Pleasant sampling of a delectabe dong

Pleasant sampling of a delectabe dong
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We laid there staring at each other for what felt like forever. Not because I was bored, but because I felt we were so connected. Steph kept her hand around my cock as the wind blew its warm air over our naked bodies. Her blue eyes seemed to be staring right into my soul. "So," I said, breaking the silence. "Who do you pick?" "Huh?" she asked.

"On our way out here you asked me which sibling I preferred.what about you? Which one of us do you like better?" I asked. "Well." Steph started. "Both of you." "Oh come on. You're just repeating me now.

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At least I gave you reasons." I said. "Well, let me finish." Steph said. "See, I've wanted to be with Steve for so long. When I finally got him it really was amazing. Like I said, everything I expected. It's just that now I've already had him." "That how you feel about me?" I asked. "That's different." she said. "You just make me feel different." "And how do I make you feel?" I asked, extending my hand out to tickle her pubic mound.

"I dunno. I just feel comfortable with you. Safe, I guess." She said. "You should feel safe with Steve.


He likes you a lot. He's been waiting a long time for you, Steph.

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He's finally got the best thing in his life." I said. "I know.and I love Steve. Ugh. I'm just so confused. I love Steve. I love him. He's a pretty good fuck, too. It kinda helps that he's so fucking cute. He's my brother, and that just makes it so much hotter for me. But there's just something I like about you." she said. "There's quite a few things I like about you." I said, smiling. Steph flashed a toothy grin and laid back.

"Oh, fuck." she sighed. "Well.ok." I said. Even though it wasn't a demand or a request, I climbed on top of Steph and started kissing her. "Not so fast, loverboy." Steph said. "We've got to be getting back. Steve should be getting home." Ugh. She put me off again. I helped Steph to her feet. She reached down and pulled her bikini bottoms up. I handed her the top, which she applied herself. "You gonna get dressed or just stand there and watch me?" she asked. "Fuck.

Whats the point?" I said. With that, I held my towel and trunks in one hand, and Stephs soft palm in the other. We wound our way through the woods. "So what's up for tonight?" I asked. "I can think of one thing that will be." Steph said, smiling. "Well, that's always for you." I replied. "Hm. I'll see if I can get some friends to meet us in town.

That is, if you want." she said. "Whatever you wanna do, baby." I said. Steph and I came out of the woods and started walking toward the house.

That's when Steve returned. Steve made his way down the drive and up to the house. He opened his door and looked at us, Steph in her bikini, me naked. "Christ. Can't fuckin' leave you two alone for a minute." he said, grabbing cases of beer from his back seat.

"Shut up, Steve." Steph called out. "We need your help." "With what?" Steve asked. "We wanna go meet some friends in town." she said. "What do you need help with?" he asked.

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"Aren't you Mr. Popular?" Steph asked. "I'll see what I can do." He said. The three of us walked into the house and headed downstairs. "I smell like pond water." I said. "I'm getting a shower." "Why don't we save some water? I need one." Steph said. Sounded good to me. "Wait, Steph. I, uh, I need help with some stuff." Steve said.

"Help with what?" She asked. "Just follow me." Steve said. Well, fuck it. I still needed a shower. I walked in and pulled the curtain back.

I stepped in and let the hot water wash over me. It felt great. I was still so tense. I could pretty much feel the pond water and dirt running off of my body. Finally feeling clean, I stepped out and dried off.

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I walked into Steves room and decided if we were going out, I should probably put some clothes on. I pulled on a t shirt, some jeans, my belt, socks and boots. I grabbed my hat and walked out into the party room. No one. I walked over to Stephs room and opened the door. On her bed, her legs were in the air. I could see the back of a red tank top and dark brown shorts that were sliding down Steves ass.

"Oh Stevie!" Steph moaned. "Oh fuck, Steph. Oh fuck, Steph." Steve answered. "Fuck me. Fuck me. Don't stop." Steph begged. "Ahh. Ahhh. Fuck. I'm cumming, Steph. I'm cumming!" Steve shouted. Steph was right. She was confused. I saw her face. The girl that said she was almost bored with her brother looked like she could never love another.

Steve eased back and pulled his slippery, tan cock out. He grabbed a tissue and wiped himself down. He stepped back and pulled his shorts to their natural position. "There. Get a shower and we'll head out." Steve said.

