Ravishing beautys tight fuck hole hardcore european

Ravishing beautys tight fuck hole hardcore european
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"Don't move, don't speak, don't even breathe." He told his slave, with her head down, wrist tied to the pole that sits out in the back of his home.

Its late night and everyone in the neighborhood was sleeping unaware of what he had in store for his one and only. The temperature was 30 degrees, her naked body was hot but you can still notice the chill bumps, her nipples as small as her breast were, puckered out like darts. Her pussy was aching to be demolished by him, her juices dripping down her leg.

He stood there looking down at the naked woman that kneeled before him, helpless and begging to be beaten.

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He had his 2 dogs Tyson a German shepherd and Jaxs a pit bull tied up behind him deciding what he was going to do first. Beat her back into submission reminding her of the trouble she caused or let the dogs have fun first. "Decisions, decisions…what to do first?" he spoke out loud. She started to speak but was immediately silenced by his hand. "I did not say you could speak, you have said enough these last few days, so I don't want to hear shit you have to say." He turned and walked towards the dogs and started untying Jaxs and walked him over toward her.

"Looks like he misses you, see how his dick instantly came out? That's because he smells his pussy." 
 Jaxs was getting excited and kept trying to get away but he held on to the leash and walked him around her so he could get a better smell of her soaked cunt.

He kneeled to her and took his hand and slid 2 fingers in her pussy, "Open your fucking mouth," she opened and she shoved his fingers in taking them all the way to the back of her throat causing her gag reflex to go. She could smell and taste her own pussy wanting more but he took his fingers out. He brought the Jaxs closer to her and guided him to her pussy so he could lick her opening. Jaxs long rough tongue lapped her clit, in her pussy and asshole making her moan quietly.

He undid her wrist while the Jaxs licked and nipped on her puss, "Get on your knees." He told her while he held on to Jaxs she got on her hands and knees and spread her legs. He let him while go still holding on to the leash and he ran behind her licking her pussy again, she could not help herself and moaned louder as his tongue licked inside her pussy walls. Jaxs mounted her, trying to find point of entry, slid in her pussy and began pounding her like a jackhammer. Digging his paws deep in her flesh as to make sure she does not try to run.

His dick began swelling inside her going deep as he is hitting her cervix opening it. She feels every bit of Jaxs, screaming in ecstasy as she cums multiple times. While Jaxs was having fun with her, her Dom went to get Tyson who was laying and waiting.


He brought him too her and laid him on his back rubbing his belly and pulled his dick out of its sheath. "Put him in your mouth and suck him like he was me." She did not hesitate and grabbed the animals dick and began to suck it like it was his, hard and deep. He stood up and watched as his submissive was getting fucked by Jaxs and sucking Tyson and began rubbing his rock, hard dick. Jaxs came and his knot got stuck so she was locked in and kept cuming while she was still sucking on Tyson until he came all in her face and mouth.


Tyson went back to his home and laid there, while Jaxs kept going every time her pussy twitched making her cum more and more. When she finally calmed down and Jaxs could unlock from her and went back to his home leaving her spent and laying on the ground.

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He walked over after making himself cum from watching and felt the urge to desecrated her. "Sit up." She did and he started to piss in her face, "Open your mouth and leave it open until I am done" she did and urine went in her mouth and down her chin.

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When he was done, he grabbed her cheeks and closed her mouth making her swallow. He got her up and took her inside the house to the bathroom, "You got 5 minutes to clean up, don't make me come in and get you either." She looked at him nodded her head and began the water to get in the shower. Once she was clean she went into the bedroom where he laid naked in the bed, waiting with his stick, belt and a larger than normal toy beside him.

"You really don't have any more choices, I've given you so many choices that you have taken advantage of your free will," she looked at him wondering what was happening. "Your training is done, you WILL do what I say, when I say it and how I say to do it." 
 "Unless you are at work or with your kids, If I tell you to take you toy I bought and place it in you, you will do it, If we are around my people and I tell you to suck my dick you will do it." 
 She nodded her head in compliance while he continued.

"I don't care if its 5 in the morning and I am tired, if I tell you to bring your ass to me, you have better be in my bed room by 5:15 is that clear?

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You may answer now." She had tears welding in her eyes and she answered, "Yes." 
 He got up out of the bed and walked toward her, then threw her on the bed face down. "Bring your ass up" he commanded, she did as she was told, he reached over and grabbed the toy and placed it in front of her.

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"put it in your mouth and get it wet" while she did that he reached over and grabbed the belt and without warning swung it across smacking her ass. She felt the sting and continued sucking the toy. He swung the belt again this time causing her to cry out, he took the toy away from her and slid it inside her pussy.

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He again took the belt and swung it even harder smacking the toy in her pussy, she almost fell over but he held her in place. He slid his dick inside with the toy stretching and tearing her more, he started ravaging her pussy showing it or her no mercy. When he was tired of her pussy he pulled out and pulled out the toy behind.


He was not done beating her ass so he took the stick and wrapped it with the belt so it would not be as flimsy and swung it hitting her ass and pussy until tears came down her face. He took the toy lined it up with his dick and inserted both in her ass, she began to scream as he ripped her ass open, he was determined to get his submissive back in line and kept going until he was all the way in.

Once in, he fucked her ass so hard she blacked out from the pain, but that did not stop him, she needed to learn her position and tonight was the night he was going to do it. He kept going until he was close to cuming then he pulled out and came in her face, she laid there stunned and in pain. "Once your cleaned up you will sleep in the living room tonight and when you come over, you have to earn your place back in my bed."