Petite brunette and toy control pussy letcamscom

Petite brunette and toy control pussy letcamscom
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The lights are off. The room is lit only by scented candles and the shimmering glow from the soft lights below the water of the hot tub. You've been soaking now for about 20 minutes, sipping the chilled white wine I'd set beside the tub for you.

I get out before you and towel off, returning quickly with a thick, large heated terrycloth towel for you. I assist you from the tub and slowly begin to towel you dry, standing behind you that I might admire your reflection in the mirror behind the tub. As each inch of your skin is dried and becomes visible to me, I kiss it and pay further homage to your magnificent body. Your squared shoulders, firm breasts, small waist, round spherical buttocks, taut lean legs, slender tapered feet.

Once dry I lead you into the master bedroom guiding you to my bed. Our lips meet for the first time, wet with desire for each other. I set you on the bed and you move upwards where you can lie down and feel the coolness of the satin. The room is warmed by a fireplace at the foot of the bed, and the mutual passion of our bodies.

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I gently roll you onto your stomach, pull the pillow from your head that it might allow you to lie in a more straight comfortable position. Then, I begin. I retrieve a small bowl of heated Sake` and begin to massage it slowly into your skin, base of your head, neck, shoulders, down each arm ever so slowly, letting the warmth of the alcohol and the tenderness of the massage excite your skin and nerve endings.

After both arms have been massaged I start slowly down your back, over your spine, working out wards at each rib. As I arriver at your waist, past your ribcage I rub from the outside in toward your backbone. Kneading each side one at a time.

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I can feel your body relax under my administrations, hear your breathing deepen, telling me you are starting to become excited. I am now at your ass. I knead the muscles of each globe like bread dough, working the Sake` in. Then down one leg, your right, a hand on either side of your thigh. For just a brief moment I feel the moistness of your swollen labia against the palm of my hand, but know this isn't the time. Down your leg, behind the knee, over the wonderfully sculpted calf I apply my caresses.

Taking your foot in my hand I thoroughly massage each digit, one at a time. Finished with one leg, I assist you in rolling over on your back and beginning with the left leg. Again the foot and toes, again the calf, the knee, behind the knee, the thigh muscles. Each being taken care of one at a time. And, as before, I barely feel the moistness of your womanhood against the side of my hand as I pass up from your thighs to your stomach. I notice that your clitoris is swollen and sticking out ever so slightly from under its hood, I resist the moment to stop caress and kiss it at this time.

I move to your side and begin my slow ascension up your body. Your stomach, sides, ribcage, under and around each breast. I feel your hand reaching down, cupping my cum swollen scrotum, feeling the weight of my nuts in the palm of your hand. You release my nuts and reach to stroke my cock, which has risen almost to full erection. I calmly remove your hand, kiss it, and set it by your side. You now realize this is for your pleasure first and foremost.

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Over your shoulders and down each arm, again, one at a time. This time massaging your fingers as I did your toes. I move again until I am straddling just above your head and start working the neck muscles, behind your ears, along your jawline, cheekbones, up over your temples, onto your forehead.

As I straddle you this way, my cock is almost in reach of your mouth, just above your face. You fight the urge to reach up with your mouth and engulf it. As I finish with your scalp massage, I let my hands and fingers begin to trace a line back down your shoulders toward your breasts.

As they move, I also move to where I am beside you again, never missing a stroke. I arrive at your breasts, slightly parted from the position in which you are lying, but still firm nonetheless. Your nipples are hard and firm, both from the excitement of the massage and the feelings from the room. I slowly massage each breast, one at a time. With each touch I can hear a small gasp escape from your mouth.

I take each hand and lay one flatly on each breast where you can barely feel the palm of my hand. The tingle and aroma of the Sake combined with the hardness of my hands makes each nipple seem to get harder and push themselves into my hands.

Your back arches slightly trying to increase the touch. When you are taking short stabbing breaths I slow down and begin to move lower on your body. Your legs anticipate me and part themselves, allowing me access to your innermost self. Your mons is shaved, and forms a high arched mound of which I bend and ever so gently kiss.

It is then I can smell your sex. Hot. Moist. Desiring. Your inner lips are swollen, poking out from your slit, begging to be caressed, touched, kissed. I wet my fingertip, reach down to the bottom of your slit and draw it from the bottom to the top, stopping ever so near your clit. Your body shudders in its desire for me to continue.