Steve turned around and smiled at me. We walked out and sat on the couch. Steve pulled out his phone and let his numbers run rampant on the key pad.

After a series of replies, Steve turned to me. "We're good to go for tonight." He said.


"Few people are gonna meet us in town." "Sweet." I said. We sat there for a few minutes in relative silence. Steph exited her room wearing blue panties with a matching bra.

In her hands were a pair of small white shorts and a black tank top. I loved those white shorts. You could see right through them. Maybe that was the point? Steve grabbed his keys. "Let's go." He said. We walked outside and were engulfed by the orange glow of the setting sun. "I'll just drive myself." I offered.

"I gotta get gas, anyhow." "Alright. We'll take you to the gas station. Then just follow us." Steve instructed.

Steve and Steph got in his car. I hopped in my truck and followed them down the drive and onto the gravel road. The drive gave me time to think about how happy I was to come up here. I noticed Steve had his turn signal on.

I followed suit and we pulled into the gas station. I filled up and off we went. By now, it was pretty dark. I noticed we were heading toward a bunch of lights that seemed to be thrown out in the middle of nowhere. What the hell? We pulled up onto a grassy patch away from all the other cars.

There were people everywhere down there. I looked out my window at all the concession stands. I saw Wranglers, Skoal, and Cowboy hats. We were at the county fair. I got out of my truck and walked up to Steve. "So this is it?" I asked. "This is what we do for fun." He said. Steph got out and walked to my side, making me the middle man. We latched arms and off we walked. "Where we goin'?" Steph asked. "'Sposed to meet 'em by the stage." Steve answered.

We wound through the hordes of people as made our way to the stage. Steph through a hand up. "Amy! Amy!" She yelled. She dropped my arm and took off. Apparently they knew one another. Steve walked closer to me. "See that bitch?" He asked, meaning Amy. "Yeah." I said. "Forget about her. She's a fucking cunt.

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I tried to get that for a year and couldn't. Uptight bitch." He said. Amy didn't look like a bitch to me. She was a few inches shorter than I was, black hair, and brown eyes. She was wearing a jean skirt and her tan legs disappeared into a pair of cowgirl boots.

Her breasts pressed against her white blouse. She flashed a white smile to me as we approached. "Who's this?" Amy asked. "Oh. This is Bret." Steph said. "How ya doin'?" I asked. Amy whispered something to Steph and they started giggling. What was so funny? From behind Amy came a boy about our age. He had dyed his hair jet-black. His ears were pierced. His cargo shorts were ripped and his t shirt said "HAWK". This kid was a skater. "Hey, Jimmy!" Steve called. "Sup, dude?" Jimmy answered.

Amy walked with Steph, talking in hushed tones. Were they talking about me? Jimmy and Steve disappeared somewhere else. Amy and Steph stopped cold and turned to me. "Hey, Bret. I gotta go meet some different people. Why don't you go with Amy?" Steph asked. "Sure, ok." I said.


"Come on, pal." Amy said. I walked behind Amy, watching her ass shake in her little skirt. Amy and I walked on, discussing the small stuff. Where I was from, what I liked to do, etc. Amy and I sat down on a bench and continued talking. "So, how about a girlfriend?" She asked. "Nope. Don't have one." I said. "Any special boys in your life?" "Bleh. Boys." She said, smiling.

"What do you mean? Steve said he was awful special to you." I said. I knew this would get her by the way Steve described her to me. "Don't even get me started with that ass." She said. "Whatever you say, babe." I said. Why did I call her babe? "Huh?" She asked me. "I said: Whatever you say, babe." I repeated. We were too close to the stage.

The band came on and Amy scooted closer to me. "Lets go somewhere quiet." She whispered in my ear. "Where?" I asked. "Parking lot." She practically shouted. Amy and I stood and made our way out to the parking lot. "Where you parked?" She asked. I led her to my truck and we sat inside.

"You look beautiful." I said. "Aww. Thanks, handsome." She said. "So whats up with Steve?" I asked. "He's just a fucking creep." Amy said.

"He tries to get all touchy-feely and I'm just not having it. Not with him, anyway." "Well." I said, feeling some tension. "With who then?" Amy leaned in. I had to. We kissed. Amy brought her head back. "Whoa. Sorry." She said. "Don't be." I said. "Whoo. It's getting hot in here." She said.

