Big cock bear gets wedding party blowjobs

Big cock bear gets wedding party blowjobs
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***So, this is my first work to be submitted on XNXX, but I've also submitted this particular story on a kink meme site.

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I guess it's a little under length, which is why I added this part at the top (there's a minimum of 5000 characters for stories, I guess). Don't be afraid to let me know what you think, but keep in mind it's a little more soft-core than most of what I've read here*** It was Christmas holidays, and most of the students had gone home.

Mr. and Mrs.


Weasley, however, were away on vacation, leaving their high-spirited red-heads at Hogwarts. The Grangers sent a letter to their gifted daughter sending all their love, but informing her that they had both contracted a nasty flu and that she'd be better off staying where she was for the break.

Hermione and Ginny were practically alone in the girl's dorm of the Gryffindor tower. So much so that they each had a room to themselves, though they often stuck together for company. There was something gnawing at Ginny though. A longing that soon grew into a bit of an obsession. This obsession went by the name of Hermione. But how could she ever have the smartest witch in the school to herself? Especially since she knew her brother fancied her. There was only one thing that Ginny could think of, but at the same time hated to think of.

There was a reason they were called "unforgivable" curses. One night, after an exceptional dinner, the girls sat in Ginny's room talking.

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Ginny couldn't help but notice the beauty and charm of her companion. After all, it had been on her mind all break so far.

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Before she truly realised what she was doing, Ginny had stood up, walked a few paces away from the bed where Hermione sat, spun around and with a flourish of her wand spoke the word "Imperio!" Hermione was cut-off mid sentence, and grew unnaturally still. Ginny, her face almost as red as her hair, ran to her and started showering her with kisses, gasping half-sobbed words at the same time. "Oh, I'm sorry Hermione… I'm so sorry… but it was the only thing I could think of… and I'm so sorry… I understand if you can never forgive me.

But I just have to show you my love." As she became calmer and more in control, Ginny's kisses became longer and started moving from just Hermione's lips to her cheeks, neck and shoulders. And when she finally worked up the nerve, Ginny stood and said "Take off your panties." Obediently, Hermione stood, and reached up under her skirt, pulling down the plain white cotton panties she was wearing.

Bending over, she stepped out of them and straightened, leaving them lying off to the side.


"Sit on the edge of the bed" ordered Ginny, and again Hermione obeyed, sitting down on the soft four-poster bed. Ginny swallowed, no longer feeling nervous about the felony she was committing, but because she had rarely seen another girl, let alone her idol Hermione, naked. "Spread your legs." Hermione opened her legs, the front of her skirt dropping down in the emptied space. Now it was Ginny's turn to do something. It was Ginny's time to show Hermione her love. Slowly, and cautiously, as if the curse would simply break if she rushed things, Ginny walked to Hermione.

Wrapping her arms around her neck, she whispered into Hermione's ear "I really do love you." Then trailed kisses from her ear, down to the collar of her shirt. Then she knelt down on her knees and began to kiss her way up one of Hermione's legs, starting just above her high socks, and stopping at the bottom hem of her skirt.

Gently, Ginny lifted Hermione's skirt so that she could see everything. It was as beautiful as Ginny had imagined, almost nightly, since she first began to think that way about her friend. She began trailing soft kisses once more, picking up where she had left off, only this time inching her way up all the way to Hermione's thighs.

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"Hermione. Please.

If my love makes you feel good I want to know… please let me know with your voice." With that, Ginny began to work her tongue over the most sensitive parts of her friend's body. Gently flicking Hermione's clit, which caused her captive to gasp, and moving her tongue while it was deep inside, to which Hermione responded with heavy breathing and moans of pleasure. Time became a blur.

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Ginny lost track of the amount of times that Hermione's thighs involuntarily squeezed her head in ecstasy. All she knew was that she loved it, and never wanted to stop.

But all good things must come to an end. Ginny, exhausted, lifted her face from Hermione's lap, and gave her friend one last long, passionate kiss. Then, turning away in her shame she began to cry.

"Hermione… I'm going to release you now. I deserve any punishment that is coming to me. I really do. I'm sor" but her words were cut short by a pair of arms hugging her around the waist from behind and a pair of lips kissing the back of her neck.

"Oh Ginny," Hermione said, smiling against Ginny's neck " The Imperius curse doesn't work without the right wand movement."

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