Before even touching your clit, I bend forward take in its aroma, and apply an ever so light kiss upon the hood covering it. This brings a short gasp from you as well as feeling your pelvis thrust toward my face. I rotate my body to where I'm situated on my chest between your legs, one on each shoulder.


I now have absolute access to your pussy, your clit. Even your ass if I so desire. I begin by kissing the inside of each thigh, close to the edge of your slit.

With each touch of my lips, I can feel your thighs tighten around my head. I can almost feel your inner lips quiver with desire for my mouth and tongue.

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I reach around you to either side, up over your waist to your breasts. Taking a nipple gently in each hand, between thumb and fingers, I now apply my lips to your innermost lips as well.

The combined sensations drive you crazy, making you almost buck me from my position. But I am no longer deterred from touching you where you most desire. I slip my tongue between your cunt lips, and slide it from the top of your slit to the base and the opening to your womanhood.

It is then I stab my tongue deeply into you, dragging your sweet nectar out upon its return. You gasp, shake, and a small orgasm shakes you. I retrieve my tongue, trap your right labia between my lips, and drag my lips up wards caressing, almost gnawing on that cunt lip. I know I can feel it tremble inside my mouth. I slide my tongue back down inside your slit, back to your opening and again probe it, retrieving some nectar from within. I then return to your labia, this time the left, and do to it what I had to its sister moments before.

But, before returning southward, trailing my tongue through your slit again, I pause to caress your hard swollen clit this time. A second, slightly more intense orgasm racks your body.

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On my third trip to your pussy, I return upwards the same way I came, between your lips and entrap your clit between my lips, tickling it with but the tip of my tongue. Your thighs are quivering, shaking. Your nipples have turned rigid between my fingers.

Your ass begins to shake up and down, fucking my face. I begin butterfly flicks onto your clit, back and fort sideways, feeling it bounce back and forth on my tongue like a wave of intense orgasms begin to roll over you.

Your spine goes taut, your ass hard as marble, your legs lock my face in place in your cunt, not able to stand any more but not wanting me to stop. Lotion from your pussy begins to seep out of your depths onto my chin, the sheets, telling me you're wet and ready. It is now you scream your release and shout for me to fuck you!

I start to straighten up into a missionary position, but you yell that you want on top. Quickly we trade positions, your desire seemingly ignited. As I land on my back, you reach for my manhood.


No slowness now, only maddened desire. You, but for a moment, engulf the head of my cock in your mouth, as though you wanted to sate a desire to taste me. Slathering my cock with saliva, you straddle me, setting the head of my cock against the opening of your pussy. With both hands I reach for your breasts, holding them, thumbing your nipples.

You can wait no longer and drop yourself hard against my cock. Fulfilling the desire deep within to feel it filling you. I yelp in almost pain as your ass lands hard against my nuts, but you have to shame, lost in your heat and desire.

Steadying yourself with your hand on my chest, you rise until just the head of my cock is within you, pause a moment, and fall back down on it again. I can see your swollen cunt lips wrapped around my shaft like a vise that has no intention of ever letting go. After setting down still on my cock for a moment, feeling me twitch deep inside you, you begin to move up and down in a slow steady rhythm. I let go of one breast, reach down and feel the wetness your pussy is lathering around my cock.

Wetting a finger, I reach around and massage the puckered opening to your ass. I see you close your eyes, but not in rejection, but further delight as I do this, so I slowly insert my finger first knuckle deep into your ass.

This causes you to increase the speed of your up and down movements upon my cock. I know neither of us are going to last much longer. It feels as if this has gone on forever.

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With each up and down stroke, my finger can feel my cock between the membrane that separates them. All of a sudden I can feel your entire body begin to quiver and shake, more so than all the rest of the evening combined. That's when I take over, take hold of your waist and begin to pound my cock in you as deep and hard as I can.

Your hands are almost clawing at my chest, your hips gyrating on my cock, your juice spitting out around my shaft. Just then I can feel the steam and heat that precede my cum.

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I tell you and begin to lift you from my cock, but you scream 'NO! Cum inside me!!' With those words I have but one last thrust and blow my seed well within your cunt. You collapse upon my body, both of us breathing out of control.

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I wipe the sweat from your forehead, your face, and out lips engage in a heart-warming kiss. Thinking a shower would feel nice, but at the moment not having the strength to get out of bed, we fall asleep in each other's arms, both dreaming of what I can think of next time to better this.