face go red, which made me smile. After breakfast, I decided to go swimming and as I got up to leave the kitchen, my boner had gone down, but Tomas asked to speak with me, which made me freak out. I followed him into his room and I swallowed hard, keeping my eyes anywhere but on him. "I saw you last night.

You liked what you saw, my boy being fucked." He said, his deep voice rattling my bones.

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"I'm s-s-sorry, sir, I didn't mean." I trailed off, but then I rushed away before he could say anymore, worried he would tell my mom and I would lose my music or my phone. I ran to the little house and just sat in there for the rest of the day, not even getting up to eat, scared shitless of my uncle. Comment and rate please. This is my first time at writing erotic stories, so please critique!