"Why don't we talk outside?" We got out. It was damn dark now. I walked around to her side. The side away from the festivites. The side blanketed extra dark against a tree line. Amy leaned against my truck, arms behind her back. "Ya know, I wasn't lying earlier." I said. "You do look beautiful. Really beautiful." I moved in closer. It was do or die time. I leaned in and kissed her cheek.

Amy moved her head to me, closed her eyes and we met lips. Our tongues thrashed together for a few minutes. I broke from her lips and cradeled my face in her neck. I planted kisses strategically. "Oh Bret.that feels so good." She said. "You know what'll feel better?" I asked, muffled. I moved my hand up her thigh, under her skirt.

"We can't! Not here!" She said. "Why not? Who's gonna see?" I asked. Amy bit her lip and looked around. There weren't any cars in our immediate range except for Steves. The hundreds of people walking around the fair grounds would never even notice. They had no idea we were there. "Come on." I pleaded. "Let's just do it." "Do you have a condom?" Amy asked. I opened the passenger door, dropped the glove box, and pulled one out. I had learned to always be prepared.

Thanks Boy Scouts! I held it between my index and middle finger so she could see it.

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Amy bit her lip again. She looked at the condom and then at me. "Let's do it." She said. I removed my hand from up her skirt and undid my belt and my button. Amy grabbed my zipper and pulled it down. She grabbed the elastic of my boxers and pulled the waistband under my balls. She took me into her hand. "Mmm. Nice and smooth." She said. Amy gave me a few tugs to get my hard. I opened the condom and rolled it on. I got down onto my knees and ran my hands up Amys legs.

I hooked my fingers around the top of her thin panties and slid them down. She stepped out of them and started to undo her skirt. "No need." I said. I'd always wanted to fuck a girl in a skirt. I lifted her skirt up. I wanted to see my prize.

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Staring back at me was another beautiful pussy. Unlike most I'd encountered, Amy kept a small strip of hair just above her slit. I brought my face to her crotch and inhaled deeply. I kissed her mound a few times. "Oh, Bret." She sighed.

I stuck my tongue out and ran it just above her slit a few times. I decided I needed a taste test. My tongue dove into her pussy. I had to get her juices going. The little hair above her snatch tickled my nose a little. After I felt I had accomplished this phase, I got back to my feet.

I turned Amy around and she held on to the bed of the truck. I lifted her jean skirt up inch by inch.

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God, was I ready. The skirt yanked up over her smooth ass and stared at me. I grabbed my cock and began to guide it. I ran my hand down her back, trying to loosen her up. My cock pressed against her outer lips and I heard a faint gasp as I pressed in. What a tight little cunt she had. I pushed my cock into her until my hips were pressed against her ass.

I gyrated a little, moving my willy around inside of her. I pulled back and pushed in slowly again. I started to pick up my pace a little. "It's so good." Amy breathed, clutching my truck. I started slamming into Amys pussy with such force, I feared the fair-goers would hear the slap of my balls against her slit echo throughout the grounds. Keeping up such force took its toll on my legs. I backed Amy away from the truck and we got to our knees.

Amy set her arms out for support. I continued fucking Amy from behind. Our breaths were quick and paced. I felt Amys pussy clamp down on me. I reached down and grabbed the heels of Amys boots. I lifted them a little, helping me pull. Finally, Amys muscles clamped down and wouldn't release. That was it. Amy let out a little scream and I moaned into the night. We collapsed onto the grass. "Damn." I said, yanking the condom off of my cock. "I have never." Amy started.

"I've got an idea." I said "What?" Amy asked. "Why don't you come spend the night tonight?" I offered. "Hm. I think I just might be able to." Amy said with a smile. We stood up and Amy pulled her skirt down. I buttoned, zipped, and reattached my belt.

"What is that?" Amy asked. "What?" I said. "Listen." Amy said. I listened hard. Coming through the noise of the night, faint moans were audible. "Where's that coming from?" I asked. "I think from that car." Amy said, pointing at Steves car. We snuck up on the car. From a few feet away, we looked in the windows. Inside, Steve was on all fours in the backseat. He was the originator of the moans. Underneath him lay one of the girls that had accompanied Amy earlier in the evening.

To his front, his good friend, the skater boy, Jimmy, was beating off in the girls face. "Haha. Oh. It's just Steve." Amy said, unsurprised. We walked back down the fair. Time to find Steph.