Amateurpaar Wacht Zum Morgensex Auf

Amateurpaar Wacht Zum Morgensex Auf
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This Story contains acts of homosexuality and incest of young teenage boys, so if you have any problems with these topics do not read on!!!!! This is my first story on XNXX I hope you enjoy it! This is the first story about two brothers and their best friends and the fun they have together. Let me tell you some information about the people in my first story, Cian is a 15 year old boy living in Ireland, he is gay but not out yet, he is 5ft 9", he is of an athletic build and has short, flat brown hair and hazel eyes.

He has an uncut 6 inch cock.

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Niall is Cian's brother he is 13 years old, he is bi curious, he is 5ft 4"he is thin but has the outline of a six pack, he looks very similar to Cian but has spikey hair. He has an uncut cock that is 5 inches long.


So here's my first story. Cian and Naill share a room together. Usually the two brothers wank seperately in the privacy of the bathroom but one night that changed.

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School had just finished for the summer so the two brothers were able to start staying up late and getting up late in the morning. On the first day of the holidays Niall was over at his friend's (Ben's) house.


When he came home it was nearly 10 o clock and he was exhausted so he went directly to bed. Cian was watching football on TV and at 11 o clock he decided to go to bed.

He slowly went up the stairs and opened the door of his bedroom, when he went in he saw Niall was lying under his bed covers slowly moving his hand up and down over his cock. Cian stood there and watched his young brother slowly stroking his penis.

Niall was unaware of his brother's presence in the room until his big brother coughed. Niall jumped up in his bed immediately and was extremely embarrased he began to say "uh, sorry bro didn't know you were there! I was just horny and needed to get rid of this hard on".

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Cian replied by saying "its ok dude but now I'm horny and I have to wank, I'm going to the bathroom and I'll." Niall quickly interjected " why don't we both just wank in the room now, i mean we both have the same thing and we both need to get rid of it, you wanna?" " Ok but as long as your ok with it why not?" replied Cian.

Cian began to strip, he took off his clothes down to his boxers, his 6 inch hard on was stretching the confines of his tight black boxers. He lay on top of his bed.

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Niall got out from under his sheets and and lay on top of his own bed with his 5 inch hard cock already exposed. Cian mentioned how big Niall had gotten since he saw him naked the last time which was over a year ago, he also was amazed at the 6 pack which his brother had developed, his six pack led Cian's eyes to the small patch of light brown pubic hair just above his brother's hard 5 inch cock.

Niall asked Cian why he still had his boxers on, Cian began to chuckle to himself about how forward his little brother was being and he took off his skin tight boxers to expose his hard 6 inch cock which snapped back onto his stomach as he removed his boxers.

Niall was looking intently at his brothers cock and small amount of brown pubic hair which Cian trimmed regularly, Niall was fondling his own balls and massaging his cock quickly to the sight of his brother's hot naked body. Cian said to Niall that they should look at porn on his laptop. Cian placed the laptop on his bed and Niall moved onto his brothers bed to look at the porn with him.

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Cian opened up his collection of porn it had both straight and gay pictures in it. The two brother's were sitting side by side stroking their cocks while they viewed the porn. Cian asked his brother did he like looking at the gay pictures, Niall didn't answer immediately so Cian asked again, "I sort of like them, I'm not gay but i think im bi" mumbled Niall, "ok dude well I am gay and i don't really like looking at the straight pictures" replied Cian.

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Niall looked at his brother in amazement, he always thought his brother was bisexual but he was shocked that he had just told him he was 100% gay. The two brothers were still stroking their cock's when Niall place his small hand on Cian's leg, Cian jumped with the shock of his brother's hand being on his leg.

Cian looked at his brother directly in the eye and as he did that Niall brushed his hand over his brothers rigid cock, Cian responded by placing his hand on his little brother's balls and began fondling them. Both the boys were dripping a large amount of pre-cum. Cian put his mouth beside his brother's ear and whispered gently " have you ever had a blow job?".

Niall replied "no"Cian then asked his brother would he like one. Niall was so horny at this moment that he replied "yeah". Cian slowly placed his lips closer to his brothers cock head, the smell was sweet. He then slowly began licking the head of his little brother's cock. He sucked his brother's cock like it was a lollipop, he then placed his hand on Niall's cock and began to suck and wank him at the same time. Niall began moaning in the new found pleasure of his brother's wet mouth sucking on his member.

The two boys were enjoying themselves immensly, when Niall began to moan and tense up, he placed his hand on the back of his brothers head and began fucking his brother's mouth. Niall's breathing quickened and he unleashed two ropes of hot cum deep into his brother's mouth.

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Cian sucked every last drop of cum out of his brother's softening cock. Niall then said it was his turn to repay his brother and began licking Cian's balls. Cian loved the feeling of his brother's tongue licking his large nearly hairless balls. Niall then licked his cock from the base and began to bob up and down on his older brother's member.

Cian was enjoying the sensation so much he shot his load within a few minutes, his first rope hit the back of his brother's throat, followed by the second, the third and the fourth stream of hot cum, Niall was unable to keep all the cum in his mouth and it began to dribble down his chin.

Both the boys agreed they would do it again very soon.


They both slept naked side by side on Cian's bed. This is the first of many stories about Cian's teenage sex life, the next one will be about Cian and his best friend Sam.